She Did It Again: 15 Recent Photos Of Nikki Bella Revealing Too Much

Perhaps not even Nikki herself could have visualized all the success she’d bring into her life. Not only did she get proposed to in front of 75,000 plus, but she’s also killing it on social media platforms such as Instagram, with a following of over six million fans. Along with that, Nikki has expanded her empire alongside her sister as the two now have a YouTube channel dedicated to documenting their everyday lives. The channel is growing at an insane rate, already bringing in over half a million subscribers. Nikki celebrated the milestone, posing in the buff with her man in a clip that made headlines everywhere. In just a couple of days, the footage has already picked up over four million views. Not too shabby.

The clip wasn’t the first time Nikki revealed too much nor will it be the last. In this article, we take a look at recent pictures that featured Nikki revealing a little too much. Photos used in this article come from her social media account of Instagram and, her YouTube page which is littered with revealing footage of the Bella beauty. Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Here are 15 recent photos of Nikki Bella revealing too much. Let’s begin!


15 Photoshoot

Back in the early 2000s, was littered with some of the most fantastic Diva photoshoots. Who can forget the days of Torrie Wilson, Trish Stratus and Lita, just to name a few, posing for stunning pictures? Nowadays, it seems to be a lost art as the website is much more professional and kid-friendly. Since the company became a publicly traded enterprise, the landscape has shifted a heck of a lot. Their social media presence is bigger than ever but it’s also a lot more clean than it was compared to the past.

This shoot was a big time rarity as Nikki posed in some revealing outfits for the website. We hope the younger demographic didn’t get to see these pictures cause if they did, it’s likely they hit puberty at that very moment. Bella posed for several stunning pictures wearing revealing outfits. This shot of her rocking the red attire is truly something to behold.

14 Backstage In Her Calvins


The formula seems to be quite simple: go on Nikki’s YouTube Bella channel if you want to see revealing moments of the stunning twin. Nikki has gotten some insane amount of views for videos that contain footage of her quite frankly taking it off and revealing a little too much. In the photo you see above, Bella promoted the video labelling it as herself, stripping down into her Calvins backstage. Of course, fans flocked to the very sight of that and the video was one of the most watched on her channel, receiving almost 1.5 million views in a little less than a month. With more than four million views in the recent video where she showed it all, it won’t surprise us very much if Nikki continues to remove her clothing on the channel. That formula seems to be working quite well.

With Bella spending time away from the WWE nowadays, you can expect lots and lots of content via her social media networks, whether it be on Instagram or YouTube.

13 Taking It Off With Cena

Nikki continues to dominate the world of social media, this time, taking her talents over to YouTube. Vlogging has become increasingly popular over the years and both Bella Twins have wisely decided to join the trend. Their channel has blossomed thus far, mixing in wrestling fans and just the run of the mill admirers of the twins. Nikki celebrated the channel’s milestone as they officially hit half a million subscribers. She celebrated with hubby John Cena, in a moment that went absolutely viral online.

In celebration, Nikki not only revealed too much, but she revealed it all alongside John. Of course, the private areas were blurred out but it caused quite the moment on social media nonetheless. The video spread like wildfire online already reaching four million views in just two days. Once again, Nikki is proving she’s a powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with when it comes to her online following.

12 Side "Puppy" Action


Even though the private areas were censored, that didn’t stop the fans from looking that much closer and finding something more. In a couple of instances, it seems like Nikki showed more than we thought. In this picture, Bella gives a fantastic side boob display, as the censoring doesn’t seem to cover up the chest area. Fans had a field day with the exposed footage. We can only assume many of her subscribers paused the video several times to find such moments. There was another instance in the clip of Nikki revealing too much, and that was a lot more revealing than this photo. Scroll down to number one if you want to get a glimpse of that photo.

At the end of the day, the video was done all in good fun. It seems like the couple is happier than ever nowadays, enjoying life back home away from the ring for the time being. Nikki made a joke claiming Brie and Daniel will work the same video once they reach a million subscribers on the channel. Don’t hold your breath for that!

