Sophie Turner's 15 Boldest Fashion Statements

Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner has been growing up in the public eye since she was a tween. The HBO drama actress has experienced quite a lot in her young life because of her experience with her smash hit TV show. When it comes to her red carpet appearances, she's shown herself to be anything but a wallflower. For better or for worse, Turner seems to favor some pretty bold and unusual looks when it comes to her fashion choices, and even when she's not rocking her eternal favorite designer Louis Vuitton (or you know, not wearing the designer that she probably signed a contract to promote, a.k.a. Louis Vuitton) she still seems to go for some more adventurous and unusual styles. She always looks amazing, even when she takes some style risks.

Maybe it's just that all of her experience with the crazy costumes of Game of Thrones really stuck with her, or maybe she just has a natural affinity for standing out in the crowd, but either way she seems to choose ensembles that never put her in danger of wearing the same thing as someone else on the red carpet. She might be young, but she seems to like bold when it comes to her style, and most of us aren't complaining, as she definitely pulls her looks off. So whether they're her best looks, worst looks, or somewhere in between, here are some of the reigning Lady Stark's most memorable and wildest fashion moments on the red carpet!

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15 Game Of Thrones Season 7 Premiere In Los Angeles

via: fashionsizzle.com

For the Los Angeles launch of Game of Thrones' most recent season in 2017, Sophie decided on this bold, sparkling tee shirt dress. It seems like an unusual choice for a red carpet premiere, but Turner has shown a general affinity for more unusual fashion choices. It was an interesting combo with the theme of the Los Angeles premiere party, which was "Winter is here." Clearly this dress isn't ready for winter, but it's certainly suitable for Los Angeles in July, and the shimmery silver certainly evokes a wintry vibe even if the center detailing does not. And considering the length of the legs on this lass, it's really no surprise that she likes to rock outfits that show them off, although the heels are a bit blah with such a vibrant dress. And in another non-surprise, this particular dress is designed by one that Sophie wears the most, Louis Vuitton.

14 Game Of Thrones Season 6 Premiere In Los Angeles

via: usmagazine.com

Clearly for the season 6 Los Angeles premiere of Game of Thrones Sophie Turner was going for an equally bold look as she did for season seven, even if the style was nearly the polar opposite. This look seems like a perfect blend on the general Game of Thrones look with a classic Hollywood style, and it is a whole lot of look for a 20-year-old girl to be wearing. The braided updo does give it a bit of youthfulness, but honestly if there was ever any doubt that Turner might want Sansa Stark to wind up a queen, we think that this regal and royal look decisively shows where her heart lies. The Stella McCartney dress is simple but definitely not quiet, and looks like it's honestly more suited to the red carpet at the Academy Awards than it is at a regular premiere event. Clearly she wasn't interested in blending in with the crowd!

13 2017 Golden Globes

via: pinterest.com

As far as Miss Turner's fashion choices go, her option for the 2017 Golden Globes awards hits a bit of a down note. It's certainly an unusual red carpet choice, but unfortunately the design itself brings to mind kind of a weird '80s vibe that looks like the kind of dress that Molly Ringwald would have cut up and "redesigned" herself to make it look more unique. The cut itself isn't very flattering on Sophie's body, which is absurd considering that she has what is basically a perfect model figure, and the mesh portion of the dress looks more than a little cheap. Honestly, it just makes it look like someone has taken a really grainy photo of the outfit or something. But at least the black heels are a better fit for this garment, and since this is another one of Louis Vuitton's designs, one could assume that Turner might not have been totally behind this particular fashion choice.

12 2014 Glamour Woman Of The Year Awards

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This fun style doesn't seem to be a part of Sophie Turner's normal fashion wheel house, but it probably should be. This Alexander McQueen mini dress seems like the exact kind of fashion statement a hip young teenager would want to be working (if they could afford an outfit worth hundreds or thousands of dollars that is), and the classic tartan with the leather half shirt/half belt gives the stylish look a slight punk rock edge to it. Plus the shape is cute and flattering without being overly revealing, and the cinched waist shows off Turner's hourglass figure without falling into the typical bombshell shape that you'd associate with most hourglass tailored garments. This look is bold but exceptionally on point for Turner, because she manages to look hip and unique but still looks like herself and looks age appropriate. The simple styling definitely sells the whole image, and it overall looks like a cool and comfortable way to stand out on a red (or blue) carpet.

