The 15 Hottest Photos of Rogue One's Felicity Jones

For all of those people who ever dreamed about seeing some of the hottest photos of a Star Wars actress, I am here to let you know that you've come to the right place. Currently, Rogue One has been on

For all of those people who ever dreamed about seeing some of the hottest photos of a Star Wars actress, I am here to let you know that you've come to the right place. Currently, Rogue One has been on a warpath at the box office, and its competitors have had a difficult time in keeping up with the success of the newest Star Wars film. Then again, people shouldn't be surprised. The franchise has always hauled in an incredible amount of money, and the positive reviews that Rogue One received helped boost ticket sales.

For Felicity Jones, the chance to appear in such a film was a huge opportunity, and it was incredibly well deserved. The actress has been blazing an impressive acting career, and her role in The Theory of Everything did and excellent job in showing off her acting chops. Now, did Jones do a great job in the movie? Having seen the film, I can confidently say that Felicity did a fantastic job, and her character Jyn Erso played such a pivotal role in the franchise.

Now, while I can go on about her talents and accolades, I'll just go ahead and get to the point. Jones is an incredibly beautiful actress, and it is here that you're going to find the hottest photos that she's been in. Each shoot produced some incredible work, but these pictures stood tall over the rest. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy some truly hot pictures of one of Hollywood's hottest performers.

15 GQ Magazine (November 2014)


For all of Hollywood's attempts at perfecting the character, Spider-Man is perhaps one character that people just can't agree on. While there are those that loved the first trilogy, many fans would argue that the second set of movies were the best. Personally, I'm more excited for the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming than I've been for any of the other movies to feature Peter Parker. In 2014, Felicity Jones appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and, when it hit theaters, fan division was at an all-time high.

The film was a huge success, and it hauled in an incredible 708 million dollars at the box office. Now, was this Spider-Man the best version of Spider-Man of all-time? Personally, I did enjoy the performance, but it's pretty clear for most that Tom Holland - the actor we saw in Captain America: Civil War - is the right man for the job. It's refreshing to see a young kid play the role of Peter Parker, as he's a kid himself.

14 InStyle Magazine (March 2015)


Though the film output for Felicity Jones in 2015 would be her lowest since 2012, the actress nonetheless made the most of her film role, and also used the year to showcase her modelling prowess as well. Just before her sole films release, Jones had spreads in several magazines, and she showed the world why she is a force in the industry. In April of 2015, True Story would be released, and it would be the only movie that the actress would perform in. Looking back at the cast of this movie, you'd think that an assembling of this much talent would have yielded better box office results.

True Story was never intended to be a blockbuster film, so perhaps studio executives weren't too upset when the film only grossed $5 million at the box office. Regardless of the financial success of the film, Felicity Jones gave a solid performance in the film with her performance as Jill Barker.

13 C Magazine (March 2015)


Just one year prior to her monster 2016 campaign, which ended with the actress slaying her role in the year's most anticipated movie, Felicity Jones was improving her modelling portfolio with incredible work that spanned a few different magazines. During her spread here, Felicity Jones was able to produce some fantastic work, and her talent continues to grow and improve with each new session. 2015 saw Jones appear in only one film, but her modelling more than made up for her lack of film releases.

Overall, it's the multiple use of contrast in this photo that really do it for viewers. The contrast between black and white is utilized perfectly in this picture, especially when you consider Jones herself. She has the unique distinction of having dark hair with lighter eyes, which provides her with a beautiful natural contrast already. The choice to use this particular outfit was beautifully executed, and the shoot as a whole is something worth seeing.

12 Marie Claire Magazine (May 2012)


One of the more interesting aspects of Felicity Jones acting career is her work in the world of theater. One year before appearing in this incredible spread, Felicity Jones was back to performing in theater as she played the title character in a production of Louise Miller, which is based off of the play Intrigue and Love. Shows for Louise Miller were performed at the Donmar Warehouse in Covent Garden, which is a district of London, England.

Felicity Jones has appeared in several theatrical productions in her career, and Louise Miller was the last one that she performed in back in 2011. A year after the play, Jones laid down some impressive modelling work, and some of her best photos of the year can be found in the incredible shoot. Though her main body of work for the year was found in modelling, Felicity did make one film appearance in 2012.

