The 15 Hottest NHL WAGS Of 2017

Throughout our lives, we meet a variety of different people, individuals who are a part of your family, or random people you meet in your neighborhood, at school, at work, or at a bar or restaurant, and depending on your level of interaction with these people, relationships can be formed. Most of us share the same types of relationships, as we all have families who we can turn to and trust, and we all have friends who we spend time and laugh with, as well as colleagues who we either get along with or despise. A large number of us also find someone who we develop strong and intimate feelings for, and in most cases these feelings result in a relationship that is filled with love, happiness and at the same time, irritation and turmoil.

Intimate relationships can truly be wonderful experiences, but anyone who has had one will agree that there are a lot of ups and downs associated with such a relationship, but those same people will also agree that once you have found the right person, everything is seemingly perfect. Celebrities and professional athletes have intimate relationships as well, except their's get more attention because they happen to be in the spotlight, and as it turns out, athletes manage to date and marry very attractive women. The National Hockey League may not be the most popular of the four major sports leagues, but hockey players on average all have girlfriends or wives who are incredibly hot, but there are some who stand above the rest, and this list will feature this year's 15 hottest NHL WAGS.


15 Lucia Slaninkova

The Detroit Red Wings are one of the NHL's original six teams, and as a result, they have had a long and storied history which includes many great players and multiple Stanley Cup victories. The Red Wings are special in another way though, because they currently have the longest playoff streak in all of professional sports with 25 straight postseason appearances, a streak that is in real jeopardy of ending this year despite the fact that they have many talented offensive players. Tomas Tatar is one of these forwards, and this Slovakian player has so far been with Detroit for the entirety of his career, and although he has had problems scoring the past two seasons, at least he is in a relationship with an actual beauty queen. Lucia Slaninkova is also from Slovakia, and she is a bit of a celebrity in their homeland as she participated in and won the 2013 Miss Earth Slovak Republic beauty contest, a win that was very deserving because she is a very beautiful woman.

14 Katia Pacioretty


In every professional sport, there is at least one franchise that stands above all the rest in terms of history and championship wins, and in hockey, that team is the Montreal Canadiens who have existed since before the NHL was even formed, and they have won the coveted Stanley Cup a record 24 times. A team like Montreal has had many great players throughout its history, which is why it should not come as a surprise that the franchise has had some great Hall of Fame level team captains, and the team's current captain, Max Pacioretty is forced to have to continue that legacy of greatness. As captain, Max has a ton of team-related responsibilities which can be stressful, especially in the hockey hot-bed of Montreal, but luckily he has his wife Katia, to help support him. Katia Pacioretty was born in Russia, and is actually a former professional tennis player, and these two have now been married for nearly six years, and so far also have two children together.

13 Noureen Dewulf

In football, the quarterback is a team's most important player, because a team will likely succeed or fail depending on the performance of their quarterback, and the same can be said about the goalie in hockey, because no NHL team can win without having a good goalie. Ryan Miller is a goalie, and when he was in his prime, he was considered by many to be one of the best goalies in the league, and for most of his eleven seasons with the Buffalo Sabres, his numbers sure reflected that. In 2014, he was traded to St. Louis, where he played for a bit before signing with the Vancouver Canucks later that offseason; and when he moved to Vancouver, he brought his wife of six years with him. Noureen DeWulf is one of a few female celebrities who will be appearing on this list, and she is an actress who has appeared in movies such as West Bank Story and The Back-up Plan, and she has also starred in television shows, with her most notable role coming in the FX sitcom, Anger Management.

12 Katie Hoaldridge


For a good couple of years, it appeared as though the Dallas Stars were going to be a floundering franchise, but two seasons ago, the team proved those naysayers wrong, as they are now considered to be one of the better teams in the league, and their newfound success can be attributed to their impressive offense, which is led by team captain, Jamie Benn. As a player, Benn is not only a play-maker, but a goal scorer, which is why he is viewed as the best player on the Stars’ roster, and seeing as he is their best player, it only makes some sense that he happens to be in a committed relationship with an incredibly attractive woman. Katie Hoaldridge is a beautiful blond from the great state of Texas, and she knows all about being an athlete, as she was a member of the track team for the University of Texas, and she even went on to run professionally for a bit. Katie is the perfect example of a woman who has both beauty and brains as she not only holds a communications and psychology degree, but she has also been modelling since 2014.

