Ronda Rousey vs Paige VanZant: 15 Must-See Photos

The UFC is the leading Mixed Martial Arts organization in the world, and it boasts the most talent-heavy roster, much to the delight of fans. Each division is filled with top-flight contenders who possess the ability to go on a tear and run through their respective weight class, ensuring that each fight card is a must-see for UFC fans around the world. While every weight class in the promotion is ruled by a dominant fighter, few athletes in the sport possess both the talent and the personality to achieve any sort of crossover appeal to mainstream audiences. For every Conor McGregor, you have 1,000 fighters that most people have never heard of. Thanks to women coming over into the UFC, their divisions have sparked a few breakout athletes, though none are on par with the mainstream appeal of Ronda Rousey and Paige VanZant.

While they compete in separate divisions, these two women have become the most popular female fighters on the planet, and thanks to magazine, movie, and television appearances, they've left their peers behind in terms of mainstream appeal. A world title doesn't guarantee fame, as proven by the current champions in the UFC. Few people outside of fans have heard the name "Amanda Nunes," though we’re willing to wager that you've spent a great deal of time ogling at VanZant, who has yet to win a UFC title. So, thanks to their mainstream appeal, we've decided to put together a list of the 15 hottest photos of Ronda Rousey and Paige VanZant for your viewing pleasure.

15 Showing More Than We Can Handle

Ronda Rousey is all smiles in this picture, and really, can you blame her? Ronda’s career in her respective sport has been one of the most impressive things in recent memory to witness, and her crossover appeal with mainstream audiences is only rivaled by Paige VanZant and Conor McGregor. She's roped in millions of dollars over the course of her career, and she's even been featured in high profile, including an appearance in Furious 7.

Rousey has been on top of the world since making her way into the UFC, and despite not being champion anymore, people still can't get enough of Ronda Rousey. Then again, with a body this nice and a smile this bright, it's easy to see why people will always demand to see more of the UFC legend. Much like this last entry of her on this list, Ronda Rousey is incredibly gorgeous even when she's not being sun-kissed on the beach. Travis Browne has got to be one happy man.

14 Smoking Hot During A Workout

Because Paige VanZant is a total gym rat and rocks one of the hottest bodies in UFC history, we figured that we would go ahead and toss in another gym photo of VanZant for your viewing pleasure. We see women we know on our social media feeds posting selfies of themselves in the gym getting a sweat, but we're willing to wager that none of them are as remotely good-looking as Paige VanZant looks. She's spent a lifetime maintaining her perfect figure, and we can't see it going away anytime soon. We're sure if more women this hot worked out at our local gym, most of us would be more inclined to go lift some weights more often.

For several years, Paige VanZant trained at Team Alpha Male in Sacramento, California, but it appears as though she's relocated her training to Oregon, much to the dismay of her fans in the Northern California area.

13 Ronda In A Bikini Never Fails

Too much of a good thing can often be a bad thing, but seeing pictures of Ronda Rousey in the outdoors is something that'll never get old. We went ahead and deviated from the norm for a while, electing to show off pictures of Ronda Rousey in more traditional photo shoots. However, we're well aware of the fact that seeing Rousey in the outdoors is what the people want, and who are we to say no to that? As you can see, her partnership with Sports Illustrated has yielded the most impressive modeling results in her portfolio, and we imagine that future photoshoots are going to be just as hot.

This picture may not be taken on the beach, but that fact does very little to take away from how gorgeous this photo is. Outside of Paige VanZant, there isn't another woman on this planet who's as talented in the ring and as smoking hot as Ronda Rousey, and she's proven this on multiple occasions.

12 Paige Is On Another Level

Sometimes, a series of photos is worth looking at multiple times, and because this set of photos is the hottest that VanZant has ever done, we decided to pluck a few to put on our list. Given the amount of incredible photo shoots that she's taken part in, the praise that we have for these photos truly shows you how impressive they are. This picture here gives viewers everything that they're looking for when they're tracking down pictures of Paige VanZant. Not only is she showing off her incredible body, but she's also giving the camera an incredibly sensual stare, luring in viewers.