11 Elle Magazine (March 2012)


For the better part of 2012, Felicity Jones was out of the eyes of movie and television viewers, with the exception of one film. That year, Felicity appeared in the British comedy Cheerful Weather for the Wedding, which was based off of the novel of the same name. Felicity played the lead role of Dolly Thatcham in the film. Cheerful Weather for the Wedding received mixed reviews upon its release, and the film failed to make much of an impact in awards circles.

Thankfully, the modelling work that was produced by Felicity Jones in 2012 fared much better than her theatrical endeavor. The colorful and racy outfit worn by Jones in the photo is a stunning piece, and compliments the actress flawlessly. Jones modelling career is filled with a number of high-profile shoots, and the looks that the actress utilizes differs greatly in a number of them. This is only possible because of the talent that she has displayed on numerous occasions.

10 Glamour Magazine (October 2010)


During 2010, Felicity Jones appeared in two smaller movies, and did no television or theater acting that year either. The two movies that Jones did appear in, Soulboy and Cemetery Junction were both British films that failed to leave any sort of dent at the box office. Though she had a slower year when compared to her career as a whole, Jones still modelled for major magazines, and the world was better for it. One of her biggest strengths lies in her unique look, and her photo here is flawless.

Given her natural good looks, Felicity Jones is instantly recognizable, and her modelling career has been incredibly impressive. She has worked with top magazine and photographers, and this photo is just some of her brilliant work. Despite the very simple look, Jones ability to captivate the viewer's attention is astounding, as is her ability to harness feeling with each shot.

9 Violet Grey Magazine (March 2015)


Before I dive on in and tell you all about this photo, I need to warn you that this shoot is perhaps the sexiest that Felicity Jones has done in her career. It's almost too hot to handle, and I highly advise that anyone looking to find Jones at her hottest should give this shoot a glance. Now, while this particular photo didn't earn our top spot, this overall shoot is the raciest that Jones has been in, and it had viewers everywhere picking their jaws up off of the floor.

While the pool photos are the hottest of the bunch, the other photos in this issue are equally impressive. The dark eye makeup that is used in this shoot is incredible, and it helps her eyes really standout. Everyone needs to dry off after a nice dip in the pool, and Felicity Jones is able to turn up the heat once she hits the bathroom to dry herself off. Don't believe me? Give these photos a look, and try to keep yourself composed.

8 Glamour Magazine (July 2015)


Despite occurring in the same year as our last entry, the two fantastic photo shoots that embody these last two entries couldn't be any more different from each other. Despite the difference in contrast and colors, each shoot acts as a showcase for the modelling prowess of Felicity Jones, and she is able to show off her versatility to fans and readers everywhere.

The shoot from our last entry casts a very dark and sexy tone for viewers. It's utilized to perfection, and Jones was able to show off a side of her modelling that is sure to have people from all over wanting more. This shoot, while completely different in tone and color, is phenomenally done, and the bright backdrops that Jones has to work with are beautiful. The expressions that she produced during this session offer a much more playful and relaxed vibe when compared to the sultry looks offered in the previous shoot.

7 The Tempest Premiere (October 2010)


Through the years, many people have attempted at putting some of Shakespeare's plays on film, and the results have been incredibly mixed. While many feel that Shakespeare is the greatest playwright that the world has ever seen, people can't quite nail his works on film. In 2010, Touchstone Pictures decided to dive into the world of Shakespeare, and they produced their version of The Tempest. The film boasted a talented cast, and that's not surprising. Actors love to take on a challenge, and Shakespeare's works are atop the list.

Unfortunately, the film was poorly received, and was mostly an afterthought in comparison to the other films released that same year. Jones and her fellow performers did a solid job, but the movie just didn't sit well with audiences. Overall, The Tempest made less than 1 million dollars during its theatrical run, which looks even worse when considering the film was made on a 20 million dollar budget.

6 Inferno Premiere (October 2016)


2016 was a year that was packed with multiple film releases for Felicity Jones, and her output would be one of the largest and most successful of her career. Of her four films released in 2016, two of them would go on to gross over $200 million at the box office. Inferno, which was released in October of 2016, would precede Rogue One by two months, and would be Felicity's second biggest hit of the year.

