Street Style: 20 Fashion Choices The Hadid Sisters Rocked Off The Runway

The Hadid sisters, Bella and Gigi, have become massive forces in the world of fashion. They are both naturally, drop-dead gorgeous. We can’t stop staring at their long legs, their toned skin, and their luscious locks. How can we confidently state this as fact? Just look at their social media following alone: 37.9m followers for Gigi on Instagram alone, and Bella has 16.7m.

It’s clear that they are huge influencers, and we always love to know what they are wearing. Although they wear plenty of expensive clothes on the runway and in fashion magazines, it’s more interesting to look at what they wear when they are walking around on the street. Their street style is more about their own tastes, and it’s clear that they have a lot of love for athleisure in particular.

These photos all show fantastic fashion choices they have made, with outfits that suit them well and are perfectly fitted to their frames. A model’s job is looking good everywhere she goes, and these two have achieved that in spades. It’s not surprising that Bella has begun to follow in Gigi’s footsteps considering that there is only one year in between them – and they both share the same gorgeous body and elegant features. Here’s a look at 20 times they really rocked their street style.

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20 Gigi In Glamorous White

Although Gigi might usually be more at home in something relaxed, she also knows when and how to rock something smarter. This glamorous white suit really makes her look like a business diva – someone who can take charge of the boardroom and look fabulous while doing it. She has matched it up with tan shoes that look very Italian and sophisticated, along with a textured white coat which adds interest to the outfit as a whole. Her orange-tinted sunglasses bring the outfit full circle.

It’s clear that she knows how to power-dress, and doesn’t need shoulder pads to do it. This belted white top is also perfectly matched with a set of two necklaces, one a sun and one a moon, sitting at different heights.

19 Bella In A Black Two-Piece

There’s something about this matching two-piece set that gets our heart races. It allows Bella to look like she just stepped off a glamorous movie set in the 80's. Skirts and jackets are often worn to the office, but count on Bella to take something that is the norm and give it some edge.

A deconstructed bomber jacket is turned into both a skirt and a cropped jacket, with asymmetrical lines. It takes real guts and style to pull off a look like this, and Bella appears to have both traits. Her black biker boots, black leather purse, and black sunglasses finish the look, with a simple white turtleneck shirt underneath. So good that she had to post it on Instagram twice, apparently!

18 Gigi In Floral Lilac

Lilac is one of the big trends around the world right now, and Gigi knows exactly how to do it justice. She has gone for a swept-back hairstyle which really accentuates her high cheekbones, and with a touch of highlight along that line, it’s a perfect but simple makeup look.

She’s taken a very girly colour and given it a bit more of a rock star edge by choosing a see-through lace blouse paired with a rough sequinned skirt. The look certainly reveals her thin frame, perfect for her modelling duties, and showcases her unbelievable waist. This is the epitome of elegance given the bad girl twist – like a princess trying to show a little bit of rebellion. Needless to say, Gigi nails it.

17 Bella In Casual Airport Wear

Alright, so we did say that we would be showcasing their off the runway looks – and we think an airport runway should count! This chic ensemble is comfortable for travel, but allows Bella to maintain her trademark style. She has a fluffy tan coat paired with deconstructed blue denim, and white sneakers that are so bright they seem to shine.

She might not be deliberately doing anything clever with this outfit, which is destined only for the inside of a plane, but she still manages to look great. If you can get off an airplane ready to pose and pout then you must have had a pretty comfortable ride. The only way to achieve that is by dressing well.

16 Gigi In White And Black Prada

Sometimes, there’s nothing like going simple. Whoever thought that a pair of black jeans and a white tee would look this cool? Of course, Gigi knows exactly what she is doing: this is all about texture.

Instead of it being a very simple look, there’s actually a lot going on. The leather-effect trousers shimmer in the light, and the fringing on her shirt also catches the eye. The contrast between black and white is also very strong here. She’s a big Prada fan and can often be seen wearing their simpler items – this shirt could easily be produced by a sportswear company without the bling, so it’s easy to see why she would love it. Topping it off with square black sunglasses finishes the look (even if it is dark outside).

15 Bella In Mismatched Short And Long

This look for Bella is all about playing with proportions. She has high-waisted jeans which sit above her hips, and a white shirt tucked inside, leaving no gap for skin to show. On top of this, however, she wears a cropped turtleneck jumper, with sleeves that go right over her hands. It’s almost as if the extra fabric for the jumper was moved from the waist to the neck!

