The 15 Craziest Urban Legends From Hit Films That Could Actually Be True

Are you a movie fan? Do you just love keeping tabs on your favorite Hollywood celebs, directors, and movies? Now, we know that there are plenty of rumors and whispers about different films, TV shows, and actors. We know that a lot of this is just hype, and that you certainly can’t believe everything you hear. Even so, we think that you will have a whole lot of fun taking a look at our list and exploring the possibilities and relevance of these urban legends. If anything, it will have you wanting to rewatch some of the Hollywood classics, such as Indiana Jones, Don’t Look Now, and Back to the Future.

These urban legends will take you back to some of the most iconic films of the 1960s, as well as some treasures from everyone’s favorite decade from the past: the 1980s. Please, feel free to take some time and just let these myths and rumors seep into your brain space - you have nothing better to do, right? You never know when this gossip will come in handy, whether it is during a game of Trivial Pursuit or at quiz night at the bar, or just as an icebreaker when you meet someone at the train station.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get into it and take a peek at some urban legends that will have you scratching your head, running your Google search engine, and playing your DVD collection and hitting that rewind button. Are you ready?


15 The Poltergeist Used Real Bones

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Are you a fan of scary movies? Well then you have probably watched The Poltergeist, and it probably freaked you out - major! Remember back to one of the final scenes in this film; you know, the one with all of the bones? Well, there is a Hollywood urban legend that says the director of The Poltergeist chose to use real bones from human beings in this scene. Apparently the human bones were less expensive than plastic trick bones? We aren’t so sure about that, but this is what the myth says! Also, legend has it that the cast of the film had no idea that the bones were real, but that they found out about it after filming was over. Now, how would you feel if you had filmed a scary movie scene in a pile of bones, thinking that it was all just a rouse? We would definitely need some therapy after that realization!

14 Indiana Jones’ Bathroom Break


Whether or not you are an Indiana Jones fan, you can at least agree that there is a whole lot of action and peril in these films! Anyway, legend has it that Steven Spielberg planned to have Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) battle the scimitar in a lengthy and epic battle to the death. However, on the set, Ford was feeling antsy because he needed to go to the bathroom. He asked Spielberg for a break, or to cut the fighting scene short so that he could relieve himself. Spielberg was beyond irritated by this time, so he just had Ford slash the scimitar with his sword, drastically cutting the film time of the fight. Now, whether Harrison Ford would be “man enough” to admit that the fighting scene was cut short so he could take a dump is beyond us, but what a funny urban legend it is!

13 Star Wars: Potatoes Strike Back

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George Lucas is one of the greats in film history. There are hardcore Star Wars fans out there who will nearly fight you to the death just to prove that this film series is one of the best ever. Anyway, we know that Lucas and his crew used quite a number of props and special effects to make Star Wars look super cool. Nerds everywhere love to do the research and buy the extended version and director’s cut DVDs to see some behind-the-scenes secrets about the movie. Well, there is an interesting rumor about Star Wars that only true fans would know about. It says that Lucas and his crew used potatoes for asteroids. You see, Lucas used miniature sets to showcase the spaceships and travel through the galaxies, and potatoes were the perfect size to match the size and shape of the asteroids. It totally makes sense, right?

12 The Twilight Zone Death

Always get a life insurance policy, especially if you are an actor on The Twilight Zone. Vic Morrow was starring in Twilight Zone: The Movie, and he decided to take out a claim for life insurance for $5,000,000 - mere months before something dramatic and tragic happened on the movie set. Turns out that Morrow had a weird feeling that he would die in a helicopter accident. Well, Morrow (along with two child actors) was killed in a scene that involved the actor running from a helicopter. That is just plain creepy! First of all, did Morrow know that there was going to be a helicopter in the movie, or was this before the final plans were even laid out? Also, did he have a feeling that only he would be injured, or that others would be injured with him? We need Rod Serling right now to describe this in an eerie voice.