The film's premiere was held in early October, and Felicity Jones looked stunning. She's someone who is able to have all eyes focus on here whenever she hits the red carpet. For the most part, the film yielded some poor reviews from critics, but that didn't stop the masses from seeing Inferno. 219 million dollars of box office revenue certainly seems a whole lot sweeter considering the amount of hate that this film received.

5 Glamour Magazine (December 2016)


At this point, it goes without saying that the release of a Star Wars film is going to generate a whirlwind of media coverage and an incredible amount of money in movie ticket and memorabilia sales. In December of 2016, Rogue One would make its debut, and when it did, the world once again flooded to movie theaters to see if the latest instalment would be a positive chapter in the overall saga.

Thanks to a fantastic performance by Felicity Jones and a third act that is as great as any that the franchise has had to offer, Rogue One debuted to some rave reviews, and the film's monetary gain has been nothing short of staggering. Rogue One is well on its way to crossing the coveted $1 billion mark, which is a testament to the power of the franchise as well as the strength of the film itself.

4 Vogue Magazine (February 2014)


2014 was a solid year for Felicity Jones, as she found herself performing in two movies and two different television shows. Jones appeared in the box office hit The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and she also appeared in The Theory of Everything. Her television work in 2014 included roles on both Salting the Battlefield and the show Girls. Felicity successfully navigated her way through change in genre with each role, and did a great job in one of the year's highest-grossing films.

Beyond her film and television work, Felicity Jones also made a number of impressive turns in her modelling career, and 2014 saw the actress produce some stunning work. One of the more beautiful aspects of this photo is the lovely brown eyes that the actress sports here. Typically, Felicity's eyes are a deeper green, which usually compliments her dark hair perfectly. Seeing her with brown eyes really caught me by surprise, but it looks incredible.

3 InStyle Magazine (December 2014)


Having appeared in a number of high-profile films that have made mountains of money at the box office, Felicity Jones has done an exceptional job in each film, and has earned some impressive critical acclaim for her acting. In 2014, Felicity Jones appeared in the film The Theory of Everything, and her performance in the film would earn he actress some of the highest honors that an actor can achieve. Her performance as Jane Hawking had critics everywhere singing her praise, and the actress would be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress.

Along with the Academy Award nomination for her role, Jones also earned nominations for a Golden Globe, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and a BAFTA Award. Unfortunately, the actress was unable to secure any of her major award nominations, but it just goes to show you how talented she truly is. Jones has proven that she is one of the more talented performers in Hollywood, and was a perfect choice for her role in Rogue One.

2 Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens Premiere (December 2015)


Back in 2015, fans around the world waited patiently for the month of December to roll around and for the release of the newest Star Wars film. Very little was known about the film, and it seemed that nearly every person on the planet rushed to theaters to watch a film that left the masses begging for more. The premiere of that movie saw an impressive list of guests, and Felicity Jones was among the stars in attendance. Though Jones was still a year out from her own franchise film, she was a welcome presence at the premiere.

Upon its release, Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens would begin to annihilate box office records, and the film would haul in over $2 billion during its theatrical run. One year later, Rogue One would appear in theaters, and it is currently making an incredible amount of money, though it is not nearly as successful as its predecessor.

1 InStyle Magazine (March 2015)


Among the many pictures of Felicity Jones that I've had the pleasure of viewing, this one in particular was my favorite of them all. For as simple as it is, the moment that was flawlessly captured is breathtaking to look at. As I mentioned earlier, 2015 was not a year that yielded a prolific acting output from Felicity Jones. No, it was her modelling that was front and center that year, and this photo in particular is from one of her amazing spreads that she did that year.

Given the huge 2016 that was to come, it makes sense that Felicity had a minimal output as I'm sure that filming Rogue One consumed a great deal of time for the actress. As it stands, Rogue One is fast approaching the $1 billion mark, and will no doubt be her most financially successful film so far. She has earned an incredible amount of critical and commercial success, and Felicity Jones has proven to the world that she is a force to be reckoned with.

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