She's Back! 15 Things You Need To Know About The New Lindsay Lohan

It may shock you to learn that the celebrity trainwreck that was Lindsay Lohan has jumped back on the track and is ready to show the world the new and improved Lindsay! Known first as a child star, she entered her teens swinging and got a couple of huge hits. With the smash hit Mean Girls in 2004, Lohan was on top of her game and seemingly unstoppable. But unfortunately, fame and attention took its toll on Lohan who took to the party scene and allowed her reputation within the industry and among fans to become severely tainted. With the bad publicity generated from seemingly endless partying, coupled with some bad and somewhat desperate decisions and Lindsay essentially dropped off the face of the planet in the world of celebrity.

But everyone loves a comeback and Lindsay is prime for one! The now 30 year old actress is ready for round two and has some tricks up her sleeve that will shock and amaze us all! What gives the whole thing credibility are some of the serious and drastic moves she’s made this year. There isn’t any question that Lindsay is dead serious about taking the bull by the horns and reclaiming her success and here are 15 shocking facts you don’t know about the all new and improved Lindsay Lohan!

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15 Hired New Management

Via: The Inquisitr

Just about any celebrity will tell you that your relevance and your image are only as good as the people that manage you and your publicity. In Lindsay’s case, she hired new management for her fresh start and new attitude! This makes perfect sense, because the old team was only used to playing defense! Lindsay hired Scott Carlsen as a new manager. The two have been very close and it has even been alleged that they may be dating. Whether that’s true or not, it is clear that Scott is heavily invested in making the new LiLo as great as she can be. Her past management has tried throwing her under the bus, but with a new lease on life, she’s got a whole new team for her fresh start!

14 Launching New Reality TV Show

Via: E! Online

Her exciting new reality television project is currently being shopped around to different networks. Now, with so many different networks and opportunities to get entertainment, it shouldn’t be too hard for Lindsay to find some takers. Her new show is called The Anti-Social Network and is a prank-style show where she takes over all of a contestant’s social media accounts for 24 hours, giving them three major challenges to complete. If they complete them, they win prizes, making it a combination prank and game show. She is excited about the project and it is getting a lot of press. People love prank shows and putting Lindsay in the driver’s seat could make for some great television. This could certainly be the next big thing for Lindsay on the small screen.

13 Shut Down Her Social Media Accounts

Via: The Inquisitr

Social media is like a tattoo on the reputation for absolutely everyone these days! When you put something out there, it becomes very much a part of your identity. Part of what makes us all believe that this could be the real rebirth of her career is the fact that she completely wiped her social media accounts. Scrapping the old photos, videos and everything is kind of like a digital detox. Starting from scratch, Lindsay has begun showing a more peaceful vibe through her accounts. Historically, she has not always been the most reserved celebrity on social media, but that’s all changing now. She has reportedly done a lot of growing up and perhaps the biggest part of her “re-branding” is through her social media presence. It’s smart and it’s exciting to see what she has been considering important and worth sharing.

12 She Speaks Multiple Languages

Via: The Jakarta Post

Lindsay is not just some brainless party girl! She is actually quite intelligent and multilingual. In addition to her native English, Lindsay is fluent in French and can understand Russian. She has a great love of languages and is most definitely wanting to push herself further linguistically. Evidence of this is that she is currently learning Italian, Turkish and Arabic! It is very clear that she takes her recent humanitarian work in Turkey very seriously since she is working to learn the language. Lately, there has been some commotion in the media about a strange new accent that she has dubbed “LiLohan,” claiming that it is just a mashup of all the languages with which she is familiar. Sure, it was pretty odd, but if nothing else, it kept her relevant for another news cycle.

11 May Have Converted to Islam

Via: The Houston Chronicle

Whether Lindsay has actually made the conversion officially is not clear, but there are a lot of signs that point that she either has or is heading in that direction. Lindsay has been doing a great deal of work in Turkey lately and has stated publicly that she has studied the Quran for a while. It is very admirable that LiLo respects other religions and cultures and is attempting to learn more about them. She has been pictured wearing a headscarf and has posted Arabic quotes on her social media. Her new fascination with modest clothing for women also seems to be a tip of the hat to Islamic principles. Her father has adamantly denied her conversion, but we will see what the future holds for Lindsay and her faith.

10 Met With Turkish President

Via: Breitbart

Lindsay has been doing a lot of humanitarian work lately. Most recently, she found herself invited to the home of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Lindsay has championed the rights of Syrian refugees in recent months and has been very vocal about the living conditions these people must endure. Turkey has taken a vast number of refugees during the Syrian crisis. The fact that a head of state for a major Middle Eastern country invited and had a meeting with LiLo speaks volumes! In the picture, she is with a young girl from Syria named Bana Alabed, who gained attention because of Lindsay. Her work in this area has shown that she’s putting her social media influence to very good use and an indication that the new LiLo is better than ever!

9 Launching a Modest Fashion Line

Via: Al Bawaba

So much of women’s fashion has promoted less fabric and showing more of a woman’s body. This has been the case now for decades. But in many parts of the world where Islam is the predominant culture, women are required to cover their bodies. Whether you agree with this or not is not the issue, but Lindsay has embraced the idea that there are a significant number of women that fall into this category. She believes that you can follow the modest dress guidelines and still look fashionable and beautiful. Her new fashion line is apparently forthcoming, which she has teased us all with on her Instagram along with the hashtag “modestfashion.” Pretty cool idea in theory and we’ll all look forward to seeing what it includes. It is clear though that Lindsay is getting a lot of buzz going for her comeback explosion!

