The 15 Hottest Disney Princess Lookalikes Who Are Better Than The Real Thing

While the bar might have been set high, these girls have done the impossible, and reached Disney princess-levels of perfection.

Everyone thinks that Disney princesses are way too perfect to be real, but as it turns out, there are some perfect girls out there that look as flawless as their animated counterparts. It seems that heaven exists on Earth after all. Many of these girls purposely try to copy their favorite Disney princesses and other female characters, but some of them found their resemblance a complete coincidence. Some even spent thousands of dollars to make sure they looked just like their Disney counterparts. But the end result is always the same - they end up looking even hotter than the Disney princesses that inspired them. And the Internet is definitely taking notice.

Some say that Disney gives girls an unrealistic expectation when it comes to beauty. The girls are always picture perfect, and for girls to try to aspire and copy such an unattainable level of beauty is a little troubling to say the least. But while the bar might have been set high, these girls have done the impossible, and reached Disney princess-levels of perfection. Instead of worrying about unrealistic expectations of beauty, let's just all take a second to admire and celebrate the girls who tried to match Disney princesses - and succeeded. And these girls aren't all "traditional" beauties, either. Some of them have really unique takes on Disney characters, and it's their own interpretation that makes some of these pictures so wonderful.

15 Anna Faith Carlson - Elsa

Probably the most famous of all the Disney princess lookalikes right now is Anna Faith Carlson. She's 21-year-old model who became Internet famous when she realized she looked just like Elsa from Frozen. Images like these went viral a few years back when Frozen was all the rage, and people couldn't get enough of her. This set off her career, not just as a model but as a cosplayer, and she's dressed up as Elsa countless times. But even when she's not dressed up, like in this picture, she still looks uncannily similar to the Frozen character. This is made all the more impressive by the fact that Elsa is an animated character, and her proportions are already exaggerated beyond what is typically normal in a human being.

Besides cosplaying and having fun dressing up as Elsa, she's been keeping really busy. She entertains Cancer patients in her spare time, which is pretty impressive. She's also started taking cosplaying a lot more seriously, and her recent cosplay as Harley Quinn got a lot of attention. Expect to see a lot more of her in the future, both as a model and as a cosplayer.

14 Sherri Lansang - Pocahontas 

Pocahontas is one of the most popular Disney princesses, and it only makes sense that she would be one of the most popular Princesses to cosplay as too. You can bet that for Sherri Lansang, it's one of her favorite Disney princesses as well, and she really pulled this look off with style. What's even more impressive is that Sherri isn't even Native American - she's Filipino! But one look at her and you immediately get the impression that the native princess Pocahontas has somehow come to life.

And it's not just about the outfit, either. Her facial proportions, especially her high and prominent cheekbones, are the spitting image of the way Pocahontas is drawn in the animated film. Of course, she also deserves respect for the clear effort she put into the outfit - everything matches perfectly. Sherri is a successful model based out of California, and you get the impression that this photoshoot was just a fun side project for her, not something she expected to go viral the way it did.

13 Yaya Han - Snow White

Yaya Han is one of the biggest names in cosplay today. Whenever she sets her mind on creating an outfit, you better believe it's going to be both beautiful and impressive, and it was no different with her stunning Snow White cosplay. She definitely brought her own sexy character to this timeless classic, and I think most people will agree that Snow White has never looked hotter. True, Snow White might not have worn such a short skirt, displayed that much cleavage, or worn sexy stockings like Yaya Han did, but I don't think anyone is complaining. This version is clearly much easier on the eyes.

Yaya Han is 37 years old, and she started at a young age, first getting inspired by an event she attended in 1999. From that moment on, she was obsessed with cosplay, and dedicated a huge amount of time towards it as a hobby. Although she didn't have the funds to compete with some of the other more established cosplayers, she quickly proved she was one of the most talented, and everyone started to take notice.

12 SeeU Cosplay - Merida

SeeU Cosplay got everyone's attention with this amazing take on Merida from Brave. She captures everything perfectly - and it's not just about the hair. The whole vibe of this character is captured amazingly by her energy and face as well. She's clearly put a lot of effort into this cosplay, and it really shows. Looking at these two pictures side by side, the resemblance is almost eerie in its perfection. It really seems like Merida has been brought to life. Not much is known about SeeU Cosplay, at least in the west, since she's Chinese. But she's hugely popular on the Internet regardless, and people went nuts when they saw this particular cosplay.

This cosplay is really special because it breaks the barrier of race, showing that even though SeeU is Chinese and Merida is Scottish, it doesn't matter, and more importantly, it doesn't stop her from completely nailing this. It's amazing how she can look so identical to Merida while not even being the same race. It just goes to show that the differences between us really aren't that big!

