Shameless Confessions: 15 Scenes That Were Almost Too Shameful For The Cast

If you've ever watched Shameless, then you already know just how raunchy this Showtime hit can get. If you haven't watched it yet, then you'd either be offended by the Gallaghers and the bad, sometimes downright dirty, choices they make to resolve their constant struggles. Or, some of you might feel a kindred connection to what the show's creator/producer, John Wells, has called a level of poverty so low, that it's "not blue collar, but no collar." The show is very authentic yet so drastic that it becomes comical by pushing barriers with scenarios of how extreme one's actions could get. The cast manages to pull off their characters' roles with ease. As if there's really no shame in their game.

However, the cast of Shameless dished out confessions about their roles, and you'll be shocked to find what they thought about some of the scenes the writers of Shameless have thrown their way. You didn't really think that any of the actors/actresses were as Shameless as a true Gallagher, did you? Well, not most of the cast, anyway. Let's see. Did William H. Macy admit that he used to babysit one of his Shameless onscreen lovers? You'll find out soon enough! That Bill Macy, he really seems to enjoy his role as Frank Gallagher. What does Emmy Rossum, who plays Fiona Gallagher, really think of those steamy nude scenes? Either way, there's a little bit of something here from every main cast member. Here they are! Shameless Confessions: 15 Scenes That Were Almost Too Shameful for Cast Members...

15 Emmy Rossum - Fiona's First "Steamy" Scene

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There was a time when Emmy Rossum was hesitant to do "steamy" scenes. Of course, that was back before Shameless. She auditioned for the role as Fiona, despite knowing that there were expectations of both nudity and sexuality. It appears that Emmy's more hesitant in keeping her clothes on, rather than off. Very rarely do you see an entire episode without looking at Fiona Gallagher's chest or some other part of her body. A lot of Emmy's reasoning had to do with who she was working with. She called them a "classy group of people" and said that she knew "Bill Macy would be showing his a*s." So, she went ahead and auditioned, despite knowing that nudity and those steamy scenes would be expected.

Yet, those expectations didn't shield Emmy from the pre-steamy jitters. I believe she used the words "scared sh*tless!" Rossum told TV Guide that she was so drunk during her first "steamy" scene that she barely remembers it at all. On the other hand, you might recall that first scene with Jimmy/Steve and how he got his finger stuck in the cabinet. Ouch! And let's not forget Tony the cop dragging Frank home to play cop blocker!

14 Cameron Monaghan - Ian Working In The "Club"

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For Cameron Monaghan, those "steamy" scenes with Noel Fisher, who plays Mickey, are a piece of cake. Normally, they would prove to be difficult, but since the guys are friends in real life, he said that they "crack jokes" through them, which makes them fun. In case you were wondering, Cameron isn't gay, despite his character's (Ian Gallagher) s*xual orientation. In fact, he was pretty much forced to "come out as straight" because so many people kept asking him about it.

What Cameron did find difficult was when Ian came back from the Army so messed up. That was when he popped back up in town, without telling anyone where he was, and it was discovered later in the season that he was struggling with bipolar disorder. In an interview with TV Guide, Cameron said that the idea of his character, Ian Gallagher, dancing in a strip club "really threw me (him) threw a loop." Of course, the only thing that could possibly be more awkward than playing gay lover with a friend would have to be dancing at a club called The White Swallow, right?

13 Jeremy Allen White - Lip Still Wanting Karen

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Is it even possible to still love a girl who not only slept with your father, but pretty much r*ped him and, at the very least, seduced him? This was the case with Lip Gallagher on Shameless. His girlfriend was pissed at her dad and used Frank Gallagher to get him back, hurting his son, and her sorta-boyfriend, Lip, in the process. As for Frank's role in the disturbing encounter, he was totally strung-out at the time.

The entire situation was pretty messed up. Even Jeremy Allen White, who plays Lip, thought so. Jeremy claimed that it was hard wrapping his mind around the idea that Lip still wanted to be with Karen after she slept with his father. He said that he didn't know how to play that "without making his character seem like a sociopath."

12 Emmy Rossum - Fiona Refusing Frank A Piece Of Her Liver

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Another storyline that Emmy had a lot of trouble with was when Fiona refused her father, Frank, a piece of her liver. That was pretty cold when you really think about it. Grey's Anatomy did a similar storyline once with Meredith Grey, Lexie Grey, and her father, Thatcher Grey. Although, they didn't carry it all the way through. Meredith ended up giving in to help her father, even if it was only for her sister Lexie's, benefit. However, Fiona gave Carl a flat-out no. Emmy told TV Guide that the refusal made her "kind of uncomfortable."

All the cast members are seriously close on Shameless. So, it makes sense that she'd feel at least somewhat uncomfortable offering up a tiny sliver of Fiona's liver when Carl asked her to help him save her dying father. It takes some dark-minded writers to keep that one going. But then again, this is Shameless we're talking about.

