The 15 Hottest Movies of 2017 We Can't Wait To See

You’re watching a movie with your significant other. As you watch, the characters on the screen begin to shed their clothes. You squeeze your significant other’s hand and feel the love between the two

You’re watching a movie with your significant other. As you watch, the characters on the screen begin to shed their clothes. You squeeze your significant other’s hand and feel the love between the two of you. Yes, movies can have that effect on people. And it's a tactic used consistently in the movie industry.

Sometimes, movies can be sold strictly based on the actors in it. There could be a nonexistent story and terrible dialog, but people will still flock to see it if they know they may catch a glimpse of a celebrity’s chest. Besides explosions and flashy action scenes, sex definitely sells in the cinema world. To this extent, it’s always a fun time to keep a list of the hottest movies out there in the world.

While there are many types of sexual content in movies, seeing celebrities get it on (albeit fictitiously) fascinates people. Whether it’s the girl next door or the celebrity who can’t stop partying, audiences are always curious to see sex scenes at the movies.

This list compiles a list of the 15 hottest films for 2017. All types of hot scenes are included, from explicit sex acts to the sexual tension that builds between characters over the course of the film. Some of the films incorporate sexuality as a passing idea. In other films, sexuality is the main focus. Either way, the audience is always willing to see, and complain about, the celebrities who drop their pants and take off their shirts on screen.

15 Ghost in the Shell


The world of anime is filed with a bunch of interesting and oddball scenarios. As a sort of tradition, anime deals with events and stories that most in the Western world deem to be extreme and just plain wacky. However, some anime also has a sexual edge to it. The anime series Ghost in the Shell is no exception to this rule.

Based on a manga (Japanese comic book/graphic novel), the story of Ghost in the Shell revolves around government experiments and corruption in mid-21st century Japan. The story deals heavily with action and has a very… busty main character.

If you just look at the box art from the 1995 film, you’ll understand why the 2017 live-action adaption is going to be one of the hottest films of the year. And it stars Scarlett Johansson. What could be better?

14 Baywatch


This one really doesn’t need any explanation, but I’ll fill you in if you’ve lived under a rock for the past 20 years. Way back in the mid 90’s, a show debuted on NBC called Baywatch. The plot is simple: a bunch of gorgeous women are employed as life guards. As such, the women are pretty much wearing skimpy bikinis. Now, these women would help save people on the beach if they were drowning or having any other issues.

The main draw of the show were the women, but there were a few guys whom the female viewers swooned over. One of the most famous men from the show is David Hasselhoff.

It just so happens that the show, which ran for 10 seasons, is getting the movie treatment. 2017 will see the release of a Baywatch movie. And you’ll finally be able to see the ladies in all their bikini body glory.

13 The Fate of the Furious


So, fast cars seem to be a hit in the movie business. The Fast and the Furious franchise has garnered well over 1 billion dollars in box office revenue. With speedy cars and some of the most entertaining action scenes in recent modern cinema history, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the film doesn’t just focus on breaking speed records. The franchise is also known for its bevy of hot actors and actresses who have graced the franchise with their appearances.

Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Paul Walker, and a host of others have all called the Fast and the Furious franchise home. The other thing these actors and actresses have in common? They’ve all showed some skin for it. Diesel and Rodriguez have gotten hot and heavy on the screen and Walker saw his share of body shots. Not to mention all of the flag girls.

12 Wonder Woman


DC Comics is playing catch up to Marvel. With the stunning success of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) movies, DC is trying to cobble together its own slate of super hero movies that they hope can capture their audience’s attention and wallets. One of their attempts to do this is with the release of Wonder Woman.

Based on the comic book character of the same name, Wonder Woman looks to solidify DC Comics’ movies as must-sees. The film is also the first of the superhero movies in recent memory to headline a woman. With her interesting outfit and the comic book movies’ knack for casting unbelievably gorgeous people in their films, it’s no wonder that Wonder Woman is a no-brainer pick for one of the hottest pictures of 2017.

11 King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

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Legends of King Arthur have permeated pop culture for as long as one can remember. The famous story of Arthur pulling the sword from the stone has been told many times and throughout so many different generations that almost anyone of any age knows the legend. Director Guy Ritchie is hoping to add to this list by showcasing his vision of the epic adventure story.

Why is it hot? Well, summer action flicks tend to always show some skin (both male and female). This film looks to be no exception, as star Charlie Hunnam will be showing off his good looks and his surrounding cast will definitely be helping him as both the guys and girls will be showing some skin.

10 The Beguiled

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The last name "Coppola” may make some people think of the classic mobster film The Godfather. After all, world-famous director Francis Ford Coppola directed the film that would influence cinema and pop culture for generations to come. However, the last name “Coppola” is also beginning to be associated with smartly-written independent features. Francis’ daughter, Sofia, is a talented director, writer and producer in her own right.

Sofia’s films have all had their share of critical praise. Films such as Lost in Translation made people pay attention to her talents. Sofia’s films have also been known for their poignant use of sexuality and sexual content. The Virgin Suicides is one such case, as the film deals with heavy subject matter. Sofia is directing The Beguiled. If you see a Sofia Coppola film, odds are that there’s going to be at least one steamy scene audience members will be talking about after the film is over.

