Team Betty: 15 Photos That Prove Archie Should Pick Betty

Though the company that created the Archie comic series began in 1939, and though Archie himself debuted in 1941, the battle between Betty and Veronica over the affections of the carrot-top Casanova d

Though the company that created the Archie comic series began in 1939, and though Archie himself debuted in 1941, the battle between Betty and Veronica over the affections of the carrot-top Casanova didn't begin until April of 1942. But since then, there has been a divide between Archie fans. There are two teams: Betty Cooper's team, and Veronica Lodge's team. Sure Ethel Muggs exists, and Cheryl Blossom, and Sabrina, and Josie made their way through the same comic universe as well, but there has only ever been a divide between these two ladies.

Why that has been? No one really knows. Especially when Betty Cooper is clearly the better choice for Archie Andrews. It's easy as A-B-C, as the initials of their names suggest. Not to mention that Betty debuted with Archie in the December of 1941 in Pep Comics #22, before Archie even had his own series, and became the front runner of the company. Betty has literally always been there for Archie, and while Veronica might be hot, powerful, and with an excess of personality and control issues, Betty is sweet, caring, intelligent, adventurous, willing to share, and willing to let Archie follow his dreams; not just hers.

15 Veronica Is A Bloodsucker

Not even halfway through the entire run of Betty and Veronica, readers discovered that the infamous Veronica Lodge, was in fact a vampire. Now this couldn't be much of a shock to anyone. Her ridiculously close family ties suggest that Mr. Lodge is the head vampire, and Veronica has always had an incredibly forceful personality that has gotten Archie in a lot of trouble. Already draining his life force, why not also drain his blood? But that's ok. There's someone willing to fight for good in this comic, of course. And the constant source for good in the franchise is none other than Betty Cooper who, unbeknownst to all, was in fact a vampire slayer. Given that she has always been a guardian to Archie, it's not surprising at all that the constant back and forth between Betty and Veronica would finally clash in an epic battle like this. Jughead's nonchalance above is standard, but the fear apparent as Archie cowers behind that headstone, is testament to the fear Veronica instills. Thank goodness there's Betty to save the day.

14 Betty Makes The Best Of It All

Betty and Veronica have always been known for their bikini bodies since the very beginning. It's no doubt that both of these girls are quite attractive. At least physically. Veronica perhaps has the personality for those wishing to either be slaves, or those who think it's a game to tame a girl (e.g. Reggie). But Betty has an amazingly accommodating personality. That's not to say that she's officially a pushover, but that she's willing to make the best of an unfortunate situation. Veronica would be able to go to Europe, no problem, but not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouths. Here's Betty, whose father was unable to send her to Europe for a vacation. Instead, he brought her posters of the best of Europe. Contented with her towel out on the floor, beach ball close at hand, clad in her bikini, surrounded by posters, bathed in the light of a lamp to simulate the Sun, and washed over by tunes on the turntable, Betty is having a great time. She's likely on the phone with Veronica here, who, in some way, might be jealous at the thought that Betty's dad brought her Europe. But it's not about that for Betty. It's about enjoying what she has.

13 Sporty And Sweet

Maybe she's not rich, but she still manages to have fun. Though it's likely covered by Mr. Lodge, the Riverdale gang's time out on the ski hill has done good for both Betty and Veronica's egos. The only difference is that Betty won't let it go to her head. Now it's likely that Jughead, with that nonchalance that characterizes his name, is actually talking about the curves on the ski slopes, and not on the lovely ladies before him. However, it is more than enough for Betty and Veronica, to take Archie's clumsiness as a compliment. The important thing here is what has yet to happen in this scene. Veronica is too concerned with herself, but there is every bit of faith in Betty that, should this cover story continue on the next page, would come to Archie's aid, and help him up again, before skiing off to show Archie what he is dying to have. Besides, they're always referred to as Betty and Veronica... the priority mentioned first. Betty.

12 Betty Is In It For Herself

Sure, Veronica is getting her kisses in, taking advantage of Betty's credulousness at the beautiful Autumn colours. But what does that say about each girl here? Veronica is just in it for herself. She's best friends with Betty, but doesn't afford any leeway when it comes to Archie. Betty is willing to turn her back for a few minutes to appreciate the world around her, her best friend, and her hopeful lover. Archie is a teenage boy, so it's no surprise that he always has trouble choosing. He wants the good, and the bad; the naughty and the nice. He gets both so long as he can string both girls on, but it's clear that Betty is the better option. She is willing to stop and take stock of the world; to breathe deep, and enjoy life. This is why the Betty track for the Life With Archie series features Archie and Betty leaving Riverdale to pursue a career in music; taking hold of those ambitions. Veronica's track is stagnant, and Archie never wanted to work for Mr. Lodge anyway.

