Thank You DC For These 15 Epic Girl On Girl Fights

DC Comics blazed the trail for every comic book company to follow since. They created the archetypes of various heroes and a method of storytelling and their characters aren’t just popular, they are i

DC Comics blazed the trail for every comic book company to follow since. They created the archetypes of various heroes and a method of storytelling and their characters aren’t just popular, they are icons. They showcase some of the best and hottest heroines and villainesses in all of comics that still have fans going. There are the big guns like Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Batgirl and others. But also slews of lesser known ladies who are still incredibly sexy and make comics worthwhile just by reading about them. It helps that so many of them are super-powered or at least top notch fighters and able to provide some real excitement. When these amazingly beautiful women go at it, the sight is fantastic, especially when they clash with each other.

Sure, “catfights” can be crass but watching two gorgeous women going at it is something exciting. Now have them in flashy costumes and often cutting loose with special abilities and it gets even better. Give it to good artists and the fights can be fantastic to watch and truly sensational to see expand. It also helps to see DC characters go at it in other media like movies, TV shows and even video games. These are some truly great sexy ladies, bad and good and to see these battles is astounding. Here are the 15 hottest times DC ladies have gotten to throw down and why a super-powered catfight is always a great sight.

15 Starfire vs Donna Troy

Donna Troy has one of the more confusing origins in DC Comics with various retcons including being a magical clone of Wonder Woman and other changes. An Amazon with great training, she’s a powerhouse in a fight with abilities that can rival Wonder Woman’s. Starfire is an alien with the power of flight and energy blasts known for her orange skin and fantastic beauty that she has no shame in flaunting. As teammates in the Teen Titans, they’ve worked together with a great sparring bit at a pool knocking each other into the water. However, they have also clashed such as when a back-from-the-dead Donna was possessed by avatars of ancient Titans of myth. The team tried to stop her and she and Kory fought it out, each going wild with strength and skill. The new Wonder Girl, Cassie Sandmark, joins the fray to try and stop this as they are able to restore Donna to normal. Anything involving the sexy Starfire is notable but seeing her and Donna clash is a very hot sight.

14 Batwoman vs Batgirl

One of the biggest moves of DC Comics “New 52” was the announcement of Barbara Gordon returning as Batgirl. The character had been put in a wheelchair after being shot by the Joker and turned into super-hacker Oracle. She was brought back in an acclaimed new series, back in action and still a great heroine. At the same time, Batwoman was getting a push as Kathy Kane had been set up years before, a gay former soldier turned costumed crime fighter inspired by Batman. Batgirl is investigating a murder when she stumbles onto Batwoman, whose relationship with the rest of the “Bat-Clan” is a bit tense. Before Barbara can talk, Kathy attacks and the two are soon trading sharp blows and moves. Barbara is good but still getting used to the surgery that healed her spine while Kathy is a trained soldier cutting loose. The fact that these are two very hot redheads going at it helps make it notable and the artwork is superb. Naturally, it ends with a draw as they realize they’re on the same case to work together but this goes to show that the Bat-Ladies are just as great in a fight as Batman can be.

13 Supergirl vs Mary Marvel

You’d think these two would get along well. Each are in the shadow of their far more famous relatives and each is a super-powered teenager who just wants a normal life. However, they do clash a bit due to differing perspectives. Flying around the small town of Leesburg, Mary jumps to the wrong conclusion on a crime and wants to take a guy down. Supergirl tries to stop her but it gets out of hand as they’re soon going at it. It’s something as it’s basically your typical high-school girl-fight… which just happens to be between women with super-strength who can fly. Each are set in their ways and Mary’s magical abilities give her an edge but Kara has her own strength to fight back hard. They cause some damage before both get a talking to and leave. They have a later battle when Mary mistakenly believes Supergirl is possessed by a demon to attack her and they fight it out more before uniting to stop a bigger threat. It’s settled well but it shows how mixing teenage hormones with super-powers rarely ends well.

