The 15 Highest Paid Celebrities In 2016

One of the many perks that come with being a popular celebrity in society is that it normally comes with a pretty hefty paycheque. For the 15 stars below, you can imagine payday is wonderful but defin

One of the many perks that come with being a popular celebrity in society is that it normally comes with a pretty hefty paycheque. For the 15 stars below, you can imagine payday is wonderful but definitely not a necessity after the wealth they should have built up in the past year.

After all, we don't just have the 5 most exciting stars in their respective industry below, but also who made the most money. We've covered 3 industries: modelling, acting and music and tracked down just how much money they all earned in 2016. While we'd love to have Jennifer Lawrence on this list, but her $46 million falls below Depp's entry at $48 million.

As you go through the list, take note of the large income differences between the industries. In doing so, we also highlight some of the reasons as to why they were able to turn in such a successful year and why you should still keep your eyes out for them now that 2017 has rolled around.

15 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - $9 million


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is not only known for her fantastic good looks that have helped her land countless modelling contracts, but she's also tried her hand at acting. In 2015 she was in Mad Max: Fury Road and if she needs to look for a leading man, she looks no further than her own man Jason Statham. The two became engaged in 2016.

Outside of modelling her own line of lingerie, makeup, and fragrances, she also is involved with Marks and Spencers (the companies, not dudes name Mark and Spencer!).

This is Huntington-Whiteley's first appearance on the list, but don't expect her to take it easy. When talking to DailyMail, Huntington-Whiteley said "My mum taught me never to be complacent. I'm always thinking, 'What else is there left to do and where I can go now?'"

With a resume like Huntington-Whiteley has now, we are sure she is starting to truly understand that the sky is the limit.

14 Johnny Depp - $48 Million


Johnny Depp may be known for his negative headlines as of late (you know, abusing your ex-wife will do that), but that doesn't mean he still doesn't earn a ridiculous amount of money. On top of various upcoming projects, Depp made bank in 2016 for his roles in Alice Through the Looking Glass and receiving an upfront payment for the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

It was revealed back in 2011 that at that point (after 4 movies had been made), Depp had already earned a staggering $350 million for his role. This is due in large part to the fact that Depp got paid a percentage of the movie's gross profits after the making and production costs are met.

The next addition, Dead Man Tell No Tales is set to come out in 2017. While Depp has so far paid up to $7 million in his divorce to Heard, you can imagine that's far from a concern to him.

13 Rihanna - $75 Million


As we move into our third category, one thing should become clear when you look at that nice $75 million number. And that is that musicians can make absolute bank, especially if they combine their looks to several endorsement deals.

Rihanna has recently paired up with Dior, Puma, Samsung and Stance (to name a few) in order to help bolster her bank account. In the musical world, Rihanna has now created 21 different top 5 singles and in 2016 released her 8th studio album Anti to widely positive reviews.

Outside of her success, Rihanna will get to spend part of 2017 looking for love after her former flame Drake has been officially linked to Jennifer Lopez.

12 Kendall Jenner - $10 Million


There is only one Jenner that is going to make a crack on our list, and you may be surprised to find out it's Kendall! In fact, her $10 million is a 150% increase over the $4 million that she earned in 2015. Jenner's most prominent modelling contract in this past year came with Calvin Klein, but she has also worked with Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld, Topshop, Fendi, and Mango.

With no shortage of opportunities to take professional photos, Kendall has also created a tremendous following on social media. This includes her Instagram account that has close to 72 million followers and 2,713 posts. Despite this, Kendall still took part of 2016 to talk about her own battles with confidence and how she gives herself pep talks when she gets rejected, including going on to say "Everyone just wants different things and different vibes. I can't take it too personally. It's a really big thing in this industry to not take things to heart because it can be really rough on you."

11 Tom Cruise - $53 Million


Tom Cruise definitely had a smart agent that made sure he always had himself a nice paycheque waiting for him this past year. Part of his huge 2016 came due to backend pay that came from his role in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, but also some upfront pay for his upcoming role in Jack Reacher and Mena.

Cruise may now be 54 years old, but there is no denying his marketability. If you count domestic grosses, 22 of his past films have brought in more than $200 million. Not to mention the Mission Impossible series alone is worth more than $2.8 billion.

Cruise is gearing up for what could be another successful series with The Mummy in 2017.

10 Madonna - $76.5 Million


Madonna has had an incredibly successful career that has spanned decades. So much so that the $76.5 million that she clocked in 2016 is only a drop in the bucket in comparison to the $1.4 billion that she has reportedly earned in her career.

Madonna was 58 years old when she started out on her Rebel Heart Tour which lasted from September 9th to March 20th. On top of keeping busy there, she also got to spend time accepting the Billboard award for "Woman of the Year"

When talking about the impact she has had, president and chief creative officer of The Hollywood Reporter-Billboard Media Group said, "Madonna is one of a minuscule number of super-artists whose influence and career transcend music. With her creative vision, relentless innovation, and dedication to philanthropic causes, she is an inspiration to hundreds of millions of people around the world, all while shattering every career record out there.”

9 Karlie Kloss - $10 Million


It was announced in 2015 that Karlie Kloss was going to be leaving her career with Victoria's Secret. She was with the company for 4 years (2 as an Angel) and despite it being a lucrative position, she had decided to focus on other modelling jobs and was also going to start attending NYU.

Following her departure, Kloss went on to make sure she has no student debt when she raked in $10 million working for L'Oreal Paris, Express (seen above), Swarovski, Marc Jacobs and stripped down for companies like Vogue Paris. Not to mention her two fragrances, Caroline Herrera's "Good girl" and Chanel's "Coco Noir", because who wants only one unique smell to themselves?

