The 15 Hottest Movie Stars Of The 90s: Then And Now

Ever since movies have been made producers and directors have searched for the best looking actresses to include in their film. It makes perfect sense to do. Because even if the movie is a bust, an at

Ever since movies have been made producers and directors have searched for the best looking actresses to include in their film. It makes perfect sense to do. Because even if the movie is a bust, an attractive woman can mesmerize an audience for 90 minutes or so and make them forget how bad the flick actually is. If the movie happens to be a great one, a hot woman makes it even better.

The 90s was a decade that saw many beautiful actresses break onto the scene. Some of them got their big breaks because others had previously turned down a role. Good examples of these breakout stars are Kate Winslet, Susan Sarandon, Sharon Stone and Julia Roberts (three of who are included in this list).

There were so many beautiful ladies that were in movies during this great decade of film that we can’t possibly name them all here. The list is a very long one. So what we did here was try to stick with some of the better-known ones and check out how they look today. You’ll see that most of them still look great and some of them look even better now than they did back then. Then you have a few that age hasn’t been very kind to.

15 Alicia Silverstone

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Remember the sexy blonde Alicia Silverstone that made the saying “As if!” popular back in the 90s? Or maybe you remember her from the Aerosmith videos? Either way, she was one of the more memorable girl from that decade.

She made her debut on the silver screen back in 1994 in The Crush before joining forces with Aerosmith for three music videos. It was in those that she hit the big time and then landed a role in the super hit movie Clueless. That movie won her a few awards and a gigantic contract with Columbia.

Her career has slowed down recently and a few bad movies and her mouth seem to be the cause of it. She doesn’t seem to put a lot of thought into what she says sometimes and it has hurt her reputation. Producers putting together multi-million dollar movies tend to shy away from those that are involved in a scandal, no matter how small it might be.

Silverstone has had many roles since those days in the 90s, including the part of Batgirl in Batman & Robin but even that couldn’t resurrect her career to the point that it once was. She’s now 40 years old and even though she doesn’t have the same kind of success that she did back then, she still looks fantastic!

14 Julia Roberts

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Julia Roberts became a household name for her role in Pretty Woman back in 1990. That movie grossed more than $460 million around the world and suddenly everyone knew who she was. She went on to a tremendous career that has seen her win three Golden Globe Awards and an Academy Award for Best Actress. The latter came for her role in another box office smash, Erin Brokovich.

Some of her more well-known roles were the two already mentioned hits, Sleeping with the Enemy, The Pelican Brief, My Best friend’s Wedding, Notting Hill and Runaway Bride. As she continued working into the next decade she continued to be a part of major hits such as Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Twelve, Charlie Wilson’s War, and Eat Pray Love among others.

Over the course of the 1990s and the early 2000s Roberts was the highest paid actress in Hollywood and it’s easy to see why. The results that she brought in at the box office are usually handsomely rewarded. Overall her movies have grossed well more than $2.7 billion at the box office. That ranks her as one of the most successful actresses of all time in terms of box office results. Even now at 49 years old Roberts looks as dazzling as she did back in the 90s.

13 Meg Ryan

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Meg Ryan made a name for herself in the 1980s but it was her work in the 90s that made her a star. The one time New York University student dropped out of school to try her hand at acting and it turned out to be the best decision she ever made.

You know her from the 90s hits Joe vs the Volcano, Sleepless in Seattle (a role that was originally offered to Julia Roberts), You’ve Got Mail (with co-star Tom Hanks), French Kiss and City of Angels.

Ryan was known to always take time off to herself between flicks but when she came back it was always in great fashion. Her career earnings probably could have been a lot more if she had worked more regularly but once you have four or five million in the bank, what’s the rush to return to work right?

She joined up with Friends star Lisa Kudrow for the improv comedy series called Web Therapy and she was scheduled to play a starring role in a spinoff of the show How I Met Your Mother, called How I Met Your Dad but the show never happened. Now at 54 years old Ryan has definitely seen her best days pass her by.

