Selena Gomez vs Demi Lovato: 15 Pics That Are Muy Caliente

Who's Hotter: Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato?

Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato rose to stardom around the same time, on the same channel, for pretty much the same reasons. Both Gomez and Lovato were working toward becoming the latest pop sensations while starring in their own shows on Disney Channel. Following their departure from Disney, both actresses started marketing themselves in a way that separated them from their past. For Gomez, it meant taking roles in movies intended for a mature audience, like Spring Breakers. For Lovato, it meant publicly tackling her drug abuse, issues with her body image, and overcoming it all to flaunt what she worked so hard to have.

The two Disney stars have had an on-off friendship over the course of the careers, and it's left their fans confused as to whether or not they're actually friends. One moment, Gomez and Lovato would be telling interviewers how much they loved to just hang out with each other and watch movies. The next, the two would be taking very public jabs at each other and the new friends that they've made. One moment, they're tweeting at each other saying they'll be friends forever. The next, Lovato is unfollowing Gomez on social media and saying they've just grown too far apart.

Since becoming young stars, separated from their work on Disney, more and more people have noticed that Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez are kinda hot. Since their careers have followed a similar path (and they're back to being friends again), we thought it would be fun to settle once and for all, Who's Hotter: Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato?

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15 The Bathroom Selfie

The bathroom selfie is the highlight of every woman's social-media profile. This is for three reasons: mirrors, great lighting, and privacy. If you spend 15 minutes participating in your own little photoshoot, nobody will know. There's (usually) nobody in there judging you as you contort your body to find the perfect pose where you look your sexiest.

Lovato and Gomez are clearly dressed to attend different events. Lovato looks like she's ready to strut the red carpet in a very revealing black playsuit that doesn't leave a lot hidden. She's wearing a lot of makeup, her hair has been styled, and it looks like she's ready to face the paparazzi. Gomez, on the other hand, is dressed more simply. She's giving off a 'girl next door' vibe in her selfie. With her bottoms pulled up above her waist, it's clear that Selena knows how to take the perfect sexy selfie.

14 Who Needs A Bra?

Since the 1960s, primarily liberal women have chosen to walk around without a bra on as part of a movement to empower women.#FreeTheNipple is the next stage of the braless, and it isn't gaining as much traction as we'd hoped — but maybe one day. But the women of today aren't going braless as an act of protest. Instead, they're ditching their bras as part of the latest fashion trend, which is presenting themselves more naturally. Previously, push-up bras were considered essential to be sexy, but women are finding that they can feel just as sexy without the discomfort of a bra.

Though the context for the photos above is completely different, you can see who pulls off the look better. While Lovato looks great showing off her cleavage, she just can't pull the braless look as well as Gomez. Then again, Gomez is known for walking around in public without a bra on. For a brief period of time, it was more or less her look.

13 Cleavage

I'm not going to pretend that I know why men find cleavage attractive because I honestly don't know. It's sort of an instinct for men to look at cleavage that's directly in their line of sight, whether they should look or not. It takes serious self-control to not accidentally glance at a woman's chest when the opportunity presents itself, especially if she's wearing something like Gomez is. That said, I'm not saying it's right to look, but if you've got it on display, there's a good chance someone's going to take a peak.

For a Christian girl, Lovato loves to share photos of her body. The photo on the left was supposedly leaked online and only meant for one person's eyes, whereas the photo on the right was taken by a professional photographer. Different angles, different actresses, different cameras, but it's hard to say which photo is sexier. Lovato's is genuine, whereas Gomez's is almost completely artificial. Just look at her face. It's been airbrushed to the point that she doesn't even look like a real person.

12 Tattoo Reveal

We've sort of lucked out with the two above photos because of how easy they are to compare. In both situations, the actresses are trying to show off their font-based tattoos in a very similar spot. Gomez is showing off her booty, and Lovato is showing off a little bit of side boob. While both Gomez and Lovato look great on their own, there's something about Gomez's photo that completely ruins it.

Who the hell is the guy taking the photo, and why could he not find an angle where he wasn't in the photo? He looks like one of Gomez's bodyguards, but also, he looks like he's way too old to be taking such a provocative photo of the actress. Sure, maybe nobody else was around to take it. Or Gomez didn't want the photo to come off as too sexy, but, I mean, come on. How hard is it to take an Instagram photo without him in it?