12 Big Barda vs Knockout

Created by the legendary Jack Kirby, Barda was a former trainer on Apokolips, the brutal world ruled by evil Darkseid. Meant to train his “Female Furies,” Barda fell in love with Scott Free and escaped with him to Earth. A fantastic fighter who loved a good brawl, she would work with the Justice League and later the Birds of Prey. During a mission, the Birds ran into the Secret Six, a renegade mercenary group whose members included Knockout. Living up to her name, the tall and gorgeous redhead happened to be a former resident of Apokolips who also escaped. They had fought briefly before when Circe sent a variety of female villains to attack Earth and Barda took Knockout down. This time, the fight is more brutal, the two going at it hard with their enhanced strength and giving it their all. Knockout is powerful but Barda is skilled enough to keep it even. A funny bit is how the Birds and the Six call a truce to deal with a bigger threat but Barda and Knockout are still going at it so the two teams just shrug and let them be. Finally, Barda leaves Knockout laid out in a frozen lake and shows how tough life on Apokolips makes one.

11 Wonder Woman vs Cheetah

One of the oldest foes of Wonder Woman, the Cheetah has been through a variety of incarnations over the years. Barbara Minerva has been a costumed heiress but also a mutated cat-woman, a brilliant scientist and a thief. In the “New 52” history, Barbara was Diana’s first friend in the outside world, a scholar who helped her in adventures. Studying a dagger, Barbara cut herself on it and was turned into the murderous Cheetah, Diana wanting to help restore her. Working with the Justice League, Diana tracks Cheetah to the jungles and the two have one of their most vicious fights ever. Cheetah is a true animal, slashing and clawing while Diana tries to stop her without hurting her. It’s complicated by Superman turned into a Cheetah creature and the tribe behind the dagger relating that the Cheetah is meant to be a protector but Barbara turned it evil. In the end, Diana is able to capture Cheetah only to have the most brutal blow occur: Barbara was a longtime thief, con artist and crook who was never really Diana’s friend but just using her. As Batman puts it, the Cheetah didn’t corrupt Barbara, she corrupted the Cheetah. Thus, while Diana won the fight, realizing her trust was so misplaced doesn’t make it a victory.

10 Wonder Woman vs Mera

She doesn’t get as much attention as she should but Mera is actually one of the stronger ladies in the DCU. Aquaman’s wife, this gorgeous redhead has the same strength he does and ability to warp water around her as a weapon. In 2009’s Blackest Night event, black rings revive various dead heroes and villains into super-powered zombies. The figure behind it all is Nekron, a monstrous creature who reveals he’s the reason so many heroes (like Wonder Woman) have returned from the dead. He sends out rings that turn these heroes into Black Lanterns. Mera has to battle a Wonder Woman with no compassion or morals and it’s frightening just how ruthless Diana can be when she cuts loose. They smash each other about, Diana with the upper hand but Mera is able to use her powers and strength to fight back and subdue her long enough for Nekron’s control to be broken. They have a unique rematch when Diana becomes an Indigo Lantern, known for compassion, while Mera is infected with a Red Lantern rage and thus it’s Diana who has to subdue an insane Mera. Either way, these battles prove Mera ranks high among the strongest ladies in the DCU.

9 Oracle vs Spy Smasher

After losing the use of her legs thanks to being shot by the Joker, Barbara Gordon’s career as Batgirl was over. However, she used her mind and fantastic computer skills to become Oracle, a great hacker and aid to the super-hero community. Soon, she, Black Canary and Huntress formed the Birds of Prey, a revolving team of heroines who became a great unit. In a major storyline, Barbara is confronted by a former college roommate, Katrina Armstrong who knows who Barbara really is. Katrina now calls herself Spy-Smasher, a terrorist fighter who wants the Birds to be her personal hit squad. She threatens to reveal Barbara’s identity if she doesn’t help, taking on more command and oblivious to how the rest of the team hates her guts. It comes down to Barbara challenging Katrina to a fight for command. Katrina literally laughs until Barbara pulls out her dual sticks and starts taking her down. As skilled as Spy-Smasher is, her anger gets the best of her, allowing Barbara to put her long-time training and cool mind to use, smashing Katrina down and basically wiping the floor with her. The fall-out is even better as Katrina stands, trying to look as strong as one can when they got their ass kicked by someone in a wheelchair, and declares Barbara is off the team. At which point, two dozen heroes who have worked with the Birds show up and make it clear there’s no way in hell they’re letting Katrina be in charge and send her scampering off in fear. Legs or no, Barbara Gordon proved here she more than earned her stripes as a hero.