11 2015 Met Gala

via: reddit.com

If you're going to go for a low cut dress with head to toe sparkles, this is definitely the kind of look you want to aim for. Sophie Turner definitely looks like a classic Hollywood beauty with a bit of an edge and this dress absolutely reflects that and enhances it. As far as the Met Gala goes, it's actually a relatively tame choice, but this Burberry dress hits all the right notes and is really the kind of bold styling that Turner should favor if she wants to stand out for the right reasons. It can be quite difficult to wear something very revealing without looking trashy, but the classic cut of this dress makes the deep neckline almost hard to notice because the fit and shape of the dress overall looks so on point. And clearly Sophie has an affection for silver sparkles too, but considering how many sparkly silver hits she's had, it's easy to see why.

10 X-Men: Apocalypse Premiere In London

via: pinterest.com

Well, whether you like it or hate it, this is definitely an attention getting and unusual garment to be wearing at a red carpet premiere. This Balmain dress really is a bit of a toss-up. It kind of walks the line between a cool, '80s throwback/futuristic kind of Blade Runner look and a kind of scary, almost bondage looking mariachi style dress. We think the dress would work better if it looked more cohesive and consistent throughout. The top is quite cool but the sort of abrupt change of material at the waist makes it look kind of strange. And clearly Sophie is a fan of cutouts, but we think this is a little overboard (it's even more revealing on the back). Overall it's definitely a little black dress with a memorable twist, but it's hard to say whether or not its memorable parts stick out in your mind because they're awesome or ugly.

9 An Evening Honoring Louis Vuitton And Nicolas Ghesquière

via: tomandlorenzo.com

To be honest, this whole outfit is weird as heck, but it's the kind of weird that you want to go for at a fashion event too. Shockingly, Sophie is once again hitting the red carpet in a Louis Vuitton design, which seems only right for an evening honoring the designer. And overall this is obviously an extremely high fashion look for a high fashion event. The silver coat is definitely the standout piece in the entire look but every inch of it is really loud. However if you want to look like a fashionable, futuristic French duellist, then this is exactly how you'd want to look. Also, and if the Louis Vuitton brand wants to take their wilder and more high fashion designs to a mainstream red carpet, then this is totally the way to do it. The silver heels aren't a great addition to a super intense look, but it's forgivable considering how cool Turner looks in this outfit overall.

8 2016 Primetime Emmys

via: mamamia

When it comes to that whole faux transparent look, this is definitely the way that you want to do it. The super delicate lacy overlay of this dress looks romantic and dreamy, and it actually takes a moment to notice the skin toned underlay beneath it. The Valentino design has kind of an old school Italian fashion vibe to it, while still putting a modern and surprising twist on the classic black dress look. And going for a little bit girly and a little bit goth is usually an edgy and flattering look for Sophie Turner. It can be hard to make a black dress on the red carpet stand out or be memorable, and this particular look does both. Clearly Sophie is a fan of black strappy heels for her red carpet adventures; they're certainly a classic and she's obviously a repeat wearer for a lot of her events!

7 2017 Met Gala

via: popsugar.com

The Met Gala is certainly the right place to be wearing a bold or unusual look, and while this particular dress has the unusual part down, it seems to be a bit of a misstep in terms of Turner's style. Sophie actually looks quite nice in white and it's generally a flattering color on her, however this dress really hits a sour note because of the fake nude insets that don't actually match her skin color at all. The tan color of the insets in the bodice look strange on her skin and in contrast to the insets on the bottom that are actually somewhat sheer. Also, something about the bodice design in general makes her top half look much wider than it normally does. Considering that she is either in love with Louis Vuitton's designs or she has signed a contract with the brand to wear them at most of her events, it's a surprise that she still has so many misses with the garments provided by the fashion house.