9 The Dark Tower

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Avid readers may know what The Dark Tower series of novels by Stephen King is all about. For non-readers, the series revolves around a character named Roland who is a cowboy of sorts. He travels through different worlds and planes of existence to reach a tower which exists in the center of the universe. The sci-fi series has been around for a long time and the book’s themes encompass everything from religion to sexuality.

In the books, there are some pretty gratuitous sex scenes. While the novels cover a variety of subject matter, sex is a part of it. It’s not a key focus by any means, but it does open the door for the film adaption to show some of the raunchy scenes on-screen.

8 A Cure for Wellness

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Sci-fi films and horror movies tend to horde a bevy of sexual material. In the stereotypical horror movie, a woman is almost guaranteed to flash some skin at some point during the movie. Depending on the rating of the sci-fi film, nudity and sexuality tends to fluctuate. R-rated sci-fi films tend to have more sexual content than its PG-13 counterparts.

This particular sci-fi film, directed by Gore Verbinski, tells the disturbing tale of an employee who goes on a mission to find the CEO of his business. The CEO is at a place called a “wellness center” and things get dark and creepy from there. It looks as if a sci-fi film set in a “wellness center” means there’s going to be some seduction and possibly some extracurricular activities going on.

7 Saw: Legacy

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You may be wondering why a Saw film is appearing on this list. After all, aren’t all the Saw movies full of blood and guts? Isn’t that the franchise that banked on grossing people out with creative and gruesome death scenes? Yes, you would be right on both accounts. You would also be right to think that the film will be sporting some of the hottest up and coming actors as well.

While the original movie had stars such as Danny Glover, the rest of the franchise’s casting was less prestigious. However, the films sometimes had scenes of nudity and sexuality. Seeing as how Saw: Legacy looks to change the focus of the franchise, maybe these films will show a bit more skin for the movie-goers.

6 xXx: Return of Xander Cage


Vin Diesel is most prominently known for his roles in big budget action movies. Films such as The Fast and the Furious have thrown Diesel into stardom and moulded him into the action star we know today. However, back in 2002, Paramount Pictures tried to start another action franchise with Diesel as the lead. The result was xXx.

While the films performed alright at the box office, they didn’t exactly take off like the studio expected. Although a second film in the franchise was made, the series has laid dormant for  quite some time. With this third entry in the series, audiences can expect lots of scantily clad women and tons of explosions. Without those two components, it just wouldn’t be a XXX film.

5 The Circle


A mysterious man. A mysterious corporation. A chance at a relationship. If you add all of these things together, you get one heck of a movie. That’s exactly what you get in The Circle, a sci-fi film from director James Ponsoldt. Starring Emma Watson and John Boyega, the movie holds a sort of sexual tension between Watson’s character and Boyega’s character.

While the actual showing of skin may not be much, The Circle pulls its hotness from the emotions that Watson’s and Boyega’s characters emanate. There are many different types of sexual content, and this film focuses more on the emotions of the characters rather than the shedding of the clothes.

4 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

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In the 2000’s, there haven’t been many franchises that have dominated the box office. Aside from Harry Potter, Transformers, and Twilight, the next franchise that needs to be added to this list is Pirates of the Caribbean. Spanning over four movies, the action series has garnered a massive undertaking of wealth at the box office. Johnny Depp has appeared in every one of the Pirates movies and has become a popular character.

With the franchise focusing on pirates and swashbuckling, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the films cast a lot of hot actors. Keira Knightly and Orlando Bloom are two that spring to mind. Both the actor and actress are attractive and Keira’s sexuality oozes throughout the films. Dead Men Tell No Tales looks to keep the hot streak going as the ever sought after Depp reprises his role as Captain Jack Sparrow.

3 Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

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The future seems to be a sexy time. At least, that’s what a lot of sci-fi films tend to give the impression of. In a lot of sci-fi films, our society sometimes becomes scantily clad. While this may not be the exact case with Thousand Planets, you can still expect a bit of sexual content nonetheless.

The film’s plot involves time travelling operatives in the 28th century. Based on sci-fi comics from France, the sexual dynamic comes into play between the two operatives themselves. They share a longing for each other and that shines through with the sexual tension between them. The film also happens to feature sexy pop star Rihanna.

2 Underworld: Blood Wars


Kate Beckinsale has seen a resurgence in her career. She owes much of her fame and fortune to the action-adventure franchise Underworld.  Set in a world of conflict between werewolves and vampires, the two sides are constantly fighting to eliminate the other. With four installments of the series already released, the films are always a solid success at the box office.

The films also share a hint of sexuality. Werewolves and vampires tend to have a sexual edge in the storytelling world. The Underworld franchise is no different, and Kate Beckinsale shines as the sexy shapeshifter.

1 Fifty Shades Darker

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When Fifty Shades of Grey was released in the book world, it immediately caught fire. Almost overnight, it became a sensation. Everybody wanted to know exactly what sexy and kinky things the characters were doing. With each additional novel, the acts in the book became kinkier. After the trilogy was finished, everybody was anticipating what the film would look like.

Some people call the books "pornographic" and think the book and the acts within it are depraved. Others find it hot. Either way, the first film drew huge audiences around the world. The sequel looks to amp things up, and audiences are eagerly anticipating what they're going to see. This film should have plenty of hot scenes.

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