The 15 Hottest Moments on CW's Riverdale (So Far)

After almost 80 years of Archie comics, the characters were finally adapted to television in this hot teen drama television series. Whether you are watching it on The CW or Netflix, you'll notice that a lot of things changed in Riverdale. The cast is inspired by Archie comics' characters and the love triangle between Archie, Betty, and Veronica stays pretty much the same. However, these teenagers have to go through a whole new adventure that you've never read about: Jason Blossom's mysterious death in the lake.

This new TV show presents everything it takes to please teenagers and adults alike: mystery, gossip, drama, and most of all, a lot of sexual tension. The first thing we learn about the main character is that "Archie got hot" during the summer. Betty has a crush on him forever, the new girl Veronica can't hide her interest in him, and a beautiful female teacher can't keep herself from having sex with the handsome redhead... and maybe the two female friends end up with each other? For teenagers who have to cope with new sexual impulses and romantic feelings, Riverdale is a fantasy they would love to live in.

What makes Riverdale so hot is that these characters dare. Archie breaks the rules to live a forbidden relationship, Betty dares to become a bad girl, Veronica wants to do what it takes to be a better person, Cheryl has the strength to get all the power she wants. Anything could happen, so the viewers know that this sexual tension could burst into flames soon. Here are the 15 hottest moments on CW's Riverdale...so far:

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15 The Cheerleading Squad


It's no wonder why these girls are so popular: they are beautiful, cheerful, and talented. Veronica, Betty, and Cheryl are proud to be part of this group and they are right to be. Who could resist a cheerleader's smile?

Cheerleaders are always there to please the crowd and impress them with their stunts and sexy moves. Joined by Josie and The Pussycats, these candy girls are so sweet that everyone wants a little taste of them. What makes the River Vixens so hot is that these girls are not only fit but also confident, passionate, and daring. As Cheryl said, it takes fire to be part of this team. They keep on burning like fire even though they are dancing in the rain.

The team captain is looking for girls who are ready to do what it takes to get the attention they deserve... and they easily get it.  They can make a whole crowd scream simply by their presence and this power is all they need to get what they want.

14 Archie's Abs

This one is for the ladies. The comic character became red hot after a summer working for his father. Betty and Kevin were the first ones surprised to see that blondie's crush changed so much in a few months as they watched him through Betty's bedroom window. This is one of the main reasons why people refer to Riverdale as "that sexy Archie comic show."

He is nice, he is hot, he is a football player, he is a musician... Who could resist the new Archie? As Kevin said: Betty has six more reasons to "take that ginger bull by the horns tonight." She is even more in love with him, and later on, new girl Veronica can't keep herself from kissing her friend's crush in a closet, and even the music teacher Miss Grundy breaks the law to be with him. These teens simply can't handle all this sexual tension!

Who said redheads and nice guys couldn't be popular? His sudden physical attractiveness is so random that it is clearly meant to do nothing but attracting female viewers. There is no wonder why so many people watch Riverdale, Archie is the one that all the girl want and that all the men want to be.

13 Archie and Valerie's Kiss

Via Just Add Color

When he finally found the courage to perform on stage, Valerie decided that Archie deserved a little prize. After practicing with him for days and telling him that he will be great, the Pussycat was glad to see the man she likes so proud and happy.

Archie and Valerie's relationship developed quickly as they were getting ready for the show. After he failed at the audition, she was there to comfort him and tell him that it was just stage fright. Archie asked Valerie if she wanted to sing with him and she declined... until she fought with her classmates and decided that they would make a better team. Singing together "I've got you and you've got me," the two singers decided to make these lyrics come true for a moment.

Is this the beginning of a new love story or a firework that will only last for a moment? We'll have to wait for more episodes to find out about it. At least, things are going to be much easier now that Archie's relationship is legal.

12 Archie and Veronica's Kiss

Via Youtube

Cheryl's plan worked perfectly when she made it so Veronica and Archie played 7 Minutes In Heaven. Even though she knew her friend Betty had a crush on him, Veronica couldn't resist the desire to kiss Archie, thinking no one would ever know about it.

Asking each other questions to kill time, Veronica took this opportunity to ask Archie if Betty was more than a friend for him. He answered that she was her best friend and that he never felt anything different for her, but wondered if Veronica was asking this for Betty or for herself. Even though the new girl in town claimed that she wanted to help her friend, being too close to Archie made him "a little more dangerous" than he looks. Telling him that he can ask her anything he wants, they both join lips even though they knew they shouldn't be doing this... and they were right to think so.

When they finally came out of the closet, they found out that Betty had left and turned off her phone. At least, this gave Archie the opportunity to admit the truth. He found the courage to tell Betty that he loves her as a friend and thinks she deserves much better than him. Is it the end of Veronica and Archie's love story or only the beginning of something new?

