The 15 Funniest Celebrity Paparazzi Fails

Well, it's the year 2017 and I'm pretty sure pretty much everyone has heard of something called paparazzi by now; that is unless you literally don't get out, like, ever. They are photographers who are often hated for being rather bothersome, not to mention annoying, and while they are just doing their job and trying to make a living like the rest of the world, they come off as losers, scum, and the lowest common denominator by most. While often asking celebrities personal questions, invading privacy, and sometimes being downright disrespectful, they are, for the most part, just doing their job. Unfortunately, it's the celebrities they take pictures of that have the unbearable task of having to go through all the humiliation, frustration, and anguish of what the paparazzi do to them on a daily basis.

Regardless of what you think of them, I don't think anyone would deny that they've given us plenty of things to laugh about over the years and more than likely, they'll probably give us plenty more in the future, as well. Until then, here are 15 of the craziest (and funniest) paparazzi moments in history.

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15 Katy Perry

Our first entry sees lovable Katy Perry leaving a club, making her way to her car. As she's leaving, she is of course stalked by her most greatest admirers in the whole wide world, you guessed it: the paparazzi. As she starts her car, she is seen blowing her car horn, seemingly for the paparazzi, so that they could get out of the way. She is able to get a little bit of room to drive, but is halted by some guy with a camera (yes, the paparazzi) who emphatically sticks his camera right in her face, with the windshield being the only thing between. Perry gets the last laugh shouting, "don't you know anything about paparazzi laws, you dick? You're not supposed to do this." The guy laughs and sarcastically says bye, Katy then drives off rather aggressively, some random dude can be heard saying "I love you, I love you" and the whole thing looks like one big disaster.

14 Kayne West

On a way calmer note, this next entry takes place at a gas station. Kanye West is seen instructing paparazzi guy number 1 to shut the f*ck up, due to him (Kanye) being on the phone. Spoiler alert: paparazzi guy number 1 does not do what Kanye instructs. Someone asks if Kanye feels he is getting proper respect from the paparazzi and West brings up some very valid points. Stating "we're in this together, you guys help me influence, you help with the family, you help Kim's power and everything. So I'm not trying to f*ckin' be at you guys any type of negative way, I don't want you guys to be negative at me and I would prefer if we just had, you know, like a decent relationship."

They respond by telling him that they aren't here to antagonize. Although they try to keep the conversation going, West decides it's best to just leave it at that by shutting his car door and driving off... with a pretty damn bit smile on his face, in the midst of it all.

13 Tobey Maguire

Coming in at unlucky number 13, we have a not so lucky Tobey Maguire, who had quite the encounter with the paparazzi. They not only block him from exiting the premises, but they also mock him and make jokes about "the next Spider-Man movie," asking to be in it. Around that time, we have Maguire making an effort to get them out of the way by blowing his horn... but failing miserably. This lasts for a good 30 seconds before Maguire rolls his window down and yells: "Get the f*ck out of the way, I can't see. There are cars there, motherf*cker!"

While they do end up getting out of the way, they don't stop snapping the pictures. If that weren't bad enough, one of the guys comes up with some lame ass excuse as to why this all went down saying that they were "blocking him from the cars." I know this wasn't meant to be taken seriously, but come on. I've seen some people that have farted better excuses to tell their significant other that found out they were cheating on them.

12 Justin Bieber

We start this one off with the usual blah, blah, blah. Paparazzi snaps pictures. "Justin?" "Justin?" "Justin are you in love with Selena?" Justin says something, Paparazzi laughs... and takes even more photos. Bieber's reaction to all of this is praise worthy as he actually tries to reason with them, stating that it's fine and that he doesn't mind them taking pictures, but also asks if they have to be right in front of him while doing so. He also goes on to say that he isn't there to argue and that he wishes they would stop acting like animals.