11 They Both Got Curvy

There's absolutely nothing wrong with someone referring to your body as "thick." Internet culture has changed how we use the word. While it may feel like an insult, being called "thick" is often a compliment in a weird sort of way. Since getting her body-image issues under wraps, Lovato has become thick in all of the right ways. All of the fatty areas of the body are in places that women dream of getting fat. Her chest, her hips, and her booty. Yes, she's gained weight in the past few years, but there's nothing wrong with that.

People have noticed that Gomez has gained a few pounds in 2017, and, at first, they criticized her for it. Gomez brought attention to her weight gain by posting an Instagram photo with the caption 'There's more to love and I'm happy with myself.' The next day, the media frenzy about her weight completely shifted as former critics praised Gomez for embracing her new body and loving herself. There's nothing sexier than a woman filled with confidence about who she is and what she looks like. Fat, skinny, curvy, whatever! Just rock it.

10 Who Has The Better Face?

While having a curvy body is fantastic, one of the most attractive features on a woman is her face. It may come as a surprise to you, but men prioritize a woman's face over any other part of her body. In a 2007 study, researchers found that when presented with sexual photographs, the men are more likely to look at the woman's face than the sexual act, whereas women are more likely to look at the act.

Now, both of these women are gorgeous from head to toe, but it's hard to determine who's more naturally pretty. Gomez loves to wear makeup, and you'll rarely find her posing for a photo without her face on. Lovato, on the other hand, has posted selfies in the past without any makeup on (or so she claims). When looking at the two women, it really just comes down to preference. Some people will be pulled in by Lovato's big eyes, while others may find Gomez's smaller features more beautiful.

9 Laying Down

As you can clearly see, both Lovato and Gomez are trying to be sexy — and both are succeeding. Starting with Lovato, she's posing in a way that's inviting. The way she raises the bottom half of her body while rubbing her lip is textbook seduction. Her photo is oozing sex appeal, and you're probably looking at it right now, dreaming of what you would do if Lovato tried to seduce you. It's raw. It's sexual. It's everything we've ever wanted to see from Lovato.

Gomez, in contrast to Lovato, is sexy in a much more subtle way. Looking at her outfit, Gomez is only teasing the viewer. Her entire leg and some of her groin area are revealed, leaving everyone imaging what lies underneath the other half of her dress. We see enough skin that we have a pretty good idea of what Gomez looks like, but we're still left wanting more.

8 Trying To Be Sexy

Everyone has taken a photo of himself or herself trying to be sexy. Whether you have the guts to share those photos with anyone is a whole other story. But for actresses and actors who make a small fortune on their sex appeal, sharing a photo of themselves seems relatively easy. Much like other poses we've seen Lovato in, she knows exactly what she's trying to insinuate with the way she's leaning. It's subtle, it's seductive, and it shows off the body that Lovato has worked so hard to get.

In the photo on the right, Gomez is showing off a little more skin than she usually does in a fashionable one-piece swimsuit. The way that Gomez is arching her back manages to show off her curves as well, despite the fact that the photo is taken while looking down on her. She looks comfortable posing in front of the camera with a facial expression that's the sexiest out of any photo on this list. Well done, Selena. You look great.

7 The Abs

Demi Lovato has had numerous looks over the years, but our favorite has been her recent focus on fitness. It's always great to see someone struggling with body-image issues work to build her own confidence. Though her selfie on the left is a little bit too airbrushed for most people's tastes, you would never know about the inner demons that she had been fighting for most of her career. Thankfully, Lovato entered treatment for her eating disorder and drug abuse before she spiraled out of control. And now, she looks better than ever.

Recently, Selena Gomez has been facing criticism from people for putting on a little bit of weight. Most people are in no position to criticize the former Disney star, but they do it anyway. The photo on the right is a throwback to an earlier time in Gomez's career before there was more of her to love. With photos like this of her, it's easy to see why she decided to step away from Disney. She has sex appeal, and she wants people to know it.

