Roman Reigns' Wife: 15 Steamiest Photos Of Galina Becker

Roman Reigns sure knows how to pick 'em! These steamy photos of Galina Becker will make your jaw drop.

There's been a lot of talk about the hottest wives of WWE wrestlers, and all the same names keep coming up. But as it turns out, there is a hidden gem that no one usually considers in this debate. She is one of the least known wives of the WWE wrestlers, but she's also got one of the hottest bodies, if not the hottest body of the whole lot. This tantalizing young woman is none other than the wife of Roman Reigns, Galina Becker. This babe is not only Roman's wife, but also the mother to his child, a small daughter. Motherhood really suits her, and Roman has publicly stated that he wants to have even more kids with this incredibly gorgeous babe. Once you set eyes on her, you'll understand why he's so impatient to start a huge family with her.

She's definitely got all the features that make her a perfect mom. First of all, she's got an incredibly large bust– she looks like she could feed a whole army of children, if you know what I mean. Second, her hips are very nice and wide, perfect for childbearing. But although she's got the curves where it counts, her waist is impossibly small, giving her that much-desired hourglass figure. She's also got a really athletic body, and she has a history of doing great things in her university's track and field team. Roman Reigns sure knows how to pick 'em! This babe is going to bear him some of the most athletic children ever, because they've both got amazing genes!

15 Showing Lots Of Leg


Here's Galina Becker showing off her amazing legs in a cute but sexy black dress she wore for a red carpet event with her handsome man. The two look really happy to be together, and you can see that they're living the happily married life– at least that's what it seems like on the outside. And who wouldn't want to be married to a total babe like Galina Becker? She looks like a supermodel all glammed up in that dress, with her hair long and flowing, and with her makeup totally on fleek.

Speaking about his marriage in an interview, Roman Reigns revealed: "There's no secret, yeah there's no secret, it's hard work. You have to know how to give and take and that's the toughest part that I deal with now and we're good about that, because you know, I've played football in the CFL. When we first met we were just having fun. And then we were kind of like just glued to each other and just [didn't] have a care in the world or worry about anyone but us, but I'm a grownup now."

14 Beautiful Skin


I think one of the sexiest parts of Galina is her skin. She always seems to have this flawless skin tone going on, and her freckles are just too cute for words. Selfies like this one really put things in perspective, and you can see why Roman Reigns chose this angelic goddess to be his wife. Her curly hair and her amazing eyes are just the cherry on top of the cake, and that top she's wearing is showing off tantalizing amounts of cleavage. All I can say is that Roman Reigns is a very lucky man indeed.

But although we're all staring at his wife, Roman Reigns isn't too happy when people dig too hard into his personal life. In one match, an opponent held up a picture of his young daughter to threaten him. This really ticked Roman off, but he admitted he let it slide: “If you know what we’re talking about, you saw the picture. It was actually our PSA fatherhood ad campaign. It wasn’t something that came from my home or private, like a me and JoJo selfie or something like that. It was a promotional thing... it’s in the malls, you know what I mean, you can probably see it on my Twitter. So that’s why I was okay with that. If you saw, we didn’t touch on it much after."

13 Jealous Of Roman?


So, are you feeling jealous of Roman Reigns yet? I know I am. Having this hottie by his side day-in and day-out must make his life a whole lot happier. Here she is again in a stunning red dress looking amazing. The dress is tight enough to show off all her curves, and they're certainly very pleasing to look at. And if you look closely, you can see what appears to be Galina's hand firmly grabbing Roman's upper thigh. I guess these two just can't wait to get back into their bedroom. They must be a really wild couple behind closed doors.

But there's also something really sweet and innocent about this relationship. After all, they're college sweethearts! That's right, they met at Georgia Tech when they were both students there. I guess they first started to check each other out because Galina and Roman were both heavily involved in the school's athletics programs. Roman was part of the school's football team, whereas Galina was in the track and field team!

12 Looking Smoking In A Bikini


Here's a very rare picture of Galina sporting a minuscule bikini on a vacation with her man. She never really shows off her body like this, but somehow this private photo found its way onto the web. And we're all very thankful that her body has managed to bless the realms of the internet, even if it wasn't intentional. Seeing her body squeezed into this tiny bikini really puts things into perspective. It's easy to see why Roman was so obsessed with her when he met her, and wanted to tie the knot as soon as possible. Now Galina and her incredible body is all Roman's...

