The 15 Hottest NFL WAGS Of 2017

Most NFL players are dating, or are married to an attractive woman, but there are some women whose appearances put them in a category of their own.

No matter where you go in the world, you will see some type of sport being played, either by children or older amateurs for the sheer fun of it, or you will see a sport being played in an arena/stadium at the professional level by professional athletes. There are a variety of different sports leagues and associations all over the world that cater to and showcase the best athletes of each particular sport, and North America happens to be home to four of the biggest sports leagues in the world. Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, and the National Basketball Association, all produce billions of dollars in revenue each year, but it is the National Football League that stands above them all, as it earned more than $13 billion in revenue in 2016 alone.

Football is an incredibly physical and dangerous sport, which is why only a select few are brave enough and skilled enough to make it to the NFL, and for those who are lucky to get there, they are in for a big pay day if they are able to consistently produce. NFL players may be able to play football better than anyone else in the world, but aside from that, and the millions of dollars that they make, they are ordinary people just like the rest of us, which means that they too get involved in romantic and intimate relationships. Most NFL players are either dating, or are engaged/married to an attractive woman, but there are understandingly some women whose appearances put them in a category of their own, and it is the purpose of this list to identify the 15 hottest WAGs the NFL has to offer in 2017.

15 Jessie James Decker

The New York Jets are fortunate to have a fanbase who remain extremely loyal to the franchise despite the fact that being a fan can at times be very infuriating, especially now that the team has missed the playoffs for a sixth straight season. Last season, the Jets should have had a better record than they did, but thanks to several of their position players getting injured, and their quarterbacks playing like trash, they stood no real chance of competing for anything. Eric Decker is a wide receiver who the Jets signed to a five-year contract in 2014, and he was one of the players who was unfortunately sidelined, as a shoulder injury ended his season very early; on the bright side though, his shoulder problem allowed him to spend a lot more quality time with his wife, Jessie. Without question, Jessie is the hottest WAG the Jets have, and she happens to be a talented country pop singer-songwriter, who in 2013 starred alongside her husband and their two children in her own reality show, Eric & Jessie: Game On.

14 Lauren Tannehill

Jets fans may have it rough, but it is currently even harder to be a fan of the Miami Dolphins, as the team has either been mediocre or just plain bad for years now, a statement that no football fan can dispute, especially since it has been almost nine years since the team last made the playoffs. Ryan Tannehill is the team's current starting quarterback, and he has been with the Dolphins since they drafted him eighth overall in 2012, and he is the first of several quarterbacks who will be mentioned on this list who are lucky enough to be hitched to a very attractive WAG. In Ryan's case, he is married to his wife Lauren, who he met in 2009 in Panama City during Spring Break, and thanks to the fact that they were both attending Texas A&M at the same time, their relationship truly flourished, to the point that the pair got married just three years later. Lauren happens to be a devout Christian who likes to go out with her husband on fishing trips, but she is also an aspiring model.

13 Kelly Hall

As a franchise, the Detroit Lions have been playing professional football since 1930, and in that time, they have won a total of four championships, none of which were the Super Bowl, in fact they are still the only NFC team to have never even played in the big game. For twelve years (1999-2011), the Lions did not provide their fans with much to cheer for, as they kept failing to make the playoffs, but now they actually have a chance of winning a championship if they build a good team around their current starting quarterback, Matthew Stafford. The team drafted Stafford first overall in 2009 out of the University of Georgia, which was the same school where he met his wife, Kelly Hall, who happened to be one of the School's cheerleaders at the time. Kelly loves to party, and she enjoys both fitness, and golf; and in 2015 the couple finally tied the knot after 8 years of dating, and they are now expecting twins.

12 Samantha Ponder

Prior to the start of last year's season, the San Francisco 49ers made headlines thanks to Colin Kaepernick who decided not to stand during the National Anthem, a decision which the five-time Super Bowl winning franchise was not too happy about because it overshadowed the team as a whole. Kaepernick was once regarded as a rising star amongst the league's quarterbacks, but things went downhill for him very quickly after losing the Super Bowl in 2012, and because of his poor play, and injuries to their other quarterbacks last season, the 49ers were forced to sign Christian Ponder to a 1-year deal. Now, Ponder is probably not going to be with San Francisco next season, but wherever he does end up, he will have the support of his very attractive wife Samantha, the woman he has been married to since 2012. Samantha can actually be considered as the best wife an NFL player can ask for, because this blond beauty is genuinely interested in football, as evidenced by her job at ESPN as a sideline reporter.

