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The 15 Greatest Jedi Of All Time In The Star Wars Universe

The 15 Greatest Jedi Of All Time In The Star Wars Universe

With the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi film coming up soon, it makes total sense for Star Wars fans to be excited. It’s a big movie and a continuation of the extremely good Force Awakens film that surprised everyone. There is a lot to be said about how good it was versus what could be corrected. The story of the Last Jedi is somewhat from the books and comics, which will be apparent as the movie goes through. However, there are changes made to make them different.

With Luke saying in the trailer that it might be time to end the Jedi, one has to wonder what he means by it. That got us thinking, who are the best Jedi of all time? How do we determine it? Clearly, we have some of the greatest characters of all time in the Jedi. This means a lot of those impressive stars of the past will be featured in our minds for a long time.

It is tough to think of everyone’s favorite Jedi, as we all have our personal favorite at the end of the day. There are undeniably impressive Jedi stand-outs and then there are “great” Jedi. What’s the difference? That is what this list will point out.

The plan for this list is to break down the Jedi of the past and present, which will give you an indication of why they deserve to be at the top of your list. We’ll base our choices on force strength, skill, status, accomplishments, and canon connection. The biggest and extremely important rule for us is what they did for the light side or good side of the force, or as a Jedi. Your favorite may or may not make the cut, but what cannot be denied is that we’re going to make a good argument for why these are the fifteen best Jedi of all time.

15. Ahsoka Tano – The Chosen Apprentice

Ahsoka Tano

[image by]

Ahsoka Tano, due to the Clone Wars and Rebels animated series, has become a fan favorite. It’s not just because of how she looks, but also due to what she brings to the table. The former padawan to Anakin Skywalker, Tano rose to prominence as a key figure throughout the Clone Wars and was one of the few who survived Order 66. Her inclusion into it all happened so quickly into her life, but her force skills were high from a young age. This put her on the Jedi radar relatively quick. She also had unshaking morals that no one could crack.

She would work with a lightsaber as well as anyone, and due to learning from Anakin, would become one of the better saber workers of her time. She also used a dual-bladed approach in many forms. This made her dangerous in various ways. She even stood toe to toe with assassins like Asajj Ventress and people like General Grievous. She would leave the Jedi Order after an issue with them that caused her faith in the group to weaken. Yet she would remain as one of the top Jedi of her time despite it.

14. Starkiller – Sith Apprentice Turned Sith Destroyer

Starkiller brings down ship

[Image by Screen Rant]

Galen Marek, better known to the world as Starkiller, rose to prominence originally as a Sith. He was the apprentice to Darth Vader, who due to the Rule of Two, was not supposed to have one. Galen was a force sensitive child that Vader found after killing the boy’s father, a Jedi. He would corrupt him and make him into a deadly Sith. Starkiller was born, and he was one of the best assassins in the order. Like Darth Maul before him, he would hunt down various Jedi and kill any he came in contact with, almost.

Rahm Kota would survive his attack and teach Galen the ways of the Jedi. Originally only joining the cause to get closer to the Jedi just to kill them, Starkiller then realized the ways of the Jedi were right. Knowing what Vader had done to his family, he would go out for revenge. Something Jedi did not do, but something Starkiller did. He would dual with Vader and almost kill him, but withhold from doing so. This, despite Darth Sidious pushing for him to. He would then battle Sidious and do well until one distraction gave Sidious the way to kill him.

13. Corran Horn- The Luckiest Man In The Galaxy

Corran Horn

[Image by Ace Den for Ace Men]

When you see the word “luck” in the Star Wars manual, a picture of Corran Horn is sure to show up there. It was assumed Horn was lucky, far too much. However, this was not the case at the end of the day. His ways of the force were very strong. This allowed for Horn to see visions of the future when he would be in battle. Any sort of deadly situation would be known, which allowed for Horn to stay away from it. This would make him an amazing pilot for the Jedi, as well as a good saber user.

He trained in Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Academy and would be used heavily after leaving the academy. His ways of the force were useful, but he also needed skills to survive too. This came in handy when he would not get a vision of a deadly blow that came his way that would actually hit him. Horn would survive this, as he had the ability to absorb energy. Thus, he could take blows that could kill others. He was only feared by the dark side because they just couldn’t seem to find an effective way to kill the guy.

