Rusev Doesn't Approve: 16 Hot AF Photos Of WWE Diva Lana

Back in November, I penned an all time top 16 countdown highlighting a particular "asset" of WWE Divas. This is the woman who landed just outside the top 5.  This woman is known as Lana.

Lana has taken the hearts of fans and also took the WWE by storm ever since she stepped foot on WWE TV four years ago. She is no doubt one of the hottest divas ever. With that said, she's taken. The WWE universe mourned as Lana married Rusev on July 29th, 2016.

We've seen multiple photos of the couple via TMZ and social media and their marriage has been mirrored and talked of on WWE programming. Fortunately for all of us, there's still plenty of reasons to celebrate Lana's "ravishing" beauty.  Why? Because she has absolutely no problem letting all of us know how hot she is! Rusev, whose real name is Miroslav Barnyashev, knows this too...But let's be real, there's a hell of a lot of photos online that he certainly wouldn't approve of us checking out! It's time to take a nice, long look at the ravishing Lana.

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16 Buxom In Black

Lana (real name C.J. Perry) is decked out in an all black swimsuit that can't help but to hug her car accident causing curves.  Her platinum blonde hair and bright red lipstick make her look even hotter.  This photo was featured on WWE.com's photoshoot with NXT Divas back in 2013. This is long before Lana became engaged Rusev and she certainly had no problem showing off her looks in this revealing swimwear. Lana, being as gorgeous as she is, certainly isn't a stranger to the camera or other forms of entertainment. The WWE bombshell was in movies before she became primarily known for her pro wrestling career. She's been in everything from Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son and Pitch Perfect to American Hustle and Pitch Perfect 2. Anyway, there's no doubt that Lana certainly loves to strike a red hot pose.

15 All Red, All Business

It's time for everyone to take a wild guess as to one of the (many) reasons why Lana is as highly regarded as she is.  We know that she's gorgeous.  We know that she has a rocking body. We know that her rendition of a Russian accent is to die for.  But why?  We all know damn well that when we see Lana strut on the ramp with that platinum blonde hair tied up in a bun with her short skin tight "business wear" we can't help but think some incredibly naughty thoughts.  Thoughts like, "how does she fit into that skirt?"  Or "how many squats does she do per day?"  Okay, maybe we don't have thoughts like that, but seriously this TMZ exclusive photo shows how sexy Lana is even when she's not even trying to be that sexy.  She manages to provide onlookers a slight glimpse of her "goodies" as she poses in what we're sure she thought was an "innocent" photo.  I don't think Rusev saw her take this shot.

14 Behind His Back!

Lana knows she's in the upper echelon of hottest WWE Divas to ever step foot into the WWE.  When you're a beautiful specimen of hotness like Lana is, you can't help but take photos of yourself or well, get a lot of photos taken of you. Here's a shot of Lana in what looks to be a hotel room (or a living room in general), looking pretty damn sultry. The appropriate question to ask is, who's behind the camera? Because whoever is behind that camera is surely getting quite the seductive look from the blonde bombshell... I mean come on, what else do you think is implied in this photo?  Lana does happen to be so hot that even when she's in a simple white dress she can't help but "blossom" and well, be incredibly sexy.  What if the individual taking that shot isn't Rusev? Is it Lana's friend? In all honesty, it's probably her husband, but one has to wonder if he approves of the plethora of "private" photos of his wife being found left and right online.

13 Legs...Legs...Legs...

It's extremely hard to get any hotter than Lana is in this photo. When she strikes a pose and gives some semblance of effort it's pretty difficult for anyone to compete. Lana can definitely blend in with any kind of look that she wants. One has to wonder if Rusev is the kind of husband that loves to sit back and watch his blazing hot wife prance around being as wild and hot as she wants, or if he can't help but be the typical jealous type; the type who doesn't want anyone even batting an eye at his prize. The question that I'm sure everyone looking at this photo wants to be answered is whether or not that number sprawled across the top of Lana's top in any way leads to the bootylicious bombshell herself... The answer is most likely not but hey, it doesn't hurt to try...