11 Cameron Monaghan - Ian Stealing Mickey's Baby 

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Have you ever wanted to act like you were totally insane? Like baby-stealing-a-baby insane? It might've looked like loads of fun to act out, however, Cameron Monaghan found filming those scenes almost as disturbing and disastrous as if he'd done it in real life. That was a real-life baby, by the way. So, he had to deal with a real baby crying while he was searching the truck for a diaper. Talk about stressful!

If you have a baby or have at least watched one, then you know how nerve-racking those cries can be, especially when you're panicking to get them to stop. It only made matters worse when the baby wasn't switched out for the scene that followed. You know, the one where he ran from the cops. Cameron told TV Insider that it was "the most terrifying moment of my (his) life," although "everything was safely staged." The baby's mother was also close by.

10 Sasha Alexander - Helene In Bed With Lip When Her Husband Came Home

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Ahhh, Helene Runyon. She was Lip's hot college professor who used students like playthings in her open marriage. It was just a long-term fling with most students, but most students weren't Lip Gallagher. Everything was going as well as you could expect it to be for a relationship built between a married professor and her student. That is until Lip's ex, Amanda, found out why he wasn't so into her anymore. The role of Helene was played by Sasha Alexander, who was also acting as Dr. Maura Isles from Rizzoli & Isles at the time. The jump between the drastically different characters was probably more of a leap for Sasha.

However, this was apparently something that Sasha embraced. Sasha told Deadline, "It was edgy, it was sexy and different in the sense that, you know, not to say that Dr. Isles isn't an adult, but I felt like we were reaching into kind of deeper waters here, in terms of adult territory and what we were playing with. It was more provocative and it was a risk, it was scary." Sasha also confessed that while open marriage isn't something she would understand in real life, it was fun acting it out.

9 Shanola Hampton - Veronica's Baby-Making

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It's hard to say what would be more awkward. Actually using another person to make a baby the old-fashioned way or acting as though you're doing it. Then, to make matters worse, what if that person was your mother? Talk about shameless! That's exactly what Veronica and Kevin did when they found out that V wasn't likely to get pregnant on her own.

Shanola Hampton, who plays V, pointed out to Hollywood Life, "Not everyone has the money to have a surrogate or do these treatments. It wasn't the most fun." However, it's hard to believe that many people would be shameless enough to carry out the task with their mother. That's what makes the show so humorous. She even said that she "threw up in my (her) mouth a little bit" in reaction to the script.

8 Emma Kenny - Debbie Dating An Older Guy

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If you've never seen Shameless, then it'd be easy to wonder what a teenager like Emma Kenney could possibly have to confess about when it comes to awkward scenes. However, we are talking about Shameless, not Modern Family, here. The shameless scenes aren't for adults only. In fact, Emma's character, Debbie "Debs" Gallagher, is only 16 on the show and already has a baby for Pete's sake! Emma's pretty much grown up, while acting as Debs. Her character is only a year older.

Emma confessed to The TV Addict that one of the obstacles that made her most uncomfortable was when Debs was dating Matty Baker. For those of you who don't know, Matty Baker was her first real boyfriend. At 23, he was much older than 13-year-old Debs on Shameless, but there was an even bigger age gap for 14-year-old Emma and her co-star, James Allen McCune, who was 26. If that situation was a tad uncomfortable, then taking advantage of Matty while he was impaired was probably seriously awkward.

7 Isidora Goreshter - Svetlana's "Steamy" Scenes

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If you ever meet Isidora Goreshter, don't ever question her work ethic. This lady did one of her throuple scenes with Kev and V, right after giving birth in real life. Her Shameless character, Svetlana, is just as hardworking, but also very conniving. A lot of fans might be pretty upset for her after Svetlana did what she does best, using her s*xual wiles to swindle V and Kev out of their bar, The Alibi Room. What was most shocking was that she got V to fall harder for her than Kev. She must have a magic tongue or something.

Anyways, the role of Svetlana wasn't meant to be a permanent character. In fact, Isidora said the breakdown for the role was "no lines, nudity required, possible recurring." She said that the character hadn't even been given a name before the audition. The casting call just asked for a Russian prostitute. Isidora was fabulous and made the role her own, however. Her audition consisted of pretending to massage a wooden chair as she was feeling herself up. How awkward is that?

6 Jeremy Allen White - First Steamy Scene With Mandy

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Jeremy Allen White has brought up his issue with Lip's undying attraction to Karen in more than just one interview. He claims that he simply can't wrap his mind around why Lip Gallagher would've continued to come back for more. However, things finally changed for him once Karen went away. Maybe she'll pull a Jimmy/Steve/Jack and pop back up again, pushing his buttons. Here's hoping she won't because Mandy's the girl Lip should've chosen to stay with.

Speaking of Mandy, Jeremy Allen White's been dating the actress behind her character, Emma Greenwell, for six years now. You'd think that this fun fact would've made things easier for Jeremy in filming those "steamy" scenes with Mandy. Although, there was a time when Jeremy felt closer to Laura Slade Wiggins, who plays Karen. In an interview with Vulture, Jeremy confessed that he and Emma had "hardly spoken to each other before we (they) did our (their) s*x scene. And that always makes for a bit more of a difficult situation." Maybe it was just difficult because he had performance jitters for a girl he had the hots for?