11 Candice Crawford

The Dallas Cowboys are without a doubt one of the NFL's most popular and iconic franchises, a title which is very much deserved seeing as the team has won five Super Bowls in its illustrious 56-year history. Last season saw the Cowboys play extremely good football, which surprised many, especially since an injury left the team without Tony Romo for most of the year, the man who for almost a decade, served as the team’s starting quarterback. It looks like Romo will either be getting traded or released by the Cowboys this offseason, but he will not be left without a job for long, and whichever team gets him, will be adding a veteran presence in the locker-room, but they will also be adding his wife Candice to their list of WAGs. Candice Crawford dated Romo for two years before the pair were married in 2011, and they currently have two children together; but before meeting Romo, she was named Miss Missouri and went on to finish in the top 10 of the Miss USA pageant in 2008.

10 Morgan Kauffmann

It is true that the Cowboys are considered to be one of the NFL's most iconic teams, but so are the Pittsburgh Steelers, as the franchise has so far won six Super Bowl championships, which is the most title wins in league history; and the main reason behind their success is because the franchise has for the most part produced teams that are both well structured and deep. Chris Boswell is a placekicker, and a part of the Steelers' current roster, and for anyone who says kickers are not important, he was the only reason the Steelers beat Kansas City in the playoffs as he scored all of Pittsburgh's points himself. Boswell is living proof that you do not need to be a quarterback or wide receiver to land an attractive woman, as he is currently dating Morgan Kauffmann, who is breathtaking. Morgan was born and raised in Texas, and over the years, she has worked in places like Forever 21 and the Planet Beach Contempo spa; she has also worked for Michael Kors, and was an assistant manager for a company called Flexi.

9 Larissa Johnson

Whether you are a fan of the Oakland Raiders or not, we can all agree that the team has been a complete trainwreck for well over a decade, a statement that cannot really be disputed as the team had failed to make the playoffs every year since 2002. This past season though, the Raiders put an end to that streak, thanks to the team's front office finally putting together a proper rebuild, a rebuild which included the free agent signing of Austin Howard in 2014. Howard is an offensive tackle who has played in the NFL for seven years now, and aside from signing with Oakland, 2014 was also the same year that he married his wife, Larissa Johnson. These two first met while they were both attending the University of Northern Iowa sometime between 2005 and 2009, and she has said that while at home, her husband is basically a big soft teddy bear, which is opposite from his fearsome demeanor on the field.

8 Ariel Meredith

The New York Giants were first established in 1925, making the team one of the oldest franchises in the NFL, and in all that time, the team has brought eight championships to New York, including four Super Bowls. Hakeem Nicks is a wide receiver who was drafted by the Giants late in the 2009 draft, and he ultimately went on to spend a combined five seasons with the team, including the 2012 season where he helped the team to win the Super Bowl. Since 2013, Nicks has not played that much, as he has jumped between several teams, including Tennessee and New Orleans who both waived him before he could even play a game with them; and as of right now, he is still a free agent. His career may not be going well, but at least he has Ariel Meredith by his side, and this Louisiana beauty is a model who has appeared in several editions of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. These two have been together for years, and have had some rough patches, but as of right now, they are engaged, and appear quite happy with their newborn baby.

7 Kristin Cavallari

With this entry, we have our first real, well known celebrity NFL WAG in the form of Kristin Cavallari, as she is currently married to former Chicago Bears quarterback, Jay Cutler. Last season, the Bears were terrible, a trend which has now gone on for several seasons, with 2010 being the last year that the team made the playoffs, and their poor records and play can mainly be attributed to Jay Cutler who would either be injured or underperform. Cutler received a lot of heat from fans during his tenure with the team, but now that the Bears have released him, they have lost Kristin, who was the team's hottest WAG as well. For those who do not know, Kristin is a fashion designer, and television personality who became very popular after appearing on the reality shows Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and The Hills, and she has been married to Cutler since 2013, and so far they have three children together.

6 Katherine Webb

When the Cincinnati Bengals failed to make the playoffs this season, it snapped a five-year streak of postseason appearances, but although they managed to put up good records during each of those regular seasons, they had absolutely zero success in the playoffs. Last season, the Bengals were just a bad team from top to bottom, and their quarterbacks did little to actually help the team, as their starter Andy Dalton had one of the worst years of his career. His backup is AJ McCarron, and although he is not as skilled as Dalton is, he has the team's hottest WAG. Katherine Webb is her name, and she is a model and former beauty queen who won the Miss Alabama pageant in 2012, and went on to compete in that year's Miss USA pageant. Since 2012, Katherine has gone on to appear in magazines, such as the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue; but most people will remember her from the 2013 BCS National Championship Game, where she was featured on TV several times cheering for McCarron, who has now been her husband for nearly three years.

