The 15 Hottest New England Patriots WAGS

It was 1985 and the New England Patriots were a high-flying aerial offense that looked as though they might capture their first ever Super Bowl Championship. Then they ran into Mike Ditka and Buddy Ry

It was 1985 and the New England Patriots were a high-flying aerial offense that looked as though they might capture their first ever Super Bowl Championship. Then they ran into Mike Ditka and Buddy Ryan's incredible Chicago Bears team that completely destroyed them and set the franchise back for years to come. But that embarrassing defeat in the championship game is a distant memory for today's fans. The New England Patriots have gone from being a cellar-dwelling team and the butt of jokes to a perennial powerhouse that competes every year for an AFC title and the right to go to the Super Bowl. With four Super Bowl titles under their belt (2001, 2003, 2004, 2014) they have been the gold standard in the NFL.

Much of the success of the New England Patriots is tied to their dynamic leader in Bill Belichick, the Bill Parcells disciple, who has turned winning into an art form and press conferences into coded one-word messages. Belichick is best known for his "hoodies" on the sideline, a man who doesn't smile for the cameras and rarely shows any emotion. His sidekick is Tom Brady, the face of the franchise. Brady is full of emotion and is the team's leader. The two have become the most successful coach/player combination in the history of the sport. In addition to their many successes, the Patriots do pretty well off the field as well. They sport a trail of some of the most amazing looking women in the world. These dedicated Patriots players, recent past and present, have done very well for themselves with the on-the-field hardware and their off-the-field better halves. These are the 15 hottest New England Patriots WAGS.

15 Sloan Young (Jacoby Brissett)


Jacoby Brissett recently emerged this season as big time help for a team that was losing quarterbacks faster than high school girls lose their virginity at prom. With Tom Brady suspended and backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo injured, Jacoby Brissett filled in admirably for the Pats. Drafted this past year in the 3rd round, Belichick took the chance on this quarterback due to a recommendation made by his old mentor, Bill Parcells. The kid didn't disappoint, as this 6' 4" athlete became a stud for North Carolina State, a duel-threat quarterback that threw for 2,662 yards and 20 TD's his senior year. Brissett had very little time to get accustomed to life as an NFL quarterback, but did well enough to hold his own in two of the three games he started. Meanwhile, Brissett does more than hold his own off the field with his girlfriend, Sloan Young. Sloan is gorgeous and they met while he attended college at NC State. Sloan is a college grad with a great head on her shoulders and the two appear likely to be hearing wedding bells in the near future.

14 Summer (Jimmy Garoppolo)


Jimmy Garoppolo is "Mini-Tom Brady" in Patriots Land. The back-up quarterback shares the same intelligence and fire as his mentor, Brady. Studying under Tom Brady has helped for Garoppolo, who made his starting debut this season when Brady was forced to sit out the first four games by the NFL. Many expected Garoppolo and the Patriots to struggle, but instead, the young quarterback led the team to a 2-0 start before getting injured in the third game of the season. But Garoppolo left the team with a huge lead in that game and set the Pats up for their 3-1 run without Brady, a feat no one thought possible. Off the field, Gorappolo still has a little to learn. He was dating a girl referred to only as "Summer." She got some hot pictures with him and then tried to flip the photos. Clearly, they aren't dating any more, but when you look at her, you can understand Garoppolo's attraction to her. In the future, he probably will make better choices but we can't blame him for hooking up (just no more half-naked photo spreads on the bed, Jimmy).

13 Kristen Louelle (Tyler Gaffney)

Tyler Gaffney is a multi-sport athlete who attended the University of Stanford. The baseball and football standout has done nicely for himself, getting drafted by the Carolina Panthers only to be picked up by the Pats when he suffered a tough injury. Gaffney's NFL career has been marred by a series of injuries that have kept him off the field. The Patriots seem to believe in him and have done all they can to bring him along on their roster. The former 6th round pick seems like a longshot to make a big impact with the team, but there is one place where he is definitely an all-star. Gaffney has done quite well for himself in the female department, in particular, with his girlfriend, Kristen Louelle. Louelle could honestly be #1 on most lists, being a fire-hot beauty. But the Patriots are known for championships, and this group has a whole bunch of #1 hotties on the list and this officially starts the roll of super-hot WAGS.

12 Susie Light (Matt Light)


Matt Light may just be a tackle to some, but Light is Tom Brady's safety net, the "blindside protector" of the offensive line. The amazing left tackle man-handled opposing pass rushers, giving "Tom Terrific" all the time he needed to deliver perfect passes. He spent his entire 11-year career with the Pats and hung it up recently in 2011, but the Patriots lifer appeared in three Pro Bowls and was part of three Pats' championship teams. A former 2nd round pick back in 2001, the Ohio native was a grinder on the football field. Off the field, Matt Light did very well for himself, landing Susie Light. His wife is small and petite with a beautiful smile. She is the equivalent of a dwarf when she stands next to the massive offensive tackle, but an incredibly beautiful partner for a man who had an exceptional NFL career.