12. Lord Hoth – The Man Who Destroyed The Sith For 1,000 Years

Lord Hoth

[Image by]

Growing up under the name Rohlan, he would always dream of taking out the Sith all on his own. He never shied away from battle and was a consistently training for the time he would be needed, with force power growing the entire time too. His time once came when he took out a ring of Sith pirates on the ice planet known as Hoth. He would free up the Corellian Trade Spine that connected most of the galaxy as well, which would be quite useful. He would be asked to train young Jedi at the Jedi Academy under the Jedi Master role and as their Battlemaster. The Battlemaster would train Jedi in lightsaber skills.

Now going by Lord Hoth, coincidentally, he would eventually be used to help against the Sith Brotherhood of Darkness. This group was led by Sith Lord Skere Kaan. Hoth would become the General of the Army of Light, a small but useful few. They would seek to take Kaan and the Sith out. They would take out any and all who got in the way, until Hoth caught up with Kaan. It was then that Kaan detonated the “thought bomb” which killed all force sensitive people around… including himself and Lord Hoth. Knowing there was no other way. Hoth literally killed off the Sith for 1,000 years, amazingly.

11. Mace Windu – The Greatest Saber Duelist Of All

Mace Windu

[Image by]

There are saber greats, and there are saber legends. Then, there is Mace Windu. Considered by many to be the greatest to ever live, he would create his own purple or lightsaber that he would use to great success in combat. Very few people could beat him, and for good reason… it was almost impossible. It was assumed that if the Jedi had only padawans who could not do much, and only had one man to protect them in Mace Windu, that this would be plenty.

Mace created the lightsaber form of Vaapad, but remains as one of the only to practice this style and not turn to the dark side. Windu described his style as one that brought out aggression and would force people to go so far dark, that they would go to the nearest edge of the dark side without going over. Due to his invention of the style, he could stand this. No one else seemed able to.

Mace was also able to sense weakness in any of his opponent, which allowed him to exploit it. His shatterpoint ability also stood out, allowing him to sense where fate could be changed. This helped in combat.

Mace was the Master of the Jedi Order until the Battle of Genesis, which pushed his power to Master Yoda. He would eventually track down Senator Palpatine, and come close to killing him in battle. Sadly, before he could do so, the recently turned Anakin Skywalker would kill Windu.

10. Nomi Sunrider – The Accidental Legend

Nomi Sunrider

[Image by]

Nomi Sunrider’s life was not meant to be one of high acclaim. She was married to a Jedi in training known as Andur Sunrider. Weirdly, the couple were on a trip when Bogga the Hut’s soldiers killed her husband during an ambush.

Nomi, on a case for revenge, would become a Jedi on her own. Becoming a Jedi Knight, she would beat anyone in her way. Not needing help, Nomi usually liked doing things alone. Though the Jedi recognized her as one of their own.

Eventually, her biggest moment came when she took on Sith Lord legend Exar Kun and his impressive apprentice, Ulic Qel-Droma. This was part of the Great Sith War. She would best both in combat. She would even go as far as to end Qel-Droma’s connection to the force, due to killing his own brother previously. She literally took away his ability to connect to the force! How badass can this lady get? This ultimately allowed the Jedi to win.

Due to her ties to helping the Jedi, Nomi would be honored by the Jedi. She would even be used for missions many times. Eventually, she rose the ranks enough to become the head of the Jedi Order. It was an honor a woman could hardly even dream of at the time, but Nomi had attained it.

9. Shaak Ti – The Cunning Planner And Executor

Shaak Ti

[Image by]

Shaak Ti was known in her time for being one of the best Jedi in the order. The reason for this has to do with her highly impressive skill-set. She rose the ranks of the Jedi in relatively fast fashion simply because she knew when and how to strike. This led to her inclusion in the Clone Wars, where she made an impact as a Jedi General. She would eventually be given a seat on the Jedi Council, something only the greatest Jedi of their time would attain. She took part in the Battle of Geonosis, like many Jedi before her. However, her job was quite important.

She would be added to a strike team designed by Mace Windu, which had the job of rescuing three of the most important Star Wars figures in history. That being Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Queen Amidala. They were set to be executed, and without Shaak Ti and the strike team, that may have happened. Order 66, or the time in which the Clones turned on the Jedi after being corrupted by Darth Sidious, spelled an end to Shaak Ti. She would not die from the clones, but rather by the hands of the newly turned Anakin Skywalker.

8. Qui-Gon Jinn – If He Finds You, He Will Kill You

Qui-Gon Jinn

[Image by]

Known by many for discovering Anakin Skywalker… Qui-Gon Jinn also served as one of the best Jedi who ever lived. He was the original mentor to Anakin, but also to Obi-Wan Kenobi. His impact on the Jedi was immense, as one can assume due to his apprentices.

