The 15 Girliest Pokemon That Are Actually Really Powerful

Since the turn of the century, millions of people the world over have been hunting for, catching, and combating the now over 720 Pokemon that exist in the form of Nintendo, mobile, and card games; man

Since the turn of the century, millions of people the world over have been hunting for, catching, and combating the now over 720 Pokemon that exist in the form of Nintendo, mobile, and card games; manga, anime and, of course, merchandise. The Pokemon franchise is a colossal compendium of creatures big and small, short and tall, earth and air, water and fire; vertebrates and invertebrates.

The star-studded lineup of poke-balls, are always ready to unleash a Pikachu, Mewtwo, Charizard, or Zapdos: great, powerful, and badass looking Pokemon, eager to lay waste to their fellow creatures (with the exception of the overrated, and rather pathetic-looking Pikachu). Where then, are the leading ladies? The femme fatales, poke-girls who deal damage, and clean up just as effectively as their male counterparts? Surely, of the over seven hundred and twenty Pokemon, there must be at least a handful of gallant, and gung-ho, if not glamorously grounded, girly creatures out there. Indeed, the elegant, and electrifying (not necessarily like Pikachu) Pokemon below, are just those sort of effeminate entries into the poke-dex. Men may be hesitant to bother with such feminine-looking Pokemon, but make no mistake, they are a poke-force to be reckoned with.

15 Xerneas

Though gender-less, this feminine frolicker, #716, is not only a powerful protector and healer, but an overwhelming offensive creature. Xerneas can harness the power of the Moon, and increase the effect of gravity during battle, grounding flight attacks, and opening the door for its sometimes reckless, and often focused seven-horn charge. Occasionally taking damage for its wild behaviour, this dainty deer-like creature needn't worry as it has eternal life, and the ability to share it! Dealing physical damage through psychic power, Xerneas can also siphon energy from its opponents using its great horns. Though it is possible for the great-horned wonder to confuse or damage itself in its savagery, Xerneas is clearly a force to be reckoned with. In fact, Xerneas is several forces to be reckoned with, given the power of the Moon, the Sun, and the weather; not to mention its psychic abilities, and speed used to confuse and disorient its foes, and protect its companions. An everlasting example of a femme fatale: dainty, but deadly.

14 Sylveon

#700 in the poke-dex, and one of four evolutions of the Pokemon Eevee found in this article, Sylveon is a peace-loving seductress, with a history of manipulation, and conniving emotional abuse. Pretty in pink, in seeming innocence, Sylveon charms its prospective opponents with its cute, goody-two-shoes manner, and steals their energy with a kiss. Lowering defenses, and zapping the energy of  her victims, Sylveon will let out a cry that inflicts emotional damage, before she turns heel, and hurls sand in their eyes, making them incredibly vulnerable to attack. Infatuation plays a key role in Sylveon's victories, making her enemies less likely to attack given their attraction to her, and then, by way of song, or a continued echoing cry, the damage is done, and foes are vanquished. Perhaps not graced with eternal life, but certainly more of a devious femme fetale than the more powerful Xerneas.

13 Suicune

Claimed to be the embodiment of the North wind, Suicune gracefully gallops about the world, purifying contaminated water. Perhaps this breezy personification is just what we need in the world today, and if it can be said of a Pokemon that humanity actually needs one in the real world, then it must indeed be a powerful, and useful Pokemon, because one might suggest they are already far too rampant these days, causing accidents, and aiding crime by way of cell phones. Clearly, and heavily based on water, Suicune is healed by water attacks, and essentially uses a pressure washer of death to attack its opponents. #245 in the poke-dex, this maelstrom of femininity can whip up weather to pour down on enemies, or cover them in mist so as to avoid detection and attack. Perfectly at home brewing storms above, or diving to depths below, Suicune's icy teeth are ready to deal serious cold damage once its resurfaced, and face to face with its aggressors.

12 Serperior

#497 in the poke-dex, Serperior: sultry, and slithering, can render its opponents motionless with a simple stare, and only cares to spend its precious time on enemies it can't simply stunt in this manner. Even without paralysis, Serperior's leer can still intimidate stronger foes, and as it is plant-based, can attack with sharp, leaf-like blades, and wrap up opponents in vines in a constrictor-like fashion. This serpent has also a venomous spit, and a whip-like tail with which it poisons, and lashes respectively. Wringing enemies itself in the same constrictive manner as its vines, Serperior can make Pokemon writhe, and can torment them into making brash moves, unable to complete successive attacks. With such abilities, letting this slippery, lady-looking serpent out of sight is asking for a can of snakes to be shaken, and set upon unaware poke-masters. Serperior's forms may almost singularly be male, but its feminine features have rendered it a lesser standing than perhaps it should see.