11 Betty and Veronica's Kiss

Veronica wanted to prove that she was ready to do (almost) anything to be part of the cheerleading team. She surprised her new friend Betty by passionately kissing her in front of Cheryl. Is this the beginning of a new relationship in Riverdale?

This moment caught viewers' attention long before the series premiere as it appeared in the trailer. Many people thought that the two girls would ditch Archie and date each other. Unfortunately, this only lasted a few seconds and the two friends quickly turned back to the hot ginger guy. Who can resist Archie after his amazing transformation?

The cheerleading captain wasn't impressed by this faux-lesbian kiss. This stunt is not shocking anymore as it has been done so many times. Let lesbians have fun with each other and don't pretend to be one just to please men. Riverdale wanted to make fun of this fantasy and show that they can do much better than that. These girls can find many other ways to get the attention they deserve anyway, and Veronica proved it right away.

10 The Boys Locker Room

Veronica and Betty dared to enter men's locker room and were quickly surrounded by hot sweaty athletes covered by nothing but a towel. However, they didn't come there to take a peek but to make sure that one of the football players understood their message.

Female viewers were glad to enter this forbidden territory that they never get the chance to see. Unfortunately, they weren't seduced by the football player Chuck's attitude, as he reacted so badly when Veronica asked him to take down a picture of her covered by the "sticky maple" (it's a Riverdale High thing apparently). Treating Betty and her friend like sexual objects he could use anytime he wants, he impresses his friends but made sure he will never spend a night with any of them again... Or could he have another chance? A ménage à trois won't be as fun as he thought it would be.

Let's hope that more action happens in this locker room and that Archie will be there again... or should we take a look at what the cheerleaders do when they get ready for their practice?

9  9. Miss Grundy's Dream

Via Screen Crush

Spending the night together, Geraldine Grundy admitted to Archie that she used to dream of becoming a musician for big symphonies. Now that she is teaching in Riverdale, she gets the chance to live another nice dream: being with him.

What makes this forbidden relationship so hot is that they know they shouldn't be together, but they are never able to resist the desire of falling in each other's arms. This is not only physically attraction, this is also love and passion. They share their love for each other, but also their love of music. Miss Grundy believed in Archie's talent, and he made her believe that dreams do come true. They had no idea when it would end but they were there together, and for her, that's enough.

Unfortunately, this will be one of the last nights they spend together as Archie's father discovers their secret soon after that. Her new dream ended too quickly and she had to wake up and face reality. Will she ever go back to this fantasy later in the series?

8 The Redhead Musician

The Dart

The viewers were happy to discover Archie's new talent: playing guitar and singing. Even though he might have stage fright sometimes, this star knows how to shine on stage and make the whole world stop for a moment.

Both men and women confirm that playing the guitar can make someone instantly more attractive. It seems like it worked, as Miss Grundy quickly fell in his arms as soon as she heard him sing. She believed in his talent, and this is what made her believe in everything they could become together. Even when she left, Archie quickly found another girl to share a passion and a kiss: Valerie. As soon as she saw him find the courage to sing on stage, she knew that he deserved a little love after for his performance. Who wouldn't want to congratulate him after that?

The musician has everything it takes to break hearts: the look, the charm, and the talent. Fortunately, he is too nice to do so. Archie plays music because he loves to, not to please anyone else. This is what makes him even more irresistible.

7 Out Of The Closet

We hear weird sounds in the dark. What could it be? Two guys fighting with each other? These two guys are, in fact, hitting on each other in a sexual way. Who thought we would find Kevin and Joaquin making out with each other?

It was not a surprise to see Kevin kissing a guy, but for the bad boy, no one could have guessed it. As Betty's friend is openly gay, many closeted men approach him to get a taste of the rainbow, just like Moose did before at the lake. Fortunately, this time, Kevin did not find a corpse, but a fun guy to make out with. However, they quickly found out that Kevin was the sheriff's son, and that Joaquin was a member of the Southside Serpents gang, not a good match. This isn't enough to stop the sexual tension so the two guys kept making out with each other.

Unfortunately, this scene lasted for less than a minute and we haven't heard of this surprising relationship again. One thing is sure: these two guys dating would be really interesting to watch.

6 All The Mums

No wonder these teenagers are so attractive, good genes come from their mums! Whether you are a teen or a grown up, you'll definitely find a physically attractive character of your age on Riverdale.

Just like their kids, some of these parents are also involved in new romantic adventures. No one likes to think about it but yes, parents have sex too. Hermione Lodge has just started dating Fred Andrews, and Veronica is not happy to hear about this. Her mom doesn't mind breaking the law and involving her daughter in an important contract just to please the man she is dating. Who said teenagers were the only ones blinded by love? Parents understand that a relationship can be complicated.

