Star Wars The Last Jedi: 15 Behind The Scenes Pics That Ruin The Movie

The newest Star Wars movie is coming to a theater near you this December, and people are starting to get seriously hyped up. The fervor surrounding this film is being encouraged by many trailers that have been coming out lately, although it's the latest one that has most people talking. In a somewhat unique way, the producers of this film decided the best way to stoke the flames of excitement was to release a "behind the scenes" trailer. This showed us just how much hard work went into creating this movie, and things that happen that we never even think about.

But the risk of releasing behind the scenes videos and photos is pretty high. Part of the appeal of Star Wars is that there's so much "magic" surrounding it. We willingly suspend our disbelief when we watch almost all movies, but a movie like Star Wars really sends us into a fantastical world. For the most part, the films do a great job of keeping us in this fictional world, and we almost believe it exists. But when we see a space ship being held up by a crane, or an actor in front of a green screen, it brings us right back down to Earth. It destroys the illusion. So was the behind the scenes trailer really a good idea?

Some people might be interested in the film-making process and the way things work behind the camera. They will love pictures like these. But for those who love the fantasy of Star Wars, these pictures might just ruin the whole movie for you. Do you really want to see them?

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15 This Epic Scene Ruined

via: moviefone.com

Many people who watched the first of the new generation of Star Wars Disney films, The Force Awakens, know that at the very end, we see Luke Skywalker for the first time, and it's seriously epic. It's one hell of a cliffhanger, and by the looks of the behind the scenes photos from The Last Jedi, that's where we're picking things up. But this epic scene is pretty much ruined when you look at what is going on around Luke Skywalker as he stares dramatically into the distance. It's supposed to be a silent moment of solitude and reflection for the veteran Jedi.

But when you see things as they were from a different angle, the illusion is totally ruined. Scattered around him are a bunch of talented filmmakers making sure the lighting is correct for Luke, as well as a "sound guy" sticking his boom mic as close as he possibly can to Luke's face without getting the mic in the frame. To be fair, this is exactly what you're supposed to do... But it's weird because the scene is silent, so wouldn't they not need sound? It's gotta be really distracting to have that thing pointed right in your face.

14 How Spaceships Really "Fly"

via: scoopnest.com

Most people know deep down that the spaceships in Star Wars don't actually fly... But damn it, we were fine suspending our disbelief... Until seeing photos like these. Speaking of suspension, that's exactly how this "spaceship" is flying. When we think about how scenes like this are filmed in the Star Wars movies, we think about sophisticated technology somewhere in a studio, where constructed versions of the spaceship jerk and jolt around, almost as if they're really flying through space.

We do not, however, envision a crappy-looking crane suspending a ramshackle cockpit, suspended by sticks, in the middle of some God-forsaken desert. But I guess that's the magic of film-making for ya! Hey, if it works, who are we to complaining? Why spend millions on a studio and advanced technology when you can hire a crane and throw together a spaceship-looking thing for a few pennies?

13 Rey Practicing For A Scene... But Who Is She Fighting?

via: hypable.com

Here's another behind the scenes photo which might not be as funny as it is interesting and intriguing. Rey is seen here practicing for a scene in which she takes on 3 enemies. By the way she's holding her weapon, we can deduce that it isn't her characteristic staff that she's wielding. Since her first appearance in The Force Awakens, she's carried simpler weaponry, but by the looks of this, we will see her carry a lightsaber and become quite proficient with it.

But who is she fighting? It looks as if she will be fighting other people who are armed with a lightsaber... But who could that be? The only other lightsaber-wielding person we saw in the previous movie was Kylo Ren... This is starting to make people believe in one strong rumor: that Rey will be fighting the "Knights of Ren," a team of Sith-like fighters trained by Kylo Ren himself.

12 Porgs... 

via: polygon.com

Of all the things seen in the behind the scenes trailer for The Last Jedi, one thing has people talking more than any other feature: Porgs. These little creatures are the new "cute thing" that Star Wars has invented for this movie, and people can't stop talking about them, tweeting about them, and making memes out of them. Many people assumed that they were CGI creations, but by this picture you can see that they are physical prosthetic/puppet creations made by some very talented people.

People are pretty split about the addition of Porgs in the new movie. Some are really excited, and totally charmed by the cuteness of these new aliens. Apparently, they flap their wings when agitated and people everywhere are saying "Awwww" at this. But others are not so happy, and are already saying these creatures are going to be as bad as Ewoks, or maybe even worse than Jar-Jar in terms of being really, really annoying.

