15 TV/Movie High School Girls That Made Us Uncomfortable

"Oh man, that high school chick really is hot" is the type of thing that older guys aren't allowed to think, let alone say. And there are good reasons for that. Lusting after high school girls is, at a minimum, not cool at all and, at a maximum, super creepy. So you know, don't do that.

But what if the high school girl isn't actually in high school at all? What if, in actuality, she's a woman who's 20 years old or even older and is just playing a high school girl? This is where all sorts of moral confusion sets in. On the one hand, there's no doubt at all that what you're looking at is a woman and one who's incredibly sexy at that. On the other hand, the woman is playing a high school girl, which is something that you've been taught to stay away from for your whole adult life.

Talk about a Jedi mind trick. Is it okay if you're turned on, or does that make you the worst person ever? These are the things that keep a man up at night and also the kind of things that we don't tell our girlfriends about. I mean, isn't it okay if we're getting turned on by a woman in her 20s no matter whom she's playing on the screen?

Why don't you decide? Here are 15 actresses who are over 20 playing smoking hot high school girls.

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15 Kristin Kreuk- Smallville - 20

Kristin played Lana Lang on Smallville and looked super hot when she was doing it. She was 20 when the show started and was still playing the role when she was 28 years old. One thing that's odd about TV, in general, is when there's someone who's on the show who always stays the same over years and years. Remember shows like Happy Days where Potsie and Ralph were still in high school even though they looked like they were in their mid-30s and Fonzie looked like he was around 45? Not that I'm complaining when it comes to Kristen. She's so hot that it's nice to see her on the screen no matter whom she's playing. No wonder Clark Kent had it so bad for her.

14 Anne Hathaway - Havoc - 22

This one is a tad more confusing than a lot of these on this list. First of all, Anne Hathaway is super hot, and secondly, she's naked and totally turned on for a good part of this movie. Now, I probably shouldn't have said that, as now, most of you have stopped reading this article and are Googling "Hathaway nude scenes Havoc," and obviously, I can't blame you there. But to get back to the point, in the movie, she's playing a high school girl when, in reality, she's 22 years old. There's no doubt this makes some sort of difference from if they had hired an actual high school girl as an actress to do these scenes. If that were the case, finding her hot wouldn't be cool at all and could possibly be illegal. So, instead, we get to see Anne Hathaway. Everyone wins.

13 Sophia Bush - One Tree Hill - 21

Sophia Bush is a totally gorgeous woman; there's no arguing about that fact at all. She played Brooke Davis on One Tree Hill for many years. The character started out as a member of the cheerleading squad in high school. Sophia was 21 years old when she first took on the role. This is the kind of thing that we're talking about here. So many guys have fantasies about their adult girlfriends being cheerleaders. I know it's kind of lame, but it's true, and here, we have a totally hot 21-year-old Sophia Bush dancing around in a cheerleader outfit and looking hot? How could something wrong feel so right? This is one show you never minded watching with your girlfriend, even though you complained about it.

12 Sarah Michelle Gellar - Buffy - 20 When Show Started

One of the most famous and, without a doubt, coolest high school chicks of all time was Buffy of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sarah Michelle Gellar played Buffy starting when she was 20 years old and continued to play her into her late 20s. Sarah was always awesome as Buffy. She had just the right amount of high school chick and superhero to make the show good, and if you gave it a chance, it was a really good show. This one made you feel less guilty than most. First of all, there wasn't a whole lot of sex appeal stuff going on; it was mostly just Buffy beating up a bunch of demons and bad guys. And secondly, how could you feel guilty looking at someone who was so darn tough? Buffy made being tough and gorgeous look easy.

11 Denise Richards - Wild Things - 26 

Denise Richards still looks amazing, but when she was younger, she was a total smoke show. If you don't believe me, just ask Charlie Sheen. She played Kelly Van Ryan in the movie Wild Things. This movie had a lot of really sexy scenes in it featuring Denise, so it illustrates perfectly what this whole article is about. On the one hand, Denise is playing someone who's supposed to be in high school, so as you check her out, you're probably feeling kind of bad about the whole thing. But the fact of the matter is, when this movie was shot, Denise was 26 years old, which means you have nothing to feel bad about at all -- unless you're sitting next to your girlfriend, of course. Then you're in trouble either way.

10 Rachel Bilson - The O.C. - 22

Rachel Bilson is totally hot, which probably has a lot to do with why she got the role of Summer Roberts on the television show The O.C.,  which, if you don't recall, was a very popular show when it first aired. Summer was a rather sexy character with a "take charge" attitude, so you can't be blamed for getting a little turned on when you were looking at her on the show. However, she was playing someone in high school, so, in reality, you could kind of be blamed, except for the fact that she was 22 when she started on the show. This whole thing is so totally confusing. Rachel has continued to act and still looks really hot well into her 30s, so at least now, you don't have to be confused when you're checking her out.

9 Ashley Tisdale - High School Musical - 21

Ashley Tisdale played Sharpay Evans in High School Musical and High School Musical 2. At the time of the first movie, she was 21 years old. Sharpay is a popular and self-centered drama queen who loves to be in the spotlight and noticed by everyone. Ashley Tisdale was a hugely successful child actor who was in hundreds of commercials and a variety of television shows before she finally got this role in High School Musical. Ashley is now 32 years old, and although she still looks really good, she no longer has the chops to play a high school kid. This is just as well; now, those of us who wish to can get turned on by Ashley without having any guilty feelings about the whole thing, and isn't that what it's all about?