11 She's Learned And Loving

Even though Veronica is clearly coming on to Archie here, Betty is perfectly content to smile away, and keep working on her studies in class. Why might this be? It could be because Betty knows she already has that chemistry with Archie, and will win out in the end anyway. Or it could be that she is more concerned with school work while in class, and then she can focus on play outside of class (which she does very well). The bigger picture here though, is coming back to the notion that Betty is willing to share; willing to have a relatively healthy, and friendly battle between she and Veronica. To back that up, the above issue 258 is indeed loaded with fun. Betty may be focused in class on the cover, but there's a snow day in the issue, and a go-go dance-off between Betty and Veronica. She's willing to work, play, share, and love in her own way. She's the girl for Archie.

10 Betty Cares For Her Friends

Here's a typical state of affairs. Veronica fakes her way into someone's arms. But it's not just that. She worries her supposedly best friend Betty. Even though Betty is having a presumably great time with Archie, she runs to Veronica's aid, to make sure she's ok. All that Veronica is concerned with? Not making Archie jealous. Not caring that Betty is worried. No. Nothing but getting the lifeguard's number. And it's not just that. Implicit in her statement is that she's going to have a tantrum if she doesn't get the poor guy's number. Never mind that she's disturbed the entire beach, as the boys come up over the ridge, and those in the water look on in concern, or at least interest. Betraying Betty's friendship, and causing a scene are perhaps two of the things Veronica is best at. Caring for her friends, and giving of her time to ensure their safety... those are two things that Betty is very good at.

9 She's Loyal

Here again, Veronica doesn't really care about Archie. The only reason she spends so much time vying for his attention is because she noticed a toy in the sandbox that Betty was playing with, and she wanted it for herself. The proof of this is above. Both baring "I Love Archie" tattoos, Veronica admits she'll be losing the tattoo before she goes out with Reggie on a date. This is why, of course, Veronica has a winking Archie on her arm. It makes one think... besides the fact that she's going out with Reggie anyway, that she's either wearing something sleeveless, or intends not to have a shirt on later on in her date. Betty is far more honest and wholesome than that. Flexing as she shows off her tattoo of Archie smiling, Betty symbolically shows off her strength of character, as well as the strength of her love for the carrot-top. Betty's challenge, asking Veronica when she will wash off the tattoo, seems to be Betty's way of saying "I'm never washing this off my arm". She truly has dedication. Just another clear reason as to why Archie should choose Betty.

8 It's Not About The Money

Veronica, concerned about how Betty could possibly afford a trendy, fashionable, and expensive-looking swimsuit, cares nothing about how her friend is doing, but only how Betty managed to get her hands on something pricey. Realistically, Betty has taken an old bathing suit, and has given it new life by cutting it into the new fashion. It's not about the money for Betty. She's always on the nose when it comes to being practical, and thrifty. If she sees something that she likes, she makes it rather than buying it. Not that she could afford it if she wanted to buy it... and if she did have the money, she'd at least have worked for it, unlike Veronica who is handed everything she wants... except for Archie. Also to be noted, Betty seems to care very little, if at all, about the fact that the men on the beach are gawking at her. Veronica would care, and would wish to be the centre of attention, but Betty just wants to have fun. And let's face it... blondes always have more fun.

7 Learned, Lovely, And Willing To Teach

It is more than clear here that Veronica is just looking for attention as she just happens to stroll by where Betty and Archie just happen to be hanging out on the beach. Not just looking to neck when hanging out with Archie, Betty is interested in challenging her mind, and perhaps expanding her vocabulary with some crossword puzzles. Not only is she learned and lovely, but she's also willing to teach. Looking to engage Archie with the puzzles as well, she offers Archie the chance to answer some of the questions, but clearly to no avail. It should be noted that Archie likely does not deserve Betty, sweetly seductive as she is. He doesn't deserve her, but she is the best option between her and Veronica, for sure. One can only imagine what the next panel would be in this strip: Betty dumbfounded by Archie's response, and then disappointed as Veronica struts by, knowing that Ronnie thinks she's won some exchange in a war that Betty just doesn't want to fight in.