5 Giselle Bundchen

Much to the dismay of most football fans outside of the state of Massachusetts, the New England Patriots are the NFL's current Super Bowl champions, bringing the franchise's total championship wins to five. All of the Patriots’ success basically rests on the shoulders of two individuals: their head coach Bill Belichick, and their starting quarterback, Tom Brady, both of whom have been a part of all five Super Bowl wins. Brady is going to be a first ballot Hall of Famer, and will go down as one of the best quarterbacks in history, but he will also be remembered for marrying one of the hottest supermodels on the planet. Gisele Bundchen has been one of the world's highest paid models since 2004, which has resulted in her becoming the entertainment industry's wealthiest woman, plus this gorgeous Brazilian also has acting credits in films such as The Devil Wears Prada and Taxi. The two started dating in 2006 after getting set up on a blind date with one another, and by 2009, they were married, and so far those eight years have produced two children.

4 Ciara

In 2014, the Seattle Seahawks may have literally handed the Super Bowl over to the Patriots, but the team has not really been that negatively affected by it, as they are still one of the best teams in the NFL. The main reason behind their success, has been the outstanding play of their defense, but they also happen to have a quarterback in Russell Wilson who is better than many others around the league. Wilson won the Super Bowl with Seattle in 2013, and he is now a three-time Pro Bowler, but without a doubt his best achievement has to be that he married the beautiful Ciara. In case some of you are unaware of who Ciara is, she is a record producer as well as a talented singer/songwriter who over the course of her career, has sold over 23 million records worldwide, and she has won numerous awards including a Grammy. This relationship started in 2015, and after less than a year of dating, they tied the knot last July, and in October they announced that they were expecting their first child together.

3 Marissa Powell

Kyle Van Noy, is a very fortunate football player, because after spending parts of three seasons with the Detroit Lions, who initially drafted him in 2014, he was traded to New England last October, and was able to help the team to win this year's Super Bowl. Being sent to the right place at the right time is not the only reason why Van Noy is fortunate, because he is now also currently married to the stunning Marissa Powell, who is a former beauty queen who was named Miss Utah in 2013, and who finished third in the Miss USA Pageant after answering a question about income inequality by saying that the US needs "to see how to create education better". These two met while Van Noy was playing his college football at BYU, and in 2013 he proposed to her, and according to him, not only is she one of the smartest people he has ever known, but he also credits her with being a huge influence in his life.

2 Camille Kostek

The New England Patriots have already been mentioned on this list, and this entry will mark their final appearance, because not only has the team been the most successful NFL franchise since the year 2000, but they also currently have three of the hottest WAGs in all of football. Tom Brady might be married to Gisele, who is considered to be the hottest NFL WAG by most people, and for several years she was exactly that, but as this list has already proven, she is not even the hottest Patriots' WAG anymore, as that title now belongs to Camille Kostek. As it turns out, Camille is the girlfriend of Rob Gronkowski, who serves as New England's tight end, and he is an absolute beast on the field. These two first met when Camille worked as one of the Patriots’ cheerleaders between 2013 and 2015, and just like her boyfriend, she loves to go out partying, but when she is not doing that, she spends her time working for the New England Sports Network, or as model.

1 Olivia Munn

The Green Bay Packers have been playing football since the year 1919, and over that time, the team has won numerous titles, including two Super Bowls, and the team has also helped to produce a couple of Hall of Fame quarterbacks, including their current number one, Aaron Rodgers. Since 2005, Rodgers has gone on to become one of the best quarterbacks in the game, and has a 2010 Super Bowl win to show for it, but he also happens to be dating Olivia Munn, who is hands down the hottest WAG in the NFL today. Munn started out as a model, but she did not garner attention until 2006 when she became a TV journalist and co-host for the live show, Attack of the Show!, but she has since branched out to become a well known Hollywood actress who has appeared in several movies, including Ride Along 2, Magic Mike, Office Christmas Party, and X-Men: Apocalypse. Munn is incredibly hot, so much so that she has twice been ranked #2 on Maxim’s Hot 100 Women list, which makes Rodgers an incredibly lucky individual since he has been dating her since 2014.

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