The 15 Hottest Charlize Theron Photos You've Ever Seen

Charlize Theron is a South African beauty who is now a dual citizen of her homeland and the United States. We are sure that Americans all over the nation are proud to call her a legal citizen, especia

Charlize Theron is a South African beauty who is now a dual citizen of her homeland and the United States. We are sure that Americans all over the nation are proud to call her a legal citizen, especially since she is such a pivotal part of the Hollywood scene. For years now, Charlize has been one of those eye-catching celebrities who always seems to look classy, elegant, and also drop-dead sexy. Here are the 15 Hottest Charlize Theron Photos You’ve Ever Seen, and we guarantee that they will make your blood run hot through your veins!

It doesn’t matter whether Charlize is starring in a hit film production, modeling for one of the many publications out there, accepting an Academy Award (among others) or hitting the town with a friend or her two adorable children. She is always in tip top shape and displays the confidence and allure that most women can only dream of. These photos are going to take you through some of the steamiest photo shoots of Charlize’s career and remind you why she is one of the most well-known names and faces in Hollywood. After seeing these images, you might need to go on and watch some of her films to round out your day!

That is not going to be a problem though because Charlize Theron is one of the most versatile actresses out there. She can even rival the young guns, such as Jennifer Lawrence and company. Moreover, Charlize doesn’t get typecast, nor is she judged for roles based primarily on her looks. She is pretty and talented!

15 Fairest of Them All

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall...who’s the fairest of them all? Odds are Charlize Theron is one of the hottest women in Hollywood. Just ask any air-breathing guy in the world! The 41-year-old actress easily surpasses celebrities a decade or more her junior. First of all, Charlize has only gotten more and more beautiful with time, and secondly, she is super talented, and that has been proven time and time again. In 2017 alone she is slated to appear in The Fate of the Furious, The Coldest City, Tully, and American Express. She has two Critic’s Choice Awards under her belt, as well as a Golden Globe and Academy Award, a National Board of Review Award, a Saturn Award, a Screen Actor’s Guild Award, and several regional awards. In this photo she is standing in front of a mirror, giving viewers a great view of her front and back angles. Any angle is Charlize’s good angle!

14 Light and Shadows

Just as Charlize Theron has only good angles, lighting can play to her benefit all the time. The photographer who shot her in this picture knew what they were doing with the lighting, but even so, Charlize would look drop-dead gorgeous any which way. This Capital Grand photo shoot is lovely, and it portrays Charlize as the South African beauty she is. She is dressed in a long and sleek evening gown, which is dripping in luxury. The fabric falls perfectly to showcase her svelte figure - a curvaceous booty, toned arms, and long, lean legs. The elegance of the outfit is matched by her hair, which is done up in an old Hollywood style, evoking the old images of international icon Marilyn Monroe. Charlize’s makeup is well done and a dark, smoky eye sort of reminds us of Cara Delevingne. Of course, Cara copied Charlize, not the other way around!

13 Vulnerable Vixen

You better believe that Charlize Theron can pull off any outfit, even if it is minimal. In this 2015 photo shoot, Charlize awakened her inner vulnerabilities, as well as her diva powers and the result was this captivating image. In it, the actress is seated on a small metal bench, sort of like something you would see in a sauna or steam room. She is pulling on knee up to her chest and as she hugs it, she looks down towards the floor. It shows that she can be sensitive and inhibited, but she also emits this air of elegance and confidence. It is a delicate balance, and Charlize strikes it very well. As a Hollywood woman in her 40s, some people may think that Charlize is going past her prime. But the truth is that she is as strong and powerful as ever! Just in 2016, she starred in The Huntsman: Winter’s War, The Last Face, Kubo and the Two Strings, and Brain on Fire.

12 Desert Diva

The old school photo trick of portraying windswept hair has been tried many times, but in this photo, it looks absolutely divine. Of course, Charlize herself helps to enhance any image, and this one certainly deserves a spot on our list. She is draped in a plum purple wrap dress, which is intricately wound around her limbs and waist. The result is a lot of peeks at her skin, including her shoulders, legs, and chest. Her dewy, porcelain skin looks so strikingly against the rich plum color, and the fabric material is glimmering in the light. On her finger, the actress wears a green cocktail ring, adding more visual interest to the image. The jewelry also helps to bring out her eyes, which are smoldering in front of the camera as she stares into the photographer’s lens. Her cropped, bouncy waves are blowing away from her face, revealing her true deepest beauty - flawless skin, plump kissable lips, gorgeous bone structure, and those sexy eyes. She looks as though she is in a desert environment, and she is the oasis.