11 Milotic

A Feebas evolution, #350 in the poke-dex, Milotic, is said to be the most breathtakingly beautiful Pokemon of all. No denying its femininity, Milotic's beauty is a hindrance to violence, and aggression. Quelling hostility all around it, Milotic, a lake-dwelling creature, can itself be quite hostile: whipping up torrents and funnels of water, and raging storms. This water wonder also heals, and shields itself with aqua vitae, making it far more resistant to fire attacks than one might suspect. As is common amongst the feminine-featured Pokemon, Milotic has also the ability to charm opponents, rendering them incapable of, or poor at attacking. A sea serpent, and reminiscent of the grass-dwelling Serperior, Milotic is also able to wrap up, and wring out its foes by way of its long body, and summoned vines. The beauty of the poke-world, and perhaps one of its more deadly creatures for it, Milotic is no Pokemon to take lightly.

10 Leafeon

#470 in the poke-dex, and the second of four Eevee evolutions in this article, Leafeon is a photosynthesizing, clean-air-breathing cutie that uses many of the same charms, and defense-lowering techniques as Sylveon, afforded to it by way of its unsuspecting appearance. Able to become nearly invisible due to its speed, Leafeon can then sing a dulcet tune to put its enemies to sleep, opening up attacks with sharp-edged leaves, which can also be sent as homing leaves towards a moving target. A war-dancer, this little, cutesy, woodland creature can dance away to amp up its power, while draining nutrients from its enemies, and healing itself via the power of the Sun. The dulcet singing voice of the unsuspecting Leafeon can quickly turn into a roar that frightens away opponents, and if its energy is drained too much from battle, it can then brighten up the sunshine to make a beautiful day, and use the energy gained from the light to lay waste.

9 Lapras

In search of others of its own kind, the nearly extinct #131st member of the poke-dex, Lapras is a truly peaceful creature whose gentle heart works to refrain from fighting, but whose intelligence allows it to face combat, and live to tell another day, free from confine. Able to sing a soothing lullaby to makes its enemies and prospective captors fall into a deep slumber, as well as a perishing song that causes the listener to faint, Lapras' focus is not typically on offense, but that hardly makes it a dull or weak-willed little sissy. Able to cloak itself in a white mist, and shoot a ray of confusion at its enemies, Lapras is also capable of slamming its hefty body onto opponents, freezing water into chunks of ice to be hurled forth, performing a rain dance to energize itself, as well as utilizing the pressure washer of death referenced above with Suicine. A cute and cuddly looking creature, ready to make an escape, even by way of sheer force.

8 Goodra

An evolution of the goofy-looking Goomy, Goodra sits at #704 in the poke-dex, and is a seemingly friendly-dragon type who would much rather hug its trainer, covering him in slime, rather than use violence. Of course, like many of these unsuspecting, girly Pokemon, Goodra can pack one hell of a punch: in fact, it can pack one hundred pro-boxing punches into a single punch. If put upon, Goodra can become outraged, but after firing off some devastating blows, can become confused. In spite of the confusion, Goodra can protect itself well while being attacked, and has no qualms with tossing muddy water in its enemies' eyes. A dragon Pokemon, there are of course some mighty, heaving breath attacks that inflict incredible damage. A very girly-looking Pokemon it is pretty clear, nonetheless, that one wouldn't want to piss off this friendly, but flailing dragon: unpredictable, and unhindered by aggression, even if it doesn't enjoy it.

7 Glaceon

#471 in the poke-dex, and the third of the four Eevee evolutions found here, Glaceon is, as suggested by its name, an ice Pokemon. Able to freeze the air around it, Glaceon can create a diamond-dust-like flurry to storm its enemies. It can also freeze its fur in order to shoot individual hairs as ice needles. Able still to charm, and lower the defenses of would-be opponents like other Eevee evolutions, Glaceon is more concerned with offensive strikes, summoning hailstorms and blizzards, throwing chunks of ice, and ripping things apart with its cold-damaging teeth. It seems to be that the feline feel adds to the femininity of many Pokemon, especially when evolved from the classic Eevee, but for some reason, in spite of how ferocious so many felines are in the real world, they are not taken quite so seriously in the poke-realm. Surely to the detriment of many would-be poke-masters.

6 Gardevoir

Gardevoir, an evolution of the Ralts Pokemon, and #282 in the poke-dex, at the risk of losing its own life will, to protect its trainer, expend its psychokinetic energy in order to distort dimensions and create a black hole, through which the trainer and, if lucky, it can escape. This self-sacrificing, perhaps bordering on suicidal Pokemon, can also relinquish its ability to continue fighting in order for a companion to return to the fray at full health. In spite of this Pokemon's suicidal tendencies, Gardevoir can harness the power of the Moon to blast targets away, and can protect itself by covering terrain in a deep mist, while teleporting to safety, or making a wish for more health which, after a full turn, is granted by half. This seemingly distressed damsel, though perhaps holding on to a death wish, is still a formidable, and feminine Pokemon, to be sure, and in spite of its... eccentricities, can certainly hold its own in battle, and protect its trainer in the process.

