The 15 Hottest Anna Kendrick Photos You Need To See

Performers in the entertainment industry are considered incredibly fortunate if they are able to secure roles in blockbuster films that generate both incredible amounts of money, as well as a ton of e

Performers in the entertainment industry are considered incredibly fortunate if they are able to secure roles in blockbuster films that generate both incredible amounts of money, as well as a ton of exposure to help showcase their skill set. Some of these franchises are pegged as a sure thing, while others come from out of nowhere to generate an intense amount of fanfare and box office revenue. For Anna Kendrick, her roles in two huge franchises helped make her a household name, and her career has been all the better for it.

The Twilight Saga made its theatrical debut back in 2008, and the franchise became one of the biggest film franchises of all-time. Each film in the series packed a punch at the box office, and it seemed like the vampire craze would never end. Kendrick was still relatively unknown prior to the release of the film, and all of that changed once it hit theaters. On the other end of that spectrum, Kendrick also found success with the movie Pitch Perfect, which was far more well-liked than The Twilight Saga.

The work that Anna Kendrick has produced has been incredible, and each role has been any opportunity for her to show the world all of the things that a performer of her talent is capable of doing. Aside from her talent in the world of acting, Kendrick is an incredibly beautiful woman, and one of the biggest names in Hollywood. Later this year, Kendrick will appear in the comedy Table 19, which will no doubt become another impressive title in her filmography.

15 Glamour Magazine (June 2015)


By the time this memorable issue made its way onto the streets for consumers, Anna Kendrick was already reaping the benefits of another hugely successful movie at the box office. Pitch Perfect 2 would see Kendrick reprise her role as the talented Beca Mitchell, and the 287 million dollars in revenue would suggest that fans were ready for a second helping of her vocal talents. While some viewers may have enjoyed the prequel more than the sequel, most can agree that the performers deliver nothing but quality performances throughout the film.

The photo at hand features a beautiful shot of Anna as she finds herself surrounded by an impressive catalogue of vinyl records. Among them is the album Smile by The Beach Boys, which is an absolute classic. Anna Kendrick is an incredibly talented musician, so it's great to see a singer like her surrounded by some of history's most incredible recordings.

14 The Edit Magazine (June 2016)


Anna Kendrick has been on an impressive box office streak these last few years, and she kept her foot down on the gas pedal as she went on to appear in 5 films in 2016. Though they yielded mixed results at the box office, Kendrick showed off her acting chops by appearing in films that spanned several genres. Of all of the films that she starred in during her 2016 campaign, her animated movie Trolls would be her biggest financial success, having earned more than 330 million dollars.

During the summer of 2016, Anna Kendrick was the focal point of this piece, and her issue hit the stands shortly before the release of her comedy Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. The film, which featured an incredibly funny cast, would go on to earn just over double its budget, and was hysterical. As it stands now, Anna Kendrick has one movie set to release in 2017.

13 Marie Claire (September 2016)


The autumn wind began to blow in September 2016, and the following month would see massive box office success for Anna Kendrick. She had already had some experience doing voice-over work, and her fortuitous casting in the hit movie Trolls would serve to bolster her resume. The animated feature garnered a positive response from movie critics, and its aforementioned performance at the box office further solidified the movie as a hit.

This particular magazine has had the distinction of featuring some of the highest-profile women in Hollywood, and Anna Kendrick is a repeat as a cover model. Her spreads with the magazine have been stunning. Several of the other women that I've had the pleasure of writing about have been featured in the magazine as well. It's a testament to her star-power in the entertainment business, and it proves that Anna Kendrick is one of the more beautiful and recognizable women in Hollywood.

12 Sundance Film Festival (January 2014)


For the first big break in her career, Anna Kendrick landed a role in a film franchise that made unfathomable amounts of money at the box office. Back in 2008, The Twilight Saga began its run in theaters, and the book series and film franchise became a worldwide phenomenon. The first movie in the series would go on to gross 393 million dollars in the fall of 2008. Though Anna Kendrick had a smaller role in the series, her exposure to millions paid off in the long run.