11 Fun and Flirty

Looking for a hot new image to put as your desktop wallpaper? Here it is! Charlize Theron posed in this fun and flirty photo that ends up looking quite sexy and alluring. The actress is dressed in a tight-fitting showgirl - style dress, fitted with red sequins and sparkle. It adds a lot of visual interest and helps our eyes move around so we can take in the full splendor of her body. She has the longest legs we have ever seen in a celebrity photo! Slim and toned, they end with a pair of silver stilettos. Charlize is posed in a bubble structure that appears to be made of clear, strong plastic. She is laying down and is evoking the image of a pixie or fairy - like a real life Tinkerbell! This would be the mature version though because Charlize is not for child’s play! The look on her face certainly says something; she looks ready to seduce and embrace someone special.

10 Curves and Edges

Charlize can pull off the classic look very well. This Instagram photo shows the actress in a black shift dress that hugs at every curve and edge. Her womanly figure looks drop dead gorgeous, and even as she glances downward, we can still feel the emotion and sexiness emanating from her. Charlize posed for this photograph in a structural little black dress with cutouts on the shoulders. The subtle sexiness was a great choice, and the slim fit of the dress still left a lot of eye candy for viewers. There is nothing quite like a woman who knows her true worth and is not afraid to embrace who she is physically and emotionally. That is what we see in this photo. Whether you want to save it to your desktop as a pick-me-up during a hectic week or you want to use it as inspiration to embrace your own body, we think that this Charlize Theron image could change people for the better!

9 Damsel in Distress?

Damsel in distress? Not Charlize Theron! This Hollywood beauty can take care of herself, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t appreciate some good company. In this photo, she was posed laying down on the sandy ground, dressed only in a silky nude-colored teddy. The lingerie added a seductive feel to the image and her face was elegant yet playful. Even as a mother, Charlize takes time to care for herself. The actress has two adopted children, Jackson and August, who are often seen around Los Angeles, California with her on a daily basis. Charlize has one busy schedule, and yet she manages to take good care of her kids, spend time with them, and continue on with her pivotal Hollywood career. How does she do it? We honestly have no idea, but she probably makes a decent amount of money with hot photo shoots like this one, and that can help out a lot.

8 Hollywood Glam - by the Pool

Take Charlize Theron, give her an old-school cool Hollywood look, glam it up, and then place her by the pool. Voila! You have this image, which evokes the Hollywood greats of years past, while invigorating the photography with her own pure and true beauty. Charlize was glammed up with lovely makeup that showed off her enviable bone structure and healthy skin, and her flowy hair was dolled up to look like a pin-up girl’s. But let’s talk about her outfit, the real star of this shoot. The actress donned a gorgeous black one-piece swimsuit that featured cutouts and curvy contours to play up her shape and show off some serious feminine assets. A plunging neckline showcased her toned abs, while her long slender legs looked miles long. An interesting halter top knot created more visual interest and was an excellent excuse to bare more of the actress’ skin. This was fabulous photography!

7 Red Carpet Glamour

Given all of the critical acclaim, Hollywood projects, and awards that Charlize Theron has won throughout the years, you can bet that she tends to spend a good deal of time on the red carpet. This photo is a perfect example of how put together Charlize always looks, no matter if she is on the red carpet, staying at home, or accepting yet another beloved award. This image shows the actress dressed in a gorgeous red evening gown that featured a daring v-neck and some looseness around the chest to leave a little to the imagination, but not much! Silver and metallic accents added even more flair to the dress, and the long silver necklace helped Charlize pinpoint viewers’ eyes to the main showcase: that incredible plunging neckline, which revealed a trim middle and well-endowed chest. It truly was a great fashion choice for a big night out. We’re excited to see what the new year brings for Charlize!

