The 15 Best Cartoons That Will Make You Relive Your Childhood

As we grow older, we sometimes forget about how much fun we had as children and how much we use to love waking up on Saturday morning and to watch cartoons. Now that we are all grown up, it is easy to get lost in our long lists of things-to-do and forget to appreciate the little things.

The mind is a complicated thing, and although we have pushed back many of our childhood memories, it still harbours every theme song, character and saying that we use to live by. So, all it would take is for someone to hum a certain tune, and once recognized, you would probably be able to sing it out — word by word.

Not many of us know when the change occurs, but one day we wake up and are no longer interested in watching cartoons on Saturday morning. Instead, we sleep in till 2 in the afternoon and spend our days browsing the net or hanging out with your friends. Slowly, our mind starts to take all the things we use to show it, and store it away in the deepest corners of our minds. Until one day we stumble across an old cartoon and bask in nostalgia.

Have you turned on a TV in the past couple months? If you have, and happened to flip through the channels, you might have caught a glimpse of today's cartoons and been slightly disappointed at what you saw. Times are changing and with that the quality of TV shows are rapidly disintegrating. So be happy that you were born when you were and make sure to take a trip down memory lane every once in a while.

15 ReBoot


Do you remember watching ReBoot? Well if you did, you are probably wondering what happened to this awesome show. ReBoot first hit the TV screen in 1994 and was sadly terminated in 2001 because of its decreasing popularity. Luckily for us, ReBoot continues to live on in our computers and so if you're interested in re-watching this show, you can enjoy its 4 seasons.

Welcome to Mainframe, the universe inside your computer screen. Here, you can find happy folk such as Dot Matrix and her brother Enzo and a variety of other friendly habitants. Unfortunately, Mainframe is being harassed by viruses Megabyte and sister strain Hexadecimal who seek to override and conquer the computer land. Thats is, until Guardian Bob is sent in from the Net to help destroy the viruses. Guardian Bob eventually decides to stay in Mainframe and teams up with pals Dot Matrix and Enzo to keep the viruses at bay.

14 Monster Rancher


Monster Rancher was an amazing anime that had deep character backstories and extremely loveable monsters. Although the show only lasted 3 seasons, its characters were forever engraved in the minds of whoever watched it. How could you ever forget a big yellow eyeball, an enormous rock monster and a mysterious blue wolf? Monster Rancher first came out in 1999 and was taken off the air by 2001.

What happens when you get zapped into an alternate world? Well, you just go with the flow of course! This is what happened to teenager Genki, who was magically transported into a bizarre world called Monster Rancher. Genki eventually learns, that he is on a quest to stop the evil Moo from taking over this foreign land. A mission that can only be accomplished by reviving the Phoenix. Luckily for Genki, he doesn't have to go at it alone and eventually befriends a girl named Holly and a wicked group of monsters.

13 CatDog


"One fine day with a woof and a purr, a baby was born and it caused a little stir, no blue bug, and no three-eyed frog, just a feline canine little catdog. Catdog, catdog, alone in the world was a little catdog." If you can put the melody behind these lyrics, then you were defiantly a fan of this hilarious cartoon. If you close you eyes, you might even be able to see Dog dragging Cat down the street. CatDog first came out in 1998, and lasted for 7 years, racking in about 67 episodes.

In CatDog, we are introduced to two very different individuals. One is a cat named Tidy, who is a smart and refined feline, while the other is a Dog named Goofy, who is missing quite a few braincells. Tidy and Goofy were born attached to one another, and have been forced to live as so, despite their conflicting personalities.

12 Gargoyles


Do you remember watching the cartoon Gargoyles on Saturday mornings? This dark show, was based in the shadows of New York City and forever changed the way children looked at the bizarre stone sculptures that lined the buildings of old structures. First introduced in 1994, Gargoyles was an exhilarating show that only lasted two years, but still had major influence.

Once upon a time, a Scottish clan of gargoyles were known as a heroic race. They made a pact with the humans to protect an ancient castle during nighttime, as long as the humans would protect their stone bodies during the day. Unfortunately for the Gargoyles, they learnt the hard way, that humans are not always as trustworthy as they seem. One day, the castle was sacked and a curse was placed upon them that lasted a thousand years. In 1994, a multibillionaire named David Xanatos purchased the castle and transported it to New York City, where the curse was lifted. The clan of Gargoyles were reborn and forced to pick up where they left off.