All the moms in the world are beautiful but on Riverdale, they are so hot. No matter what they are going through, they know that looking good and smiling on is always important.

5 Archie Training

Via VA Online News

Archie is so hot, not only because he is physically attractive, but also because he keeps sweating. The female viewers are always happy to see him take his shirt off when he keeps raising the temperature.

The football player also likes boxing and running alone at night to meet the woman he loves. Even when he is simply sleeping shirtless, Archie manages to be sweating. He just can't stop being hot. He is active, he is energetic, and he does everything he needs to get the best body. However, he is not doing this to please anyone. This ginger guy always wants to pursue his many passions and do what he loves. What makes him so hot is his independence and modesty. Archie doesn't take anything for granted, just like he won't assume that a girl is interested in him just because he's got the best assets. This is what makes him the man all the girls dream about.

Archie knows he needs to work hard to get what he wants, and he does. Football player, musician, and teacher's pet, he keeps fighting to do what he loves. Keep on running Archie, you'll go far.

4 Josie And The Pussycats

Via ComicBook

These girls know to play music, and they are not afraid of singing about what no one dares to say out loud. They are sexy, they are fun, and they know how to sing a song that will make the cheerleaders look even better.

Josie and her Pussycats are not afraid to talk about what they are feeling and defend their rights. Archie was wrong to think that everything was easy for them. These women of colour know that they have to fight so people listen to them, so they can be recognized. People are opening their mind to diversity, but they still have to face a lot of hate. As Josie said to Archie: "You know why we are called the Pussycats? Because we have to claw our way in the same rooms you can waltz into."  No wonder Veronica was so proud when she joined the group. These independent women are those you admire, but won't dare get too close to.

Hotness comes in every colour. Let's appreciate Josie and the Pussycats for their talent, their strength, and their beauty!

3 Veronica's Burning Ice

Via Cultured Vultures

When auditioning for the cheerleading squad, Cheryl told Betty that she couldn't be part of the team because she needed girls with fire on her squad. Veronica refused to be part of the team without Betty and decided to tell the cheerleading captain what she really needs in her team.

Cheryl couldn't bully Betty into being a bitch and the new girl in town had the guts to tell her that is is because she would rather see people fear her than like her. The entitlement that she wears on her head as a crown won't last forever... because Veronica is about to take it. Veronica isn't a queen, she is a leader. This is what makes her so likeable, but also so threatening if you try to get in the way of someone she cares for.

If you are looking for a confident and daring woman who knows how to ask for what she wants, Veronica Lodge is the girl of your dream. Be cautious: she might seem easy to melt, but she will extinguish anyone who tries to burn her alive. "You wanted fire? Sorry Cheryl Bombshell, my speciality is ice."

2 Making Love In The Car


Miss Geraldine Grundy saw Archie walking in the heat and pulling up his shirt, and she quickly offered him a ride... on her body. The two had sex in a car and this forbidden relationship followed them at school.

Many teenagers fantasize about their favourite teacher, but Archie is the one that is hot enough to make her break the rules. They knew that they could be in big trouble if anyone knew about this relationship, but they couldn't resist each other no matter what the law says. The younger one has the energy, the other one has the experience, and forbidding this union makes it even more appealing. Neither teenage boys or grown-up teachers can handle themselves when the sexual tension is there... or could this be love?

Even though there is so much mystery left for the viewer in this intimate moment, this is what makes this moment so hot. Teenagers have enough imagination to think about all the things that happened in this car.

1 Betty's Revenge

Via Colorweb Mag

The good girl has gone bad when she decided to get revenge on some slut-shaming football players. Seduction was her biggest weapon and she made good use of it with the help of her friend Veronica. Sometimes, the nicest girls end up being the naughtiest!

Veronica had just been marked by the "Sticky Maple" and slut-shamed after dating Chuck, the football star and coach's son. She was accused of having sex with him even though they just kissed. After asking classmates about their similar experiences, the two girls found out that football players were dating many women just to earn points and write down their name in the "playbook." It was all some twisted game. When Betty saw that her sister was one of the victims, she knew that she needed an extreme way to make it stop.

Betty seduced Chuck by telling him that she wants to be more like Veronica. She invited him to Ehtel's place so her and Veronica could offer him a little surprise. The two girls were wearing their sexiest outfit and invited him into the hot tub. This is where they tied him up and raised the temperature until he admitted that the story with Veronica was all a lie, or was it Betty that was too hot? Betty ended up getting a little too intense, but they got their sweet revenge... literally.

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