11 Anna Kasterova

As of right now, the Pittsburgh Penguins are still the defending Stanley Cup champions, and it was a championship that was very well deserved considering the great second-half they had last year, but things would have probably gone differently if one of Pittsburgh's two superstar players found themselves out of the lineup. Evgeni Malkin, who the Penguins' selected second overall back in 2004, is one of those two superstars, and for most of his time in the NHL he has been one of the league’s top scoring forwards; but what many Penguins fans do not know, is that Malkin is currently engaged to a very attractive fiancee. Her name is Anna Kasterova, and in her native country of Russia, she is quite the famous television personality, as she has either appeared on or hosted multiple shows. Their relationship first started in 2013, and by late 2015 they found themselves engaged, but last May their relationship took another step forward when they welcomed their first child.

10 Emma Andersson


With this entry, we return to the Detroit Red Wings, and although their playoff streak may be coming to an end this year, every fan can acknowledge the fact that the entire roster worked incredibly hard to keep the streak going, especially the team's veteran captain, Henrik Zetterberg. There is no doubt that this season has put a lot of weight on Zetterberg's shoulders, considering that he is now near the end of his career, but if there is one silver lining in regards to missing the playoffs, it is that he will get to spend more time with his breathtaking wife, Emma. For those of you who do not spend their time watching Swedish television, Emma Andersson is a famous television personality, who participated in the Swedish version of Survivor, and won, and thanks to that appearance, she has gone on to host several other shows. These two started dating back in 2007, and found themselves getting married in 2010, but what is really interesting about their wedding, is the fact that it is still believed to be one of the largest and most expensive weddings to have ever taken place in the whole of Sweden.

9 Aneta Netolicka

For a long time, the San Jose Sharks were considered by many to be true Stanley Cup contenders, but each and every year, they would always fail to advance deep into the playoffs, but last season they made it all the way to the Cup Final where they ultimately lost. Although the Sharks lost to Pittsburgh, they at least proved that they are true contenders, plus their run also gave their talented group of young players some much needed experience, and Tomas Hertl is one of those young players. Hertl has so far spent his entire four-year career with San Jose, and based on his performance, he is going to be a very valuable player for the franchise going forward, and he also happens to have the hottest WAG amongst all of his teammates. Her name is Aneta Netolicka, and she is from the Czech Republic just like Hertl, and she is an athlete in her own right as she used to be a gymnast; and in all honesty, if she wanted to pursue a modelling career, she would likely be very good at it.


8 Nicole Arruda


Wayne Gretzky is by far the greatest hockey player who has ever lived, and when he was traded to the Los Angeles Kings, he helped to put the franchise on the map, but it was not until after Gretzky was retired for nearly two decades, that the Kings were finally able to win their first two championships. The Kings won in both 2012 and 2014, and the main reason for that is because their entire roster was filled with great and effective players, including Drew Doughty who serves as the team's best defenseman. Doughty has spent his entire eight-year career with Los Angeles, and for most of that time, he has had the same beautiful woman by his side. Nicole Arruda was born and raised in the Canadian province of Ontario, and she currently lives in Toronto, which makes their relationship a long-distance one, and in her free time, she helps low-income students to graduate from school, and acts as a public school track coach; and when it comes to work, she is a professional programmer and tech venue specialist.

7 Christine Prosperi

In 2006, the Carolina Hurricanes won the franchise's first Stanley Cup, but since then, the team has more or less played like garbage, which is not all that surprising seeing as the team has been rebuilding for over half a decade now. Fortunately for Hurricanes fans, the rebuild is now starting to show signs of paying off, and Jeff Skinner, if he stays healthy, is going to be a major part of the team's offensive core for years to come. For the first four years of Skinner's career, he was plagued with concussions, and although those types of injuries can end a person's career, he is now symptom free, which means that he can both play and truly enjoy the time that he gets to spend with his girlfriend Cristine Prosperi. These two have been in a relationship since 2012, and if any of you think that you have seen her on TV, then you would be right, because this enchanting Canadian is in fact an actress who has had roles on several shows, with her biggest role coming in the Canadian teen drama series Degrassi, where she appeared in over 100 episodes.