11 Rugrats


Rugrats was cartoon that lasted for over 16 years and also had multiple spin-offs and movies. If you have never watched, or heard about the Rugrats, then you have literally lived under a rock for your entire life. Tommy Pickles might have been a "backyard baby with a diaper full of dreams" but he was inspirational nonetheless.

In Rugrats, we are introduced to four best friends who happen to be toddlers. Throughout this cartoon, we are acquainted with Tommy, Chuckie, and the twins Phil and Lil, as they embark on their many adventures. The babies often find themselves face-t0-face with Tommy's evil older cousin Angelica and her creepy doll Cynthia, but thankfully they have made an alliance with their neighbour Susie, who often helps them out. As Angelica schemes to make the babies live's a living hell, their parents remain as clueless as babies often look and blab on about their everyday lives.

10 Dexter's Laboratory


Dexter's Laboratory was probably everybody's favourite show at one point in their infant lives. Not only was it ridiculous, but it made you appreciate sister-brother relationships — or lack thereof. Like many of us know, having two geniuses in the family is extremely unlikely and so in the case of Dexter and Dee Dee, it would appear that Dexter received all the smarts. Dexter's Laboratory first came out in 1996, and lasted up to 7 years.

Dexter is a boy genius who spends far too much time in his humongous laboratory and not enough time in the outdoor world. He is on a quest for ultimate knowledge and is often found talking to himself. Despite his many efforts in creating and developing new technologies, his annoying sister Dee Dee often spoil his plans and makes him curse her in his hilarious accent. However, Dee Dee is the least of Dexter's worries, as he has another enemy named Mandark, who threatens his intellectuality.

9 Pokémon


The world was taken by storm when Pokémon first came out in 1998, causing parents to groan and curse from different corners of the globe. Children immediately became obsessed with this show and probably caused their parents to spend a lot of money onPokémon cards, games, toys and other paraphernalia. Even today,Pokémon still runs the streets and is a topic that nearly everybody can relate to.

When a ten-year-old boy named Ash Ketchum wakes up late on the first day of his Pokémon journey, he is horrified to find out that all the Pokémon were chosen, except for one. Ash is given a Pokemon named Pikachu, who has somewhat of an attitude problem. On Ash's quest to become the greatest Pokemon Master in the world, he meets his two new best friends, Misty and Brock. The three of them journey to unknown lands and encounter many obstacles.

8 The Ren & Stimpy Show


The Ren & Stimpy Show is one of the weirdest shows in the entire world. Not only is it gross and perverted, but it is just downright wrong. Still, as a child the images were colourful, the context hilarious and the show somewhat enjoyable. As an adult, if you watch this show, you will be amazed at all the dirty jokes you missed, and on how Ren and Stimpy were actually lovers. This show first came out in 1991, and was cancelled 5 years later.

If you enjoy shows about farts, jars of spit, outhouses and just about any disgusting scenario imaginable, then The Ren & Stimpy Show is the show for you. What happens when a psychopathic chihuahua and a muffin-brained cat meet and fall in love? Weird stuff happens. These two unlikely companions share ridiculously repulsive encounters and adventures, that just might make you want to wash your eyes out with liquid nitrogen. 

7 Sailor Moon


Sailor Moon was the kind of show that made you dance around your living room with hopes of transforming into a Sailor Soldier. Sadly, this phenomenon only occurs if you are amongst the chosen ones. Sailor Moon first came out in 1995, only to end in year 2000. With 5 seasons and 159 episodes, Sailor Moon is a treat you can revisit time and time again.

When a teenage cry-baby named Serena starts being followed by a talking cat called Luna, she starts to question her sanity. Especially when Luna informs her that she is destined to become the legendary warrior Sailor Moon. Serena becomes responsible for gathering her team of warriors and defending the world against the Negaverse's evil forces. With the help of her friends, and the mysterious Tuxedo Black, Serena is forced to break out of her cry-baby-shell and evolve into a strong and independent role model.

6 Stickin' Around


Stickin' Around was a cartoon that first came out in 1996, and was later cancelled after only 3 seasons. Although the animation was not something to rave about, it was entertaining and quite hilarious. This show came from the idea of children illustrating their own fantasies so it isn't to hard to see why it was drawn in stick figures.