A lady can be heard talking to Justin, saying "God bless you for working out ... god bless you for loving god." She states she went to one of his shows and Bieber appears to give zero fucks about any of it. When JB walks out the gym, the paparazzi are there to once again greet him with a very familiar tune that you may have or may have not heard yet called, "Justin are you in love with Selena still?" They continue to snap pictures, say thank you and snap more pictures. At this point, Justin feels that they have completely disregarded the whole earlier conversation (you think?) and is letting them know about it. Justin then goes on to state that he's super normal (can't agree with that one).

11 Selena Gomez

This entry revolves around Selena Gomez, who on the particular day the incident happened, seemed either annoyed or just really really tired or both. Anyway, she and some friends are trying to find a way to get out of wherever the heck they are, but of course are swarmed by none other than, you guessed it, the paparazzi.

Although the paps are in a talking mood (like they usually are) Selena just wants to get to her destination in peace, without all the usual buffoonery, which is why she asks them to be decent human beings and as you can imagine, they continued to snap pics. End of the story: paparazzo asks Gomez to do something, Gomez refuses because he sucked.

10 Kanye West (Part 2)

This one takes place at Kanye West's home and if you ever get a chance to watch the clip or if you've already seen it, you probably can agree with me that the whole thing is pretty sad. Kanye is seen getting out of his vehicle, when all of a sudden, a man holding a camera in his face utters the words, "hey, how's it going, Kanye?"

Keep in mind that the guy is filming this on West's property and at the time there was a lot of tension between both the paparazzi and Kanye West. Add the fact that West can at times be a little hot tempered, and this time he has a great reason to be, and you have one big heaping hot mess of a Texas sized tornado just waiting to happen. Questions are of course being asked and f-bombs are being thrown out left and right and pictures are of course being taken, to Kanye's chagrin. It was apparently 4 AM, so that also did not help the situation. The only good thing I can say about this one is that no one got hurt, which is pretty surprising given the circumstances.

9 Miley Cyrus

The story goes like this: the paps want to know if Miley Cyrus is pregnant, she responds with "no I'm f*cking sick, you bitch." The paps respond the same way they respond in most cases, by stating that they love whoever they just offended. This time, however, after she drives off, you can hear audio of a women giving a late response to the bitch comment by calling Cyrus a bitch, followed by shouting an even more explicit version, with a new word added.

Unfortunately, Cyrus has had her fair share of "moments" with the paparazzi over the years. There was that time she got asked about the Bret Michaels situation... continuously, which was pretty damn sad to watch, then there that time a guy nearly hits her mom so he can snap photos of Miley. To make matters worse, after being told off by Miley herself, he states that he would never disrespect her mom, followed by snapping a few close ups before they pull off, just to show how sincere he really was (obviously not that much, huh?). Point is, Cyrus and the paparazzi aren't always the best of friends.

8 Hugh Grant

...Alright and next up we have Hugh Grant kicking some guy in the balls. There are two things that make this really funny. One is that, at first, there doesn't seem to be that much of a problem. I mean sure, there's the typical back and forth between the celebrity and the pap "interviewing" the celeb, which normally gets annoying for whoever is being harassed, but that happens most of the time. It started off just like that and stayed that way until Grant turns and makes his way closer to the guy holding the camera and just casually gives him a swift kick in his nuts, then walks off with no f*cks given, whatsoever. The second reason is the guy that got his privates kicked in doesn't seem to be in that much pain. P.S. the guy holding the camera did NOT think what happened was cool, I really think I should point that out.

7 Justin Bieber (part 2)

This one is short, sweet, simple and to the point. Justin arrives, the paps do their thing and Justin flips them the bird. I have to admit, it felt so random watching this and it's one of those "I feel sorry for Justin, because I'm a fan vs. I don't like paps, but he should've known what he was getting into" moments. Unlike a lot of entries on this list, no one was really talking to him this time, so I guess you could say they were just doing their jobs, but seeing as how their jobs consist of harassing others, I guess most people don't feel sorry for them as much as they would something else.

6 Micky Rourke

Everything was all smiles and sunshine, until Mickey Rourke was asked who his favorite boxer was and he replied by stating that it was Roberto Duran. The guy that asked him the question responds with "Roberto Duran, no mas?"

