The 15 Hottest Jennifers In The Entertainment Business

We recently published an article on the hottest Jessicas in Hollywood, and thought it only fair to follow up with a scoop on the hottest Jennifers. The names Jennifer and Jessica are, after all, quite similar in many ways. They both start with a J, they both have three syllables, and if either moniker is yours, odds are you are a pretty attractive person.

Even compared to biblical names, the name Jennifer is fairly old. It goes back to the Old English, medieval name Gwenhwyfar, who was a character in the legendary story of King Arthur, first published back in 1136. Bible names weren’t that popular until the Geneva Bible came out in 1560, or even more popular with the King James Bible of 1611. The name Jennifer means “the fair one,” or “white phantom,” or our favorite, “enchantress.”

The Jennifers on this list are definitely enchanting. We’ve scoured the globe to find the hottest examples, from music to film to sports, and sneaked in a few throwbacks too. In the end, it’s hard to say whether Jessicas or Jennifers are hotter. This is a very close race. Take a look at our list and decide for yourself.

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15 Jennifer Lawrence

We’ll start with a very popular actress, who everybody knows. Jennifer Lawrence rushed onto the Hollywood scene with an Oscar nomination for Winter’s Bone. Then she followed up shortly after with an Oscar win in Silver Linings Playbook. Her success was found so quickly that her career seems to be in a lull ever since. She was received well with her Hunger Games series, but then what happened? It seems like most dudes aren’t that impressed with her anymore. Was she a victim of overexposure? Were her movie roles too serious, or was it her off-camera persona that turned people off? Either way she is still a popular celebrity, great actress, and as always, a gorgeous Jennifer.

14 Jennifer Garner

Here is a Jennifer who was about as hot as it could get, like ten years ago. She was a huge star in Alias, and all the fanboys wanted to see more. Then after her marriage to Ben Affleck, Garner hit the brakes hard for a while. You can’t blame her for wanting to spend time with her kids, but the movie roles totally disappeared for years, leaving us to forget how hot she was. Garner returned with a great supporting role in Dallas Buyers Club, but still, her personal life trumped her movie career. Affleck had that affair with their nanny, then he had the alcoholism counselling, and all the while, Garner was just standing in the background with that WTF look on her face. Now she is more known for doing annoying credit card commercials than anything else.

13 Jennifer Love-Hewitt

Jennifer Love-Hewitt had every 90s boy in the palm of her hand. She was the hottest girl next door that we could ever hope for. Her role on Party of Five catapulted her to fame, and then she starred in Can’t Hardly Wait, and then the I know What You Did Last Summer films. She had reached the pinnacle of her success, but then what happened? Well, our sweet, beautiful Jen believed she could make it as a musical act. She wasted loads of time and talent touring and cutting albums, when she should have been busy doing movies instead. No big deal though, she took the missteps in stride, and ended up landing a pretty good TV gig with the supernatural drama, Ghost Whisperer. She tried doing a sitcom with Hot in Cleveland for a few years, and then attempted to rejuvenate Criminal Minds right before it was cancelled.

12 Jennifer Connelly

Jennifer Connelly has got to be one of the prettiest actresses in Hollywood. She is an undervalued actress who shows up now and then to the pleasure of many fans. She was great in the Oscar winning bio pic, A Beautiful Mind. In that film, Russell Crowe stars as John Nash, the real life math genius who struggled with paranoid schizophrenia. His “imaginary” roommate was played by Paul Bettany, who is Connelly’s real life husband and father to her three kids. Connelly has worked with just about everybody in the business from Leo DiCaprio to Kate Winslet. Her latest film, to be released this fall, is called Granite Mountain. The subject of the film is an Arizona wildfire that took the lives of nineteen men in 2013. The movie features an all star cast and should be a big hit.