But be careful– Roman really doesn't like people interfering with his personal life, and I doubt he feels too happy about guys and girls checking out steamy pictures like this of his wife. We already talked about the time a WWE wrestler threatened him using a picture of his daughter, and although he let it slide he wasn't happy about it either: "It was just something to spark, but too much is too much. I thought we were able to push a line and stay there and not go too far. We were able to go back towards the wrestling and the talent and us telling our individual competition story as opposed to getting too deep into that type of real life situation.”

11 Tight Dress


Here's Galina showing off her curves once again in a very tight dress indeed. She looks beautiful in white, and it really goes well with her skin tone. Whether she's wearing her hair straightened or wildly curly, it's always a pleasure to see her sexy locks dangle around, reaching all the way down to her chest. And speaking of her chest, this dress shows more than just a glimpse of that tantalizing cleavage she's now famous for. Roman Reigns might have a lot of enemies in the WWE, and some fans might hate him, but you really can't knock his taste in women...

She's pictured here with her friend, and although her friend is pretty fine herself, she just doesn't stack up to the smoking hot temptress that is Galina Becker. It must be daunting to have to take your picture next to Galina, because you just know you're going to be totally outshined by her. This dress is super tight, and every inch of her toned athletic body looks tight with just the right amount of curves.

10 Showing Off The Goods


This is definitely one of the sexiest photos you'll ever see of Galina Becker, and Roman Reign knows it. Her cleavage is on epic display as they pose for a cute picture together. Galina is all dolled up, so you can bet she's at a major event with her husband. I'm sure with a dress like that, all the guys around were trying really hard not to stare. Good luck to them if Roman Reigns caught them looking, because he would not be happy about that. But strangely, it looks as though Roman Reigns is actually pulling the top of her dress down to expose more of her cleavage, although on closer inspection this appears to be a mere optical illusion.

The two are of course happily married these days, and I'm sure Galina Becker lets him do a lot more than just tug at the front of her dress when they're behind closed doors. He is her husband, after all. They actually got married in a picturesque, tropical location in Castaway Cay, a small island owned by Disney, and it's one of their stops on their cruise lines. I'm sure their wedding seemed like a fantasy, and now they're both living a dream come true.

9 Busty Goddess 


Sometimes girls look their best when there's very little preparation done for the photo, and they look nicely natural. Such is the case with this picture, as it looks as though Galina Becker has decided to take this photo completely out of the blue. She's wearing a simple tank top, but even a normal shirt like this cannot hope to contain her amazing curves, and her delicious cleavage is once again front and center. It's not like she's trying to show off though - girls like her can't help what they were born with. Her eyes and supple lips are just as inviting as her chest, if you tear your eyes upwards, that is.

Roman Reigns already has one daughter with Galina Becker, but he has publicly stated in interviews that he wants to have more children as soon as possible. With a girl like this around, that should come as no surprise. Whether she's on board with this idea is yet to be seen, but something tells me she's going to get knocked up again real soon.

8 Don't Get In Her Way


It's easy to forget that Galina is a top-class athlete, just like Roman Reigns. She competed at the highest level at her university, and she sometimes works as a fitness model. She was working as a model when this hot photo was taken of her, and she really ticks all the boxes. She looks slightly intimidating, but in truth that only makes her sexier. Something about a strong woman really exudes amazing sex appeal, and it's no wonder why Roman Reigns went for her. One thing's for sure, their kids are going to have amazing athletic genes.

During her time at University, she was an incredible competitor. She excelled in Hurdles and Jump events, even setting records for long jump at her university. She also was voted MVP on the track team, and she really deserved this honor. So if you think Galina is just another trophy wife– think again. This girl has some real surprises up her sleeve and is no slouch as far as fitness is concerned.

7 Red Carpet


Here she is again at a red carpet event with her loving husband Roman Reigns. Once again, she wows the audience with a beautiful dress that really compliments her style. The green of her dress really compliments her dark, luscious hair, and I just love the way it cascades down her body, revealing some of her chest. Of course, the dress is nicely tight as well, and it shows off all of Galina's amazing curves, from top to bottom. Galina is also wearing a sexy yet classy choker around her neck, and you can see that Roman Reigns is very proud to have such a goddess at his side.

Roman Reigns has talked at length about how thrilled he is to be living the married life. In an interview, he revealed that the married life is treating him very well, and his family life is pretty much perfect. And with a woman like that by his side, how could it not be perfect? He also revealed how relieved he was when he could finally afford to get married, which is a really touching sentiment.