Stacy Stickler and Bradley are two best friends who have a crazy imagination. These two buddies often face many precarious situations and chose to use their imaginative personalities to escape them. Whether the scenario involves their parents, friends or school bullies, Stacy and Bradley have a solution to take them far away from unwanted threats. Throughout the show, Stacy is often heard bossing Bradley around  saying things like, "Real mature Bradley" and, "For your big-fat  information." Another much loved character is Stacy's overweight Weiner dog named Frank, who is usually involved in their escapades.

5 Hey Arnold!


Hey Arnold! Was a great show that often had us wondering why someone would make their protagonist have a football shaped head. Yet years late, Family Guy ended up using the same template for their evil baby Stewie. Hey Arnold! First came out in 1994 and actually lasted an entire decade — probably because of its clever and hilarious content. This is a great show for children to grow up on as it teaches them good morals too.

Arnold is a 4th grader who lives in a multi-racial boarding house with his grandparents and an interesting variety of neighbours. Although it is never specified in which town Arnold lives in, many have speculated it to be Brooklyn, New York. Arnold love jazz, daydreaming and hanging out with his best friend Gerald, who is the coolest kid in town, and knows an assortment of urban tales. Arnold is often tormented by a fellow classmate called Helga, who secretly loves him and has a shrine for him in her closet. 

4 Pinky And The Brain


"They're Pinky and the Brain. Yes, Pinky and the Brain. One is a genius, the other's insane. They're laboratory mice, their genes have been spliced. They're dinky. They're Pinky and the Brain, Brain, Brain ..." If that doesn't bring you back to the 90's, then you probably weren't born yet. Pinky And The Brain first came out in 1995 and had 4 seasons of amazing material.

Pinky and the Brain are two laboratory mice who crave to take over the world. Although Brain is usually the one with the bright ideas, Pinky is there to help him carry out his mischief, and keep him company. Every night, as the sun goes down, Pinky asks Brain the same question, "Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?" A question which brain always answers in the same manner, "The same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try to take over the world."

3 Dragon Ball Z


Dragon Ball Z is still a very much loved show. It first premiered in 1996 and has stolen the hearts of people from all around the world. If you want to blame something for your unexplainable need to fly, then blame Dragon Ball Z for putting it in your head that this was possible. You can also blame them, if you have ever busted a vein in your forehead, while attempting to go Super Saiyan.

Watch as Goku and his friends defend the Earth from the evils of the universe. Dragon Ball Z is centralized around Goku's adult life, as well as the warriors who accompany him, which includes his son Gohan and his rival Vegeta. Despite the fact that he is not from planet Earth, Goku takes it upon himself to use his special powers to fight off any oncoming forces in order to protect the planet he has grown to call home

2 Digimon


When Digimon first came out most of us were confused about committing to it because we felt as though we were turning our backs on Pokémon. Luckily, we soon realized that we had enough room in our hearts for both of them. Digimon came out in 1999 and was cancelled 4 years later. After watching the first episode, many of us begged or fantasized about being sent to camp and then transported to a faraway land, which sadly has not happened yet.

Seven children are transported to Digiworld while attending summer camp in Japan. Each individual child befriends a Digimon that fits their personality and watch in awe as they "digivolve." The kids soon realize that they are meant to save the world from evil forces and take off on a wild adventure. If the children do not succeed in their quest, both Earth and Digiworld will be destroyed.

1 The Powerpuff Girls


If the phrase, "Sugar, spice and everything nice" means something to you, then you have most likely spent your childhood watching a show called The Powerpuff Girls. From 1998 to 2005, The Powerpuff Girls was the show to watch. It did not matter if you were a boy or a girl, this show appealed to anyone who was fascinated by superheroes saving the world.

When Professor Utonium attempts to create the perfect little girls to add to his family, he end up making a little mistake. While his back is turned, a chemical called "Chemical X" falls into his experiment and explodes. Once the smoke has cleared, Professor Utonium is thrilled to see that he has succeeded in creating his daughters, but they are not your average girls; they are bionic. Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup have super strength, heat vision and the ability to fly. The quickly gain the responsibility to save the world from evil villains.


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The 15 Best Cartoons That Will Make You Relive Your Childhood