11 Linda Holliday (Bill Belichick)


It's not often the coach can make a list like this, but this is no ordinary coach. What's interesting about Bill Belichick is that he is the epitome of a mad scientist. He has messy hair and a grizzled bitter face. He rarely shows much in the way of personality and smiles even less. He has run the most successful organization in all of football for 16 years now. He has led his Patriots teams to an incredible 227-113 regular season record and an insane 23-10 post-season record. Belichick, with his saggy grey hoodie, looks more like a vagrant than a playboy. But this football genius is no slouch, and off the field, he landed Linda Holliday, his beautiful girlfriend. With an 11-year spread in age, we are happy someone can bring a few smiles to the "mad scientist's" face. This football God certainly deserves it after the Hall of Fame coaching career he continues to further each and every day.

10 Ricki Noel Lander (Robert Kraft)

Robert Kraft has taken the New England Patriots to unprecedented heights since he took over the Pats in the 1990s. Robert Kraft had a long-standing love for the team he grew up watching as a Massachusetts native. The businessman had always dreamed of becoming a professional sports owner and he was able to wiggle into position to be the sole bidder for the team. He acquired the Patriots for a record-setting $175 million. At the time, it was the largest deal for a professional sports team, an investment that has turned extremely lucrative for Kraft. He was married for nearly 40 years until his wife passed. More recently, Kraft has struck more gold, however, with his girlfriend, Ricki Noel Lander. Lander is, as expected, nearly 40 years younger than Kraft. (Boys and Girls, that is what happens when you are worth over $5 billion). Kraft is doing just fine.

9 Chelsey Walton (Nate Ebner)


Nate Ebner may not ring any bells with most NFL fans, who aren't aware of the Patriots special teamer, but this Ohio native has the kind of unassuming grinder skills that Bill Belichick loves. Ebner is a true athlete who was a big-time rugby star in the United States. In fact, at age 17, Ebner became the youngest player ever to don the uniform for the National United States Rugby Team. Amazingly, Ebner had never played organized football when he walked on during his junior year for Ohio State University. The Patriots grabbed him in the 6th round and this special teamer has worked out perfectly for the Pats. In addition, Ebner has done quite well with his beautiful curvaceous girlfriend, Chelsey Walton. The toned out beauty is a regular in the gym and it shows!

8 Diana Civi (James White)


James White is one of the many running backs the Patriots have rolled out over the recent years who does a little of everything in the backfield. He isn't a high-flying expensive baller, but rather a solid cog who was drafted in 2014 in the 4th round. White has great hands and is exceptional out of the backfield. Despite not being a big name running back, White was a big time rusher in college for the Wisconsin Badgers. He ran along the side of other big running backs from the college like John Clay, Montee Ball and Melvin Gordon. The athletic backfield runner also does quite well for himself off the field. His girlfriend, Diana, went to college with White and the two have been a couple ever since. The brunette beauty lives with White and has the perfect girl-next-door glow to her.

7 Bridget Moynahan (Tom Brady)


We arrive at Tom Terrific's first appearance on the list. Tom Brady has enjoyed a storied career. Since he took over for Drew Bledsoe and led the Patriots to their first Super Bowl title, Brady's career has been nothing short of terrific. A regular Pro Bowl quarterback and ultimate champion, Brady is both revered by his fans and despised by opposing fans. With four Super Bowl titles under his belt, Tom Brady will be a first ballot Hall of Famer when he retires. In addition to his brilliant quarterback play on the field, Brady has had little trouble attracting women off the field. His former girlfriend, model and actress Bridget Moynahan, is a case in point. The highly successful actress was actually older than Tom when they got together. Their relationship was enough to spur a child. In 2007, shortly after they had broken up and Brady had moved on with supermodel Gisele Bundchen, news came out that Brady had knocked Moynahan up (ouch...uncomfortable). Gisele stuck with Brady and the rest has been history on that front, but Brady and Moynahan had a good run and have a living testament to their ex-love.

6 Talor Reazin (Danny Amendola)


Danny Amendola was the St. Louis Ram's top receiver back in the day. He always had trouble staying healthy and the Rams moved on from him. The Patriots signed Amendola to a big deal and the receiver was brought in to be a possession specialist. Although he has shown glimpses of his past abilities, he has struggled over the past two seasons to put up the kind of numbers that go along with his salary. Despite struggling to be that number one receiver again, Amendola has done quite well for himself during his NFL career and that has led to great success off the field as well. Namely, Talor Reazin, his gorgeous ex-girlfriend and model. At 5' 11" tall, Talor is the perfect height to be a model and is a former college cheerleader. We're definitely cheering for her!