11 Candid Booty

This really is quite tame compared to the previous pictures, but it’s still worth taking a look at, as Nikki rocks an insane dress as she poses for the candid NYC shot. Bella appears to be in full throttle wedding mode as she attends the New York Bridal Week in the Big Apple.

Candid booty shots of Nikki seem to be the norm. With one quick search online, you’ll be quite surprised to see the abundance of booty pictures taken of the Bella Twin live at an event. Heck, there’s even a Twitter account dedicated to the perfection of her booty. Nikki seems to have no problem with that, as she takes a great amount of pride to her “booty building” dedication. Nikki isn’t afraid to showcase her fantastic curves and this picture furthers that with another stunning shot as she rocks the perfectly fitted dress. Oh, Nikki!

10 Cleav With Brie & John


This video was meant to provide some comedic relief, but we can guarantee that most people (that is the male demographic age 18-39) clicked it to see Nikki and her puppies throughout the two minute clip. In the video, Cena shows off one his many great talents, one of which is speaking Chinese. He tries to teach the Bellas a couple of words and let’s just say they failed quite miserably. Cena said the word 'twins', asking the Bellas if they knew what it meant. Both were obviously insanely inaccurate, leading to quite the comedic moment.

The video was pretty funny, but we truly believe Nikki stole the show in the clip with her revealing black top which we believe revealed a little too much. The video received over 700K views and the fans had a field day with her attire in the comments section. Once again, Nikki was revealing too much in one of her YouTube videos.

9 Puppy Malfunction

Oh, the good old wardrobe malfunction. In the world of sports and entertainment we’ve seen this incident take place on more than once occasion. Even recently, poor A.J. Styles ripped his pants during a main event mach against Dean Ambrose. Meaning, if it can happen to the Phenomenal One, it can happen to just about anyone.

Usually, females are more likely to suffer from the malfunction, wearing revealing attire. Both Bella Twins suffered from the incident (Brie got much worse however, as her puppy popped right out during a Miz promo years ago). Nikki had some malfunctions as well and her most recent took place while shooting a video in Brie and Daniel Bryan’s home. While petting the family dog, Nikki went down to embrace the little one. The only problem, her top was extremely revealing and it caused one her puppies to slip out. That’s one of the perks when you go braless.. Bella saved the blunder by blocking it with her arm, but the damage was already done.


8 WrestleMania Fan Interaction


One of the most underrated parts of Nikki’s WWE resume is how great she is with the fans, something not all WWE Superstars can say. We praise her for putting the WWE on another type of pedestal, but we should not forget her fan involvement. Bella is quite joyful with her people and dare we say, even quite flirtatious. She’s proven to be quite the gem with her population, and she was at it once again during WrestleMania weekend meeting and greeting fans during the Axxess.

Not only did she attend but she also looked absolutely stunning rocking a revealing outfit. In terms of her upper body, she was basically in a bra. We assume fans weren’t opposed to her wardrobe of choice, as it likely turned a couple of heads. That weekend was Nikki’s final WWE involvement as she’s yet to be seen on-screen following her WrestleMania 33 weekend.

7 Nature & Wine

This picture is just absolute fire as Bella enjoys her view, although the people looking at the picture are enjoying another view... Seriously though, let’s take a minute to commend Nikki on her fantastic journey. Her road to stardom wasn’t always a guarantee as she moved to LA alongside her twin sister in search of a role in the entertainment industry. Both twins would find the breakthrough of a lifetime after they auditioned for the Diva Search. They didn’t make the cut for the show, but instead, were offered something even greater: a pair of contracts.

With absolutely no experience, the duo struggled early on. However, as the years went along they would get better and better. Nikki would eventually become the face of the division, setting a record as the longest reigning Divas Champion in company history. She continued her strong display after she came back from injury, appearing to be better than ever inside of the squared circle.

6 More Outdoor Fun


It’s revealing pictures like this one that simply take our breath away. Posted on her social media Instagram page, Nikki is rocking a fantastic bikini and looks absolutely stunning. Not too surprising, the photo ushered in over 207K likes.