Known to be a student of the living force, he would feel that his immense focus on the current things around him would allow for greatness in battle. He was right, as it allowed him to become a duelist of immense value. He was a master of Ataru, a deadly combat style that allowed him to get ahead on his opponents when it came to a lightsaber battle. He was also a very skilled mental manipulator. He could make people do pretty much whatever he wanted.

Even the Hutt’s, who are known for being immune from the Jedi mind tricks, would fall victim to Jinn’s mind-power. His skill in combat and in the force was clearly noted, though they could not protect him from the combat assassin and dual-sabered swordsman Darth Maul, who would kill Master Jinn in battle by exploiting the weakness in Ataru. Death did not hold Qui-Gon from helping the Jedi, however.

He taught Obi-Wan the secrets of his technique, so he would be protected later. He would even teach it to the great Yoda.

7. Jaina Solo – The Out Of Canon Sword Of The Jedi

Jaina Solo

[Image by]

Jaina Solo is no longer in canon, so we might as well put her where “Rey” will be by the end of her time. Even as a child, Jiana had force abilities that few could argue. Many of the Solo children did, however.

What Jiana could do was quite vast. Instead of randomly picking up objects like many force users can do, she would also be able to create flashes of light by manipulating molecules in the air. Thereby allowing her to affect the very air you breathe. She also mastered the ability to shatter anything that could, well, be shattered. She even shattered Mandalorian iron, the toughest stuff around.

She was one of the top Jedi during the Yuuzhan Vong War, which was a period that made and broke thousands. She was able to literally tear people apart with a lightsaber, and could not be held back on the field of battle. Luke Skywalker even named her “the sword of the Jedi.” If she had one, a battle may be as good as won.

Jaina had a twin, Jacen. He became quite prominent at this time himself, as he stood out over leaving the Jedi and becoming part of the dark side. Jacen would name himself Darth Caedus and bring on a new Galactic Civil War. Caedus was one of the most feared men in the galaxy. Jaina’s training and ability with a sword allowed her to take him on and kill her twin brother in combat.

6. Anakin Skywalker – From The Chosen One To The Fallen One

Anakin Skywalker

[Image by]

Found by Jedi members Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker would become a padawan in the Jedi Order under the two of them. Being trained by two of the greatest Jedi in history clearly allowed him to learn from the best. Thought to be the key to bringing balance to the universe, the Jedi felt having him on their side would mean peace. He would be dubbed “the chosen one” by the Jedi Order.

After Jinn was killed at the hands of Darth Maul, Obi-Wan Kenobi was responsible for the remainder of the training of Anakin. They would work together and succeed beside one another throughout the Clone Wars. Anakin’s ability with a lightsaber was hardly matched.

Being able to understand every part of the force, both light and dark, Anakin could see things coming. He could sense force-sensitive individuals and people in trouble from many miles away. He would see his wife and child dying with his ability to see prophetic force-dreams. Confiding in Senator Palpatine, the unknown dark lord would slowly turn Anakin to the dark side.

Anakin would save him against Mace Windu by killing the great swordsman. And almost die at the hands of Obi-Wan before becoming Darth Vader. He would accomplish bringing balance the force when he saved his son Luke from dying at the hands of Darth Sidious by sacrificing himself in his place. He would kill Sidious, seemingly, and become good once again.

5. Quinlan Vos – The One-Touch Visionary

Quinlan Vos

[Image by]

Trained as a Jedi, Quinlan Vos would eventually become one of the best young Jedi in the Order. Knowing he had to make sure an end would be put to the Sith, he would be tasked with assassinating Count Dooku. He would try to accomplish this by joining up with and being trained by Dark Jedi Asajj Ventress on her home planet, Dathomir. They would fail to kill Dooku but end up in a fight with General Grievous and Dooku as a result.

Vos would be captured by the two and influenced by the dark side, eventually becoming the apprentice to Dooku. He would later turn on his pupil, attempting to kill him. However, he is stopped by Ventress who sacrificed herself to save Vos from Dooku’s force lightning. Vos would defeat Dooku in a battle but refused to kill him. Vos would make himself a Jedi once more and join the Order.

Quinlan Vos would survive Order 66, as one of the few Jedi who managed to do so. He took refuge on the Wookie planet known as Kashyyk. Vos was one of the best of his time, mainly due to what he could do. Known for his ability as an athlete on top of his saber ability, he also had the rare gift to touch objects and manage to connect to memories of the person who touched them. This gift would be useful to the Jedi and Vos for the remainder of his life.