If that wasn't enough, she's also wearing very little below her belly button, and her legs are too nice to ignore. The black-and-white nature of the photo is a nice touch, but it has very little to do with how hot VanZant truly is. With her next fight looming later this year, fans cannot wait to see VanZant back in action in the organization that helped put her on the map.

11 Starting With A Bang

Normally, on our lists, we try and start things off on a nice, even pace and ease our viewers into the red-hot photos that we show. But because Ronda Rousey and Paige VanZant are so good-looking, we figured we'd go ahead and get things started with a bang. Some of Ronda Rousey's most famous photo shoots have taken place on the beach, and one look at this picture gives you a pretty good indication as to why that's the case. Rousey, of course, was born and raised in Southern California, and she spent more than her fair share of time catching rays near the ocean while growing up.

The former Olympic competitor and eventual UFC champion isn't only one of the toughest women on the planet but also one of the hottest. This being our first picture is just the start of what's sure to be a list that's going to make your jaw drop on multiple occasions.

10 Our Cup Of Coffee

Most people in society like to start their day off with a nice cup of coffee before getting busy with their day-to-day routine. But most people in today's society aren't nearly as good-looking as Paige VanZant, and this racy photo of her holding onto a cup of coffee, getting ready to start her day, is one of the sexiest photos of Paige VanZant that you'll find on the internet. For those of you who are already following her on Instagram, you're well aware of the fact that Paige VanZant has no issues posting incredible photos of herself.

Outside of Instagram, she's also proven on multiple occasions that she's a talented model, and, as the centerpiece of any photo, Paige VanZant will, no doubt, get all eyes to focus on her. Few people possess this type of beauty and magnetism, and even fewer people are gorgeous and able to throw a crane kick.

9 A Fierce Lioness

To be a high-level mixed martial artist, you need to have the ability to flip the switch and become ferocious each and every time you step inside the octagon. The UFC has become a breeding ground for the toughest men and women in the world, and there's a reason why Ronda Rousey dominated the sport for so long. That, of course, is why this photo of her on the beach in a bikini is so fitting. Seeing the incredibly beautiful Rousey sport a lion on her bikini bottom is not only easy on the eyes but also a perfect representation of the type of fighter that she is.

This, of course, is a woman who, in two consecutive fights, spent a grand total of 30 seconds in the ring dispatching her foes. She may not have the gold right now, but don't get it twisted: Ronda Rousey is one of the most talented women in the history of the sport.

8 How Beautiful She Is

For all the hoopla that's made with what mixed martial artists achieve inside the UFC, it's also important to note the type of life that they live outside the confines of the brutality of the sport. There are very few individuals who have achieved any sort of success in the mainstream consciousness outside of the UFC, and Paige VanZant happens to be one of those people. She's cute as a button and incredibly talented, and her decision to appear on the series Dancing with the Stars proved to be a fortuitous one for her burgeoning career outside of the UFC.

VanZant performed admirably on the show, and she ended up finishing in second place. Though she's never won a title inside of the UFC, her good looks and charisma have helped launch a career that's unfolding right before our very eyes. If VanZant keeps turning out photo shoots like this, you have to wonder how much longer she'll spend getting punched in the face for a living when she could just be modeling.

7 A Total Babe

For an athlete like Ronda Rousey, keeping her body in shape year-round is an important aspect of reaching the top of her sport. Her Olympic career as a judoka was impressive enough, and it was also the catalyst for the immense amount of success she's enjoyed in the world of MMA. Because she's spent so many years pushing her body to its physical limits, Ronda Rousey sports one of the hottest bodies in MMA, and it's a huge reason why she's garnered so much attention from magazines around the world.

Rousey has used every chance that she's had to show off her tight and toned frame, and this picture here, taken for Sports Illustrated, shows you exactly why she's such a hot commodity. Her fighting career may be in a limbo of sorts, but you can rest assured that Rousey has multiple careers to pursue outside of fighting.

6 All-American VanZant

Some things are as American as sweet tea and apple pie, and seeing a smoking hot female showing off her body in some Daisy Dukes is one of them. VanZant has spent the majority of her life living on the West Coast in Nevada, California, and Oregon, and this West Coast beauty has an all-American appeal reserved for only the hottest women in the country. Much like her counterpart on this list, Paige VanZant sports one of the hottest bodies in the UFC, and her choice to show off her tanned midsection in this photo is more than enough to drive fans crazy.