Nikki has the benefit of having fans from multiple platforms. Not only does she have the WWE Universe, but she even has fans from outside of the company that support her career through Total Divas and Total Bellas. The decision to join reality television brought the twins back to the WWE. Both had left the company due to contract disputes and actually joined the indie scene for a brief amount of time from 2012 to 2013. With the company planning to launch Total Divas, both were welcomed back into the WWE with a new set of contracts. They never looked back since returning in March of 2013, dominating both in the ring and outside of it with platforms such as Total Divas and even their own spin-off, Total Bellas.

5 The Booty Dress

Not too revealing in comparison to the other recent pictures but once again, this photo is worth a mention. Nikki looks on while she looks spectacular in the revealing dress that shows off her stunning curves. It seems like Nikki’s doing a great job of eating her Booty-O cereals as of late. That, or John’s really preaching the squat to his girl! Either way, we have no objections.

Nikki poses for the picture in Cena’s spectacular walk-in closet. Bella lives with Cena in the stunning home, and this is yet another great feature of the house. The couple’s guest room is the size of a big home, just to put things into perspective. The couple even has a breathtaking pool with a spectacular waterfall. Without a doubt, the duo is absolutely thriving both at home and in their every day lives.

4 Revealing Blue Dress


Once again, this picture is quite tame in comparison to some of the others on the list, but we still felt the need to add it in given the revealing nature of the blue dress. The dress plays tricks with one's eyes as it's quite revealing and can make you stare for a really long time. In this picture posted on her Instagram, Nikki promotes for the company FabFitFun.

Bella is an absolute beast when it comes to PR work, getting various sponsorship deals with a plethora of companies. Unlike most pro wrestlers that just focus on the wrestling business, Bella has expanded her horizons outside of the company working with a plethora of other none related wrestling companies. Because of that, Nikki has lot of options and can certainly make a living outside of wrestling, something not many WWE Superstars can safely say. It seems like Nikki can do it all nowadays.

3 Where The Magic Happens

Two separate crowds clicked this YouTube video; some double clicked to get a look at the stunning Cena/Bella residence, while the others, clicked to get a visual of Nikki lying on a bed as their minds drifted to anything but PG territory. Whatever the reason was to click the video, it seemed to have worked wonders as the clip brought in over 2.5 million viewers. The thumbnail for the clip didn’t hurt the cause, as Nikki appeared in a revealing dress while she laid down on the couple’s bed. The video was entitled “where the magic happens”, so one can assume many clicked the video for the reason alone.

Residing out of Tampa, Florida, the happy couple is finally enjoying some time off after a hectic road to WrestleMania. It’s believed Nikki will in fact return at some point, while Cena is also due to return after he’s done with his newest film project.

2 Pre Hall Of Fame Nap


Sticking with the YouTube content, Nikki took an interesting video as she filmed herself during a pre-Hall Of Fame nap; a bit of rest was certainly needed as the WWE’s WrestleMania week schedule is usually insane featuring loads and loads of PR work, appearances, meet and greet with the fans and of course, getting ready for the event itself. It can be hard for a WWE Superstar to actually take it all in when working such a schedule.

During her down time, Nikki recorded a clip for the channel and oddly enough, she seemed to be sleeping in the buff. Nikki recorded the clip with her puppies safely under the covers leading a lot left to the imagination. Seriously Nikki, you couldn’t have grabbed a t-shirt and threw it on before recording the clip? Nonetheless, that action probably brought in a lot more views and fans were likely not complaining as she rocked minimal clothing under the sheets.

1 Puppy Exposure

Fans did get a little bit more in the 500K celebration video. At the beginning of the clip, while Nikki rocks her robe, it seems like we get a quick visual of a little more as one of her puppies gets exposed for a mere second. Was it done on purpose to get us talking? Only Nikki knows the answer to that, but the footage of the slip was enough to get people talking as flocks of fans fled to the clip in search of the brief slip that was not blurred out or ruined by a John Cena fart.

It was yet another moment that showed Nikki Bella revealing a little too much and we can guarantee it’s likely not the last time something of the sorts goes down. We can only dream of what she has in store for us once she reaches the one million plateau.

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