There's a pretty long and awkward silence, Rourke has this expression on his face that, in my opinion reads "are you kidding me?" and after that, things start to take a nasty turn for the worst. Before Rourke responds, the guy asked another question. Instead of responding to this one, Rourke decides to tell the guy what most people would've probably wanted to tell him at that point and that was simply not to be a wise ass. After that the interview is pretty much over as Rourke states that he's done answering the guy's questions. The conversation between the two isn't over, however, as Rourke states that if the guy was back in Miami, he'd shove that camera directly up the guy's backside. Later, the guy can be heard saying that he swears the Roberto Line will be taken out. That obviously never happened.

5 Lamar Odom

First question is, who in their right mind has enough courage to try and interview a muscular 6'10" dude while he's in his car? Second question is why would you pick questions that were so personal? So the story goes like this: dude gets robbed by Lamar Odom. When Odom is done putting the paparazzo's personal belongings in the trunk of his car, this lady walks up to Lamar for a picture (adding even more insult to injury somehow). The man begs and pleads for his stuff back and eventually gets it back under one condition; he has to stop following Odom. In other news, that guy that got his stuff taken is no longer a fan of Lamar Odom, although he was before. Also, as you could probably guess, Lamar gives no f*cks about this whatsoever.

4 Shia LaBeouf

The next entry features a hit and run by the one and only Shia LaBeouf. Instead of guns, however, LaBeouf figured coffee would work much better. If you haven't seen the clip, I suggest you do. At first LaBeouf is seen sitting in a chair looking over a script. Then as he gets up, he gingerly runs over to his prey and splashes them with coffee. Shia makes a clean get away and the guy who was blasted with coffee... well he doesn't seemed too fazed. No one is laughing, no one is mad, and no one makes a big deal out it, which just makes this whole thing all the more funnier.

3 Alec Baldwin

FYI, Alec Baldwin takes no crap from the paparazzi and doesn't mind getting physical. By physical I don't mean completely dismantling them until they cry out for mommy, but apparently this one guy doesn't agree with me, because he claims Baldwin is "breaking his arm." For the sake of this list, I've sworn off being biased, so I'm just going to say that if that indeed is the case, that sucks. The rest of the situation is basically Baldwin telling the photographer to get lost and leave him and his friends alone. The paparazzo says his thank you and leaves.

To be honest, it sounded more like the guy wanted to use the broken arm excuse as a way of getting Baldwin off of him before a real injury actually did occur. Call me crazy, but think about it, if you felt your life were in danger, telling a guy he's breaking your arm could make the person fear he seriously harmed you and make him think there was more of a possibility for a lawsuit, which in some cases could stop him.

2 Britney Spears

Perhaps some of the most infamous pap moments have happened with Britney Spears being the victim (or the celebrity being photographed, if you're on the other side of the fence). While this particular instance is pretty crazy, it's not because it shows Britney with a shaved head or Britney doing drugs or Britney taking a piss. It's crazy because it was random as heck! First we have Spears looking for a lost camera card, finding the lost camera card, making small talk with the paparazzi, then hopping in a car with one of the photographers, going to the restroom and you know a "fuck you, asshole" from someone had to be thrown in there at least once. The whole thing was very chaotic, but in a very weird and random type of way.

1 Paris Hilton

Where do I begin with this one? Well I guess we could start with the one guy who thought he was a track star, rushing to get in front of her. Then there was the fact that they all crowded around her near the elevator, told her they were "going to leave" and did not make good on that promise. If you get a chance to look at the video, when this happens you'll notice that some guys actually put their cameras down, but seemingly none of them leave. Lastly, what makes it even worse is that when she is finally able to get in the elevator, they keep it open to, drum roll please, take more photos of Paris Hilton. The whole thing looks sad and honestly it was sad. Hilton informs them that if they keep it up, she won't be posing for them anymore, they say they'll stop and they do (but not before they take a few more shots).

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