12 Drew Barrymore

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Drew Barrymore got her start in acting at the age of just 11 months old. That’s right, she is the poster child for the term “Lifer”. She appeared in a commercial at that young age and she hasn’t looked back since. She became very well known in the 80s for her role in the box office mega hit E.T the Extra-Terrestrial and she’s gone on to be a part of hit after hit.

Before the 90s came around she had a lot of trouble with alcohol and drug abuse and even ended up in rehab twice. As part of her recovery, she wrote a book in the early 90s called Lost Little Girl and it seemed to be just what she needed. She went on to appear in several hit movies that decade like Poison Ivy, Boys on the Side and Bad Girls. Her best work of the decade came when she teamed up with Adam Sandler in Blended, 50 First Dates, and The Wedding Singer.

She started her own production company in 1995 with friend Nancy Juvonen and it became quite successful. The company, called Flower Films, produced 50 First Dates, Never Been Kissed and Charlie’s Angels to name a few. Currently at the age of 41 Barrymore is one of the few Hollywood stars that actually looks better now than she did back then!

11 Winona Ryder

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Stardom came upon Winona Ryder at the age of just 17. Her role in Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice thrust her into the spotlight where she would remain until late 2001. You remember her from other great roles in Edward Scissorhands, Mermaid, Bram Stoker’s Dracula and The Age of Innocence. That last movie earned her a Golden Globe for her incredible role.

She continued with successful roles in Little Women and Girl, Interrupted until she made a horrible mistake. For some reason in 2001 Ryder was arrested for shoplifting and that led to a long break from acting. Nobody really knows why she did that as she certainly wasn’t short of cash. However once she got herself straightened out she came back looking more beautiful than she ever has. The now 45-year-old looks better now than she did at any point in her career.

A couple of her more recent roles were in Frankenweenie and Black Swan. She has returned to decent roles but nothing like she was known for back in the 90s. But now that she is ten times sexier than she was back then, who cares? All we can hope for is that she keeps appearing on the silver screen!

10 Kate Winslet

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Kate Winslet’s name will be forever tied to the movie Titanic, and with good reason. The movie was the highest-grossing flick of all time at over $2 billion. Her role of Rose, opposite Leonardo DiCaprio, is etched into silver screen history forever as one of the best ever.

What a lot of people don’t know is that the multi-award winning Winslet was never originally considered for the role. When casting was being done she wasn’t even considered at all. As a matter of fact, she begged producers for the role by contacting them on a daily basis. She was only offered to audition for the part after three other actresses had turned it down. They turned to Winslet as a last resort and the results were obviously enormous. Claire Danes and Gwyneth Paltrow each turned down the opportunity to play Rose and when Gabrielle Anwar (later known for her part of Fiona on Burn Notice) wasn’t interested, the part was Winslet’s to lose.

She went on to star in several other movies but nothing will ever remove her as Rose in the minds of the public. She was definitely a beauty in that movie but in recent years she has struggled with her weight. Now at 41 years old she has moments where you can see a resemblance of the woman that made Rose famous, and then there are other days not so much. If you catch her on a good day Winslet is still one of the hottest around!

9 Jodie Foster

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Jodie Foster has been called the best actress of her generation. With all of the competition in the field that’s a mighty high honor to receive and it’s better recognition than any award could give. Speaking of awards, Foster has won many of them throughout her illustrious career but being called the best of your generation can’t be topped.

She was just five years old when she got started on television and she parlayed that into several award winning performances before she took time off to go to college at Yale. Her biggest breakthrough role came in the 1976 classic Taxi Driver.

After college, she went back into acting and had a hard time finding the same success as an adult actress as she did in her younger years. All that changed when she took on the role of F.B.I. Agent Clarice Starling in Silence of the Lambs. Not much was expected from that movie but it turned into a box office smash. She continued her success in future box office hits like Flight Plan and Panic Room.