After 4 years of incredible financial success, The Twilight Saga concluded in 2012 with the release of the franchise's fourth film. Anna Kendrick, portraying the character Jessica Stanley, would appear in the first three films in the series. Though the movies may have lacked critical acclaim, their financial success is a clear indication of the type of impact that these films had during that time.

11 Grammy Awards (January 2014)


In 2014, Anna Kendrick would once again combine her vocal talents along with her acting ability to find financial success. In December of that year, Anna Kendrick would star in the musical Into the Woods for Disney, and the movie would make 213 million dollars. It was a fitting way to end a year that began with the actress making her presence felt at the 2014 Grammy Awards. Kendrick was not nominated for any awards that evening, but her beautiful look turned heads everywhere.

In total, Anna Kendrick would appear in 6 films in 2014, making that one of her busiest years to date. Unlike most performers, Kendrick has elected to stay busy, and her prolific output in recent years is evidence. So far in her career, Anna Kendrick has received one Grammy Award nomination. The nomination came in 2016, and was for her work on the soundtrack for Pitch Perfect 2.

10 GQ Magazine (September 2013)


Prior to 2013, Anna Kendrick had just found her footing as a bonafide star in 2012. While she had already had roles in successful films (mainly The Twilight Saga), she was still waiting for the movie that would make her a household name. That would finally happen with the release of her hit Pitch Perfect. The movie was hugely profitable, and became a pop culture phenomenon in 2012. Shortly thereafter, Kendrick would find herself in a whirlwind of features in magazines.

Her feature in this magazine back in 2013 is some of her most impressive modeling work to date. Kendrick left very little to the imagination, and readers were more than happy with the work she did during her shoot. During 2013, Anna Kendrick would star in only 2 films, which is a relatively low output for the actress. The following year, however, she would achieve a much higher number of films.

9 Fast Company Magazine (June 2014)


While being featured as one of the magazine's most creative people, Anna Kendrick would bust out her infamous cups, and be captured brilliantly in a subdued feature in the magazine. Kendrick's cup routine is one of the most recognizable pop culture happenings in recent memory, so it was incredibly fitting that one of the shoot's best photos would feature the actress doing what helped make her a huge star. During the height of the film's success, many social media site were littered with people from around the world trying to recreate was Anna Kendrick made famous.

Along with the beautiful photos, the interview itself was fantastic. The interview, conducted by Josh Eells, shows why Kendrick is such a likable and bankable actress. She has an incredible sense of humor, and doesn't seem to take things too seriously. Thanks to this type of approach, Kendrick is able to consistently deliver quality performances, despite the genre of the film.

8 Elle Magazine (July 2014)


During 2014, Anna Kendrick was featured in 6 films altogether, though the financial success of those films was varied at best. While her film Into the Woods was by far her most bankable performance that year, several of her other films from 2014 failed to do much of anything at the box office. Most of her performances came in movies that had an incredibly small budget, and that seemed to get almost no marketing for their respective releases.

This is not uncommon for Anna Kendrick. She is an actress that, despite her success, takes a decent number of roles in low-budget films. These aren't terrible movies by any means. They just aren't vehicles for huge financial returns, and mainly seem to serve as a way for actors to take roles that they find interesting as opposed to profitable. I am curious to see if Anna Kendrick keeps taking these types of roles in the future now that she's one of the biggest names in Hollywood.

7 Elle Magazine (July 2014)


If you're looking for some Anna Kendrick photo that combine an elegant look and really showcase her modeling talent, then you may want to give this issue a look. For their July issue back in 2014, Anna Kendrick provided the magazine with an elegant shoot that saw the actress adorned in a vintage and beautiful style. The last entry on our list is from the same shoot, and you can see that the work done that day was of incredible quality. Then again, in order to work for this magazine, you have to have some real talent

Photographer Carter Smith provided readers with an incredible visual aid to pair with the interview that was conducted by Molly Langmuir. Both Smith and Langmuir did an exceptional job for the spread, and it is one of my favorites that the actress has done so far. The issue hit the stands nearly 6 months before the release of Into the Woods, which would be her most successful movie of the year.

