The 15 Hottest Photos Of Jennifer Lopez In Yoga Pants

Hailing from The Bronx and having dominated the entertainment industry for nearly two decades, Jennifer Lopez is one of Hollywood's most beautiful and most talented stars. Her early career saw her performing as a backup dancer on stage and on television (most notably on the criminally underrated In Living Color), and soon thereafter, Lopez began acting. She eventually broke out in the film Selena, which helped make her a household name. The film industry would never be the same, and Jennifer Lopez, be it through film or music, would remain among the most famous women in Hollywood.

The Puerto Rican beauty has had a number of high-profile relationships throughout her career, and now has two children. Her ability to remain in the spotlight should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed her career. She is as talented as they come, and has the looks to keep people begging for more. A major player in the fashion industry, Lopez is always catching the public's attention with her wardrobe, and one piece in particular leaves fans picking their jaws up from the floor.

Whenever she decides to wear yoga pants, Lopez takes what most women wear, and makes them all pale in comparison. It may not be fair to other women, but life is hardly fair for most people. Her body, curves, and booty have long received praise from adoring fans, so what better way to show them off than by wearing some yoga pants. You may want to take a seat, because these photos are insanely hot.

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15 Looking Good After A Workout

via gotceleb.com

Jennifer Lopez has maintained a highly successful multifaceted career for an impressive number of years now, and her toned body is a huge reason why. Her appeal to the masses in as strong as it has ever been, and that is due to Lopez putting in the work to keeping her body as fit as possible. Even after having two children, the star's body might be better now than it was when she burst onto the scene in her 20s. Naturally, people will use any excuse they can to admire the timeless beauty.

The leopard print yoga pants that Lopez is wearing in the photo are as fierce as she is, and her impressive curves immediately capture your attention. If that wasn't hot enough, her insanely toned and tanned abs are a bonus to viewers. It's good to see that Lopez keeps herself hydrated while keeping a horde of men thirsty after all these years.

14 A Legendary Backside

via celebmafia.com

For all of the fame that Lopez has earned with her acting and singing, we would be remiss if we didn't include her legendary booty in that equation. Latina women are known for having some of the best booties on the planet, and this Puerto Rican beauty has one of the most famous behinds in the business. Whether she was dancing for New Kids on the Block or starring in a box office blockbuster, Lopez has had an uncanny ability to keep all eyes on her, and her booty is a huge reason why.

Despite the obvious centerpiece of the photo, it is worth noting that Lopez did a solid job with sporting a matching sports bra and sneakers. It might seem irrelevant to some, but it is nice to see that even when she is getting ready to workout, she takes the time to make herself look good.

13 A Dream Come True

via celebmafia.com

How is it possible for a woman to look this flawless after having two kids? Somehow, Jennifer Lopez continues to get better looking as she gets older, and photos like this are proof that father time is a huge fan of the actress and singer. Back when she was a dancer on In Living Color, Lopez was super attractive, but I'll take this version of her any day of the week. The years have been almost too kind to the beauty, and I can't imagine a moment where she doesn't look flawless.

This photo is all backside for Lopez, showing off her most famous asset. The top that she is wearing here cuts off beautifully around her midsection, which is legendary in its own right. While we are not entirely sure where she is headed in the picture, we can tell you that we would love to be wherever she is going.

12 Walking With Some Sass

via thustar.net

Black may be the most popular color of choice in yoga pants for Lopez, but the grey and white ensemble looks amazing on her. Her ability to accessorize is nearly unparalleled, and the purse and sunglasses that she chose with the outfit could not have been a better fit for the star. All of the years that Lopez spent as a professional dancer have paid off in a major way. The dancing kept her body in pristine shape while she was younger, and her dedication to fitness keeps it great now.

Being at the level of stardom that Lopez has reached, people can't seem to get enough of her, and a quick look behind the beauty in this photo is proof of this. The person across the street whipped out their camera in order to record Lopez walking out of a store. Imagine being so famous that people stop what they are doing to watch you walk out of a store? If that isn't the definition of ridiculously famous, then I don't know what is.