8 Activist Work

Via: Papermag

Lindsay has set her sights on doing good and charitable work in recent months. She has over 15 million followers on her social media accounts and has decided that raising awareness about inhumane treatment of Syrian refugees is a great use of her influence. That is not to say that it has always been the easiest experience for Lindsay, as some people have publicly criticized her newfound interest in Islam. Some have even questioned her motives in her involvement with the Syrian refugee crisis. Generally though, Lindsay has gotten a lot of support from people that are sympathetic to the issues in that region. Her work with various humanitarian organizations is a very big part of her new and improved public life and not likely to go away anytime soon!

7 Wants A Mean Girls 2 Movie

Via: YouTube

Lindsay Lohan is perhaps most recognized for her portrayal of Cady in the lead role of the hit movie Mean Girls, in 2004. This is a movie that lives on as a favorite of many in the teen movie genre. But recently, Lindsay has been lobbying hard to make a sequel for the film. She has given interviews where she talks openly about wanting to make the project happen. This isn’t a project that is a guaranteed green light though. She’s not even getting Tina Fey and Lorne Michaels to talk to her about the project. But the idea isn’t going to go away and she’s committed to getting enough buzz around the idea to make it happen. We’ll see, but with all the other irons LiLo has in the fire right now, Mean Girls 2 may be a little further down on the to-do list.

6 Dumped Her Fiance

Via: JustJared

Maybe the biggest shock to the Lindsay Lohan world came in August of 2016, when she dumped her fiance, Egor Tarabasov. The two had been living in London and seemed to have a great courtship. According to Lindsay, Egor had been abusive to her on multiple occasions, but it was when she awoke to him standing over her and then attacking her that she called it quits. She claims that his drinking too much was the cause of the physical attack, which has apparently happened more than once. Lindsay has a history of partying a little too much and it certainly doesn’t help if she’s with someone doing the same things. She obviously realized this and kicked him to the curb, beginning the process of rebirth for the new Lindsay.

5 Wants To Be Ariel

Via: E! Online

Lindsay has done some posting to social media talking about her strong desire to play the character “Ariel” in a live action remake of Disney’s The Little Mermaid. With the overwhelming success of Beauty and the Beast, she feels that she would be an amazing Ariel. She’s publicly stating every chance she gets how this would be a dream role for her! She’s no stranger to working with the Disney company, having done three feature films for the company. Beauty and the Beast director Bill Condon, has also spoken in support of Lindsay as Ariel, stating that he would love to see the film with her playing that role. This, mixed with her wanting to do a new Mean Girls sequel are a couple of lofty goals for projects that aren’t yet a reality.

4 Claimed Racial Profiling At Airport

Via: Lehren

Lindsay’s new exploration into the Islamic faith and traditions have brought her to embrace more than just an understanding. She has embraced the clothing, language and even studied the Quran as part of her process. Lindsay also stated publicly in late February, 2017 that she was “racially profiled” at London Heathrow Airport. According to Lindsay, she was stopped, wearing a headscarf, asked for her credentials and when the agent saw her name, apologized but asked her to remove the headscarf. She was on her way from Turkey to the United States and had just met with the Turkish President, wearing the headscarf as a sign of respect. She obviously felt very uncomfortable, but used the experience as an opportunity to further the awareness of ethnic and racial profiling, speaking about it in an interview with Good Morning Britain.

3 Ripped Off Finger

Via: The Sun

Yes, you read that correctly...in October, while doing humanitarian work in Turkey, Lindsay was apparently involved in a terrible boating accident that ripped-off the top of her ring finger! The people she was with scrambled quickly to find the portion of finger missing (which had the entire nail in-tact) and rushed her to an emergency room for immediate surgery. She was in good spirits about the experience, but said that it hurt a lot! She made a point to clarify that the finger was not cut or severed, but that it was ripped off! The finger was successfully reattached and all will be well for LiLo with no permanent damage it would seem, thanks to some immediate action and a little bit of luck that they found the finger immediately.

2 First Movie In Four Years

Via: IMDb

Lindsay has not been in a film in four years. She has done other things and gotten plenty of negative attention, but she hasn’t been in a movie. Part of what makes us all think that Lindsay may really be on the mend is that she is acting in movies again. This is a real, honest-to-goodness role in a movie and not just the hope of a movie. The movie is called The Shadow Within, and is about a private investigator that is descended from werewolves. It is set for release sometime in 2017 and features her in the lead role. Lindsay is clearly glad to be acting and obviously wants to do more projects, so look for more to come from her now that she has got some momentum.

1 Nightclub Owner

Via: Vice

It may seem like Lindsay is being a bit manic with all the different projects, but in truth, it’s a pretty great plan for someone making a comeback. As a part of her big splash, Lindsay is now a partner in a Greek nightclub named after her, titled “Lohan.” The venture isn’t the biggest part of her new life, but she has spoken about the club and expressed excitement about having her name attached. The official owner is Dennis Papageorgiou, but Lindsay will get a substantial amount for lending her name and doing some promoting. For a while, she was also making a few appearances a month at the club, making it even more of a draw for customers. The club kind of looks like an abandoned factory and is sure to be the hottest spot in Athens!

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