8 Rachel McAdams - Mean Girls - 25

Mean Girls was one of the best comedies about high school of all time. People still are always quoting this show, and my girlfriend probably watches it on Netflix every three months. Everyone loved this comedy that was mostly about high school girls, and part of that was how fun they were to look at. And one of the best of them all to look at was Rachel McAdams, who played one of the meanest girls of all, Regina George. While she was able to pull off playing a high school girl, she was actually 25 years old when the show was filmed, meaning that it was totally cool to check her out. She's continued to have a very successful career and has starred in many big-budget movies.

7 Kristen Bell - Veronica Mars - 23 When Show Started

Kristen Bell has turned into one of the biggest female stars in the world, and she still looks amazing. The only drag about her is that she married Dax Shepard. They're one of those couples who both seem totally cool when they're not together, but when they're together, they become incredibly irritating. But let's get back to how hot she looked playing a teenager. The show Veronica Mars was about a 17-year-old girl in high school and who wasn't only a student but also a detective. Bell was 23 when she played the role. In all honesty, as hot as she is, she really didn't look a whole lot like she was in high school, although let's face it: that's a lot better than having an actress who looked like she was in high school and wasn't hot.

6 Minka Kelly - Friday Night Lights - 25

Minka Kelly is a total smoke show. She played Lyla Gerrity on Friday Night Lights. Lyla was a cheerleader, and, in preparation for her role, she trained with the Pflugerville High School cheerleading squad. This is kind of off in a couple of ways. Minka was 25 years old at the time of her role, so not only was she playing a high school cheerleader at the age of 25, but she also was training with a bunch of high school students to do it. Now, as I said before, I'm not giving Minka a hard time. She's drop-dead gorgeous and has made a lot of money acting, but still, hiring someone that old to play a high school student and the fact that she trained with a bunch of teenagers are kind of odd, but at least we didn't have to feel guilty looking at her.

5 Eliza Dushku - The New Guy - 21

THE NEW GUY, Eliza Dushku, 2002

I have always thought Eliza Dushku was really hot, even hotter than most of the women who are on this list, and that's saying something for sure. She was well known for starring on television in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and in Angel and also starring in Bring It On. When she did the film The New Guy, she played a high school cheerleader when she was 21. Speaking of her role on Buffy and high school girls, she said, "I've been getting fan mail from maximum-security penitentiaries and death row. What are the authorities thinking of in playing a show with young teenage girls to death-row inmates? They write everything – disgusting things that you don't even want to know about. And they send me pictures – "Oh, here's a picture of me before I was incarcerated!" It's so creepy. Way more creepy than Buffy.

4 Brittany Snow - Prom Night - 21

Next on our list of super hot women playing high school girls is Brittany Snow, who played Donna Keppel in Prom Night. Donna was the main character in the movie, which was a pretty typical and pretty bad slasher movie. Brittany is totally hot and looks fabulous in this role, although she would probably look fabulous in pretty much any role that she played. One has to think that of all the different kinds of roles that are out there where women play high school students, horror movies have to be at the top of the list. How many horror movies have you seen where hot, young high school students have been chased around, and then how many out of those do you think actually were high school students?

3 Megan Fox - Transformers - 20

If there's one thing that no one in this world of ours can argue about, at least no sane person, it's that Megan Fox is about as hot as they come. She played high school student Mikaela Banes in Transformers. Now, Megan Fox was just 20 years old when she played this role, so it isn't like she's all that old for the role, but at the same time, she's just so absolutely smoking that one feels a little guilty looking at her anyway. Megan Fox is now 31 years old and hasn't lost even a bit of her looks, but I don't know if she's ever been hotter than when she played a high school girl, even though, in actuality, she was 20 years old. See how confusing that is? I almost felt bad writing it, but there's no reason to.

2 Lyndsy Fonseca - Kick-Ass - 22

Lyndsy is a totally hot woman who played a 16-year-old high school student in the movie Kick-Ass. Now, I know I've already attempted to explain this, but just for the sake of clarity, there I was in the cinema watching Kick-Ass when, all of a sudden, Lyndsy came on the screen as a high school student. I thought she looked hot; then, I felt bad. Then, later, I found out she was 22 years old. I then felt stupid for feeling bad. I still can't figure out how to feel about it. No matter how you slice it, though, Lyndsy is a hot one who has quite the body on her, which is okay to say because she's 22. Well, actually, now, she's 30. Oh man, I have to stop this now. I just keep getting more and more confused all the time.

1 Neve Campbell - Scream - 22

A lot of people these days don't remember Neve Campbell, but, at one time, she was a huge star. She started out in the TV show Party of Five then had a starring role in The Craft, but what really made her famous were her roles in the Scream movies. Neve had something kind of cool going on. She was gorgeous and totally hot, so guys really liked her, but she also had a really natural and somewhat vulnerable vibe so that girls really liked her, too. She was great in the Scream movies, in which she played a high school girl named "Sidney Prescott," but while she played that role, Neve was actually 22 years old. Her career has sort of faded away over time, but I'm positive that she still looks fabulous.

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