11 The Slave Leia Princess Cosplays

Here's a completely different take on Merida - not to mention Belle, Elsa, Ariel, Pocahontas, and Mulan. Yep, all these amazing cosplayers showed us just how hot their favorite Disney characters can look when they're dressed in just Leia slave outfits. Unfortunately, all of these princesses have been captured by Jabba The Hutt, and are probably being forced to do unspeakable things with the foul creature as we speak. Let's hope that never gets turned into a Disney movie.

All joking aside, I love the unique take on the Disney princesses that these talented cosplayers managed to come up with. It's been a growing trend in cosplay to "blend" two universes together to form brand new takes on our favorite characters. And this is one of the best examples of that. These girls were a hit at the convention they attended that year, and they were an even bigger hit on the Internet when these pictures went online. People are still talking about it to this day.

10 Battle Gear Disney Princesses

And now for something completely different! Well, maybe not completely different. I mean, they're still Disney princesses after all, but they are wearing completely different outfits. It's pretty much the opposite of the previous image, where the princesses were depicted as sex slaves, powerless against the tyrant Jabba. In this picture, they're geared up and ready for combat.

This is a great vision of the Disney princesses, because instead of being depicted as helpless and weak, they're ready to take on the world all by themselves. They don't need a knight in shining armor to come and save them - they're perfectly capable of kicking butt all by themselves. There are some pretty big names in the cosplay scene here. See if you can spot cosplay legend Jessica Nigri! There's also one other girl here who we will be looking at in more detail later, so I won't spoil the surprise.

9 Olayinka Mia Noel - Princess Jasmine 

Olayinka Mia Noel is definitely one of the most natural lookalikes to Princess Jasmine alive today. And the crazy thing is, she's not even trying that hard! We don't even need to see the rest of her body, just one look at her face is enough to convince us that she looks identical to the much-loved princess from Aladdin. I think what really sells this look is the eyes. They are so big and beautiful, they almost seem like they were drawn by a cartoon artist (and I mean that in a good way). Her lips have exactly the same pout as Jasmine's, and the shape of her face in general is amazingly similar. In particular, the shape of her cheeks look like a carbon copy of the animated princess.

The model posted these pictures to her Instagram on Halloween, and everyone completely lost their minds. For at least one day, Disney became real, thanks to Olayinka Mia Noel.

8 Disney Bikinis - Pocahontas 

Sadly, we don't know the name of this beauty, but we do know that she's modeling a bikini from Enchanted Bikini, a company that had an amazing dream - to make every woman feel life a Disney princess. That's right, they sell bikinis inspired by Disney princesses. According to Enchanted Bikini, “Our mission is to let the princess in you glow and enchant everyone and everything around, when you wear your Enchanted bikini. We believe that every woman can feel this way without putting on a costume.”

So not only can you splash around in the water like Pocahontas, you can also dress up as Ariel, Cinderella, or any other of your favorite princesses. This model in particular really captures Pocahontas' character, and she looks just like her. Her eyebrows in particular look very similar, and I dare say that she just made Pocahontas look sexier than ever before. It seems that Sherry Lansang has some serious competition...

7 Sarah Ingle - Ariel 

Another famous Disney Princess impersonator is Sarah Ingle. This girl is in her mid-twenties and has made her life goal to impersonate as many Disney princesses as possible. And she's become increasingly efficient at it. She got a lot of media coverage when it was revealed that she had spent thousands of dollars on making herself look just like her favorite Disney stars. But you can't argue with the results. This picture of her as Ariel is just one example of her many cosplays she's done. She's actually a professional Disney impersonator when she's not working her day job.

Speaking about the process of becoming a Disney princess, she revealed: "Each dress can take up to six months to make and I source many different materials from all over the world, including silk and organza before drawing my final designs. I'm very fortunate to have a full time job that pays for the beautiful dresses and material because I'm so passionate about looking the best that I can for the performances."

And those big eyes of hers are totally natural, in case you were wondering. Sarah revealed, "I was born with really big eyes, and people were always telling me that I looked like a cartoon doll or Disney princess. I suppose that my big eyes just help me to appear more cartoon-like, which is great for what I do."

6 Lexie Grace Carlson - Anna

Does this face look familiar? That's because Lexie Grace Carlson is the older sister of Anna Faith Carlson, the Elsa lookalike. These two sisters are famous for their joint cosplay of both Elsa and Anna, and Lexie Grace makes one really convincing Anna. Her sister Anna Faith gets a lot more attention, but Lexie Grace's similarities to Anna are just as impressive. And when the two get together, it's a heartwarming sight to see the two girls having so much fun dressing up as their favorite characters.