11 Just A Little Higher Please... 

via: starwars.com

Here's another seemingly epic scene of Rey training that doesn't look so awesome when you zoom out a bit. You can see the director raising her staff a little bit higher, while looking at the monitor to get the exact shot he wants. So when you see this scene, remember that just out of frame, there's a guy's finger propping up the staff! This is pretty hilarious, but honestly it's pretty common in the film world for directors to take this "hands on" approach, literally.

It must be really hard for the actress to keep her concentration at this point, and we should really pay her respects for the fact that she's able to stay in the scene, in character, and in the moment even with people from outside of the "Star Wars world" literally reaching in to her universe and changing things around in front of her. You can see on her face that she's completely concentrated, and that's the mark of a great actress.

10 The Inside Of The "Ice Wolf"

via: digitalspy.com

Besides Porgs, there were a ton of other new alien species announced and featured in the behind the scenes trailer for The Last Jedi – too many to list here, in fact. It seems to be a very "alien-heavy movie," which some people will love and some people will hate. Obviously, there have been some very cool aliens in the past Star Wars movies, but there have also been many that people absolutely detested. But one that has a lot of people interested is a totally unknown species of alien – seen only for a few frames in the trailer – which people are simply calling the "Ice Wolf."

While the animal looks magical and mystical in the trailer, certain behind the scenes photos deconstruct this myth – literally. The animal was praised for its beauty, but it takes on a frightful appearance with part of its face ripped off, exposing the freaky-looking robotics underneath this prosthetic animal. So when you see the movie, remember that this creepy face is underneath that ice fox.

9 We're Gonna Need A Montage...

via: lairofgamers.com

Here's another scene that is intended to be epic, but it ends up looking pretty lame once we zoom out a bit. It's not clear what exactly Rey is supposed to be doing here, but she's holding a lightsaber, which is definitely a first. My guess is that she's in the middle of some kind of training scene, and she's getting used to holding the lightsaber or whatever. But by the way she's running along the beach, it looks suspiciously like a stereotypical 80s "training montage" where the lead character runs along the coast, training to get better and become the ultimate fighter. But I'm probably completely wrong.

It's even more lame when you look at the dude driving the camera cart. He looks totally uninterested, and a little cold. He might as well be out for his Sunday drive. I'm sure deep down, though, he realizes he has pretty much the best job in the world. If you've ever wondered how they shoot these kinds of scenes, here's your answer.

8 Where Did The Rest Of The Millennium Falcon Go?

via: digitalspy.com

We all know that the Millennium Falcon is frequently referred to as a "piece of junk," but this is taking things a little too far. Where's the rest of the ship? Did Han Solo sell the rest of it for scrap metal or something? The cockpit alone looks painfully bare and pretty dumb when you see it in this photo, but when you think about it, it totally makes sense. Why build the entire Millennium Falcon when you can just build the cockpit? If that's all you're going to shoot, then why waste extra money? This is what goes on in the mind of a director day after day.

The next time you see a scene inside the Millennium Falcon cockpit, just remember that outside there is no ship, but just a bunch of plywood and some pillars holding it up in the air, surrounded by some production guys who are in the middle of building random stuff. Or, who knows, maybe they're just not finished building the Millennium Falcon yet... Looks fun, whatever the case.

7 No Monsters In These Waters... 

via: slashfilm.com

Here's another interesting picture from behind the scenes of The Last Jedi. As you can see, the film is going to feature at least one scene with water. This is hardly anything new in terms of Star Wars, and it reminds us of that time Luke, Leia and Han got stuck in the garbage compactor on the Empire Base. That ended up with a monster almost killing them as it lurked in the water. Good times. Will we see a similar scene in this movie? Perhaps. When you think about it, it's rare that Star Wars movies feature water without there being some kind of monster lurking in the depths.

But by the green screen nature of this photo, it's clear that there isn't actually any monster in the water. So remember that when you see a scene where Rey dives down as she is now. Judging by the sheer amount of green screen, it looks like they're going to completely transform this watery world into something extraordinary. What is it going to look like? That's anyone's guess. But now you'll just be thinking of this green screen picture when you see it.

6 The Leader Of The Rebels Getting Orders From Commander Lobster 

via: getyourcomicon.co.uk

As we've seen from previous movies, Leia has kept her position within the Rebel Alliance, and she's risen to a very high rank indeed. While Han was off smuggling like old times, she was grinding and working hard, eventually becoming a major leader in the rebel world. So it's really weird seeing a woman of such power and authority getting "orders" from the director, who looks totally out of place wearing his stupid lobster sweater. It totally destroys the illusion of the scene, and I hope you don't remember it.

