15 Celebrity Jessicas Who Turned Into Total Babes

Hey parents-to-be, listen up! If you know you'll be having a baby girl, consider naming her Jessica. From the looks of things, this popular name is sure to produce a child who'll grow up to be a real hottie. OK, so most expecting moms -- and dads, especially -- aren't hoping to have a sex kitten for a child, but the point is, the name "Jessica" seems to be one and the same with super-hotness. Just look at these 15 gorgeous celebs named "Jessica," and you'll have to agree.

According to baby name information, the name "Jessica" means “rich.” Well, since the following 15 hotties are famous celebs, they're pretty darn rich when it comes to money, but they're also rich in great looks that simply take our breath away. Show us the money!

Whether they go by their full name -- or their nickname, "Jessie" -- these beautiful babes are Jessica-licious. Blond or brunette, tall or short, these 15 lovely ladies give the name "Jessica" positive vibes. Sure, life isn't all about the superficial or what's on the outside, but enjoying beauty is never a bad thing. And beauty = Jessica.

You may or may not enjoy or appreciate these ladies’ talents or even know who they are (until now), but you'll be sure to agree that each of these gals is gorgeous in her own right. Would a Jessica by any other name smell as sweet? Perhaps, but it may not look as good.


15 Jessica Simpson

We've loved the blonde and beautiful Jessica Simpson ever since she came on the scene as a perky pop singer. Since then, she's become a married mom of two adorable kids and is a brilliant business mogul. She may come across as ditzy, but this gal is no dumb blonde. The 30-something sweetie is a successful stunner who keeps on keepin' on. And, like we’ve told ya, she's smoking hot! Her perfect face and great body are all-American and always amazing. Speaking of all-American, in this sexy pic, Simpson sports an itty bitty bikini reflecting her patriotism to the good old U.S. of A. Her bright smile could light up a room, but most guys would rather turn the lights out (wink, wink). Giving the name "Jessica" what it deserves, this gal is a gem!

14 Jessica Alba


Another Jessica who's doing it all is the amazing Jessica Alba. She's a successful and sought-after actress as well as a wealthy business woman who's rocking whatever she sets her mind to. The exotic brunette is married with kids, but that doesn’t stop her male admirers from drooling over the sultry stunner. Her tanned skin, sexy eyes, shiny hair, and great physique make this Jessica a standout and a knockout. Her main man is one lucky guy, but at least we can still see hot pics like this one of the beauty on the internet. We’ll take what we can get! That white bikini won’t work for everyone, but on Alba, it fits like a glove… a very sexy glove at that. The blue sea behind this beauty is lovely, but nothing can compare to the allure of Alba.

13 Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel is an amazing actress who's not only wildly talented at her craft but also looks unbelievably hot while doing it. Her singer/actor hubby, Justin Timberlake, is a beloved superstar in his own right, but his babe of a wife gets a ton of attention, too. She's been a fixture on the small and big screens for years and has a movie coming out at the moment, so by the looks of things, her career won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Her soft-looking light brown hair, delicate and unique facial features, and fit and fabulous body are what make Biel a true beauty. She appears to be confident, cool, and creative, too, making her even hotter. Biel is the real deal when it comes to hotness, and it's only fitting that her first name is "Jessica"!

12 Jessica White


Caution… babe alert! Model Jessica White is smokin’ hot in this bright, hot pink bikini on a sandy beach. She's gladly showing off her gorgeous body, beautiful face, and her ability to pose just right for the camera, and we're loving every second of it! The 33-year-old looks youthful, fun, and super-fit, and it's no surprise that the sexy stunner has posed for Sports Illustrated. Not only is this gorgeous gal a successful model and has been for years, but she's dabbled in the acting world as well. Who wouldn’t want to see such a beautiful woman on the big screen while munching on a tub of popcorn? Those big brown eyes are drawing us in, and we don’t want to escape -- another Jessica who can do no wrong. White is all right!