6 GQ Magazine (September 2013)


Of the two movies that Anna Kendrick appeared in during 2013, her film Drinking Buddies was perhaps the more successful of the two. Both films were made with a small budget, and neither made a substantial amount of money. For the most part, however, Drinking Buddies was able to receive critical praise, which is more than can be said about Rapture-Palooza. Despite the relatively small year, Kendrick was still finding her way onto the covers of magazines.

Venturing back into her session I touched on in our number ten spot, Anna Kendrick has slightly more clothing in this picture, which I'm sure will have a number of men out there looking back at the previous picture that made our list. Yes, the previous picture was a lot more provocative, but, in my opinion, this entry on the list is simply better than the other. The other photos from the session are fantastic, but the two that I chose are the best of the bunch.

5 Academy Awards (March 2010)


In 2010, Anna Kendrick would deliver performances in two different movies, and each movie would fall on opposite sides of the success spectrum. For The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, the film would make a staggering amount of money. The third installment of the successful series would make nearly 700 million dollars, as fans around the world flocked to theaters to indulge in the film. Critics seemed a bit divided, but the money it made was undeniable.

Heading over to the other end of the spectrum, Anna Kendrick was also in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World that same year. For the most part, the quirky film received positive reviews from movie critics, and audiences seemed to enjoy the movie. This, however, didn't equate to financial success, as the movie made 47 million dollars while in theaters. Most people that I know really seemed to like the movie, and it has gathered a cult following since its release.

4 ParaNorman Premiere (August 2012)


When it comes to animated films, Disney has long been the standard in the entertainment industry. While other studios have steadily found success throughout the years, no one has done it quite like Disney has. In 2009, Laika released their first feature film Coraline, and the production company has steadily released films ever since. In 2012, the company released ParaNorman, its second animated film, to critical acclaim and to modest financial success.

During its run at the box office, ParaNorman grossed 107 million dollars, which, while not Disney-like numbers, is impressive for a company's second film. Anna Kendrick did an exceptional job with her voice acting for her role of Courtney Babcock in the animated feature. I for one hope that Kendrick continues to do voice acting, as she really seems to have a talent for it. Since ParaNorman, Laika has released two more movies, and are currently in the works for another film to be released next year.

3 Independent Spirit Awards (March 2014)


At this point in her career, Anna Kendrick has become a household name, and has garnered a reputation of being a solid actress, and a great singer. Her talents are undeniable, and her success shows no signs of slowing down. It's interesting to see that, while she has starred in her own music video, she has also been featured in two other music videos as an actress.

Her first music video came in 2010, when she performed in the music video for the song "Pow Pow" for the Brooklyn band LCD Soundsystem. The song can be found on their album This Is Happening, which was released the same year. For her second video, Kendrick was featured in the music video for the song "Do It Anyway" for the band Ben Folds Five. This music video was released back in 2012. That track can be heard on their album The Sound of the Life of the Mind.

2 People Magazine (October 2014)


During the height of The Twilight Saga pandemonium that swept the world, Anna Kendrick would deliver a masterful performance in a film, and would receive some incredible recognition while doing so. In 2009, Anna Kendrick played a pivotal role in the movie Up in the Air, and audiences everywhere couldn't take their eyes off of the actress. Up in the Air, which was releases in December of that year, would make over 166 million at the box office.

The critical acclaim received by the film was justified, as each performer delivered in a major way throughout the film. Up in the Air was so well-liked by critics that it was nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Overall, I found this movie to be enjoyable, and I thought that it was well directed and acted. For her role as Natalie Keener, Anna Kendrick would be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, although she wound up losing the award that evening.

1 Cannes Film Festival (May 2016)


Over the last several years, Anna Kendrick has been a huge success in Hollywood, and her film output is just as impressive. The actress has been featured in countless movies, each finding its place with viewers everywhere. Though the financial success of each is vastly different, Anna Kendrick has done plenty to keep her portfolio as diverse as any other performer in Hollywood. Given the schedule of films that she has maintained, it should come as no surprise that she seems to be taking some time off.

For 2017, Anna Kendrick is slated to appear in just one film, which is her lowest overall total since 2008 when she only appeared in the film Twilight. She will be appearing in the comedy Table 19 which boasts an impressive cast. The film is set to hit theaters in March, and that is the last we may see of Kendrick this year.

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