6 The One Piece

As you can probably tell, Lovato's one-piece swimsuit is a lot more low-cut than Gomez's, but the two are still comparable. While one-piece swimsuits were considered unfashionable for most of the 2000s, Lovato shows off that you can still rock the swimsuit without looking like an old lady. Further, for a swimsuit that's allegedly supposed to keep you covered up, Lovato is showing off a lot of skin — and we love it.

Selena's swimsuit doesn't reveal any cleavage but manages to accent her lovely lady lumps. In addition to showing off the top half of her body, the bottom half of her swimsuit is high cut, which is designed to make her legs look longer. This style of swimsuit was popular in the 1980s when legs were considered to be the main point of sex appeal. While more conservative around her chest, the bottom half of the swimsuit leaves little to the imagination.

5 Posing For Social Media

For most actors and actresses, it's important to have an active presence on social media. Young fans are somewhat obsessed with staying up to date with what their favorite celebrities are doing. Since Lovato and Gomez made a name for themselves on the Disney Channel, it's only fitting that their fans want them to be active on social media. That's why Jake Paul started posting videos on YouTube and Vine, and look at the following that he has now.

Lovato posted the photo on the right on Snapchat. She's fresh out of the pool in another swimsuit that flaunts her cleavage in a way that it can't for most women. Gomez, on the other hand, chose to pose in front of a bathroom mirror in a bikini to post on her Instagram account. While Gomez looks fantastic, her photo is a little too generic. On the other hand, Lovato is confidently showing off what her momma gave her. She knows where everyone's looking.

4 The Booty

While long legs and flat tummies were the previously desired traits, the rise of the Kardashians has brought on the era of booty. Most women want one, and some are willing to dedicate an entire workout routine to building a booty. But some women are taking a shortcut and just getting butt implants to give them the booty they desire. With that in mind, you can tell which women have actually worked hard to achieve their booty and who just bought theirs.

To put it lightly, Selena Gomez doesn't have much of a booty. Even in the past year, where Gomez has gained a few pounds, the junk in her trunk is nothing compared to what Lovato is hauling. To tip you off on how great Lovato's booty is, she flaunts it more than her cleavage. With a little digging, you'll find Lovato shaking it like a Polaroid picture in ways that you didn't know were possible. And, of course, there's that nude photo shoot that Lovato posed in where you can pretty much see everything. And I mean everything.

3 Their Legs

In the 1980s, a woman's legs were considered the highlight of her body. For whatever reason, some men still feel attracted to a woman based on what her legs look like rather than how the rest of her looks. Or, more importantly, whether or not he likes her as a person.

Since Lovato's new image is so focused around improving herself mentally and physically, her legs look a little different from Gomez's. Just looking at the two sets of legs, you can tell who spends more time at the gym developing those gorgeous leg muscles. That's not to say that Gomez doesn't hit the gym as often as Lovato, but it's just that Lovato's results are more visible. If you're more interested in length, both women are around the same height, so you won't find too much of a difference there.

2 Similar Pose — Different Photoshoot

A celebrity's ability to pose in a photo shoot is what can place a limit on his or her fame. If a young actress like Lovato or Gomez is unable to work with a photographer in a studio to create a stunning image, there's a good chance that her career will falter because of it. Surely, these two bombshells were trained to model, whether at Disney or after their careers at Disney ended.

Similarly posed, Gomez manages to look a lot more natural than Lovato. Gomez is there to show off her outfit and modeling ability, whereas Lovato looks like she's trying to create art. Wearing a funky dress, with more visible makeup, and with a much more animated expression, there's nothing casual about Lovato's photo shoot. But, even under that strange dress, Lovato manages to show off the booty that we all love to see.

1 The Black-Dress Look

There are two things that are staples of a lot of women's wardrobes: a little red dress and a black dress. While black dresses can be worn to funerals, they're a great choice for a night out with friends or more formal events. In the photos above, you can see Lovato wearing a more casual black dress than Gomez is wearing.

Both of these women are wearing black dresses, but I think Gomez pulls hers off a little better than Lovato. Don't get me wrong — both are great. It could be the way that she's posed, but Gomez just looks a lot more sophisticated. The way that she shows off her cleavage is classier than Lovato's busty approach. Both of them look hot — but they pull off the black dress look in different ways. Different dress, different look, different former Disney stars — but who's hotter?


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