8 Black Canary vs Harley Quinn

Injustice Gods Among Us imagines a much darker take on the DC Universe. After losing his wife, unborn child and all of Metropolis thanks to the Joker, Superman goes over the edge and decides to take over Earth in order to “protect” it. A tie-in comic shows how this happens as Superman crosses the line by killing Green Arrow. This devastates Black Canary who’s not happy when she comes to Oliver’s base to find Harley Quinn waiting. It seems Oliver was letting the nutcase hang out after the murder of the Joker and Harley felt bound to him. An argument gets out of control and the two women are soon going at it. Canary is a superb martial artist who also boasts a sonic scream that should give her victory. However, Harley is a total lunatic and her variety of “joke” weapons help her out to keep it even. They go back and forth before a surprising finish as Dinah has to grab a bucket to throw up. Harley is confused as she hadn’t hit that hard but then realizes Dinah is pregnant. They actually bond over it and Harley ends up becoming an ally to Batman’s resistance to Superman showing that even a madwoman has a good heart.

7 Sara Lance vs Huntress

Arrow has been a huge hit for the CW, turning the second-tier DC hero into a popular character. It’s inspired three spin-offs and focused on working more of the DC mythos into mainstream TV. In the first season, Oliver Queen meets Helena Bertinelli (Jessica De Gouw), daughter of a mob boss who wants her father dead for killing her fiancée. They have a brief relationship as Oliver trains her to become the masked Huntress. However, Helena’s bloodlust is out of control, driving her out of town. In the second season, Oliver is shocked that Sara Lance (Caity Lotz), who he thought died in a shipwreck is alive and now the highly trained Black Canary is aiding him in his fight against crime.

When Helena’s father is arrested, Helena returns to Starling City to take him out. She takes hostages, including Sara’s sister, Laurel, and Sara heads in to rescue her. She and Helena have a great fight before Helena manages to knock Sara out a window. They have a rematch later on with Sara really cutting loose, Helena giving it her all but eventually taken down. It’s only Laurel’s pleading that stops Sara from killing Helena and letting her be arrested. Arrow has done plenty of great action scenes but this ranks as one of the best to show how a real-life comic book fight works.

6 Talia al Ghul vs Scandal Savage

Vandal Savage is a 50,000 year old caveman whose past identities include Genghis Khan and Attila the Hun. Ra’s al Ghul is a 900-year-old ecoterrorist ready to commit global genocide. It’s no wonder their respective daughters would turn out to be deadly women in their own rights. In 2005’s Villains United, Talia al Ghul is part of a massive cabal of bad guys with world domination in mind. Scandal Savage is the leader of the Secret Six, a renegade band of crooks who don’t want to be part of this. It leads to a massive battle between the two sides with the rest of the Six brawling, shooting and slicing through the ranks of the main group. In the midst of it all, Talia confronts Scandal, noting that as “the daughters of the immortals,” they’re above this sort of thing. They start to duel it out, Talia’s swords against Scandal’s special blades, each giving it their all. Talia has the edge but ends up taken out by the Six’s secret weapon: Knockout, a huge redhead who just happens to be Scandal’s lover. Short but it shows that as deadly as Vandal and Ra’s can be, their daughters can be just as nasty.

5 Wonder Woman vs Regime Wonder Woman

Injustice: Gods Among Us was a popular video game with the idea of DC Heroes fighting each other. However, it got attention for its fantastic storyline, set on an alternate Earth close to the DCU we know with some differences (Lex Luthor never turned to crime for example). When the Joker nuked Metropolis and tricked Superman into killing Lois Lane, the Man of Steel lost it. After murdering the Joker, Superman became the dictator of Earth in attempts to bring “peace.” Wonder Woman joins with him and the two soon become lovers. In desperation, Batman summons the Justice League of the regular DCU to help him stop this Regime.

This sets up the battle as Diana discovers how her doppelganger is a ruthless tyrant in her own right and prepared to lead the Amazons to wipe out Gotham City. Diana tries to talk but Regime Wonder Woman starts a fight. They battle it out and while much can be controlled by the player, there’s also gorgeous animation to highlight the battle as Diana points out how Regime Wonder Woman has disgraced everything they stood for. Diana is the victor and gives a great speech rousing the Amazons that this is not what they are meant for. Deciding this is the Wonder Woman to follow, the Amazons help her defeat Superman’s forces. It just shows that as powerful as Wonder Woman is physically, there’s one enemy she can never beat: Herself.