11 Coffee Break

via gotcelebs.com

Being on a busy schedule can sometimes leave little time to rest and relax for Hollywood's biggest stars. Whether on tour or on set, these performers have physically and emotionally draining schedules that can break most people. Days off are few and far between, and days are so long that they begin to blend together. Coffee may be one of life's more simple pleasures, but for busy celebrities, it can act as the nectar of the gods due to its caffeine and taste. People with standard 9-5 jobs down coffee like water to keep up with their 40 hour weeks. Now imagine cranking out 12-16 hour days for months on end. At that point, coffee is no longer a luxury; it's a necessity.

With her coffee and phone in hand, Lopez is ready to take on the world, and her yoga pants make her easy on the eyes. Her assistant may be wearing jeans and a shirt, but Lopez chose to go for a sexier look that would ensure all eyes would be on her.

10 Busy On The Phone

via gotcelebs.com

Are you starting to notice a trend yet? Yoga pants and a top that exposes her midsection are apparently Lopez's go-to outfit when she is running errands or heading to the gym. The look is simple, yet effective, and while tons of women choose to dress similarly, none are on the same level as Lopez. Now that men are beginning to wear rompers, I am sure that men wearing yoga pants is right around the corner. They seem to be incredibly comfortable, but dudes with dadbods squeezing into yoga pants may frighten young children, so perhaps it is best to leave this one to the women.

With summer in full swing, this look is running rampant everywhere, and soon, yoga pants with vests and boots will take over as the weather gets a little colder. Regardless of the season, yoga pants can be found on most women, and men everywhere are thankful.

9 Caught From Behind

via hawtcelebs.com

Going to the gym to lift weights and run for a few hours is something that most people genuinely dread doing. It takes a lot of time out of your day, and you leave the gym smelling like old socks and looking like a bag of trash. Once you find your groove, it becomes a part of your everyday life, and can have a powerful impact on who you are. It is getting off the couch and getting there that remains the hardest part, but Jennifer Lopez seems to have gotten this down to a science.

Seen here looking ready for a workout, Lopez is dressed in some comfortable clothes, and people at the gym probably had a rotten time trying to focus on their sets while she was in there. Each gym is filled with gorgeous girls and shredded dudes keeping up with their physique, and for those who aren't frequent visitors, they can be distracting and intimidating. Now just imagine Jennifer Lopez walking into your gym for the day. Have fun neglecting your workout.

8 Heading Into Her Trailer

via hawtcelebs.com

Lopez has conquered both music and film, which are perhaps the two biggest entertainment industries in the world. Given the nature of her schedule, it is important for Lopez to find pockets of time to be able to relax away from the lights and the cameras that she has used to propel herself to superstardom. Normally, a star of her caliber has their own personal trailers to facilitate these moments of relaxation wherever they may be. But, most actors don't look this hot trying to get away from set trying to relax.

One of the most popular ways that people in the gym try to tone their glutes is by hitting the stair climber, and it looks like Lopez is no stranger to the exercise. Captured by a sneaky photographer as she is making her way up the steps into her trailer, Lopez looks incredibly fit, and pictures like this will have people running to the gym to start toning their backsides.

7 Catching A Ride

via moviehotties.com

While us common folk are relegated to flagging down a taxi or summoning an Uber while secretly hoping that our driver isn't a total creep, celebrities have the luxury of having their own personal drivers that parade them around in nice vehicles to wherever they need to go. They usually don't have to worry about dealing with the obnoxious amounts of traffic that comes with living in Los Angeles, which must be nice. For those who may not know, LA is easily one of the worst cities in the country to drive around.

For those who prefer quantity over quality, this picture is just what you're looking for. Normally, our photos have prominently featured Lopez's booty at an angle, making it look more toned. This photo, however, is captured directly behind the beauty, giving viewers a glimpse that a girl with a big booty can also keep it toned too.

6 All Black Everything

via pinterest.com

Black is a slimming and flattering color for clothing on most, so it goes without saying that Jennifer Lopez looks amazing in all black clothing. I have always maintained that turtleneck tops should have died with the 1970s, but Lopez somehow makes that dated fashion trend work, and her pairing them with yoga pants make her look insatiable. Due to her rigorous gym routine and year-round schedule, Lopez keeps her body looking great, and even though she doesn't need to wear a slimming color, people everywhere are thankful that she does.

