The 15 Hottest Bella Twins' Instagram Posts

Everybody loves the Bella twins. Even if you don't know who the Bella twins are, you're bound to love them. Those gorgeous ladies are completely badass, dress to impress, and sound sexier than silky sheets. They're practically perfect in every way! You sure wouldn't want to mess with them, though -- they look killer badass while also looking wonderfully delightful and sweet.

Let's rewind: the Bella twins, for those of you who are oddly unaware, are a couple of the most badass, sexy, lovely ladies in the World Wrestling Entertainment industry. They're a couple of killer ladies that love to perform as a tag-team, taking down their opponents with wonderful precision and sexy appeal. They're some of the hottest ladies to watch on WWE, whether they're performing together or apart. Brie Bella is officially retired as of last year, even though she's still in her early thirties, and she's won the WWE Diva Championship once. Nikki Bella (birth name Stephanie), the other half of this twin tag-team, performs most under the SmackDown brand and has won two WWE Diva Championship titles, including one reign that's currently recognized as the longest in WWE Diva history.

Best news yet: these twin babes share an Instagram account! They each have their own separate accounts as well, but we get to see plenty of tandem posts from these babes, and that's nothing but good news. Here are fifteen of the hottest Instagram posts from the Bella twins:


15 When They're Gearing Up

When it comes down to it, there's nothing sexier or hotter than seeing Nikki or Brie Bella gearing up for battle. Before they suited up and went in to fight in the ring, none of us knew who these twins were or cared about them. But we fell in love with them while they were in the ring, showing off their amazing fighting techniques, their ruthless efforts in the mess of a fight, and their sexy celebrations after a great win. They became role models for young women by stomping all over stereotypes that women can't fight as well as men. Hell, they can fight better than their testosterone-riddled competitors and look even better when they're doing it! They both really strutted their stuff in these green outfits, looking like total killers in every sense of the word -- and boy did we love sneaking a peak at Brie's pelvic tattoo.

14 When They're in Bed


OOF. Ladies after our own hearts here, gentlemen. These women are just too hot for their own good. These ladies took this picture on their thirty-second birthday (same day, remember? Twinsies!), and we honestly fell in love at first sight. We have to wonder if the ladies spent the night in bed together or if they just jumped under the sheets together for a good morning birthday cuddle. In their undies. Under the sheets. Either way, seeing these two babes curling up under the fluffy covers for a morning Instagram snap in nothing but their tank tops and underwear is somehow all too much (as in, we need a moment to process) and never enough (can we please have more now?). Also, we'd like to point out that there's a mirror on their ceiling that allowed them to take this picture, soooo... that's mega hot. And that's all we're going to say on the matter.

13 When They're Running the Gym

Nikki has totally run everyone out of the gym! But if you were working out near the amazing, intense, intimidating, all-powerful Nikki Bella, you'd probably get a little gun shy too and mouse away before she went all out She-Hulk on you. Not to be insulting! Nikki looks hotter than ever in this shot. Who knows if it's because she's fresh out of (or in the middle of) an intense workout or if it's just her natural sex appeal coming through in this shot. But something's completely irresistible about this lovely lady. Plus, can we just take a second to talk about the clothes she works out in? That amazingly sexy sports bra and those already low-riding workout pants (which she ever so kindly pulled down a bit more -- thanks for showing a bit more skin there, Nikki!) -- how is she not turning herself on while she's working out!

12 When They're Hanging Out


This picture of Brie Bella was caught by her twin sister Nikki while the two were in between their crazy schedules. After working out and having a good day training for their big matches, these sisters prettied themselves up for a night out (not that they had to do a whole lot to make themselves prettier, you know). Brie is so gorgeous all of the time, but especially in this shot! Fresh out of the shower, clean and straightened hair, stunning metallic pumps, and a crazy low cut romper. (Seriously, look at her in all of that glory! Is that a romper or a dress? If that's a dress, Lord, help us). And that wonderfully laid out outfit is just barely covering up her stunningly gorgeous body. Really, any time we get to see Brie's stunning, slender, long legs and some of her luscious curves and bust, we're certainly happy.