5 Espeon

The fourth, and final Eevee evolution in this article, Espeon sits at #196 in the poke-dex, and though seemingly a sweet little kitty with some odd, extra features, Espeon is far more: it is a very sensitive Pokemon indeed. So sensitive that its fur can sense even the slightest shifts in the air, predict weather, and even predict the thoughts of its enemies. This frisky feline can be a very loyal Pokemon, but only if it finds its trainer worthy of such loyalty. It is said that Espeon's predictive fur developed as a means to protect its worthy trainer. In addition to the typical charms and seductions of the Eevee evolutions, Espeon fights dirty by kicking dirt into the eyes of its enemies and also uses its telekinetic abilities to confuse them. Shooting star-shaped rays of psychic energy may be considered girly, but that doesn't change the effect it has on its target. It is certainly safe to say that Eevee has many a conniving and destructive evolution, and girly or not, they mean business.

4 Jynx

Jynx, evolution of Smoochum, #124 in the poke-dex and part of the original 151, is perhaps the most girly Pokemon one could venture a guess at. Clad in a red dress, blond hair, and big red lips, this frighteningly seducing Pokemon gyrates its hips in an alluring rhythm that compels others to shake their hips also. Jynx is a very odd-looking, and acting creature. Using kisses to either drain energy from, or put to sleep enemies, she may then follow up with a damaging lick or two, wake up the foe with a slap, play cute, stamp on the opponent's heart, then fake tears to further lower defences before shooting a mean look, and dealing all manner of cold damage via powdery snow, ice punching, avalanches, and blizzards. This damsel in feigned distress comes off as that vicious ex one used to love, before the honeymoon phase wore off, and the three month probation, warding off the insanity, was finally up. It makes sense that this girly Pokemon would be so viewed, but this is also the very reason why Jynx is so powerful: she's just like life.

3 Delphox

An evolution of Fennekin, Delphox sits as #655 in the poke-dex, and is a sweet, sissy-looking, psychic force to be reckoned with. Able to bring itself into a focused state, Delphox can see into the future, allowing it to strategize and attack without warning. The foolery, and deception of this creature doesn't end there. In addition to its future sight, Delphox can switch items with its opponent faster than can be seen, and can also play the mimic, exactly copying the skills of said opponent, making this foxy Pokemon, without direct skills of confusion, a very confusing creature. Delphox's arsenal is not limited to trickery, however: it is a heavily fire-based Pokemon that can generate a 2,982 degrees Celsius vortex of flame in which enemies are swept up and incinerated. It can also wreath itself in flame upon attack, as well as conjure a flamethrower, a blast of all-consuming fire, and a mystical fire, lowering a target's SP. Seems this foxy Pokemon is on fire.

2 Arceus

#493 in the poke-dex, this elegant Pokemon may perhaps be the most powerful. Why, one might be inclined to ask? Because Arceus, according to the legends of Sinnoh, emerged from an egg, before the universe even existed (not going to fight the logic here... it's Pokemon after all), and subsequently shaped every aspect of the poke-world. This piece could end right here, proving that feminine Pokemon are very true to life: they may not be the head, but they are the neck, and the neck controls the head. Being able to cure itself of impairing effects, and harness cosmic powers to raise its defenses and attack powers, Arceus is heavy duty in defense, and even heavier in offense, especially given its ability to alter gravity to ground opponents, as well as its ability to cause the ground to then erupt with phenomenal power. If no other Pokemon seemed to particularly stand out in this list, this elegant, ethereal, and awesome Pokemon must.

1 Absol

The sweet, and endearing, and often mistaken Absol sits #359 in the poke-dex, and is considered by many to be the "disaster Pokemon". The reason for this assumed harbinger of doom is due to Absol's ability to foresee natural disasters, and its desire to warn people. Unfortunately the appearance of this warm-hearted Pokemon has been taken as impending doom, and not compassionate warning. Preferring to stay up in treacherous mountain environments, Absol seemingly only descends to warn of disaster. Those who seek out this fluffy and fanciful Pokemon may find attack and/or capture difficult, given its incredible speed, and ability to cut ahead of opponent's turns, evade attacks, and make illusory copies of itself, giving the illusion of a teamed attack. Not a violent Pokemon by nature, Absol is not afraid to dig in, claws and teeth bared, when being put upon, and this mountain-faring effeminate is a god-send to many.


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