Like her sister, she's also branched into modeling and cosplay, and cosplays as all kinds of characters, not just Anna. Her Instagram is a goldmine of amazingly impressive cosplays, as well as stunning pictures of her in her everyday life. Like her sister, she represents a new breed of very exciting cosplayers who are just getting into the hobby. Hopefully she sticks with it!

5 Skyler Vallo - Rapunzel

Skyler Vallo is one girl who stunned the Internet when she dressed up as Rapunzel. The resemblance was beyond uncanny - it was a little scary. She has exactly she same smile, upturned in a beautiful half smirk. Her hair is not only the same texture consistency, but also the same exact color. Her chin looks like it was cut from the same stone. The general shape of her head is spot on as well. Her nose points slightly upwards in exactly the same way. And last but not least, her eyebrows are almost completely identical. And that's not even mentioning the outfit, which obviously took a lot of effort and time, rounding off the cosplay as something of utter perfection.

Skyler Vallo is actually an actress and model, and she's been in some pretty major movies and television shows throughout the past. You probably never heard of her before though, because she's only had small roles. But she got the entire Internet's attention when these photos started to circulate. I don't know if this was intended to boost her publicity, but it certainly worked!

4 Hali Yun - Mulan

Alternative model Hali Yun totally nailed it when she dressed as Mulan for her Cosplay. I really think Hali Yun was the perfect girl to cosplay as Mulan. For one, she looks a lot like her, especially the shape of her lips. They have exactly the same pouting expression, not to mention the fact that she totally nailed the lip color. Her eyes are also very similar, and this is aided by some masterful makeup work. Her eyebrows also share some pretty obvious similarities.

But she's also the perfect person to dress as Mulan because of her attitude. As an alternative model who has worked with sites like Suicide Girls, she knows how to rock the "untraditional" look, which is really what Mulan is all about. Breaking the stereotypes, while still remaining a traditional yet strong woman. And lastly, Hali Yun is the perfect person to cosplay as Mulan because she's just so amazingly hot!

3 Megan Langan - Megara

Any fan of the Disney classic Hercules would recognize this cosplay right away, even if there wasn't a picture of the real Megara next to it. This is Megan Langan, who's a pretty big name in the world of cosplay today. But she didn't even have to be that talented to pull off this particular project, such is her resemblance to Megara. You may remember seeing her earlier in the list - that's because she was part of the whole crew of cosplayers wearing battle armor.

And while Megara is usually seen as a non-combatant in comparison to Hercules, she really fits the bill when she wears a suit of armor. I bet she could easily take care of herself without the help of Hercules. I really love everything she's done with her cosplay here. Her hair is so incredibly done, especially since she's trying to mimic what is a very stylized animation of a woman's hair. It's so wavy and voluminous due to the ancient Greek inspired art style. But Megan pulls it off very well with a neatly tied hair bun and she somehow gets incredible volume out of her hair.

2 Pinkie Bunny Cosplay - Alice

Some of the most amazing cosplays are the ones where they recreate iconic scenes from the movies. Put side by side with the actual scene she's mimicking, it's clear that Pinkie Bunny Cosplay really nailed it with this cosplay. It couldn't have been more perfect if she'd tried. Okay, so maybe the real Alice had a longer dress and didn't show as much skin. But I don't think anyone cares about those little details, right? In any case, I think it's fair to say that Pinkie Bunny Cosplay made this Disney character look sexier than she's ever looked before.

This amazing cosplayer is actually pretty big in the scene these days, and she's a woman that hails from Argentina. She's also famous for a lot of other cosplays, from comic book heroes to video game characters and beyond. But I think it's safe to say that this particular cosplay was one of her finest.

1 Danielle DeNicola  - Tinker Bell 

The last Disney lookalike on this list is Danielle DeNicola, who gave us this amazing rendition of everyone's favorite fairy, Tinker Bell. Tinker Bell has always looked pretty sexy, what with that short skirt and all, but Danielle managed to make this character even sexier than what we all thought imaginable. Danielle is a pretty big name in cosplay these days, and she's also a successful model. She's dressed up as pretty much every character you can imagine, and she posts all the pictures on her website and social media. She also has a very active YouTube channel.

On her website, Danielle describes her passion: "In the beginning, I was but a shy nerd with no outlet except World of Warcraft and rock music my dad hated. Now I'm a cosplayer, model, armor and prop builder, makeup artist, entertainer, streamer, video maker, painter, writer, and graphic designer. I wear way too many hats, have no free time, and struggle to stay awake some nights, but I wouldn't have it any other way."

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