11 Jessica Stroup

Jessica Stroup is a 30-year-old brunette bombshell who's best known for her role on the 90210 TV reboot. She was also a hit in films including The Hills Have Eyes 2, Prom Night, and Left in Darkness. Sexy and scary, you gotta love it! Her light blue eyes are like crystals, and you won’t want to take your eyes off them… or the rest of this hottie, for that matter. Just look at those legs! Stroup is the perfect blend of cute and sexy, making her the girl-next-door of your dreams. Too bad she doesn’t even live in your town, but you can use your imagination. Her great body, gorgeous face, and overall loveliness make the dark-haired darling a Jessica who’s not to go unnoticed. We can’t wait to see what the superb Stroup stars in next. For now, we’ll just enjoy the hottie in her white form-fitting dress.

10 Jessica Chastain


40 is fabulous indeed! Especially when you're looking at the ultra-hot actress Jessica Chastain as she poses among the bed sheets in nothing but sky-high stilettos and seductive makeup. Whoever said blondes have more fun has clearly never met the fire-haired Chastain. Not only is this hottie a superb actress, but she's also a timeless beauty who seems to get better and better with each passing year. Kinda like a fine wine, and she's a red everyone would love. She was an absolute standout in the films The Help, Zero Dark Thirty, and Interstellar, among other hits, and this amazing actress is sure to land plenty more roles in the coming years because beauty and talent are the perfect mix. Chastain is another celeb named "Jessica" who's wowing us at every turn.

9 Jessica Lowndes

When it comes to knockout brunettes, the mesmerizing Jessica Lowndes surely makes the top-of-the-crop list, and she's worth it. Lowndes a super-hot, up-and-coming actress who hails from Canada but is appreciated and adored by her thousands of fans from all over the world. The 28-year-old brown-haired beauty melted our hearts as she starred in the popular 90210 TV series reboot, and we've loved her in her many other terrific roles on screen as well. The lovely Lowndes is not just an actress – she's a singer-songwriter, too. Talent and terrific looks make Lowndes a well-rounded star. Her beautiful ice-blue eyes are captivating, those luscious and plump lips are tempting, and her sensual body is a sight for sore eyes. Lowndes is pure proof that the name "Jessica" is blessed.


8 Jessica Hart


The gorgeous Aussie Jessica Hart is a 31-year-old model who stands at 5’ 10” and is a beauty from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. But frankly, who’s actually looking at her feet? Hart has posed for Sports Illustrated, Vogue, and a number of other magazines, and her star power isn’t dimming anytime soon. Her fit and tanned body is spectacular, her beachy blonde hair is modern and carefree, and her baby blue eyes are hard to look away from. She's one of today’s hottest models, and it's easy to see why. She fills out this bikini perfectly, and her pose is laid back and lovely. Models like this don't come along every day, and with the name "Jessica," Hart has an even bigger edge against the up-and-coming younger models. Hart wins out hearts with every pic!

7 Jessica Szohr

Score one for Szohr, who's a fun-loving, exotic-looking brunette who's as pretty as she is popular. The actress was on the hit TV series, Gossip Girl, and you may also recognize her from What About Brian or CSI: Miami. This Jessica is 32 years old and is a star of both the small and big screens and has also appeared in a number of music videos. Not only is Szohr an accomplished actress, but she's a model too, having posed for the cameras since the tender age of six. This photo shows the sultry Szohr in her blue string bikini, looking fit and fierce. She glares into the camera lens with a passion, and she knows she’s got the look that keeps fans coming back for more. This Jessica is definitely worth gossiping about!