8 Matt Damon - $55 Million


Matt Damon is definitely no stranger to taking home big paycheques. In fact, it was reported he made $25 million for his latest role in the Jason Bourne and while he was an integral part of the plot, his character also only had 25 lines.

That's right, Damon literally made $1 million for each line of dialogue. Damon's year was also bolstered by $25 million that he brought in for his role in the 2015 hit The Martian, which dwarfed the $7 million that his co-star Jessica Chastain took home.

You can imagine all this cash must make it pretty easy to relax and make movies with your buddies, which is what Damon got to do recently as filming wrapped on Ocean's Eight. While we don't know his payday for the role yet, something tells us he didn't give too much of a friendly discount.

7 Adele - $80.5 Million


Adele can not only set fire to the rain, she can set fire to stacks of cash and just watch it burn for all she cares! After all, bringing in $80.5 million in one year is definitely enough to make sure money worry is no longer something that is occupying her brain. This was perhaps, though not shockingly, her most successful year with most of it coming due to her album 25 that came out in November 2015.

It was also reported that her tour, aptly titled Adele Live 2016 started in February 2016 and is scheduled to run to July 2nd 2017. The concert has already earned more than $150 million and has seen Adele perform all over the world.

6 Adriana Lima - $10.5 Million


While the last model that we talked about did fine when she left Victoria's Secret, you can imagine Adriana Lima isn't thinking about leaving anytime soon. Lima was with the company way back in 2000 and is understandably still one of their most popular (not to mention recognizable) models.

You can imagine that seniority bumps up her pay scale, but Lima also worked for Maybelline, IWC Watches, and Vogue Eyewear. Sadly her year wasn't all smooth sailing, as her divorce with Marko Jaric was finalized and she also had her relationship with Joe Thomas fall apart. Let's just hope she makes sure she attracts the right kind of guy the next time around!

5 Jackie Chan - $61 Million


Jackie Chan has been acting since the 1960s, so he definitely knows his way around the movie set but can you still believe he made $61 million last year?! Forbes attributes a large portion of his income to movies that are filmed in China. This includes the Monkey King franchise, which had Monkey King: Hero is Back release in 2015. Chan also lent his voice to Kung Fu Panda 3.

You can expect to see a bit more of Chan in the near future as he has also been announced to reprise his role of Mr. Han in The Karate Kid 2. Still not enough Chan for you? He's also finished his role on The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature. Not to mention the potential that there might be a 4th Rush Hour movie!

Chan's experience around the movie set also makes him a valuable producer, a role he's held 47 times including 7 since 2005.

4 One Direction - $110 Million


One Direction is proof enough that just because you can earn a stupid amount of money with your band, it doesn't mean you should stick together if you aren't digging it. Especially when you also have more than enough money to never work again! In 2016 the band brought in an astounding $110 million, largely in part to the $200 million that their On The Road Again tour earned.

It was during this tour that Zayn Malik said the stress of the band was getting too high and that he needed to take a break. As a result, this is the last tour that the band has done.

While it does not look like they have any plans to get together anytime soon, both Malik, Harry Styles and Niall Horan have all released solo ventures to a variety of success.

3 Gisele Bundchen - $30.5 Million


If we're honest, when your husband is Tom Brady you definitely don't have to do much in life and you can still live pretty comfortably. But when Brady fell for Bundchen, you can imagine it had to do partially with the fact that she was arguably already the most successful model in the world.

If it wasn't true then, how do you argue with now when you consider her $30.5 million is almost triple our second place model? The biggest factor for Bundchen is that she has her own line of lingerie as well as skin care. Plus, I mean when you're the one modelling it, you can imagine it looks pretty damn good!

Bundchen also has various ad campaigns that run in Brazil, as well as working with Chanel, Pantene, and Herra among many other notable brands.

2 The Rock - $64 Million


Is there an actor in the world right now that is more popular than The Rock? How about animated films, where he has got that on lock with his portrayal in the widely successful Moana. Ass-kicking? Where do we even start? Not to mention he's clearly proven that he can be a fantastic addition to a star-studded cast, as well as be a great leading man.

Part of his astonishing $64 million came from the success of his film San Andreas. While it could have flopped with a less appealing lead actor, it instead pulled in over $450 million. Johnson was also reportedly well paid for his role in the Fast and the Furious franchise.

Don't expect the good times to slow down for Johnson anytime soon. He is currently in post-production on Jumanji, Baywatch, and Fast and the Furious 8.

Then you consider he is announced to play Black Adam in Shazam! (a massive DC comic book movie), Doc Savage (the "original superhero" of the 1930s), and they're also making another San Andreas. Why not wrap it all up with Rampage which is set for 2018 and will be set around the 1980s video game franchise.

We sure hope you love Johnson because he's going to be around for a very long time.

1 Taylor Swift - $170 Million


Taylor Swift may have spent part of 2016 feuding with Kanye West, but at the very least she didn't have any concerns when it came to cash to add to what must have been a stressful situation.

In fact, as you can tell by her spot on our list, Swift literally earned more than any other celebrity on this list. Whether it was her incredibly successful musical ability, her sponsorships (that include Keds, Diet Coke, and Apple) or her 1989 World Tour which earned more than $250 million.

Not only is that a crazy big number, but it's also the most successful concert tour of all time. While the concert ended on December 12th, 2015, you can imagine that just means Swift is rested and ready to kick the sh-t out of 2017.

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