4. Obi-Wan Kenobi – High Ground Master And Chosen Mentor

Obi-Wan Kenobi

[Image by]

Starting under Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi would see his mentor fall to Darth Maul. He would kill Maul, being the first to kill a Sith Lord in over 1,000 years at this time.

He would also become Anakin Skywalker’s main mentor. This was a large task, as he had to mentor the kid who the Jedi would come to call “the chosen one.” He and Skywalker would succeed alongside each other throughout the Clone Wars. Kenobi would survive Order 66, but he was public enemy number one for the Sith. Knowing that they could be corrupted by the Sith Lord Darth Sidious, Obi-Wan hid Luke and Leia Skywalker in two separate places in order to save them from ever being known as Anakin’s children.

Sidious led Anakin to believe all had died, and Kenobi would never correct this until Luke came along. He would come across his former pupil and defeat him in combat, removing his limbs in the process. Thinking him to be dead, Kenobi left him to burn alive. The Sith would come and find him later, piecing him back together to form Darth Vader.

Kenobi would then train Luke Skywalker, who was thought to bring the balance his father could not. While Kenobi would die at the hands of Vader, he would become a force ghost and help Luke succeed despite his death. From Jedi Master and General to mentor, Obi-Wan was one of the greatest Jedi to ever live.

3. Revan – The Most Feared Jedi And Sith Of Them All


[Image by Reddit]

When people think of Revan, they think about the most feared man in the galaxy regardless of his affiliation at the time. Having rare and supreme force ability, Revan found that he could connect to the light and dark force but only go as far as he felt like. Consider The Punisher or Deadpool when thinking of Revan. He never really felt killing was wrong when it involved the right person. Though corrupted to become evil and a Sith once, he was also a Jedi.

As a Jedi Knight, he participated in the Jedi Civil War and Mandalorian War. During all of this, he would create Revanchist. They were known as a group of Jedi Knights who did not need the Order to tell them where to go or who to kill. This was one of his biggest accomplishments.

As a Sith, he felt they were needing to go in their current form. He felt they were needing to become a unit, which would be studied by Darth Bane years later. He developed the Rule of Two around Revan’s ideologies. Revan was ruthless in combat and mastered the art of saber fighting. Sith Lord or Jedi Master, Revan was massively powerful and feared by all.

2. Yoda – The Wise And Unshaken Mentor


[Image by IGN]

The great Yoda was known as the wise Jedi Master we all credit with the term these days. His life was long and vast. After defeating the likes of Count Dooku and even Darth Tyrannus, many considered the power of Yoda. Tyrannus himself remarked if Yoda turned to the dark side, his power would overwhelm the greatest Sith who ever lived.

Yoda was able to fight Darth Sidious to a standstill. But he did not kill him, as he had a vision he would train a new Jedi, Luke Skywalker. He would rush away from the battle, knowing he had to train the man who would truly bring balance. Yoda was on the Jedi Council for a very long time and held the Jedi Master role seemingly longer than anyone.

Yoda is known as the great seer, who held down the position as wise-Jedi because he knew his role before it ever happened. His ability in the force was almost second to none. He lived nearly 1,000 years, putting him in rare company.

He made the ultimate sacrifice to save the universe. When you think of Star Wars, you think of Yoda. The way he speaks, the way he acts, the way he is. He’s the calm veteran and wise wordsmith that we all need in our heads.

1. Luke Skywalker – The Great Balance

Luke Skywalker

[Image by GeekTyrant]

Like his father, the power within Luke Skywalker was immense. Luke was the savior who the Jedi felt could do what his father didn’t. He would be trained by an older and wiser Obi-Wan Kenobi, the former master of his father. Yoda would also serve as a useful teacher, who would teach Luke the ways of the force. Luke would learn how use a lightsaber as well as Kenobi, Yoda, and his father.

Kenobi would help Luke understand the force and how to reach within himself to find what he needed. Luke always felt that the light and dark side needed to be connected, with a grey area allowing for the force users to go as far as they had to fulfill their mission. Luke mastered how far was too far.

This allowed him to know how to hit the right spots as well as stay alive as a pilot. He would destroy the first Death Star, putting an end to many of the Sith. Eventually, he would end up in a fight with his father, which he would lose originally. Luke would come back, and this time, he would defeat Darth Vader.

Skywalker refused to kill his father, which would make Darth Sidious attack him with force lightning. Vader would step in, and help his son defeat Sidious only to die along with him. Luke would commit to training others and create a new crop of amazing Jedi in the years that followed.

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