6 2017 Screen Actors Guild Awards

via: fhm.com

Although this is kind of a classic red carpet look, it hits a sour note in this particular instance. Bright red can be a really great look on a lot of different occasions, but the red dress with the red lip and the red hair on the red carpet in front of the red curtain is a bit much here. The dress itself has a somewhat intriguing design, but generally that whole asymmetrical top can look weirdly lopsided when done in a certain way. Aside from that, we think the real miss when it comes to this look is that it just doesn't look like it has been fitted or tailored to Turner's body at all. It looks like the kind of garment that will only really rock the red carpet if it's fitted to perfection. Considering how often Louis Vuitton designs for Sophie, you'd think they'd be more aware of that kind of thing.

5 2017 BAFTAs

via: celebmafia.com

Good god, can you say "va va voom?" Sophie was lucky to have avoided a wardrobe malfunction in a gown that is so dangerously low and high cut, but considering the impact of this look on a red carpet, it's no surprise that she decided to take that risk. This sparkling Louis Vuitton design can certainly turn some heads, and Sophie is clearly blessed with the rare figure that can work the heck out of something like this. The super glam style isn't one we've seen on the actress too often, but when looking at this outfit it's hard to imagine why. The studded belt is an edgy addition to an already loud design, but the surprise demureness of the long sleeves on such a revealing dress plus the contrast of the silvery sparkles on the skirt and more muted black shimmer on the top makes for a generally awesome but not overwhelming look.

4 Variety's Awards Nominees Brunch In Los Angeles

via: justjaredjr.com

Considering Sophie's apparent affinity for clothes with mesh or faux nude detailing, this has got to be one of the coolest and most unusual looks she's rocked at an event. Once again appearing in a Louis Vuitton design, this particular look appears to be tailor made for someone like Sophie, when unfortunately more than a few of her LV red carpet outfits have looked more like something someone pulled off a random runway and just slapped on her. The bright blue is exceptionally striking on her pale skin, and the black undertone gives it a slightly more sophisticated look. The visible pockets in the pants are a bit of a sour note, but overall the outfit looks like a pantsuit that is miraculously appropriate for a teenage actress, with just enough of an illusion of sheerness to look alluring without fully veering into a Miley Cyrus moment.

3 Game Of Thrones Season 5 London Premiere

via: digitalspy.com

This strange choice for the Game of Thrones season 5 red carpet premiere at the Tower of London kind of looks like two random dresses that have been sewn together. The Marios Schwab design has the tailored black element of the dress in the center that looks like it would be a pretty cool look on its own (although obviously would be pretty revealing), but the sheer nude component around the edges is a bizarre addition to a somewhat classic design. The way the transition cuts off on the bottom makes Sophie's legs look weirdly short, which you wouldn't think is even possible with legs that are eighteen feet long, and. Plus, the sheer detailing on the top of the dress looks kind of like something you'd see on a figure skating outfit. And overall it doesn't seem like the kind of look you'd choose for a teenager, even at, or especially at, a red carpet event.

2 Game Of Thrones Fan Event In Madrid

via: hawtcelebs.com

As far as red carpet look choices go, this is really kind of an odd one. We know it's just a fan event, but when you look at this outfit it's almost hard to tell what exactly we're looking at. It's fluffy and it's white, but it's hard to tell what the detailing all over this shirt and skirt combo is, which is weird considering it's detailing that is literally all over the entire look. Once again, it's a Louis Vuitton design, but once again you have to wonder why the brand wanted her to wear this particular thing. It looks very boxy, fluffy, and white. Even if the aim was a more fashion forward look, it seems like this particular outfit would have benefited from some decent tailoring. It just needs something to make it look less odd, because as it is, it just brings the Seinfeld puffy shirt to mind.

1 2016 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

via: twitter.com

Sophie Turner might have been only 20 at the time of the 2016 Vanity Fair party for the Academy Awards in 2016, but she was definitely looking every inch the lady in her super striking gown. The royal blue color was certainly an intense choice on her ultra fair skin, and the mesh and cutouts make for a revealing dress that still has a hint of modesty to it as well. Honestly, the keyhole on the gown is low cut to the point where it's almost a Jennifer Lopez level of cleavage. While the dress itself is floor length, you can see that the opaque portion of the garment makes it look more like a mini dress than a ball gown. But while this might be an attention grabber of a look, it's really for the right reasons. It has just enough edginess to really stand out on the red carpet but still looks Oscar appropriate.

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