11 Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson is an Oscar winning actress and singer who got her start appearing on American Idol. She didn’t look this hot back then though. The seventh place finish on the famous talent contest inspired her to improve her look, and her amazing voice. When she killed it with her performance in Dreamgirls, everybody knew she was going to win the Academy Award. Since that film she has been bouncing here and there to different projects. In 2008, several members of her family were brutally murdered in her native Chicago, and since then, the actress and singer has increased her involvement in politics and charity work. In much happier personal news, she is engaged to former WWE star David Otunga, and is the mother of his son. If you haven’t heard this woman sing, you’ve gotta check it out. She’s funny too. She did a Carpool Karaoke with James Cordon that was hilarious, especial when they entered a fast food drive-thru and she sang her cheeseburger order.

10 Jen Selter

Jen Selter is an internet star, one of many who have launched their careers by looking super hot on Instagram. Jen is known for being fit and showing off her round rear end. She presents herself as a fitness guru, and likes to give advice, offering up words of wisdom on her website. She states that “worrying is pain” and she tries to help her followers stay healthy and positive. She also offers fitness plans and challenges to encourage an active lifestyle. The results of her mental and physical strategies are awe inspiring, with a body so hot that it was literally all she needed to become famous. Selter has appeared in many magazines including Elle, FHM, Vanity Fair and Maxim. She's 23 years old and is from New York. Is that it? Did we mention that she has a nice butt?

9 Jennifer Nettles

If you don’t like country music, you probably don’t know who in the hell this girl is, but she has one of the best voices and bodies in the business. Jennifer Nettles sings with a warbly type of vibrato, which is very distinctive. She came up in a band called Sugarland. The Atlanta based group has sold over 14 million records and has won 2 Grammys. The duo group actually used to be a trio. Kristen Hall founded the band, and was basically unused and pushed aside. She sued the remaining members of the group in 2008, wanting $14-million in lost revenue. Sugarland countered with $100K and the matter was settled out of court. Nettles and bandmate Kristian Bush, went on to write their 2010 album, The Incredible Machine, which went platinum. The group is currently on a break, and claim they aren’t broken up forever. Nettles has hosted several award shows, always wears super low-cut tops, and appears to be mildly intoxicated.

8 Jennifer Grey

We wanted to include some throwbacks here, so let’s showcase this 80s hottie, Jennifer Grey. Most notably, she played the lead, Baby, in Dirty Dancing. Supposedly, she and Patrick Swayze didn’t get along, but that apparently didn’t stop every girl in America from falling in love with the damn flick. If you have an older sister, odds are she watched this movie like a bajillion times. It’s getting a reboot too, with Abigail Breslin as Baby. Grey also starred as Ferris Bueller’s older sister Jeanie. Grey was a super hot babe of the day and was actually dating her Bueller co-star, Matthew Broderick, on that tragic night in Ireland, when he accidentally hit two people with his car and killed them. After Grey’s career stalled, she got an awful nose job, and then nobody could recognize her, and she really wasn’t all that hot anymore.

7 Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy made a name for herself on the pages of Playboy magazine. The beautiful blond quickly transitioned the Hefner gig into a co-host gig on an MTV dating game show called Singled Out. McCarthy’s zany sense of humor coupled with her hot bod soon landed the blond on her own sitcom, appropriately entitled Jenny. Jenny lasted a year or two, and when it was cancelled McCarthy stayed busy floating around from sitcom to sitcom. Soon her personal life would take center stage, as she dated Jim Carrey and became an absolute nut about the anti-vax movement. Lately, Jenny is the recurring co-host of Dick Clarks New Years Rockin Eve with Ryan Seacrest. She married Donnie Wahlberg in 2014 and they have a reality TV show called Donnie Loves Jenny. Her cousin is actress Melissa McCarthy.

6 Jenn Sterger

This is a random sports trivia entry dedicated to those football fans out there. Here’s the girl that got the nation’s attention when she and her hot friends were cheering on her team in the front row of a Florida State football game. The camera panned over the crowd and suddenly stopped when this beauty captured the lens. Even the commentator for the game, Brent Musburger said that, "1,500 red-blooded Americans just decided to apply to Florida State." Just like Pamela Anderson was discovered at a BC Lions Canadian Football League years before, Sterger’s career was immediately launched. She became a Sports Illustrated columnist and a host of the NBC offshoot sports show Versus. But the real reason why sports fans may recognize her name, is because she’s the girl that Brett Favre was involved with during his whole sexting scandal. Sterger worked as a sideline commentator for the NY Jets after Favre had left Green Bay, and he just couldn’t resist hitting on her. She did not reciprocate the affection and sued. The sad thing is that the scandal tainted her journalistic credibility and her career fizzled.