5 Gisele Bundchen (Tom Brady)

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It was only a matter of time before we arrived at Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady. The two began dating in 2007 and have since become husband and wife. While Brady has done an incredible job amassing his four Super Bowl Championships, he ran into trouble with "Deflategate," a ridiculous and confusing winding road that led to Brady getting suspended for the first four games of the 2016 season. Despite the layoff, Brady came back with a vengeance, putting up MVP numbers despite missing the first quarter of the season. With supermodel Gisele by his side, Brady is a daily MVP off the field as well. The two have a well-chronicled marriage and anyone that has seen Gisele knows Brady has struck gold. She is a flawless supermodel who constantly stays fit and toned while doing naked yoga (well, at least that's how we envision it). Gisele is beautiful, and despite not being a spring chicken anymore, still maintains her standing as gorgeous.

4 Bibi Jones (Rob Gronkowski)


Rob Gronkowski is a force on the field. The tight-end recently went under the knife for a bulging disc in his back and won't do too much Vegas breakdancing for a while, but there is no doubt that Gronk is one of the best players on the field every time he competes. He and Tom Brady have put up crazy-good numbers, the kind of statistics quarterbacks usually put up with top receivers. Gronk is a match-up nightmare for defenses, possessing unusual size, strength, and speed that makes him impossible to defend. Off the field, Gronk has been a bit of a strange egg. He isn't the normal quiet and assuming New England Patriots player we have come to know. He loves to party in Las Vegas, and whether rehabbing or not, seems to fly all over dance floors in clubs. He also is pretty dope with the ladies. Bibi Jones isn't a supermodel, but she sure is super hot. The crazy-hot blonde was hooking up with Gronk for a while. Never shy to show off her body, this former stripper and adult star went viral with Gronk with a photo that showed Gronk posing with Bibi as she wore his jersey. So hot.

3 Ella Rose (Julian Edelman)


Ella Rose is a ridiculously hot model. Let's just get that out of the way. Julian Edelman is one of the top receivers in all of football. The ultimate "safety-net" for Tom Brady, Edelman is known as a supreme route-runner with an incredible football IQ. Edelman never ceases to amaze with his skills on the field, but he has done well for himself off the field as well. Edelman has been a regular playboy when it comes to the women in his life, and this is where we land with Ella Rose, his Swedish model ex-girlfriend. I chronicled Ella Rose's hotness over a year ago in a bikini article where the little-known model was just starting to get her footing in the United States with a crazy hot photo spread in Malibu, California. The model is unquestionably hot and now Edelman is going to be paying her cash for a very long time. Edelman allegedly got Rose pregnant, but he has apparently been ducking her. She was forced to file paternity paperwork in court and just this week had the baby. We'll see which way this turns, but enjoy the beautiful Ella Rose for now.

2 Anna Burns (Wes Welker)


The original Julian Edelman was Wes Welker. Wes Welker was a Patriot through and through. He regularly led the league in receptions and yards, being Tom Brady's top receiver year-after-year from 2007-2012. In fact, Welker led the league in receptions in 2007, 2009, and 2011. Welker exploded with the Patriots, providing them with much-needed spark at the wide receiver position and keeping the team in the Super Bowl hunt season after season. Welker's career may be summed up as narrow misses, just missing Super Bowl Championships with the Pats and, instead, suffering tough losses in the big game. He also left the Denver Broncos in 2014, a year before they won the Super Bowl in 2015. Despite never winning the big game, Welker did quite well for himself off the field with his wife, Anna Burns. Burns is a brunette who is flawless, ridiculously beautiful, and sexy. Her many online photos in bikinis, wet or in the shower, are just insane. Well done, Wes. You definitely won the championship off the field!

1 Adriana Lima (Julian Edelman)

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How is it possible to top all of these beautiful women prior to this spot? Easy, let's just add another supermodel to the list! Julian Edelman has REALLY done well with the ladies. And dropping in at the number one spot is Adriana Lima, a Brazilian supermodel who needs no introduction. The two have been rumored to be dating, although Patriots players have a long-standing rule of not participating in BS off the field, so you won't get too many answers about their love lives. The two were spotted together during the summer and again more recently in New York. They have been dubbed "EdeLima," whatever the heck that means. But the fact is, Edelman is hooking up with, and dating, Lima, which pretty much makes him very damn special. For her part, Lima is incredibly beautiful and worthy of a #1 selection on any list. Despite getting dragged into a paternity suit with his ex, Ella Rose, Edelman and Lima are going forward as a beautiful couple. Enjoy "EdeLima!"

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The 15 Hottest New England Patriots WAGS