The 15 Hottest Photos Of The Pink Ranger You'll Ever See

Since its premiere in the United States back in 1993, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has been a fixture on children's television. Even now, the newest iteration of the show remains incredibly popular, and one stroll through the toy section of any department store will prove that. Throughout its lengthy run, the mantle of each Ranger has been passed down from one person to the next, and the show's history has seen a wide variety of people play each Ranger. Being a product of the 1990s, I spent countless hours in front of my television watching my favorite heroes save Angel Grove and the world from imminent danger. Sure, most of us gravitated towards the group's leader, but let's not pretend that one Ranger in particular kept our eyes glues to the television.

I'm speaking, of course, about the Pink Ranger. The show's original run saw the Pink Ranger being portrayed by actress Amy Jo Johnson, who quickly had a nation of kids swooning. She was beautiful, strong, and was not afraid to get her hands dirty in combat. Johnson played the character until 1995, starring in 138 episodes. After her departure, the mantle of the Pink Ranger has been in the hands of some truly beautiful and talented women. Amy Jo Johnson might have been the first love of our lives, but the other women who portrayed the Pink Ranger deserve some recognition as well. Let's take a look at some of the hottest pictures ever taken of the women who played the Pink Ranger.


15 Christina Masterson Looking Stunning

Anyone who watched Power Rangers Megaforce will instantly recognize this beauty. Christina Masterson portrayed Emma Goodall on the series, and she was responsible for donning the uniform of the Pink Megaforce Ranger. The show originally premiered in 2013, and was the 20th season overall for the Power Rangers franchise. The series ran for 2 seasons, airing a total of 42 episodes.

In this modeling photo, Christina Masterson looks incredible, and makes it easy to see why she was cast as the Pink Megaforce Ranger. The women that wear the uniform of the Pink Ranger tend to be very attractive, and Masterson is no exception to this. Outside of her time on Power Ranger Megaforce, Christina has also been featured in the movie Monster-in-Law and on the show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. In August of 2017, Masterson will be featured in the film Toxic Shark, which will be her only release for the year.

14 Naomi Scott: Your Big Screen Dream


Earlier in 2017, fans finally got the long-awaited return to the big screen that they were hoping for with the release of the film Power Rangers. In the film, actress Naomi Scott plays the character Kimberly Hart, who becomes the Pink Ranger in order to stop the villainous Rita Repulsa. When news initially broke, fans' hopes were fulfilled as the beautiful Scott seemed like the perfect choice to play Kimberly. Unfortunately, the film's box office haul left a lot to be desired, leaving some major questions about the future of what seemed to be a potential franchise.

Box office numbers aside, Naomi Scott is stunning, and this photo is a shining example. She has an infectious smile, and was a solid choice to play Kimberly. In the film, she was beautiful and strong, much like the original Kimberly. Should the franchise continue, fans will be happy to see Naomi Scott return and continue the character's development.

13 Chrystiane Lopes In A Smoking Hot Selfie

Debuting back in January, Power Rangers Ninja Steel is the 24th season of the franchise, and has aired 24 episodes so far. The Power Rangers has had a vast number of different performers on the show, and it can be argued that Chrystiane Lopes is the hottest that it has ever had. Lopes is currently playing the character of Sarah, who is the latest woman to be the Pink Ranger, and the character has never been hotter. The Brazilian beauty has left a huge impression on fans already, and I imagine that she will raise the bar for the next actress who takes on the role.

Outside of her role on Power Ranger Ninja Steel, Lopes is a fitness enthusiast, and has one of the most toned bodies that we have ever seen. Her good looks and impressive physique will leave you begging for more. Even though most of us are too old to watch the show, using your niece or nephew as an excuse to ogle at Lopes might not be out of the question.

12 Amy Jo Johnson's Classic Look


You never forget your first, and for those of us old enough to remember, Amy Jo Johnson will always be our first Pink Ranger. She took the world by storm back in 1993, and men everywhere could not get enough of her. Johnson had a girl next door vibe to her, and she was the perfect choice to be the inaugural Pink Ranger. She did an excellent job in setting the tone for future Rangers who would wear the uniform.

Over the years, Amy Jo Johnson has continued to act in film and on television. Recently, Johnson surprised fans everywhere by making an appearance in Power Rangers as a citizen of the town that she spent her youth saving. It was a pleasant surprise to those in attendance. She has also maintained musical career through the years, releasing 3 albums. Her third and final album, Never Broken, was released back in 2013.