11 Back to the Future II’s Hoverboards

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In 1989, audiences were so psyched to go see Back to the Future II. Starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd once again, this film was set to be just as exciting and outlandish as the first iteration. Back to the Future II was directed by Robert Zemeckis, and after the film was released, he was busy answering questions and attending Hollywood interviews about the film. Zemeckis repeatedly said that the hoverboards in Back to the Future II were the real deal. He held onto this statement for a while, and it led to moviegoers being totally thrilled about purchasing their own was THE FUTURE! However, Zemeckis was later forced to reveal that he merely made the whole thing up, and the movie did not use actual hoverboards. Yet...maybe someone, somewhere was developing this technology. At least the original Back to the Future was (almost) right about the Chicago Cubs and the World Series!

10 Goldfinger Killed Shirley Eaton

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You really can’t beat a James Bond film, can you? And with a character as iconic as Bond - James Bond, you can bet that there are going to be a whole lot of urban legends floating around. This one focuses on one James Bond film: Goldfinger, which came out in 1964. Remember that hot woman who was totally covered from head to toe in gold glittering body paint? Well, she was Shirley Eaton, and there is a myth that states Eaton suffered the ultimate consequence of that sexy get-up. It is said that the gold body paint caused Eaton to suffocate, which contributed to her untimely death. Others say that the body paint was totally unsafe, and it did end up hurting Eaton, but she did not die from it. And still others say that it could have caused psychological issues in Eaton, which she continued to struggle with for years. The truth is that some actors go very far to perform a role.

9 Fargo Is True


Released in 1996, Fargo tells the story of kidnapping, homicide, extortion, and much more. It is dramatic, it is humorous, and it stars Steve Buscemi, so you can think whatever you want about that. Anyway, the opening scene of Fargo tells the audience that the events in the story are true. It says that in order to respect the identities and dignity of the victims, some of the names have been changed, and some of the scenes have been slightly altered, but this is indeed a very true story about real people. However, this film was directed by the Coen brothers, who are known for being light-hearted and serious jokesters. Plus, did we mention that this film stars Steve Buscemi? We are sure that there are people out there who still take the events from Fargo to be true, but this is a Hollywood urban legend that may just be better remaining as an urban legend.


8 Close Encounters With Truth


Have you ever watched the science fiction film Close Encounters of the Third Kind? This movie is said to be based on a true story, all about space exploration, unidentified flying objects, and of course - aliens! Well, whether this is one of your favorite topics or not, Close Encounters of the Third Kind continues to be one of those Hollywood classics that people go back to again and again. Also, even after all of these years, there is still an urban legend relating to the movie. It says that the story is actually based off of true events and settings from real life. So, does that mean that someone actually had these close encounters? Does it mean that some of the footage in the sci-fi classic is real? We’re getting a little creeped out about this one! While it’s true that UFO films abound in Hollywood, we can’t help but wondering about this...

7 The Curse of Superman

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An urban legend doesn’t even leave Superman safe. There is a Hollywood myth that seems as though it could very well be true. It says that whoever depicts the fictional character of Superman is destined to be cursed for the rest of their life. Case in point: the first Superman, Kirk Alyn, was unable to get any acting roles after his stint as the superhero, and was forced into an early retirement from acting. The second Superman was George Reeves, who was either murdered or committed suicide after his role as the superhero in the 1950s. Bud Collyer died three years after depicting Superman in the 1960s, and even a boy who played baby Superman died at the age of 14 from huffing air freshener. Then comes Christopher Reeve, who was paralyzed after falling from a horse - and yes, he played Superman. Let’s hope that present-day Superman, Dean Cain remains okay!

6 The Shining Beat the Space Race

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The Shining is already a pretty freaky film, and it is not without its conspiracy theories, myths, and urban legends. One of those urban legends says that the director, Stanley Kubrick, shot and filmed a fake moon landing to showcase a NASA achievement in the space race between the United States and Russia. Yes, Kubrick was the one who shot footage of the United States space program landing a dude on the moon. In space. And then we wanted to show off this accomplishment, but was supposedly under wraps because NASA told him to keep a low profile about it. Well, the urban legend goes on to say that when Kubrick was directing The Shining, he was very careful about the scenes he shot, the props he used, and camera angles he employed, and these are all hints to that fake lunar landing. Hmm, we don’t really know about this one!