6 Elisha Cuthbert


By the time this NHL season is done, Dion Phaneuf will be a twelve-year veteran, and in all that time, he has somehow managed to only play for teams located in his native country of Canada. While with the Toronto Maple Leafs, Phaneuf's defensive abilities came into question quite regularly, but he probably did not care about any of these criticisms seeing as he got to go home to his incredibly hot wife almost every night. If any of you have either forgotten about Elisha Cuthbert, or do not know who she is, then that is a real shame, because she is a stunning Canadian actress and model whose most recent work includes the Netflix comedy series The Ranch. But she made a name for herself much earlier than that, as she played Jack Bauer's daughter on the hit show 24, but she will also be remembered for the movie The Girl Next Door, where she played an adult film star. 

5 Carrie Underwood

With this entry, we have country music superstar, and former American Idol winner Carrie Underwood, who is by far the most famous celebrity hockey WAG on this list, as she is currently married to Mike Fisher, the captain of the Nashville Predators. The Predators have always been a difficult team to play against, especially in the past three seasons, and Fisher has been with the team since 2011 when the Ottawa Senators traded him to the country music capital; and it was actually his relationship with Carrie that helped influence his trade destination, as she lives in Nashville. Carrie and Mike have been married since 2010, but the two first met back in 2008 when he was taken backstage after one of her concerts to be introduced to her, and in 2015, she gave birth to their first child. Both he and she have busy and hectic schedules with regards to work and travel, which would negatively affect any relationship, but so far, their's seems to be immune from such issues.

4 Brenna McGuire


With the NHL expanding to Las Vegas next season, the Columbus Blue Jackets will no longer be the youngest of the league's franchises, but then again, the team has not really had any kind of success for the majority of its two decades of existence, seeing as they have only made the playoffs twice in their history. As a result of good trades and drafting, Columbus has been building a good young team for years now, and as evidenced by their impressive performance this season, those moves are really starting to pay off, including the move which saw them acquire Brandon Dubinsky via trade. Columbus made the deal for Dubinsky midway through the 2012-13 season, and upon joining the team, he quickly became one of their best two centers. When he went to the Blue Jackets though, his wife Brenna moved with him, and just by looking at her, you can tell that she is the hottest WAG the team has, and she was also once involved in sports too, as she was a part of the University of Virginia's women's basketball team; and now in her post-college days, she works as a model who has appeared in several magazines.

3 Julie Leshkevich

With this entry, we return to Detroit for the third and final time, which essentially means that the Red Wings' roster consists of some extremely lucky men, with Justin Abdelkader being the luckiest of them all. Abdelkader has spent his entire ten-year career with Detroit, and for basically all of that time, he has had the hottest WAG amongst all of his teammates, because Julie Leshkevich is truly a vision. These two started dating while both were attending Michigan State University, and aside from being a teacher's assistant, Julie has used her education to land a marketing internship at a glass company, and a job as's director of wellness relations. Earlier this year, the couple took a step forward, when Abdelkader finally decided to pop the question during a romantic evening that culminated in a dinner on the ice of the Joe-Louis Arena, where the Red Wings currently play their home games.

2 Nastya Shubskaya


The Washington Capitals are now one of the top five teams in the NHL, but there was a time nearly a decade ago when the franchise was in deep financial trouble, to the point that the league was very close to moving the team somewhere else. In 2004 though, the team managed to get the first overall pick, a pick which turned out to be Alexander Ovechkin, a player who not only saved the franchise, but who also happens to be one of the best goal scorers in NHL history. Ovechkin has played his entire twelve-year career with Washington, and for most of that time, he was the best pure goal scorer in the league; which is why it is quite shameful that he still has not won a Stanley Cup. Ovechkin is from Russia, and since he is a superstar in that country, it is no wonder that he is in a relationship with an incredibly attractive Russian woman, and that woman is the socialite known as Nastya Shubskaya. This stunning brunette is of course a model, but like other models, she wants her own acting career as well, which is why she has attended film academies in both Russia and New York.

1 Lindsey Vecchione

There is no denying the fact that the Chicago Blackhawks have been the most successful NHL franchise in the past decade, a statement which is easily validated by the fact that the team has won the Stanley Cup three times in that time frame. The main reason for their success rests solely with the great players they were able to get through drafting, with Jonathan Toews being the most important of these draft picks, as he is literally the backbone of the team’s core group of players. Aside from already being a three-time champion, Toews also happens to be one of the best centers in the NHL, which explains why he is making over 10 million dollars a year now; but he also happens to be in a relationship with the hottest WAG on this list. Her name is Lindsey Vecchione, and this 29 year old model has been with Toews since 2012, and just by looking at her, you can tell with the utmost certainty that this Chicago native belongs at the number one spot, because of her amazing facial features and breathtakingly voluptuous figure.

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