Sit On It! 15 Female Wrestlers With The Best Buns

One of the things we don’t miss about the WWE Attitude Era is Jerry Lawler always saying stupid things about the divas’ bodyparts. It’s not that we didn’t agree with The King; we just got really sick of him saying “Puppies!” all the time. But that’s probably because we favor a different body part.

It’s a lot like the way Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell, said on The Office in Season 6, Episode 24: “I hate to see you leave, but I love to watch you go. 'Cause of your butt.” We wish he, instead of Jerry Lawler, would've been commentating on WWE. Michael Scott would have been in heaven with the current product, because for all of the amazing technical work the women are now showing, we’ve got the best crop of rear ends in wrestling history.

Yes, we know there's much more to a WWE superstar than her physical attributes, but let’s not try to kid ourselves. The guys who count the money know that sex appeal has a lot to do with the bottom line, and now that the women are mainstream moneymakers and not treated like a sideshow, they’re bringing in body types for every taste: from 110-pound Alexa Bliss to 240-pound Nia Jax and everything in between.

We’ll always appreciate a pretty face, but there’s no competing with the body part that brought us the twerk. Here are the 15 Female Wrestlers With the Best Buns.

15 AJ Lee

We have to admit, we never completely warmed up to the crazy character that AJ Lee played; then we read her autobiography, Crazy is My Superpower, and realized that it wasn’t an act. Many point to her as being the start of the Divas Revolution, but by the time women like Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch showed up, it was clear that AJ didn't have the talent level of the real Divas Revolution wrestlers. She just looked good compared to women like Eve Torres and Cameron who just weren’t good at their craft. She always looked good prancing around the ring in her denim shorts, especially when forced to bend over, like in the photo above. She’s retired, so she can spend time with her brooding ex-wrestler husband CM Punk, but we would never be shocked to see a return. She’d just better go back to the same outfit.

14 Becky Lynch

Oh my God, Becky. Look at her butt. You didn’t think we’d do a list of the best behinds in WWE and not find a way to drop the famous opening to Sir Mix-A-Lot’s "Baby Got Back," a tribute to, well, you’ve heard the song. We would never claim Becky has the best butt just as we’d never claim she has the best arms or the best face, but there’s something about the way Becky Lynch is put together that makes the entire presentation so much greater than the sum of its parts. She’s part Braveheart, part Xena Warrior Princess, and part hot chick from a Motley Crue video. Her matches in NXT were arguably better than any of the other Four Horsewomen, and we’re hoping that they’ll allow her to really shine at some point. We’ve heard Vince McMahon doesn’t like wrestlers with accents, but that’s a big part of her sexiness to us. Sorry, Lex Luger, but Becky Lynch is the total package.

13 Summer Rae

We swear to God that Summer Rae knows how to wrestle. Her matches against Paige in NXT from five or six years ago were excellent and better than anything you were seeing on Monday Night Raw at the time. Who knows why they decided to put her with Fandango as the dancing girl at ringside because it derailed her career, and she’s never been able to get it back on track since then. Thankfully, the WWE Network exists or we’d never see Summer anymore. She’s out nursing injuries right now, but even when she was at 100%, once she left Fandango, the WWE just didn’t have any ideas for her. It’s strange because writing for bleached blondes with nice chests and tight butts was their specialty during The Attitude Era. Women’s careers aren’t nearly as long as men’s and we’re hoping that when she gets back, she’ll finally get the shot she deserves.

12 Sasha Banks

While you can debate her looks, her ability, and her hair color choices, we challenge anybody to find a WWE woman who fits better into her costume than Sasha Banks. And it makes perfect sense why... she’s married to the guy who makes them! While people point to Nia Jax and say it’s nice the WWE allows all body types today when they didn’t in the past, people don’t seem to recognize that they would've never taken on Sasha in the past either. She’s a tiny woman with a small waist and small breasts. She wasn’t big enough to be thrown through a table in the planned ending of her historic Hell in a Cell match, and it remains to be seen if someone who has a body with such little padding, be it fat or muscle, can last for years and years. But, as long her wonderful husband keeps making those bottoms for her, we’re going to keep watching.