11 Erin Cahill's A Beauty In Blue

Erin Cahill might not be a name that sounds overly familiar to most, but take one look at her career and you'll be sure to find a high number of television shows and movies that you're familiar with. For Power Rangers Time Force fans, you will recognize the brunette beauty as the woman tasked with playing Jen Scotts for the 40 episodes that the show spanned. Power Rangers Time Force was the 9th season in the franchise's history, and it originally aired back in 2001.

The gorgeous Cahill has remained busy throughout her career, and has appeared in a number of notable projects including: How I Met Your MotherGrey's Anatomy, and The Pursuit of Happyness. She has even done voice-over work for several video games, making her a diverse talent in the entertainment industry. Cahill remains one of the hottest women to play the Pink Ranger, and this photo of her in a cute blue dress is all the proof that you will need.

10 Catherine Sutherland's Black And White Photo


Hailing from Australia, the beautiful Catherine Sutherland has had quite the run in the franchise, appearing in 5 separate iterations of the show. She originally appeared in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers back in 1995 replacing Amy Jo Johnson as the Pink Ranger, and most recently appeared in Power Rangers Wild Force in 2002. She was featured in Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie back in 1997, and the film would gross less than 10 million at the box office. Outside of the Power Rangers franchise, Sutherland also appeared in the film The Cell, which made over 100 million dollars during its theatrical run.

Taking over such an iconic character from the woman most associated with it was no easy feat, but Sutherland did an exceptional job with the opportunity that she was given. There is a reason that she was around for such a long period of time. The beautiful Sutherland looks amazing in this photo, and her innocent look made her an easy choice for the role all those years ago.

9 Alycia Purrott: S.P.D's Gorgeous Girl

Power Rangers: S.P.D. (Space Patrol Delta) first hit the airwaves back in 2005, and Canadian actress Alycia Purrott was tasked with playing Sydney Drew, who took over the mantle of the Pink Ranger for the show. S.P.D.  was the 13th season for the franchise, and aired for only 38 episodes. This was the only season that was made for S.P.D. Purrott has had a relatively modest career, and hasn't appeared in any projects since 2014. Despite the modest number of projects that she has appeared in, Purrott has been featured in the shows Psych and Supernatural.

Much like other people who have appeared in the beloved franchise, Alycia Purrott is no stranger to appearing at Comic-Cons, giving fans a chance to meet and interact with her. Though her stint in the franchise was relatively short-lived in comparison to other Pink Rangers, she left a huge impression on fans, and people still line up to meet the beauty.


8 Christina Masterson Makes Our Heart's Race


While we did our best to make sure that this list was full of different women who played the Pink Ranger, some were just too hot to include only once. Heading back to the woman who appeared in our first entry on this list, we just couldn't help ourselves with adding another picture of Christina Masterson. She is a natural beauty whose modeling work is almost as impressive as her acting work. Seen here in front of some gorgeous cherry blossoms, Christina looks every bit the girl of our dreams.

Christina Masterson's portrayal of Emma Goodall may not be as revered as Amy Johnson's Kimberly or Catherine Sutherland's Kat, but she was more than good enough to be included on any "Best Of" list. With the August release of her film Toxic Shark looming, fans are ready to see Masterson back in action. If you are interested in seeing more modeling photos of this beauty, head on over to her website which is chock full of photos that are sure to please any fan.

7 Melody Perkins Rocking Her Old Helmet

From 1998 to 2000, German beauty Melody Perkins appeared in 58 episodes in the Power Rangers franchise. Her appearances spanned 4 separate installments in the franchise including Power Rangers in SpacePower Rangers Lost Galaxy, and Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. Perkins also reappeared in 2014's Power Rangers Super Megaforce. She portrayed the character of Karone in the first two installments, and provided a voice-over in the third installment that she was a part of. Elsewhere in her career, Perkins also appeared in Planet of the ApesMalcolm in the Middle, and CSI: Miami.

After a pretty significant break in her career, Perkins resumed acting in 2014, and has continued to make appearances since. In 2017, she is slated to appear in Beyond These Doors - The Garageland Chronicles. Seeing the beautiful Perkins holding her old Pink Ranger helmet in this photo is a real treat for fans. She is arguably better looking now than she was during her time on the show.

6 Camille Hyde's Gorgeous Smile


At just 23, Camille Hyde's time in the Power Rangers franchise has already concluded, but she left a huge impression on fans. Her run lasted from 2015 to 2016 on Power Rangers Dino Charge as the character Shelby Watkins. Hyde appeared in all 22 episodes of the Dino Charge installment, which was the 22nd season overall in the franchise. Camille holds the unique distinction of being the first African American woman to play the Pink Ranger. Looking back at the very first season, it seems like the directors played things close to the chest, casting people in corresponding Ranger roles. It's great to see that the show has continued to push diversity.