6 Sexy Selfie 


Pretty much all girls these days are no stranger to taking sexy selfies, and Galina is no exception. She's mastered the right selfie angle to make this shot look devastating, and every inch of her body looks good enough to eat. Those enthralling eyes seem to be beckoning you to caress her and taste the sweet embrace of her pouting, pink lips. Her frizzy hair gives her form a vibrancy and energy that is contagious, filling one with all kinds of anticipation and lust. Her chest is just barely contained by a simple cotton top that stretches and bulges in its attempts to conceal her amazing body.

It's the simplicity that makes this photo so damn enticing. She looks like she's not even trying that hard to look that sexy, and that is basically what makes it so compelling. She looks like a girl you might see on the street, but she's definitely the type that would make your head turn. Too bad she belongs to Roman Reigns...

5 Hot Red Dress


One thing's for sure, Galina Becker really knows how to fill out a dress. She seems built to be squeezed into tiny, sexy dresses like this one, and once again I have to admit that Roman Reigns is one lucky dude. We've already seen her in a very similar green sparkly dress, but she proves with this dress that pretty much any color suits her. But this color doesn't just suit her– it looks positively ravishing on her amazing, tight and hot body. The dress is cut in a very provocative way, showing off plenty of that incredible cleavage that I'm sure all of you readers out there have grown to appreciate fully.

But it's not just the dress that makes her look so amazing. Her hair is straightened and looks smooth and silky as it cascades off her shoulder like a waterfall of molten bronze or honey. It's actually hard to say when her hair looks sexier– when it's straightened or curly. But I'm sure Roman Reigns doesn't care, either way he's happy to have this jaw-dropping babe at his side.

4 Lifeguard On Duty


Ever seen a hotter life guard? Nope, I didn't think so. This is obviously Galina Becker's Halloween costume, although it's pretty clear that she didn't put too much effort into it. I mean, come on... She just threw a lifeguard shirt on! That hardly counts as a Halloween costume. I would have much preferred to see a Baywatch style one- piece stretched over Galina's tight, curvy body. But I'm sure that wouldn't be an appropriate thing to wear in the middle of the street when she's with her little daughter. Imagine the stares she'd get from the men in the neighborhood...

But something tells me that Galina is the type of gal who loves to dress up. Maybe not in public, but I'm sure she's not opposed to putting on all kinds of outfits in the bedroom with Roman Reigns... Still, the mere image of her wearing a tight shirt like this one is enough to make your mouth water, because it shows off her amazing curves to the highest degree.

3 Thick-Bodied Girl


This might just be the hottest picture of Galina Becker on the internet. As you can see she's about to go snorkeling while on vacation, and the water's nice and hot. I applaud Poseidon or whoever it was that made this water hot, because this allowed Galina to strip down into one of the tiniest bikinis you've ever seen. Of course, with a body like hers, it's probably really hard to find a bikini that fits over those tantalizing curves. From this angle, it's easy to see that she has the classic hourglass figure. Amazing chest, tiny little waist, and then pleasantly wide hips. In short– she's the perfect woman.

What would you give to go snorkeling with this babe? In truth, it would be pretty damn hard to keep your eyes on the fish and off her amazing body as it paddled through the water. I'm sure Roman Reigns was in heaven if he did indeed jump into the water with her. This picture perfectly proves why thick women are always better.

2 Mommy's Got Cleavage


Who says moms can't be hot? This picture proves that Galina didn't let her newfound motherhood get in the way of her amazing looks. In fact, the fact that she's a mom now somehow makes her even sexier– she's a guaranteed MILF. This is meant to be a cute mother and daughter photo, but it's hard not to sexualize Galina when she's looking into the camera with that seductive glance. Her eyes sure are beautiful, but it's that incredible cleavage that once again drags our eyes downward like a high-powered magnet.

For those wondering, that little girl in the backseat is Joelle Anoa’i Jojo, who is the daughter or Galina Becker and Roman Reigns. Both parents refer to her simply as "Jojo," and the little girl loves it. Galina looks like she's handling motherhood very well, and Roman Reigns wants more kids! I think we're going to see a much larger family in the years to come!

1 On The Move


Photos may speak a thousand words, but sometimes you need a gif to truly appreciate the beauty of a woman like Galina. She emerges from a building wearing a very low cut dress, and her chest is on complete display as she strolls out, following her husband in an almost subservient manner. If you look closely, you can see the awe-inspiring sight of her body swaying from side to side and bouncing in a positively enticing manner. Roman Reigns may have grown used to this marvellous sight, but for the rest of us it's something that makes our jaws drop straight to the ground.

Roman Reigns surely has one of the hottest wives of all the WWE wrestlers. If these pictures haven't convinced you of that fact, well then there's no hope for you. You can say all you want about Roman Reigns' antics in the ring, but there's no denying that this man's taste in women is sublime.


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