5 Ruby Modine - Sierra's First "Steamy" Scene With Lip

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It might be a little soon for you to recognize Ruby Modine by her real-life name, but she can rest assured that nobody can forget her character, Sierra, from season 7 of Shameless. 

By the way, did you know that Ruby's first "steamy" scene on Shameless was actually her first "steamy" scene ever? In an interview with InStyle, Ruby said that Emmy Rossum was very helpful. Apparently, Emmy told her, "This is your first time doing nudity. This is your first time in a s*x scene, and it was mine as well. I'll give you my number and you can call me, you can text me, and we can discuss it." Well, the cat's out of the bag! As for her experience with Jeremy Allen White, Ruby said that "he's a master at his craft." Now, how's that for a juicy confession?

4 Emmy Rossum - Fiona Getting Strip-Searched

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Speaking of Emmy Rossum, she's been on Shameless long enough that no scene should be awkward anymore. In interviews, Emmy has mentioned that the cast can say no if they don't want to do a particular "scene." Plus, there's an agreement "for every situation that involves nudity or simulated s*x." However, Emmy didn't say no to her most uncomfortable scene yet, but it's about as real as TV can possibly get. It was the scene back in season four, following Fiona's downward spiral. She said it was difficult enough getting Fiona to a place where she'd stoop so low as to leave drugs out around Liam, which lead to his overdose.

However, what came after was the part of the season where Emmy expressed that her most challenging nude scene ever came from. Plus, it's about as dark as Shameless should ever get. Fiona's strip search. Apparently, they really provided the moment for her by filming it in a real women's prison that was shut down. She even tweeted, "The hardest thing that I've ever done--Ever. On anything--was that strip search scene." While most nude Shameless scenes break the ice with humor, that one was so vulnerable that it would give anyone the creeps.

3 Laura Slade Wiggins - Karen's Seduction Of Frank

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Now, about those Laura Slade Wiggins scenes from season one. Not all of them, really, but just the one. You know... Daddyz Girl. That was the episode with the scene where Laura's character, Karen, completed her father's payback by seducing her 60-year-old almost-stepdad, Frank Gallagher, who also happened to be her boyfriend Lip's, dad. Apparently, that storyline could've lasted longer, but this is the US version, not the UK's. In an interview, Laura mentioned that it was actually a "long-lasting affair" on the British version, that "wasn't going to fly" in America. And you thought the US version was bad, huh?

Aside from that, Laura also told HitFix that she was originally starstruck by working with William H. Macy and Joan Cusack. Talk about awkward! It would definitely be difficult to work on "steamy" scenes with someone you're starstruck over, let alone one who's so much older. However, Laura confessed that those "steamy" scenes went by super fast. Plus, Bill was the perfect gentleman. She was quoted as saying, "He wouldn't even look at me. If you look at the scene, he's got his head all up in the air looking at the ceiling." At least Bill has more class than his character, Frank, or she would've been doomed!

2 Emmy Rossum - Fiona And Steve's Pool Scene

Fiona, Fiona, Fiona! Yes, we've talked about Emmy's character quite a bit, but she is the most stable leader of team Gallagher, the majority of the time. Besides, nobody's had quite as many awkward scenes as she has. The rest of the cast still has some growing to do in order to catch up to her and Bill. Although, this confession has more to do with behind the scenes secrets than it has to do with Fiona Gallagher's awkward.

However, we do have a particularly hot "steamy" scene to discuss. Remember that pool scene from season one? It appears that they're wearing nothing, but Emmy actually was wearing what she called a "vag pad." Apparently, it's something she created that's made up of a "strip of rubbery stuff that gets adhered to you." She also mentioned that it hurts to rip it off, ouch! As for Justin Chatwin, or Jimmy/Steve/Jack, he wore a sock. She also snitched that he wanted to fill his "sock with sand" in the pilot. You know, just in case anything unexpected happened.

1 William H. Macy - Frank In The Cemetery Is Worthy Of An Award

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William H. Macy or Bill Macy. You know him best as Frank Gallagher these days, but he was also in Fargo back in the day. Fun fact: His wife is (yeah, he has one) Felicity Huffman, but you might know her best as Lynette Scavo from Desperate Housewives. Yeah, try imagining what that household is like. This guy is a husband and father, but he's the closest to being as shameless as his character in real life. Only not in a drunk alcoholic way, but a 'funny die laughing' kind of way.

Do you remember that tidbit of info in the opening about Bill admitting that his onscreen lover was someone that he once babysat? Believe it or not, that wasn't just a ploy to get you to read this. It was Joan Cusack. In Shameless, she played Sheila, the agoraphobic neighbor with the fetish for sticking things in "no man's land." Frank dated Sheila, while using her for a place to stay. Bill has confessed that he suggested that the writers take a break from having things put up Frank's butt. He also admitted that his first thought on the script where Frank mast*rbated on Bianca's grave was "Mother of God, are you kidding me?" Plus, he said that there should be a Golden Globe category for a scene like that. Could any scene possibly get more shameless or awkward than that?

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