4 Batgirl vs Lady Shiva

In 1999, DC introduced a wild new take on Batgirl. Cassandra Cain was a young girl, deaf since birth and raised by David Cain, a ruthless assassin. He trained her to be a killer but she broke free and found she had the ability to “read” a person’s fighting style, allowing her victory. Aiding Batman, she was inspired to take on a costume to become a new Batgirl. In one storyline, a telepath tries to help her by rewriting her brain, allowing her to hear and communicate better. But it also wipes out her fighting abilities so Cassandra wants to learn how to do it again. She thus turns to master assassin Lady Shiva, said to be the deadliest woman on the planet, a fighter so good even Batman hasn’t been able to beat her. She agrees on the condition Cassie gives her a “Death Duel.” The training works and they fight with Shiva “killing” Cassie but then bringing her back to life. They battle again, a fantastic affair over several pages as they brawl it out with a variety of amazing moves and eventually, Cassie wins. Beating Lady Shiva is one epic encounter and a reason the character remains beloved by fans.

3 Catwoman vs Lady Shiva

It’s not just the fight itself that gets attention but the artist bringing it to life. In 2004, writer Jeph Loeb worked with acclaimed artist Jim Lee for “Hush,” an epic Batman storyline. In it, the Dark Knight is put through the wringer facing numerous enemies and trying to figure out who is pulling the strings. When he hears his former flame Talia al Ghul is involved, Batman has her held despite knowing her father will do anything to get her. He leaves Catwoman to watch over her while he tracks down another clue. As it happens, the “rescue mission” is led by Lady Shiva, one of the deadliest killers on the face of the planet. Catwoman is good in a fight and gives it her all but she’s outmatched. Lee is fantastic showing the detail, how Shiva is almost toying with Selina before hitting her with takedown blows and dominant in her win. Catwoman’s life is only spared when Talia hits Shiva from behind to escape on her own. At least Catwoman can say she survived a fight with Shiva, which is more than others can and Lee’s pencils make this a spectacular fight to enjoy.

2 Wonder Woman vs Power Girl

What’s better than a fight between two of the hottest women in comics? One that expands over two issues. In Wonder Woman volume 3 #40-41, Diana is handling various issues, including how the God of War, Ares, is up to some tricks. Among them is having his “children” use their influence to cast a spell upon Power Girl that makes her see Diana as the enemy. Right after dealing with a monstrous serpent and putting out a fire, Wonder Woman is ambushed by Power Girl, a woman whose powers can equal Superman’s. At first, Diana tries to talk but Kara isn’t having it and nails her with punches and then a head-butt that sends Diana flying all the way into Canada. Deciding enough is enough, Diana hits back, the two brawling in the city streets before an excited crowd. Power Girl has the strength but not the training and skill Wonder Woman does. Thus, while her punches hit hard, Diana is able to outwit her and get her into a full nelson. Diana finally uses her words to get the infamously stubborn Kara to realize she’s being used and break her free of the spell. They then team up to take down the evil children but it shows how wild a brawl between two major powerhouses can get.

1 Black Canary and Huntress vs Hawkgirl, Vixen and Wonder Woman

Justice Unlimited is often seen as one of the greatest super-hero animated series ever. Expanding to show practically every hero in the DC Universe, the third season amped it up as they faced the Legion of Doom. In “Grudge Match,” Black Canary (voiced by Morena Baccarin) notices something off about teammate Huntress (Amy Acker) who vanishes at odd times and seems to not remember it. She follows Huntress to where she’s taking part in an underground fight club run by scheming Roulette. It seems Roulette has managed to use the Justice League communicators as a mind control device and pitting heroines in her ring to fire up her gambling crowd. Canary manages to free Huntress in time to face off against a controlled Vixen and Hawkgirl. It’s a wild fight before they can break the spell only for Roulette to unveil her ace up the sleeve: A mind-controlled Wonder Woman.

A single-minded fighting machine, Diana basically wipes the floor with the other four women and it’s just pure luck they’re able to break the control. The five heroines quickly manage to defeat Roulette (who holds her own surprisingly in the fight) before busting up the club. The topper is the end when Canary remarks on how she was “taking it easy” on Huntress because of the control and Huntress is offended, responding she could have won. They look at each other, smile, and then get ready to have a final fight as the episode ends. It’s one of the best episodes of the series and a great showcase for how wild the ladies of the DCU can get.

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Thank You DC For These 15 Epic Girl On Girl Fights