12 Gimmick Confusion? Nah Just Making America Great Again

Fans of the WWE and "kayfabe" in general might be a little confused by this photo. Lana, after all, is married to the "Bulgarian Brute" Rusev. Her entire gimmick bleeds pure unadulterated Russian pride, echoing the likes of Rocky IV's Ludmilla Vobet Drago who was played by Bridgette Nielsen. With all that said, C.J.Perry is really from Gainesville, Florida, so she's really about as American as one can get.  Rusev probably wouldn't want anyone looking at this shot of his wife because it directly contradicts the gimmick that fueled their WWE success.  Well, here's some news to the pro wrestling' fans that haven't heard already; wrestling isn't real life and it's predetermined. Most pro wrestlers are not like their gimmicks, especially in today's era. That still doesn't take away from Lana's hotness for representing "trust, justice, and the American way."

11 Curves For Days

How many hot photos can one have?  Here's another one of Lana, this time in a long red, hip hugging, curve inducing dress. She never has any issues looking sultry or hot at all. Instead of witnessing Lana decked out in her usual bun and skin tight business garb, we see her long blonde locks flow all the way down and a pose that certainly implies pure seduction. For those who know anything about photography in terms of subliminal tone, there are all kinds of sexual undertones sprawled in this one. Even though it's about as minuscule as ever, there's no doubt that Lana left hand is positioned to slightly lift up the leg split opening to her dress.  Gee, what in the hell do you think that could be implying? Go ahead and take a wild guess and ask yourself if Rusev would want to whoop your ass or embrace how hot you think his wife is!

10 Baby Got Back!

So...Lana is known for many things. She's blonde, she's one of the hottest Divas ever to step foot in the WWE, she's anything but a one trick pony. Lana has acted, modelled, and has a flirtatious smile that's hot enough to melt the coldest of hearts. With all that said, we all know the most talked about "asset" of Lana...It's her booty, which has been highlighted numerous times on WWE TV by her peers, cameras, and multiple photos as well.  This particular shot is from before Lana was Lana. This photo is when the ravishing one was known by her real name, C.J. Perry.  She certainly knows what she's rocking and she's definitely not shy in regards to showing it off; even when she's having it hang out of an open car while she looks over. One has to wonder if Rusev knew just how wild Ms. Perry was...

9 White Russian...

Lana's booty gets a lot of hype. And we all know her overall body is top tier quality. However, let us take the time to appreciate Lana's (two) other "assets." These absolutely gorgeous specimens never get enough attention because well, her other "asset" is deserving of just as much if not more adulation. When ample parts of an already stacked body are genuinely ignored or just forgotten in the overall scheme of things, you KNOW you're one another level of attractiveness. This shot shows Lana giving everyone (not just Rusev) a nice sneak peek to what's underneath, and it certainly looks to be quite the soft treat.There's so much to actually enjoy about Lana that it's not unfathomable to imagine one getting "lost" in how to approach her. In terms of that Rusev certainly deserves all the respect in the world, even though we're all admittedly jealous.

8 Thank You, Instagram!

Here's a nice shot from Lana's Instagram. This is a sacred place because Lana is free from the clutches of her husband and can post whatever she wants whenever she wants, WEARING WHATEVER SHE WANTS. In this gem, Lana looks down over her shoulder as she wears a silver one piece that barely exposes her coveted backside. Lana, who's currently a regular on E!'s hit reality TV show Total Divas, will surely continue to add scolding hot memories via her Instagram and beyond. Her Instagram is a goldmine for photos such as this, and her output doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon.If we were to go in "kayfabe" mode, photos like this would absolutely piss off Rusev, even photos as innocent and "low-key" as this one. Trust us, we're not going to complain if Lana continues to provide copious amounts of hot Instagram photos for us to enjoy.

7 Blonde Ambition

Take some time to imagine yourself looking at a nice pool. You see a woman with blond hair swimming around, emerging out of the water. You're temporarily confused at the site in front of you. You don't know whether or not it's an angel or if it's something else. That something else happens to be both. There are other plenty of WWE Divas who have carved their way into the hearts of the WWE Universe; everyone from Stacy Keibler, Trish Stratus, and Torrie Wilson to Nikki Bella, Naomi, Maryse and plenty of others. Lana has a strong chance of being considered as the hottest WWE Diva of all time. I know that sounds blasphemous, but after looking at these photos, watching WWE programming, and seeing what the WWE universe has seen with their own eyes, is it that far-fetched of a declaration? Think about it...