6 Jessica Stam


Another Jessica who's proof that the name is a sensation is the magnificent model, Jessica Stam. The blonde-haired beauty hails from Canada and is 31 years old. She's a tall drink of water who stands at an impressive 5’ 10”, but then again, long legs and perfect posture are what make the model. You may recognize this breathtaking beauty from her modeling work with Victoria’s Secret, but the secret is out… Stam is simply superb! Not sure where the model is going in this revealing outfit, but send us the address! Showing off more leg than what’s probably legal, Stam is proving that models can wear whatever they want and walk around town flaunting their great bodies with confidence and sex appeal. Heck, she may have forgotten her pants, but we’ll never, ever forget this look!

5 Jessie J

Singer Jessie J is actually named "Jessica Ellen Cornish," but her fans know her as "Jessie J," and they absolutely love her powerful vocals and stellar songwriting skills. The English dark-haired beauty is rocking the pop world with her catchy songs as well as her spectacular stage presence. It doesn’t hurt that she's a total babe, too! She's all about rock and roll and going for an edgy look as seen in this sexy pic of the bold brunette star. Jessie J is the total package when it comes to raw talent and good looks combined. Jessie J is another jaw-dropping Jessica, who adds to the theory that Jessicas are just born to be hot! Keep on busting out those #1 hits, and we’ll keep singing right along!

4 Jessica Paré


Canadian-born Jessica Paré is 36 years old and is a successful actress and singer. She's the perfect blend of elegance and sexy, and her brunette hair and lovely features make her one to watch. Best known for her role on the hit television series, Mad Men, the beauty is a hit on both the small and big screens. In this black and white pic of the pretty lady, she shows off her casual yet strong side as she gives us a look over her bare shoulder. Her eyes are captivating, and that pose shows that she's flexible. Mad Men may have run its course, but we'll never get over the beauty of the perfect Paré. Fans love her talent and looks, and we're sure to see much more of this babe in future movies and TV shows. Stay tuned!

3 Jessica Parker Kennedy

The 32-year-old beauty Jessica Parker Kennedy is another not-to-be-missed Canadian cutie who shows us that "Jessica" is the name of the moment when it comes to hot gals from across the globe. She's a popular television actress who's appeared on shows including The Secret Circle, Undercovers, Kaya, and Smallville, among other television programs fans have enjoyed over the years. Kennedy’s gorgeous long brunette hair, spectacular eyes, awesome body, and attractive face make her one of the hottest Jessicas in the public eye. She sure knows how to work the camera and isn't afraid to show off her “perfect 10” assets. Her sexy pose in this particular photo is not for the faint of heart, but this Jessica knows what her fans want to see. Kennedy is killin’ it!

2 Jessica Capshaw


Jessica Capshaw is a blonde and beautiful actress who's 40 years old and makes 40 look like the new 20. She's best known for her popular TV role on the hit series Grey’s Anatomy, but it's her anatomy that's wowing her many admirers. Her famous step-dad is Steven Spielberg, so this beautiful babe knows a thing or two about the Hollywood lifestyle. Along with her hit role on Grey’s Anatomy, Capshaw was on other shows including ER, Odd Man Out, The Practice, Bones, and The L Word, and some films like Valentine, Minority Report, The Love Letter, Blind Trust, and Denial, to name a few. Showing off her “California girl” fresh-faced looks and bare midriff, this Jessica is another case in point that Jessicas are ruling the celeb world!

1 Jessica Rabbit

The cartoon world deserves a babe of their very own, and who could be sexier than Jessica Rabbit? Famous from her appearance on Who Framed Roger Rabbit, this curvaceous cartoon cutie is a red-haired siren who has all the moves and fabulous looks to make cartoon characters swoon. Those long legs, ample bust, hourglass figure, and sultry stare make Jessica Rabbit the hottest cartoon sex symbol ever created. Is it a little weird to have the hots for a made-up cartoon character? Maybe a tad, but this babe is more beautiful than any real-life woman could ever hope to be. It's no wonder she was named "Jessica" since everyone knows that it's the name that exudes pure beauty and seduction. Hop to it, Jessica Rabbit, cuz we’re jumping for joy over you!


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