She is also carrying a fleece-lined denim jacket in case things get a little chilly, and a tiny silver purse for a little bit of pizzazz. Plain white sneakers complete the outfit. There’s a lot going on here, and at least part of it is a nod to the weather – which, judging from how she's dressed, is a little bit chilly.

14 Gigi In Reebok

Gigi absolutely loves her athleisure, and you’re more likely to spot her looking like she has just come from the gym than the runway. Mind you, it’s probably true – after all, models have to keep their slim frames one way or another.

She has paired this classic 90s throwback Reebok crop top with Versace glasses, an open tracksuit top, another top tied around her waist, and ribbon-cut leggings. Even when she is all about working out, she still manages to look fabulous. That’s the difference between a supermodel and an ordinary good-looking girl – the ability to look great no matter when the paparazzi might catch them! These days, Gigi probably expects to get photographed everywhere she goes, even when she ducks behind a lorry for a bit of privacy.

13 Bella In Gear For The Game

When you head to the game, what do you wear? Bella was excited to watch this one, which had the team from her hometown squaring off against the team from her current home. She kept it really simple and put the fashion flourishes to a minimum in blue denim and a white crop top. Of course, it’s a great way to show off her tiny and toned midriff – but kudos to her, since she worked hard to get it.

The long sleeves keep the plunging neckline from feeling too revealing, and she has added a few gold rings, hoop earrings and necklace to stop the outfit from heading into boring.

12 Gigi In Shining Pink

Wow – this one is definitely something that stands out. If you saw her walking down the street in this, you would know that she has to be someone special even if you’ve never seen her picture before. Something this shiny and pink hasn’t been seen since the 80s, and she’s bringing it back with a style that just defies expectations. Not many people would look good in this skin-tight two-piece, but she manages to pull it off.

The fringed biker-style jacket hides a baby pink top, and she has topped it off with red-tinted sunglasses – a great nod to the 90s, when she was born. We can barely tear our eyes away from this shiny ensemble, which fits tightly in all of the right places.

11 Bella In Billboard Matching

Bella spotted this billboard of herself in New York and noticed she was wearing something pretty similar, so she decided to let the paparazzi grab a photo or two of the moment. She is dressed simply in workout gear, perfect for a quick run through the city. She has paired a black crop top with long sleeves with plain black leggings.

It’s a great outfit for breathability whilst also keeping the limbs warm and the blood pumping. It is finished off with her black sneakers. A few necklaces layered around her neck are the only hint that she may have chosen this outfit for fashion rather than practicality. She’s confident enough to stand in the middle of the road below her own image and allow a few impromptu snaps without planning.

10 Gigi In Red, White, And Blue

It’s a bit of a patriotic look, even if it only happened by accident. From head to toe, Gigi has some great colours going on. It all starts with her 50s style red sunglasses, which really add a bit of class. Then she wears a simple white tee with a blue, red, and black design. An oversized blue cardigan is her defence against the cold, although she doesn’t seem to be taking it too seriously as it droops over one shoulder.

Then she changes the silhouette up with a pair of bright black-and-white striped trousers. It all ends in a splash of red with her Reebok trainers. She’s great at having those pops of colour in her accessories, with a matching start and finish to the look.

9 Bella In Fairytale White

Bella looks super cute in this outfit, which she posted to Instagram in celebration of her birthday. The dress is a delightful white fairytale style, with lace panels, gathers, and ties, keeping it in a very specific shape. She has paired it with white below-the-knee boots, with a zip right up the front instead of on the side. Her only accessory other than that is her black purse, hanging over her shoulder.

She has opted to go without jewellery or sunglasses – something her older sister is barely ever seen without! In this photo, you can really notice that she is only 21, even though she often feels a lot older due to her prowess in power dressing. These two sisters have achieved a lot at a very young age, since Gigi herself is only 22.

8 Gigi In Blue And Tan

Here’s another great example of how Gigi loves to match up colours to ensure her outfit works from head to toe. With the exception of her styled white shirt, which simply complements the outfit without distracting, everything is in either blue or tan.

It starts with those brown-tinted lenses on her head, and even the tone of her hair. Then she has a fluffy 70s-style jacket perched right on her shoulders, with contrasting panels of blue and tan. Simple and classic blue jeans in a high-waisted cut come next, and they are paired with classic tan lace-up trainers. This whole look is about the contrast between the fussy jacket and the simple and classic elements everywhere else. The colours just help to tie it all together into one clean fusion.