6 Betty And The Carrot-Top Beast

First off, it's clear that Veronica is playing the role of the evil sorceress from the very beginning of Beauty and the Beast (though she turns Archie likely because of his desire for Betty). It must also be pointed out that the authors never thought for a second to cast Veronica in the role of the well-read, educated, free-thinking Belle. No. Of course the only one who could be cast in such a role from the Archie universe is the beautiful Betty Cooper. Her care, her moral compass, her desire to do good, and her wish for love make her the perfect candidate. Not to mention that she looks stunning in that dress that is so closely based on the dress come from the Disney film. Sure, she's not a brunette like Disney's Belle, but she's still got that 'girl next door' quality, and as said before: blondes do have the most fun... even if it is with an unfortunate-looking, carrot-top beast.

5 She's Not Afraid To Get Dirty

Of course the subtitle for this instalment will make every male Archie fan think about something not quite to do with getting covered in paint. That being said... it was absolutely meant to be said that way. As usual, Veronica is not interested in working, but gives the clearly pathetic excuse that since she's painting her nails, she is of course painting. This, of course, leaves Betty to do all the work which she will do, in spite of her frustrations. But what does that say? It says that Betty is willing to do hard work. It says that Betty is willing to get dirty. And it says that Betty is willing to pick up her lazy best friend's slack, and get the work done no matter what. Not to mention that while Veronica aims to stay clean in her crop top and short shorts, Betty is looking pretty smokin' in her paint-covered, rolled up overalls and tight, white tank.

4 Betty Wins The Heart Race

For a change, Veronica isn't focused on battling with Betty. Instead, she's focusing on her inner and outer balance, while she does yoga on a fur mat (which is not a good idea for those of you thinking of trying it). Now, taking yoga lessons from someone named Gary the Guru is probably not the greatest of ideas, but the people who are able to rip off the rich are everywhere. Talking about the effect of yoga on her body, Veronica perfectly explains just what happens to Betty when she kisses Archie. Surely that's not the only thing that happens to her when she kisses him, but the comic series is mostly PG, so that wouldn't be mentioned outright. But imagine: Betty feels, when she kisses Archie, the way people feel whenever they have their first kiss in a new relationship. Just imagine what it would be like, feeling the same rush with every kiss, as opposed to only the very first one. One can only dream that it's that way every time one kisses Betty.

3 Lifeguard Betty

Realistically this should be called "Beach Ball Betty", or "Boardwalk Betty", but either way, "Lifeguard Betty" suits the pinup idea more. Clearly an older image, this classic shot of Betty Cooper says a lot more than people might first think. First off: she does more pinup art than Veronica. Secondly, she's clearly adventurous: heading out who knows how far into the water, and climbing atop the mooring. Thirdly, she's clearly out there having fun with someone else, or she's saving someone's beach ball. Either way, she's pretty badass for getting up there, and somehow keeping hold of, or catching a beach ball. The way in which Archie Comics, quite literally in this instance, puts Betty Cooper up on a pedestal is a clear indication of the value of this blonde bombshell to their company. Being the first of the two women to be introduced to Archie certainly gives Betty a boost, and does make it seem that she is the more important, and more beloved of the two leading ladies.

2 Thrifty

No surprise here. Another thrifty go at a swimsuit that Veronica is clearly wanting. Of course, Betty's ingenuity when it comes to acquiring or creating new fashions is nothing short of amazing, and it's no wonder that Veronica is jealous. And not only is Betty trendy with her fishnet outfit, but she's also showing two boys how they might be rather enterprising, making bits of change here and there. Back in the day, fifty cents was a lot to a kid. There was a lot of candy or little toys that one could get with fifty cents, or just a little more than that, so Betty was really helping out these kids, and getting an old net for some fun fashion in turn. Betty Cooper never ceases to amaze with her fun-loving, and thrifty, give-and-take manner. She really does come out on top when it comes to creativity. Veronica would be disgusted knowing that she was wearing someone's old fish net. Veronica would also spend an overwhelming amount of money for an outfit that looked the same, and likely had poorer quality (as it would not likely be rated as an actual fish net).

1 Betty Stops To Smell The Roses

Unlike the similar instance of Betty and Archie hanging out, with Veronica stealing the spotlight on purpose, Archie happens to be taken by Betty, while she is engaged with something else entirely. It's unfortunate that Veronica loses Archie's attention here, but it is perhaps deserved, given her devious trick to get his attention when spending time with Betty. Regardless, in this instance, Betty is simply out by the flower beds, stopping to literally smell the roses. No harm. No foul. It's not her fault that Archie is so taken by her, and her love of nature. It might realistically just be the short shorts, but still. The fact that Archie is out with Veronica, but more taken with Betty when she's not even paying attention to him, or trying to allure him makes Betty undeniably the right choice for the carrot-top. If without even trying, Betty is the one Archie is attracted to, in addition to all of the aforementioned and astonishing points about her, then it should be a definitive answer, once and for all, that Archie should pick Betty Cooper.


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