5 The Rescuers Had R-Rated Content


Wait a minute, could a Disney film really have R-rated content in it? Uh, yes! Actually, Disney studios may be the one film studio that is known for infusing adult-centered humor and content into its family-oriented animated films. There is the word “SEX” that is said to appear in the starry night sky in The Lion King. Another example is in The Rescuers, which is said to include some saucy nudity, right there for children to see! Rumor has it that the animators were feeling cheeky and decided to include a blatantly exposed painting of a nude woman’s front. In fact, the myth goes on to say that Disney studios did not even realize this until after the movie was released and distributed to at-home audiences, and then the original had to be recalled and an edited version was re-released. So, do you believe it or not? Do you want to go watch it now?

4 Stuntman’s Death Filmed In Ben-Hur


Set in the time of Jesus Christ, Ben-Hur tells the story of a Jew from Palestine who is battling against the Romans Empire. The film was actually remade in 2016 for a reboot, starring Jack Huston, Toby Kebbell, and Nazanin Boniadi. The original, filmed about fifty years prior, starred Charlton Heston, Stephen Boyd, Jack Hawkins, and Hugh Griffith. Anyway, given the fighting and historic content of the film, there was bound to be quite a lot of special effects and camera tricks involved, including stunt doubles. The Hollywood urban legend surrounding this film says that a stuntman was actually killed on the set during an epic chariot race and battle, and that the death can even be seen in the released movie. However, no deaths were reported during the filming of this movie, and even the cast and directors never mentioned anything about it. There is still speculation about this myth!

3 Ghost in Three Men and a Baby


1987’s Three Men and a Baby did not get the best reviews around, but at least it had a pretty good turnout of moviegoers in the theaters. People came out to watch Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg, and Ted Danson play three clueless men trying to take care of a poor little babe. The film was directed by Leonard Nimoy, and we are not quite sure where he came up with the setting for this film, but there is a Hollywood urban legend that the scenes were set in an eerie place. Nimoy and the film crew found a creepy vacant house to shoot in, and if you can stick with watching the movie into about sixty minutes or so, you will see a very dark and looming figure behind a curtain. There were many people who said that there was a ghost on the set, and it belonged to a young boy who committed suicide in the house that the movie was filmed in (hence why it was vacant)!

2 The Blair Witch Project Was Real


The Blair Witch Project came out in 2016 as a reboot or rather, a sequel to the creepy 1999 mystery thriller. The original Blair Witch Project follows a group of teens who venture into a haunted forest in search of a witchly spirit. The movie is set up as a documentary, with the teenagers using a handheld video camera to film footage and their experiences in the dark and deathly woods. Urban legends abound in Hollywood, and The Blair Witch Project is not immune. People say that the movie is actually a true story, and some of the footage is the real deal. Well, there are folks who are adamant about saying that the scenes in The Blair Witch Project is the reel deal; it is simply staged and on a set. Hmm, what do you think? Real or not? Also, was it even really good enough for a sequel?

1 Don’t Look Now Had Real Sex


This thriller movie from 1973 was critically acclaimed and super popular with moviegoers around the world. It starred Sharon Williams, Donald Sutherland, and Julie Christie as a loving family faced with tragedy. Julie and Donald play parents grieving the accidental loss of their daughter, who died most horrifically. There is an iconic scene in the movie when Sutherland and Christie have sex, and many people stick to their Hollywood urban legend that the two actors were not acting in this hot and steamy scene. Yes, that’s right. People say that the two famous figures were really banging in Don’t Look Now, but this remains to be seen. For his part, Sutherland has denied anything like that happening, and said that both of the actors were simply doing their job: acting. However, the legend remains, and we might never know if he got lucky on set. So, what do you think?

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