6 Irresistibly Devious

Lana made her WWE debut via NXT in 2013. However what many people don't know is that she has many other talents aside from just looking hot all of the time. This is not the time to talk about those other talents. Lana definitely knows that she "got back" in black. She knows she has a smile to die for and knows that she can get whatever she wants when she wants and how she wants. No one could resist that, just ask Rusev. Now the interesting question is whether or not C.J. is more like Lana or more like the jack of all trades individual that appears to gather multiple opportunities due to her mix of talent and beauty. It would definitely be disappointing if Ms. Perry was an arrogant b*tch behind the scenes. Fortunately, all signs point to Lana being a fun good-hearted woman.

5 Damn You Rusev! We All Want Your Wife!

Here's another great Instagram shot that Lana provided to the masses. Who knows where this particular shot took place (probably backstage at a WWE event); the most important aspect of this one is Lana thought about her adoring fans and wore a nice sleek one piece. The good news for us is that Lana was nice enough to give everyone a sneak peak with that side angle ranging from her torso all the way down her notable legs and heels. Lana's choice of outfits are pretty damn comfortable and we're definitely not complaining. Lana looks sexy AF even when she's bored and sitting in a chair in a dark lit room. If there were any doubters regarding Lana's attractiveness, I'm pretty sure they'll change their tune.

Lana has recently gotten a makeover on Smackdown Live, competing as a wrestler instead of being Rusev's manager. Lana has had a few matchups with WWE Smackdown Women's Champion Naomi.

4 Simply Ravishing

"When you're mentally strong, you will be physically strong," said Lana via WWE.com. It was for their body series feature highlighting her rigorous training regimen. Anyone who has watched Lana can clearly see that she works on her body, a lot.It takes hard work and determination to compete in a WWE ring; even when you're as hot as Lana. Lana's workout includes everything from stretching to Krav Maga, the latter of which is a military style self-defense style that was formulated by Israeli Defense and Security Forces. Lana started it for pure self-defense reasons but then made it a part of her daily routine.The ability to maintain such a frame is a testament to the hard word that Lana puts in day and day out, on top of what's surely an insanely busy schedule. The ravishing Russian definitely adds credence to the notion of "it's not easy being beautiful."

3 Is There Such A Thing As TOO Hot?

We get it, Lana. You're beautiful and any man in the world would be incredibly lucky and fortunate to have you by their side. Rusev is one fortunate and lucky son of a b*tch.  This hot AF photo of Lana proves why she's not going to leave anyone's radar anytime soon. In fact, there's a great chance that the WWE universe is going to be talking about and reminiscing about Lana long after she leaves the WWE. If Lana were to ever leave her "ravishing Russian" gimmick, she definitely has the chops to portray another kind of character altogether. Who knows what that character could be, but she'd have no problem becoming and doing what needs to be done to become the character. After looking at this amazing bikini shot, we're convinced that Lana could wear a trash bag on the red carpet or in the ring and it would still look hot.

2 Always Stealing The Show

Here's Lana being as hot as ever, wearing a short black skirt that highlights every single curve on her voluptuous, equipped with black high heels at the red carpet for the LA Premiere of the 2015 movie Americons. Lana didn't star in the movie but managed to make her presence known nonetheless.  This one of many red carpets that Lana has been a part of at this point in her life and it certainly won't be the last. Lana looks more like "Lana" in this particular shot as if she brought her WWE gimmick to Hollywood to see how people would react. Make no mistake about it, Lana would no doubt have a career outside of the WWE based on her entertainment ventures over the years. The ravishing one has a lot to offer in and out of the squared circle, and it's only a matter of time before people come to realize that.

1 Pre-Marriage Wild Girl...

This photo is once again not of Lana but of C.J. Perry.  Lana and C.J. are two completely different individuals. Perry had an entertainment career outside of the WWE, embarking on acting and singing careers long before she became the ravishing Russian we all know and love today. Perry was actually in a girl group called No Means Yes.  They were signed to R&B superstar Ne-Yo's record label. It also turns out that Ms. Perry was a backup dancer (yes, Lana can dance). She worked as a backup dancer for a pop music powerhouses such as Usher, Pink, Akon, and Keri Hilson. So if Lana for some reason busts a move on WWE TV, don't be too surprised. Perry has also been featured in the popular TV series The Game and was in an episode of the show Banshee.

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