11 When They're Out On The Town

We absolutely love that these twins spent not only all of their time together growing up and then all of their time together at work (you know, in the ring), but also plenty of their personal time together! They're constantly hanging out, both for events that are work-related (-ish, as in hanging out with all their other Diva hottie co-workers for a drink after a good tussle) and on their own time. This Insta post was put up when the two went out for a night on the town -- we absolutely love that they're dressed similarly and even did their makeup almost identically! Their eyebrows are shaped the same, their smokey eyes are just about the same, and their lip color is almost spot-on the same shade (Brie just went a shade lighter)! They practically look like they're twins or something! Oh wait, that's right...

10 When They're Killin It At the Gym


These ladies are the kind of hot that makes it okay to have a cell phone mirror pic. Usually, that's unacceptable or at least very laughable in an Insta pic, especially because so many Instagram selfies are not of the caliber of people that deserve immediate photography. But when the Bella twins take mirror pics? Oof. Different story.

These babes are so hot that they can take a mirror pic wherever they feel like. These babes got in a gym studio room after a heavy workout one day (awww! they even work out together!) and took a selfie in the mirror, and we're certainly grateful that they did. It almost looks like the ladies dressed the same intentionally, but we have to wonder if they were just naturally accustomed to dressing in the same outfits. Whether it was planned or not, we're just glad they gave us a peek at those stellar abs for the shot!

9 When They're Breaking Stereotypes

This sexy pic was on the twins' Instagram after Nikki Bella hit the gym one day. We want to point out, first off, that it looks like Nikki works out at a Planet Fitness by the look of those lockers! Not that you were looking at the lockers... there's too much other important scenery in this visual to worry about lockers! To focus more on what we're sure you were looking at, it also looks like Nikki shops at Victoria's Secret for her sports bras! And we're kind of thankful -- Nikki looks ridiculously sexy in that strappy top. Best part of this Insta post was that Nikki unabashedly flaunted that it was an upper body day, which so many women seem apprehensive to focus on. Many women fear they'll become "mannish" if they gain too much muscle in their upper body -- well, if Nikki's got anything to say about it, it's that muscles all over on a woman are sexy!


8 When They're Unfiltered


There are a lot of celebrity Instagram accounts out there, and a lot of them show daily pix of these glamorous people looking porcelain perfect and showing off their wonderful lifestyles. Well, hope we aren't bursting your bubbles, but most of the photos are doctored like crazy. Either they're fed through wildly exaggerated filters or photoshopped beyond all belief or they're just plain phony-looking. Well, that's not what these Bella twins did! Posing with their friend, these three ladies all boldly chose to tone down some of the typical makeup and go filter-free for a picture for their fans. And what a joy it is! Can you imagine how stunning these twins are with a filter? Um, we'll be so dazzled that our eyeballs would fall out of our heads. Not only are they, of course, absolutely stunning but also total role models to young women and fans everywhere!

7 When They're Rocking Other People's Looks

This Instagram of Nikki Bella has her snapshotted as she's getting ready for a day out. Not many women are brave enough, sexy enough, together enough, or downright classy enough to pull off a white dress, especially one with a high collar neck that's sleeveless, but none of that nonsense has worried Nikki! Not that you were at all concerned about her fashion choices -- you were probably too distracted by the beautiful woman in the picture to even have read this far. Hello? Anyone out there? Stop gazing into Nikki's arms and pay attention!

Honestly, Nikki doesn't even look her typical badass self in this picture! Normally, she looks so kickass in her workout clothes or wrestling outfits, but here... she honestly... kind of looks like a Melania Trump impersonator -- like the first lady, but more hardcore, independent, sexy, classy, sophisticated, and generally... more attractive. Melania's got nothing on Nikki!

6 When They Shared Their Toys


These sexy ladies have got it all. They've three WWE championships between them and have so much to be proud of -- but that doesn't keep them from having humility and knowing how to share. On National Twins Day, these lovely ladies met with one of their littlest fans backstage to celebrate their successes, her bright future, and, of course, all of the sisterhood that encompasses #NationalTwinDay! Nikki Bella posted this picture on their Instagram, stating that she was immensely happy to celebrate the hallmark holiday with her best friend, her best coworker, and her greatest ally: Brie! While a lot of twins resent that they're frequently forcibly attached to each other, these twins totally celebrate all of their intimate sisterhood -- and it's so cute that they're totally ready to celebrate with this adorable young fan as well! Especially right after they've been hard at work, still in their work costumes... er, uniforms? You get what we mean.