Now at 53 years old Foster is showing signs of a lot of hard work over the years. She isn’t the beauty that she once was back in the days of the height of her career but she gets the last laugh, as she is still clearly one of the most beautiful women from her generation.

8 Michelle Pfeiffer

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Michelle Pfeiffer is one of the few actresses that saw great success in both the 80s and the 90s. Everyone knew who she was once the 90s began and she didn’t do anything to dwindle her following. Her role of Catwoman in Batman Returns solidified her as a bona fide sex symbol for the decade but she didn’t stop at just that great flick with Michael Keaton.

She also played Countess Olenska in The Age of Innocence and Laura Alden in Wolf. Teaming up with Martin Scorsese and Jack Nicholson made her one of the most desirable actresses of the time.

Pfeiffer was also smart about the roles she accepted. She didn’t jump at every single part she was offered. She probably wouldn’t have been able to do them all anyway because there were plenty of offers. She rejected roles in Pretty Woman, Basic Instinct, The Silence of the Lambs and Thelma & Louise. Now Julia Roberts, Jodie Foster, Susan Sarandon and Sharon Stone aren’t complaining one bit because they used those movies to move up in the limelight and they are all obviously appreciative that Pfeiffer turned the flicks down.

Michelle is now 58 years old and she doesn’t star in as many roles as she once did but she certainly will never be forgotten due to her beautiful days back in the 90s.

7 Linda Hamilton

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Linda Hamilton has been part of some great movies and television shows over the years but in the eyes of many she will always be Sarah Connor. She mastered the role in The Terminator movie franchise and she was a major reason that Terminator 2: Judgement Day grossed over $500 million, more than any other movie in 1991.

She is also known for playing the role of Catherine Chandler on the television series Beauty and the Beast. The series was on from 1987 until 1990 and Hamilton was nominated for several awards for her work.

When Judgement Day came out fans saw a much different looking Hamilton. She had undergone intense training for the role and she was very muscular and in the best shape of her life. She has an identical twin that acted as her body double in that movie.

If you have any doubts as to how hot Hamilton was back in those days you need to look no further than the People Magazine Most Beautiful list for 1990. She was listed as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the world.

The now 60-year-old also had a starring role in the box-office smash Dante’s Peak but she will be forever remembered as Sarah Connor.

6 Julianne Moore

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Julianne Moore is another one of those actresses that seems to get hotter with age. She was hot when she was a major player back in the 90s but now at 55 years old she is still able to turn heads.

Before she started hitting it big on the silver screen she was an award-winning actress on the daily soap opera As the World Turns. Once the world got a glimpse of her on the big screen she became a mainstay in any movie that needed a sexy woman. You saw her in The Fugitive, Tales from the Darkside: The Movie, The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, Short Cuts, Safe, Nine Months, Boogie Nights and The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Moore never let the fact that she was one of the top actresses in Hollywood go to her head as she continued to take on many supporting roles as well as leading roles.

As the years went by she continued to star in box office hits like Hannibal and Crazy, Stupid, Love. She never forgot about her start on television either and she played parts on several made for television movies.

Moore doesn’t limit her work to just acting however. She has also written a series of children’s books to prove that she is not only hot, but she is pretty smart as well.

5 Geena Davis

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Geena Davis had a great decade in the 90s as one of the hottest actresses around. She was never one of those to do movie after movie and stay constantly working but when she did work back then, she made them memorable roles. She had already made a solid name for herself in the 80s with roles in Beetlejuice and The Fly but she started off the 90s with a classic role in Thelma & Louise.

The Long Kiss Goodnight was another great movie from the decade but her best work came in A League of Their Own. The baseball movie about a women’s baseball league set back during war time saw some of her best work. The flick had other stars in it like Madonna and Rosie O’Donnell but it was Davis’ character that stole the show.

As the decade ended she moved over to more television work and she even had her own talk show for a couple of years. She has also played on Commander in Chief and Grey’s Anatomy. Davis joined the later show in 2014 and played a great role of Dr. Nicole Herman. The now 60-year-old is currently starring in a new Fox drama that’s called The Exorcist. She may not look as good as she used too but she is still one of the most talented actresses around.