7 Bella In A Smarter White Look

Bella proves here that she knows how to rock a more serious look, just like her sister does. In this example, she has gone for white trousers with a lace-up detail along the front, and a tailored white blouse with a cut-out section over the chest. It also splits from above the navel, but the oversized long sleeves allows it to keep its class.

She has a tiny white purse along with her as well, which doesn't look like it could hold more than just her phone. The only pop of colour in the look comes from her bright orange sunglasses. We whether she borrowed those from Gigi, since they seem to be much more her style! It seems both sisters also turn to white for smart occasions.

6 Gigi In Punk Black And Red

This look from Gigi is a little bit tougher and gives her a bit more of an edge. She has her Max Mara Boston bag as a pop of bright red which lightens up the outfit as a whole. Then, she has paired this with an oversized red checkered shirt, very reminiscent of punk stylings. She opted for black with the rest of the outfit, from her lace-up boots, to her shiny athleisure bottoms, and her satiny bodysuit.

The contrast of shapes allow a small triangle of bare skin just at the apex of her hips, which has a very striking and slimming effect. Of course, she doesn’t seem to go anywhere without a statement pair of sunglasses. Needless to say, they look more than wonderful on her.

5 Bella In A Twisted Red Look

This look is really unusual, and is certainly the kind of thing that you would only ever see a model or fashionista wear. She has on blue jeans which are simple and ordinary enough, though their sharp tailoring probably means that they cost a lot more than you would imagine.

On top of that, she has opted for a twisted red top with ribbed lines that cross over her chest. Her midriff is left totally bare, but she is also wearing long sleeves and there is a white pop of frill coming out at each wrist. Paired up with these clothes, she has chosen small black sunglasses and an equally small black purse slung across her body. This is a pretty relaxed look, despite the fact that most of us would never dare to wear anything like it.

4 Gigi With Zayn In Check

We couldn’t let this list go by without at least one appearance from Zayn, Gigi’s famous and attractive other half. He proves that he is adept at taking simple streetwear and elevating it with this look, featuring leather trousers instead of jeans.

Gigi, on the other hand, looks dressed to kill. She is wearing a loose, but incredibly well-fitted, dress-coat in a black and white checkered pattern. It is cut to just the right length to show off her knee-length black boots. Paired with an oversized black belt, it does the job of showing off her frame instead of dwarfing it, despite the scales involved. A pair of massive hoop earrings seems to be the finishing touch. As for the neckline, that speaks for itself.

3 Bella In Punk Nike

When it comes to wearing sports brands like Nike, Bella always likes to find a little something extra in the look which stops it from being straight athleisure. This Nike hoodie is cropped above the waist and finished off with dangling safety pins as a fringe.

She is also wearing a bag on her back with a strap made from an airline seatbelt, and her stiff blue cargo pants are definitely very utilitarian. She has finished off the look with a few accessories – black and red military-style boots, a sharp and plain belt around her waist, a plain body matching the colours of the rest of her outfit, and oversized hoop earrings. The side by side photos give you a fun game of spot the difference (we found 6).

2 Gigi In Chic European Style

This black and red look is very Gigi, but it also manages to look very European and chic. The same red sunglasses that she wears in another of our entries are presented here in a very different way. Black Reeboks are on her feet to ensure that she can walk comfortably, and her high-waisted black jeans are also rolled up at the ankle to provide a bit of skin showing.

There’s a similar gap between her jeans and her black crop top, which is again pretty simple. Over the top, she has knotted a plain red sweater, clearly intended to be worn this way rather than actually put on. The hoop earrings are perhaps the only superfluous note, as everything else is pretty lowkey – she doesn’t wear any other jewellery.

1 Bella In Luxurious Max Mara

This outfit could easily belong on Kim Kardashian, who tends to favour cropped tailoring. Bella has made it her own with a head-to-toe Max Mara look in beige, shiny fabric. She has a pair of tailored suit trousers and an oversized jacket, matched with a bustier top that Madonna would be proud of. It leaves ample room to show off her midriff and neckline, and she has matched it up simply with a bag of the same colour and dangling earrings.

One of her employees behind her is quite obviously carrying the sneakers she will change into later when she grows tired of heeled shoes! With her sleek haircut and simple make-up, she manages to make this 80s ensemble work. It looks great against her tanned skin, too, and she almost looks like she matched herself up to her surroundings on purpose.

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