Of course, "Commander Lobster" isn't that far off from "General Ackbar," who kind of looks like some kind of fish/lobster creature himself. So maybe the director doesn't stick out as much as we think. It must be so hard for an actress to exude the qualities of a leader whose orders are never questioned, seconds after getting her own orders given to her by a director.

5 Chewy Getting His Hair Done

via: getyourcomicon.co.uk

A lot of people see Chewy as a tough, hardened space smuggler who knows how to handle a blaster. This hardy Wookie is (or was) Han's right hand man, and has been a staple of the series for a very long time, appearing in more episodes than many other characters. We've come to know and love Chewy over the years, but never did we expect to see him in a situation like this one. Chewy is (gasp) getting his hair done by a hair stylist on set. Is this a joke? Or is Chewy preparing for his close-up, and wanting to look as pretty as possible?

What is this sorcery? Is this just a joke, or is Chewy actually getting his hair done? There's no denying that this is in fact a behind the scenes photo from The Last Jedi, but what's the context? Maybe Chewy's hair just gets tangled really easily, and it looks bad on camera... Who knows. But what's true is that you'll never be able to look at Chewy the same way after seeing this photo.

4 Another "Spaceship"

via: correodelsur.com

Here's another "spaceship" that totally ruins the illusion. This photo was taken in the beautiful salt flats of Bolivia, but the background is pretty much the only beautiful thing in this picture. Once again, the spaceship seems to be propped up by a bizarre array of sticks, and some kind of mechanism behind it to jolt it around for the actors to react to. I'm sure the sticks have some kind of purpose, but I can't quite figure out what that is. Needless to say, this kind of destroys any illusion of this spaceship being sleek, fast and awe-inspiring, like all the other vehicles we see in Star Wars.

But for those who have seen the behind the scenes trailers, as well as the cinematic trailers, it's clear that this "salt flat scene" will be one of the most epic ever. It looks like it will be the site of a major battle between two fleets of fighters, and it seems destined to be quite beautiful. Just do your best not to remember this haphazardly balances, ramshackle spaceship.

3 Spoilers... 

via: comicbook.com

Ready for some spoilers? There were plenty of them in the various trailers that came out recently, including the behind the scenes one. One particular photo from this that got a lot of people talking was this picture of Finn and a new character. Finn was of course the Stormtrooper who joined the side of the Rebels in The Force Awakens. It's obvious that they're wearing Imperial uniforms, so what's the deal? Have they rejoined the Empire? It looks like they're standing at pretty stiff attention, so they're obviously trying to make a good impression.

But people have seized upon this picture as undeniable proof that some of the fans' theories were indeed right. On many fan sites, there was a theory spreading that in the new movie, Finn would go undercover and rejoin the Empire in order to do the Rebels' bidding. Not only that, but they are rumored to be infiltrating the First Order, which is seriously risky business. And a lot of people are now saying that this picture actually ruined one of the movie's plot twists.

2 Are They... Using R2 As A Trash Can...?

via: getyourcomicon.co.uk

This can't be real... Are they using R2-D2 as a trash can? It certainly looks that way. Sure they might just be transporting the little droid, but what's with the trash bag stuffed into his shell/interior? They don't look like they're taking much care with him either. Even if he's not being used as a trash can, there's something undeniably humiliating and disgraceful about seeing R2-D2 like this. With his head/top gone, he really does look like a glorified interstellar trash can, and that's painful to see. And from now on, you will forever remember R2 as a trash can.

It's good to see that R2-D2 is still making his token appearance in the movie though, even if he is in this sad state. R2-D2 is one of the most loved characters in the Star Wars series, and he deserves a place in every single episode. But it's unclear right now whether or not R2 will make a meaningful contribution to this plot line, or just a cameo appearance.

1 C-3PO Is Human... And Old...  

via: digitalspy.com

For those who have never seen pictures of the C-3PO actor wearing his full suit, it can be pretty mind-blowing. This is actually a testament to the skills of the actor. He moves in such a way that we totally forget that there's a human underneath all that gold plating. It's also about the way he talks – the robot voice he does is so good that many of us were actually fully convinced that this was a real, walking, talking android. But when he takes his helmet off, the illusion is completely destroyed and we come smashing back down to Earth.

The fact that C-3PO and the other droids are surrounded by talented individuals (see the "Genius at Work" sign at the top right corner) also reminds us that these droids are the products of hours and hours of hard work. They weren't made in some factory somewhere; they're pieces of art created meticulously by hand. Which, ironically, isn't far from the story about how C-3PO was made by Annakin Skywalker. So while this might destroy the illusion, it also reminds us of the magic of filmmaking.

Sources: wired.com, digitalspy.com

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