One thing that might not catch your eye in this photo is her hoop earrings, that, along with the turtleneck, are also a bit dated. Many Hispanic women continue to use hoop earrings with their daily fashion, and for good reason. Some women are just able to pull them off, and Lopez fits in that category. Just goes to show you that she will truly never forget where she came from.

5 Such A Perfect Body

via pinterest.com

The paparazzi are relentless in their pursuit to capture celebrities doing the most mundane things. The celebrities that they chase down are usually just heading to the gym or are going out to eat, but that doesn't stop the media from being hot on their heels to snap a picture or to get a quick interview. There is an incredible amount of money to be made in celebrity headlines, and the price tag of big name celebrities makes them the heavily targeted. The constant barrage of photographers can drive people crazy, and it doesn't look like Lopez is thrilled with having someone snap her picture.

Despite looking a bit angry, people still can't help but stare at Lopez in the photo. She just looks way too good in yoga pants and a leather jacket to ignore. You have to give her credit for her style, because the pink shirt that she is wearing is the perfect highlight to her all black outfit.

4 Always A Good Time To Shop

via popsugar.com

The money that comes along with selling millions of records and starring in hit movies is exponentially more than the average person will ever see in their lifetime. So, it is only fitting that celebrities with the type of fortune that Lopez has amassed will spend plenty of time shopping and staying ahead of the curve on fashion trends. She is well respected in the fashion industry, and given her status as one of Hollywood's biggest stars, Lopez is usually the one setting new trends for others to follow.

Typically, women are seen sporting black yoga pants, and the bulk of our pictures so far have Lopez wearing black as well. This is because black is a slimming color, and because black will match basically anything else in their wardrobe. The unique yoga pants that Lopez is wearing here look fantastic on her, and do a great job of mixing up the monotony of yoga pants.

3 Slaying A Quick Warmup

via reddit.com

Lopez released her debut album back in 1999, and has achieved an impressive amount of success in her musical endeavors. So far, she has had 3 separate albums become multi-platinum, and another achieve platinum status as well. Nine of her songs have reached the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100, proving to all that she has an incredible amount of drawing power as a singer. Worldwide, Lopez has sold a whopping 75 million records throughout her career, making her one of the most successful artists in the history of music.

Aside from putting out a plethora of music that has raked in a boatload of cash, Lopez has also done the dirty work with touring, and this photo here captures her warming up before a show. The yoga pants were a nice touch to keep things light and comfortable before the show, and photographers were fortunate to snap plenty of photo of Lopez looking fantastic.

2 Wishing She Had Some Pockets

via thecoli.com

Yoga pants might be one of the most popular pieces of clothing that women wear, but they aren't without their faults. How women are able to brave the cold while wearing them is something that most will never understand, but a lack of protection against the cold isn't the only problem. Most pairs of yoga pants tend to have an alarming lack of pockets, and Lopez seems to be a little irritated about that fact. She does have a pocket on her shirt, but that is used more for style rather than practicality.

These yoga pants may not have pockets, but they do make Lopez's curves look phenomenal, and that is more than we could ask for. This photo was taken at the perfect angle for viewers to truly appreciate her immaculate body, and her shirt helps cover and show off her midsection. If you think that this photo is amazing, just wait until you see the one that tops our list.

1 Too Hot To Handle

via wowbiz.ro

To finish out our list, we had to find a photo that was both flattering and eye-catching. We needed a photo of Jennifer Lopez that captures her looking good and showing off her legendary backside. While we kicked off our list with the leopard print yoga pants, we decided to round things off with this photo that does a much better job at showing off her assets, and with her flashing a smile for the camera. They may have been taken on the same day, but they are not two photos of the same caliber.

Celebrities are rarely excited to deal with random photographers who hound them about the latest drama in their lives and capturing pictures for magazines, but Lopez was nice enough to smile for one here. That smile, coupled with her legendary body, make for the hottest photo of Jennifer Lopez in yoga pants that you will ever see.

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