4 Sharon Stone

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Sharon Stone got started as a model (I know, no real surprise there) before moving over to Hollywood. During the 80s when she was getting started she was very happy picking up roles here and there. She wasn’t doing anything major then but to her, she had made it. Boy was she wrong!

In 1990 she got a major role in Total Recall working with Arnold Schwarzenegger and at the same time posed nude for Playboy. Obviously, that year she became one of the most sought-after actresses in the business and it wasn’t just because she could act. At the time she quickly became one of the biggest sex symbols in the world. The success continued for her in the movie Casino but the box office smash Basic Instinct took her to levels that she had never imagined were possible.

Any list of the most beautiful women in the world has had Sharon Stone on it numerous times. She is now 58 years old and still very active in working, and looking damn good while she does it. More recently you have seen her in Mothers and Daughters, What About Love, and The Masterpiece and as soon as you get a glimpse of her, you know exactly who she is.

3 Kirsten Dunst

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Kirsten Dunst made her first major impact in Hollywood at the age of just twelve years old. She played the role of Claudia in Interview with the Vampire in 1994 and she has never looked back. She went on to play roles in Jumanji and Little Women later that year and it became obvious that she was going to be in demand for a long time.

After a stint on the NBC medical drama ER, she returned to the silver screen in movies like Wag the Dog, The Virgin Suicides, Small Soldiers, Bring It On and Drop Dead Gorgeous.

Dunst has won a few awards for her acting and she is a pretty good singer as well. She has performed songs in a few movies that she has done. As she grew up she continued to get roles with major stars like Tom Hanks, Winona Ryder, and Robin Williams.

She is now 34 years old and it’s hard to believe that she was so highly in demand back in the 90s, just because she is still pretty young. She’s grown up to be a very beautiful woman as you can see in just about any photograph that she poses for.

2 Marisa Tomei

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Marisa Tomei is a stunning brunette that was on the scene for quite a while before she made it to the big time. She had appeared in several movies that weren’t very good and then did some time on the daily soap opera As the World Turns. She was making a living but it wasn’t until the late 80s when she got a role on A Different World that people started to see her beauty and potential. That show was a spinoff of The Cosby Show so at the beginning a lot of people were tuning in. But the best was still yet to come for her.

She took on a few minor roles after that but she still wasn’t the major Hollywood star that everyone wants to be. That changed in 1992 when My Cousin Vinny came out and she won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Suddenly everyone in the world knew who she was and saw the beauty and talent that she possessed.

Over the years since then she has appeared in countless movies, some of them good and some not so good. It certainly isn’t a bad 90 minutes though when she is on the screen though. No matter how bad the flick itself actually is. Some people might remember the appearance she made on the hit comedy show Seinfeld when she wanted to go out with George Costanza. That was pretty funny stuff as George once again screwed things up. He really lost out because even now at 51 years old Tomei is still a stunner!

1 Nicole Kidman

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Nicole Kidman is known as much for her very public celebrity marriages as she is for her work on screen. She was married to Tom Cruise for eleven years and she is currently married to country singing star Keith Urban. The current marriage is now in its tenth year and there have been a lot of rumors that say it’s in trouble. Urban came out recently and said things are just fine however, so we don’t really know what’s going on there.

Kidman was a pretty major star in the 90s as she appeared in Days of Thunder, Batman Forever, Far and Away, To Die For, and Eyes Wide Shut. After she was divorced from Cruise her career never saw the same amount of success but she continued to make at least decent movies. None ever reached the success that those early ones did but she has had a pretty solid career.

She was a stunner back in the 90s when she was taking on all of those great roles and now at 49 years old she still has some days that remind you of those times. She also has some days where you can’t even recognize her. She may not always be as recognizable as the beauty that she once was, but at 5 foot 11 inches tall she is hard to miss, even on a day where she doesn't look her best!

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