5 Jennie Garth

Here’s another throwback, Jennie Garth, who was made famous by the classic 90s TV show Beverly Hills, 90210. Jennie played Kelly Taylor, who was the lead after Brenda, played by Shannen Doherty, left the show. Her character went through a ton of scandals, including her mom’s wicked drug problem, Kelly’s eating disorder, and her love triangle with Brenda and Dylan. Kelly was a much loved character who helped transition the crossover to Melrose Place. She was also the first to be cast in the 2008 reboot, 90210. Garth is the queen. She has appeared in more 90210 series episodes and spin-off episodes than any other actor or actress.

4 Jennifer Aniston

Here’s a Jennifer who basically broke the mold when it comes to Jens. Her influence during the Friends rein was insane. Every girl wanted to get her hairstyle and her clothing, and every boy wanted to get into her pants. She married the most eligible bachelor in Hollywood, Brad Pitt, and they would probably have had the most attractive offspring ever, but then Angelina Jolie showed up and ruined everything. Jen Aniston has that classic, timeless beauty that most actresses and singers strive for. The pictures from her younger days are amazing to view, and she still looks great even today. She attributes her ever-youthful looks to a healthy lifestyle of gardening, exercise, and “not eating junk.” The comedy expert has once again wandered into the drama realm, in her latest film, The Yellow Bird, about the Iraq war. Why do comedians always want to do drama? The switch-over is harder to do than you think. Tom Hanks is about the only star who has mastered it.

3 Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer Morrison kind of slips under the radar of the big TV stars, but she actually has a pretty decent resume. She currently stars as Emma Swan on Once Upon A Time. Have you seen this crazy show? It’s like the complete corruption of every Disney character ever. Morrison plays a bail bonds agent who turns out to be the lost daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, and she kicks some butt too. Really? That does not sound like something I want to watch. Other more likable projects of hers include one of Ted’s ongoing girlfriends on How I Met Your Mother. What launched her career was her role on House, as Dr Allison Cameron. An interesting bit of sports trivia about Morrison, she was a child model and Chicago suburb native, and appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated for Kids with Michael Jordan, in the peak of his career.

2 Jennifer Parker

Okay, we had to sneak a fictional Jen in here too, right? Why not? Jennifer Parker was Marty McFly’s hot girlfriend who was played by two different lovely actresses, first Claudia Wells, and then Elisabeth Shue. The latter, on the right, was the queen of the 1980s girlfriends. Shue showed up in classics like Karate Kid, Adventures in Babysitting, and Cocktail. Shue went on to receive an Oscar nomination for Leaving Las Vegas, and later moved to TV to star on CSI. As for the other Jenn, Wells quit the Back to the Future gig to star as Linda Barret in the Fast Times At Ridgemont High spin-off, the TV series Fast Times. Wells played the sizzling poolside fantasy character made famous by Phoebe Cates in the film. After the TV show was cancelled, Wells showed up here and there on TV shows like the Mentalist.

1 Jennifer Lopez


Here we have the queen of all media, and one of the hardest working women in show business. Jennifer Lopez must have the energy of a hyperactive toddler to be able to do so many projects at one time. For a while there she was hosting American Idol, touring for her album, hosting awards shows, and starring in a network crime drama, Shades of Blue, all at the same time. And that’s not including the hours spent raising her twins and maintaining that famous booty of hers in the gym. She’s made some stumbles along the way though. Like when she claimed that her Fiat commercial was filmed in the Bronx, but it was actually just a Hollywood set. And her love life is kind of a mess, jumping from Drake to Alex Rodriguez in a week. And she takes more selfies than Instagram can handle! The media barely had time to cover the Drake story before it ended. Try keeping up, bro. The woman moves fast.

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