6 Queen Bee

Luxurious, divine, Charlize is a queen! This pale blue gown perfectly draped around her curves and skin to highlight how demure the actress is. Her hair was coiffed in an old Hollywood style, brushed away from her face to showcase plump red lips and sexy eyes. Magic happens when you place Charlize in front of a camera, and it’s almost as if the photographer need not do anything at all! That’s when you know you have a great actress. Not only that, but Charlize is head over heels beautiful, like crazy beautiful, and it is no wonder there are several businesses and brands that are proud to have her as a spokeswoman. Past and present endorsements would include John Galliano, Christian Dior, and Raymond Weil watches. The actress also has a heart of gold, and started the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project to help combat HIV/AIDS in Africa. Queen!

5 Brunette Babe

If you can’t imagine Charlize Theron going brunette, then you need to take a look at this image. It shows Charlize with a dark brown bob cut, and the result is one of breath-taking beauty. She looks edgy and sexy and powerful and we love it. She is also showing off her tight and toned physique in this photo, as she wears teeny tiny bikini bottoms and a bohemian-looking top. The top is basically a necklace with long beads hanging strategically over her breasts; it’s super alluring. Everything about this picture is a departure from what we have seen thus far from the actress, and that element of surprise works very well in her favor. It is nice to see an actress delve into something different and play around with their versatility. No one wants to be typecast and stuck in one role for the rest of their career. Charlize can morph and transform, each time looking more and more gorgeous.

4 Madison Magazine Shoot

Charlize has appeared in many magazines and publications, and this Madison Magazine image is spot-on perfect. We are always fond of the photos that feature a mirror, because it gives us multiple angles in which to view these gorgeous stars. In Charlize’s case, she is seated on a lush throne with lofty cushions and a beautifully embroidered fabric. She is nonchalantly reclining on one hip with her arm resting on the boudoir next to her. She has a look on her face that says “yes, I deserve to be here.” And it’s true! Charlize has worked so hard and has some a long way in her career. After not fitting in at school, Charlize branched out into her own thing and started modeling as a teenager. The rest is history, of course, and now she is one of those iconic Hollywood actresses and beauties that people all around the world look up to.

3 Racy and Lacy

The short, cropped hair, the heavy-lidded eyes, the look of pure seduction...this is a photo that clearly needs to be at the top of our list of hot Charlize Theron photos. The actress was posed on an outdoor wall, dressed in a racy and lacy get-up that revealed the entire length of her thighs and calves. The environment mixed with her attire creates an ambiance that is sultry and edgy at the same time. She sort of looks like she is awakening her inner femme fatale, which is a-okay with us! Charlize is no stranger to fitting into more serious and thrilling roles. In 2003, she starred in the film Monster, in which she portrayed Aileen Wuornos, a serial killer. The actress ended up receiving three different awards for that role, and that was just one movie that helped her solidify herself as a star player on the Hollywood scene. We all know that there were more awards and acclaim and praise where that came from!

2 Shower Time

The cliche shower scene; every actress (and actor) has done it, right? Well, Charlize Theron is another celeb who has done it, but at least she did it extremely well! She was clad in a bright blue bikini with gold chain details that added more pizazz. She was leaning back in a blue tiled shower and her trim body was on full display. The bikini was so dazzling, and it added to the natural allure that Charlize has. Her eyes were smoldering and searing into our hearts, and she looked like a real heartbreaker. Of course, Charlize also has a heart of gold, and her charitable giving and humanitarian work is hard to rival. Besides her Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project, she has worked with the United Nations as a Messenger of Peace, and she has attended rallies and supported human rights efforts for same-sex marriage, pro-choice demonstrations, and animal rights and welfare. Clearly, she’s a giver.

1 Armed With Assets

It really is no secret that Charlize Theron has one of the most enviable bodies in Hollywood. Throughout the years she has been one of the sexiest women on the big screen, and that honor continues to follow her around today. Even in her 40s and while caring for two children, Charlize doesn’t let that faze her; she continues to do a great job as a mother and an actress. This photo shows off how Charlize somehow manages to blend being a domestic goddess with being a siren of the big screen. Dressed up in a silky and slinky teddy, Charlize is seated with a come-hither look and her ample breasts nearly out in the open. What is she doing to maintain such a gorgeous figure? Perhaps it is her sushi dates with Seth MacFarlane. The two stars were seen dining and chatting recently, and they like to hit up a local sushi place for some good food and conversation.

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The 15 Hottest Charlize Theron Photos You've Ever Seen