5 When They Love Each Other

The Bella twins both tweeted out and posted this picture on Instagram showing off their sisterly love. It's so wonderful that these women are able to make a living fighting and showing off their muscles and aggression but that they can also flaunt such genuine affection and tenderness for each other! Plus, we get to see the both of them in their adorable and sexy short cutoff shirts. (If you look at the shirts, it's clear that these girls cut their own shirts! They're no fashion icons; they're just living their day-to-day lives and being immensely sexy while doing it!). We'd like to think that the Bella twins are frequently this cuddly and cute and snuggly when they're not preparing for battle. They look like poster children for happy young moms on Pinterest, and we love that they can be the best of both worlds!

4 When They're Repping Charities


Yeah, this one's a bit of a cheat since both of the Bella twins aren't in it -- but it's on their joint Insta account, so we're going to roll with it!

One of the most recent pics you can find on @ForeverBellaTwins is this one of the Fearless Nikki Bella herself, sexily sporting a lace-up corset-style sports bra, some rubber fit bracelets, clean and sexy long flowing hair, a backward baseball cap, and -- perhaps, most notably -- a shiny red nose. Brie was the one to snag the adorable pic of her sister. What's perhaps the sexiest in this picture -- other than Nikki herself, of course -- is the shiny red nose! Whether she intended to be supporting the charity or not, sporting a red nose these days is implicitly showing your support for Red Nose Day, an organization supporting Comic Relief, which is a charity fighting to end child poverty. A beautiful babe with a brain and a heart!

3 When Stretching It Out

More on Nikki! There's just so much to flaunt, and Nikki loves to be in front of the camera, so why not? Every good athlete knows that stretching and flexibility are just as important to athletic success as cardio training, strength conditioning, and consistent exercise. So we got to see a snapshot of Nikki getting a solid stretch in before venturing out into a match one night with the WWE, and we're so glad we got to intrude on the private moment. This merciless, fearless, badass woman proves time and time again that she's not to be trifled with -- and she's about to do it again in these high striped socks, fishnet stockings, teeny-tiny booty shorts, and a crop top -- which, you should note, is a crop top supporting the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Research Foundation. A beautiful, deadly devil in disguise -- one that can likely get that leg stretching much higher, ladies and gents.

2 When They're Showing Off Their Assets


Again, we have to pick on the mirror selfies a little bit, especially ones that are taken in the bathroom, like this one! But since Nikki Bella is the type that has a slightly attractive bathroom, and we're too distracted by the sexy woman in front of us to notice anything else in the shot, we won't pick on her too much. Brie didn't make an appearance in this one because Nikki wanted to flaunt some of her individual assets! She was specifically proud of her booty in this shot, and really, who wouldn't be? Nikki looks AMAZING! Plus, with that gorgeous long hair, sexy workout attire (must have been the hottest chick in the gym, as always), and flawless makeup, it's hard to see anything wrong with this picture. Just as long as you keep your eyes on her and not on the grouting in the tile behind her, this picture looks perfect!

1 When They're Strutting All Black

There's never anything wrong with seeing a babe in all black. Actually, it's the one color that all women can kind of universally strut. No matter how sexy (or unsexy) you are, you can probably look good in black. But in this black dress? Uh, no. We don't think so. A rare few can rock this dress.

Nikki Bella is smoking hot. This black dress makes her look like she's about to hit up a casino to seduce James Bond or like she's an undercover superhero just waiting to tear off the leather (or spandexy-pleather) and break into action. To rock a dress like this, it takes a perfect body from spectacular breasts to thin legs to the perfectly tight hourglass figure. Nikki is so spectacular and rocks this outfit seemingly effortlessly. We don't know where she's going or where she had just come from, but we wish she were heading to our place next.


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