11 Renee Young

Maybe Renee hasn’t officially wrestled yet, but we’ll be shocked if her career goes by without her getting into at least one in-ring skirmish. It looked like WWE was starting to set up a feud that would pit her with real-life husband Dean Ambrose against real-life husband and wife The Miz and Maryse. Then John Cena decided he wanted to propose to Nikki Bella at WrestleMania, and we all know how that went. Now, with Ambrose off SmackDown, it’s going to need to be something else that gets her in the ring. We wonder if one of the latest additions to the Total Divas cast would go for wearing shorts, like Sasha Banks or Charlotte Flair, or if she’d wear pants like Bayley or Mickie James. As long as they're form fitting, we’re OK either way.

10 Naomi

Naomi shows exactly what can happen if you keep your head down, do everything the WWE asks of you, and yes, work your butt off. She started as a cheerleading background dancer and eventually rose all the way to winning the SmackDown women’s championship at WrestleMania in front of her hometown crowd in Orlando, Florida. She married an Uso twin and became one of the longest running females to appear on the Total Divas show. Recognizing her ample assets, either the WWE or Naomi altered her ring entrance to the neon-infused scene that looks like a rave she currently does, complete with twerking. The above picture is a scene from Total Divas where she met with a bunch of fans. They were surprised to see her walk in, but we bet they loved watching her walk out.

9 Emma and Paige (tie)

If you went back five years and looked at the talent pool at NXT, two of the women who stood out the most were Emma and Paige, and it looked like the WWE women’s division would be anchored by a couple of non-Americans for years to come. When she finally made it to the main roster, Paige was immediately given the championship and rarely left the main-event scene during her entire run. Emma got caught in a stupid love storyline with Santino and was never taken seriously before being sent back to NXT to reinvent herself. Then, Paige met Alberto Del Rio, failed a pair of drug tests, went to get neck surgery, and had a bunch of sexy photos leaked. Emma got injured, tried to reinvent herself as a pin-up model, which literally lasted for 2 minutes on WWE TV, then came back in her evil character and immediately got hurt again. Nobody could have predicted how bad it would go for both of them.

8 Nikki Bella

There’s no denying that Nikki Bella has one of the best butts in wrestling over the last 20 years. It’s even better than her sister Brie’s, which is slightly flatter (although her pregnancy may have changed that). Obviously, you probably want the same butt that made John Cena decide to take the marital plunge one more time. Thankfully, Nikki has released several videos on the Internet explaining how she gets her gluteus maximus in top shape with the use of several yoga poses. She starts with a downward dog, then raises her legs up before standing up straight and doing a few lunges. She then moves into the popular “plank” move and follows it up with a “table top.” Nikki suggests that if you want a butt like hers, you should do three rotations of these exercises daily. We find it much more satisfying to just watch her videos instead.

7 Alicia Fox and Nia Jax (tie)

This photograph shows a fantastic contrast between two body types, showing that there is no one “type” of woman that can be a wrestler, but it’s also an interesting contrast in what people find attractive. Which woman were you drawn to first? We’re guessing you know more than one person who would've picked the other woman. Alicia has been with the WWE forever and is seemingly lost in the shuffle most of the time. Her talent and acting ability are above average, but for some reason, she’s just never put it all together. Nia Jax, on the other hand, seems like she’s going to be holding the women’s championship at some point before the end of the year. They’re clearly behind pushing her as a star, and we’re glad to see WWE pushing a big girl as attractive instead of as a beast, like they did with Karma, or as a joke, as they did with Bertha Faye years ago.