Since her time on the show, Hyde has continued to work, and has once again found success on television. In 2017, Hyde began acting on the show American Vandal, and she has appeared in every episode. She also had a guest role on the show 2 Broke Girls in the same year.

5 Alison MacInnis Is Fierce 

It might take a second for you to get used to the red hair, but when you do, you'll instantly recognize this beautiful woman. Back in her Power Rangers days, MacInnis rocked blonde hair. Either way, we don't hear anyone complaining about it. MacInnis starred in Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue, which ran for 40 episodes back in 2000. MacInnis played the character Dana Mitchell, and the character would also go on to be in an episode of Time Force, and an episode of Super Megaforce.

One year before landing the role of Dana Mitchell, MacInnis appeared in the television movie Come On, Get Happy: The Partridge Family Story, kicking off her acting career. Her last Super Megaforce appearance came in 2015 in Power Ranger Super Megaforce: The Legendary Battle. The actress last appeared in the short drama My American Dream, which was released in 2016. Whether she has blonde or red hair, MacInnis is stunning, and her good looks and talent have kept her in the business for over 15 years.

4 Naomi Scott's Premiere Look


Power Rangers may have disappointed at the box office, but Naomi Scott left viewers itching for more. Need proof? Scott was nominated for a Teen Choice Award for her portrayal of Kimberly in the film. She was nominated for the Choice Sci-Fi Movie Actress award, and the results will be revealed in August. Past winners have included Zoe Saldana, Emma Watson, and Jennifer Lawrence. While it may not have the same prestige as an Academy Award, Scott would find herself with some elite company should she win the award.

Most people know Naomi Scott for her work in 2017's Power Rangers and her portrayal of Mo Banjaree in Lemonade Mouth, but there is more to this beauty than meets the eye. Her work in front of the camera has brought her much media attention, but Scott is also an impressive model and musician, having released two EPs so far. Her most recent release, Promises, came out in 2016.

3 Erin Cahill Is Too Hot To Handle

Time has been incredibly kind to Erin Cahill, and she continues to stun wherever she goes. This photo is one of our personal favorites of Cahill. She has a very simple, yet beautiful look in the photo, which allows her natural beauty to be front and center. In recent years, Erin Cahill has been having a prolific output of projects, and she currently has 5 that are set to get underway. Of the projects that she has on deck, there is one in particular that will make Power Rangers fans jump for joy.

Cahill will be appearing in the film The Order, which is filming this year. So, why will fans be happy, you ask? One look at the cast of the film, and Power Rangers fans will spot a plethora of former Rangers that will be starring in the film. There will even be some familiar names from this article making an appearance, giving male fans plenty to look forward to.

2 Amy Jo Johnson's Modern look


The first photo that we featured of Amy Jo Johnson gave fans of the original cast a walk down memory lane, showing her as she was back when we spent our days on the playground. Johnson was in her heyday in the photo, reminding us all of the first crush we ever had. This time, however, we decided to find a more recent photo of the beauty, and to no one's surprise, she is just a gorgeous now as she was back in 1993. She may be 46, but she still remains a celebrity crush for most men.

In 2017, Amy Jo Johnson has 3 projects that appear poised for release. In Between DaysSpace & Time, and The Space Between are all on tap for the ageless beauty. Her last album may have been released back in 2013, but she has kept her music career intact. Her song "Cracker Jacks" will be featured in her upcoming film The Space Between.

1 Chrystiane Lopes Looking Fit

While we have had some gorgeous photos of the Pink Ranger so far on this list, our last photo of Chrystiane Lopes is the best of the bunch. It takes a lot to be the Pink Ranger, and Lopes' fitness game is unparalleled by the other women who wore the uniform. We mentioned earlier that she is a fitness enthusiast, and this photo of her crushing a set in the gym shows you firsthand that Lopes keeps her body perfect. Saving the world requires a Ranger to be in excellent shape, and she might be the fittest star in the show's history. The Brazilian bombshell has been featured in a number of high-profile publications, including Sport's Illustrated.

Lopes may have taken the top spot on our list, but the other women featured here remain popular with the fans who have been watching the show since the 1990s. Each beautiful woman here brought their own unique spin to the role, and gave memorable performances that fans have loved. But, there can only be one winner, and Lopes takes the cake.

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