As most of the world saw on Dancing with the Stars, Paige VanZant also has gorgeous toned legs that she's used to knock women out inside the UFC. They're easy on the eyes, but they're vicious, and Bec Rawlings knows a thing or two about how lethal they are.

5 Beauty And The Beach

Some things in this life are just meant to be together. There are pairings that are simply made for each other. Peanut butter and chocolate, rum and coke, and Ronda Rousey on the beach showing off her body spring to mind. Not only has Sports Illustrated done wonders during their photo shoots with the UFC star, but Maxim, which is no stranger to taking risqué photos itself, has also put out high-quality photos of Rousey for the world to feast their eyes on. Rousey is good-looking enough to wear just about anything and still look incredible, but seeing her show off her midsection and legs in this photo is more than we could've hoped for.

I hate to break it to you all out there, but Ronda Rousey is currently married to UFC Heavyweight fighter Travis Browne, but that doesn't mean that we can't still ogle at her red-hot pictures.

4 Yoga Pants Every Day 

Because the fashion industry loves to please male fans, yoga pants have become the most popular piece of clothing on the planet, and it's incredibly rare that you find a girl who doesn't look amazing while wearing them around town. They work wonders on just about any woman, and when Paige VanZant was snapped by paparazzi sporting some yoga pants, the world went nuts for the pictures. The leather jacket in this photo is a nice touch, but if we're being completely honest, this photo boils down to those yoga pants, and Paige VanZant's booty looks amazing in them.

This photo of Paige VanZant in yoga pants isn't the only smoking hot one -- so, too, are the droves of other photos of Paige VanZant in yoga pants, and it was hard to deviate from this style of picture when putting together this list. Just like Ronda Rousey showing off her body on the beach, Paige VanZant and yoga pants are a match made in heaven, and we cannot wait for more photos to surface of the fighter sporting these in the future.

3 Red-Hot Rousey

Say what you will about Ronda Rousey showing off her body on the beach -- and trust us: we've said plenty about it -- but she's a very talented model in any setting, and this photo here is proof of what we're talking about. She has an incredible ability to play to the camera, and showing off her body doesn't hurt either. Regardless of the publication that she's posing for, Ronda Rousey has a certain drawing power to her, and she's able to capture the attention of anyone looking at her photos. This appeal, after all, is what helped get her into the UFC, and it was the catalyst for her making appearances in film and in television.

One thing that we really love about this photo is Ronda Rousey showing off some of her tattoos. She doesn't have anything too eccentric tattooed on her body, but it's always cool to see a woman expressing herself in this type of art form.

2 A True Knockout

The work that goes into becoming one of the best fighters on the planet is more than people will ever truly realize, and even seeing clips and photos of these athletes training in the gym doesn't do it justice. They put their blood, sweat, and tears into each practice on their way to the top of their respective division. She may not be going at her typical pace in this photo, but seeing Paige VanZant preparing for a fight in the gym is just too interesting to ignore.

This type of photo may seem like an obvious choice for photographers looking to feature the star in a magazine, but it still remains an excellent choice of a photo for fans looking to see VanZant and learn a thing or two about the type of training she puts herself through before each fight. Thanks to extensive training in multiple disciplines, VanZant possesses the ability to finish fights in multiple fashions.

1 Sports Illustrated Does It Again

In order to choose the top photo on this list, we were forced to sit around and look at a plethora of pictures of Ronda Rousey and Paige VanZant, which is something that most people would call a dream job. We scoured the internet and magazines alike to find a picture that was so hot, we had no choice but to put it at the top of this list. After pouring our hearts into finding this photo, we're pleased to present to you the number one entry on this list.

To no one's surprise, the photo of Ronda Rousey that we found and deemed worthy of our top spot was taken for Sports Illustrated and features the legend in body paint on the beach. Just go ahead and take a second to really enjoy and appreciate how hot this photo is. Rousey’s perfect body is on full display here, and her getting wet in the water is a nice touch by the photographer. There were plenty of pictures of Paige VanZant that were in contention for the top spot, but we had to give this victory to the woman who started it all.

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