6 Charlotte Flair

The musculature of Charlotte Flair's body often goes overlooked by WWE fans. She’s not a tiny lady, standing just shy of six-feet tall, and sometimes women of that height don’t appear as strong as they actually are. The outfit she wears with the diamond-shaped point that covers her midsection doesn’t do any favors in showing off her body. When she was recently the latest victim of a hacked iCloud account, sending a dozen or so naked photos of her out to the world, it was clear that she has nearly no body fat, including on her butt, which really is just like an extension of her legs. We’re guessing she could probably leg press more than any other woman on this list. We don’t really know what her mother looks like, but we’re thankful she got her father’s wrestling and speaking ability but her mother’s caboose.

5 Mickie James

It was awesome to see Mickie James return to a WWE ring at the NXT Takeover Brooklyn event the day before Summerslam in 2016, but we were shocked it led to a full-time return in early 2017. James wrestled for TNA a little bit, worked the indies, and tried to start a country singing career after leaving WWE the first time but never had the visibility she did early in her career. She looked great upon her return, more like a woman pushing 30 instead of 40, and considering she’s had a child, her body is still in amazing shape. Our favorite work of hers is still the early adult magazine pictorials she did at the very beginning of her career to pay the bills. There was nothing to complain about how her behind looked in them.

4 Alexa Bliss

Little Miss Bliss is proof that at the end of the day, WWE is still about larger-than-life, over-the-top characters. Since NXT is short on storyline and all about the in-ring product, that was not the environment for Bliss to ever succeed in. She was just one of those women who was presented as nice and wholesome because she’s tiny and blonde but would get beat by better wrestlers all the time. It wasn’t until she turned heel and was teamed with Blake and Murphy that she found her voice as a character. Unfortunately, serving as their manager took her out of the ring when she could have been getting better. It’s hard to argue that anybody who was promoted from NXT in 2016 had a better year than Bliss. She captured the SmackDown women’s championship and shortly after WrestleMania, moved over to Monday Night Raw, where she captured that show’s belt, being the first woman to hold both.

3 Bayley

It must have been interesting for Pamela Rose Martinez growing up wanting to be a WWE diva because she knew she was never going to look like one of those blonde models who were clogging up the ring and WWE airwaves at the time. But she grew up and morphed into Bayley, and thankfully, professional wrestling was in a very different place. She’s never going to be one of the girls like Sasha Banks or Alexa Bliss, who wears the skimpy bikinis to wrestle. She’s got too much muscle and too many curves. If skinny behinds aren’t your thing, but you’re not looking for something massive either, you may find your happy medium in Bayley, who wears the tightest ring pants of any other female wrestler, emphasizing her well-toned butt. She’s never going to be presented as a sex symbol, but as long she keeps that style of pants, we’re just fine with it.

2 JoJo

If roundness is a prerequisite for the perfect behind in your eyes, you can stop waiting for it to walk through the curtain. It’s already sitting at ringside. She was originally introduced to WWE audiences the same week as Eva Marie when Total Divas first started airing what seems like a million years ago. JoJo just didn’t catch the attention of viewers, and when the show was retooled and the cast was reconfigured in its second season, JoJo was left behind. We’re guessing WWE signed her to a long contract to lock her up in case she ended up as the superstar of the E! Channel show, but when that failed, she went to NXT and worked on her ring announcing skills. She bided her time, eventually coming up to the big show when an opening presented herself, and now we get to hear her say “This next match is one fall…” every Monday night at least five or six times.

1 Lana

Not since Miss Elizabeth has a WWE female personality become so popular by doing so little. Sure, she talks more than Liz did, but compared to most interference-heavy managers or valets who also doubled as wrestlers, Lana has just stood there looking hot in her gowns and business suits. That is, until now. She's quietly been training for the last 18 months at the Performance Center in Florida and traveling with NXT on weekends, learning how to wrestle. Reviews of her skills are mixed, but we’ll be seeing them soon when she steps into the ring on Tuesday nights as part of the Smackdown women’s roster. This may either be a giant mistake for the character or send her to a completely different level of fame. It’ll be interesting to watch... especially from behind.

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