Rich Kids Of Instagram: 15 Things They Don't Want Us To Know

The Rich Kids of Instagram started out as an IG account dedicated to showing off the lavish and often ridiculous lifestyles of the world’s 1%. Well, their kids, that is. These rich kids immediately became Insta famous for their unbelievable pics, which would sometimes have them posing in bathtubs filled with hundred dollar bills or pouring champagne off of balconies.

Us normal folks have become captivated by these luxurious lifestyles, which is why we love keeping up with these teens’ every move. That one Instagram account has inspired tons of rich kids' IG accounts across the world, in places like Dubai, the UK, and more. There have been reality shows and documentaries made based on these ridiculous IG accounts.

It’s easy to come across a certain way online, which might not be wholly true in real life. Not all of these rich kids own private planes or get to drive Maserati’s to school. In fact, many of these so-called rich kids have been exposed as fakers by the media. After all, it’s not really their money, it’s their parents’ dough. Check out these jaw-dropping secrets the Rich Kids of Instagram don’t want you to know. Which one are you the most surprised by?

15 They Think Everyone Has Money To Burn

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Remember, these kids were born into immense wealth. Most of them probably never have (and never will have to) work a single day in their life. Sounds nice to be born rich. But this also gives them unrealistic expectations of how the rest of the world lives. It sounds like some of these kids assume that everyone has a bit of extra money to spare.

Socialite Lana Scolaro admitted to the UK’s Rich Kids Of Instagram that she spends £15,000 a month on designer items like shoes and purses. She then, of course, flaunts them on her uber-popular Instagram page. But more interestingly, Lana also said that she thinks the average Briton can afford to spend £5,000 on shopping each month. And no, she wasn’t thinking in terms of grocery shopping.

"I probably spend about £15,000 a month on just shopping," she said. "I think the average person a month probably spends something around like £3,000 to £5,000." Boy, do we wish that were true, Lana.

14 Those Aren’t Really Their Houses

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Granted, we’re sure most of these rich kids actually do live in lavish mansions. But not all of them have been forthcoming about their living accommodations.

Supposed-billionaire Julia Stakhiva became an Instagram star before going on to star in the reality show Rich Kids of Instagram. On the show, she claimed that she travels all the way to Russia just to get her hair done and that she’s too well educated for an office job. Oh, how humble.

But after the episodes aired, it was revealed that Julia wasn’t actually living in the house she was filmed in. It turns out the celeb had been renting a room in someone else’s house. She had invited cameras in only when the landlord was out of town, claiming that it was, in fact, her own mansion. Well, that was an epic fail.

13 Some Of Them Pay For Their Followers

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Yep, this really happens. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to become Insta famous. So wouldn’t you just buy the followers if you had a chance?

There are tons of apps available that allow you to pay for followers. Likewise, you can also drop some cash to get some extra comments and likes. Seriously, there are some people who aren’t afraid to drop hundreds and even thousands of dollars on increasing their social media following.

Tons of the rich kids’ followers have accused them of doing just this in the comments. After all, how did they become so famous in the first place? With the amount of money they blow on ridiculous things on a daily basis, no one has a hard time imagining that these rich kids aren’t above paying for followers.

12 Their Parents Are Their (Only) Business Investors

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Many of the rich kids actually have jobs and even their own businesses. But don’t get the impression that these kids have made it big on their own. For the most part, their parents are the ones investing in their business ventures.

Socialite Lana Scolaro, for instance, launched her own jewelry collection after studying at Parsons College of Design. However, she has admitted that the line (and her lavish lifestyle) have all been funded by her father Francesco, a mining entrepreneur.

Some of the rich kids have even admitted they think of their business as side-hobbies rather than actual careers. We bet every business owner wishes they had that sort of financial security!

11 Their Instas Can Get Their Parents In BIG Trouble

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Uh oh! It sounds like these rich kids should have thought twice before posting their lavish pictures. Reports say that images from the teens’ social media accounts are being used as evidence in litigation cases- aka. to prove that their parents actually are hella wealthy, even if they’re insisting they’re not.

For instance, in 2016 GQ reported on a case where the social media accounts of children of a soon-to-be-divorced couple were used to work out their divorce case. At first, a millionaire claimed to not have the $30 million he was ordered to pay to his ex-wife. But his children’s social media habits soon proved he very much indeed did have the funds. This is a warning to be careful what you post online, especially if you don’t want to have to pay up in person!

10 They Color-Coordinate Their Outfits To Their Cars

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Most people dream of being able to afford one nice car in their lifetime. And when we say nice, we mean maybe a Porsche if you play your cards right. But the rich kids of Instagram have so many wheels to choose from, that they can literally coordinate their outfits to their car of the day. Gotta do it for the ‘gram, right?

"Today I color coordinated my shirt to the car," Insta star Sammy, who also stars on the UK’s Rich Kids of Instagram, once said on camera. He continued, "For this particular picture the key is my jeans, limited edition Dolce and Gabbana jeans. All the plates are twenty four carat plated." Sammy added that he likes to keep champagne hidden in his car in case of photo ops or if any of his friends need a drink. His friends must love him.

9 They Trash Luxury & Designer Items Without A Care

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If you had a Channel bag or a pair of Louis Vuitton shoes, any rational person would guard those with their life. But the rich kids of Instagram are so used to designer things that they’ll simply discard them on a whim. Seriously!

Lana Scolaro of the Rich Kids Of Instagram reality show once revealed her parents bought her a Hermes bag after she “accidentally” ruined her other one. But don’t worry- they waited until she got good grades to surprise her with a replacement Hermes! Oh, and did we mention that these bags can cost up to $300,000!

"I had another one which I graffiti-sprayed by accident, so my parents went mad about that,” Lana explained. "It wasn't really an accident. I just felt like doing it." Sounds like she did it in order to get a new bag.

8 They’re Not Really Allowed To Drive Those Cars

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On Instagram and on their reality shows, these rich kids love making it seem like they take their Rolls Royce for a quick trip to the grocery store all the time. But for most of these kids, that’s not the case. Those cars belong to their parents, and you’d have a hard time finding parents who’d trust their kid with a car worth more than most condos.

17-year old Jack Watkin – a self-proclaimed rich kid – claimed in an interview that he owned seven luxury sports cars, including a Range Rover Vogue, a Porsche, and a Mercedes-Benz. But the teen has since admitted that he technically does not own those cars nor is he allowed to drive them. Jack later told the media the cars that he had used for promotional purposes belongs to his mother. The cars he’s allowed to drive aren’t in fact so nice (but they still happen to be nicer than most people’s rides).

7 They Prefer Carrying Wads Of Cash Over Cards

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Most people would say they prefer plastic to cash. It’s less bothersome to carry, and you don’t have to worry about not getting refunded if it gets lost or stolen. But evidently, the rich kids of Instagram prefer carrying wads of cash around. Why, you might ask? Because it’s better for taking photos.

"A credit card is just a piece of plastic, but if you have a wad of cash you can see how much is piled up. You can hear it when you're counting it and it's just more artistic and dynamic,” American Insta star Nathaniel De Lorentis told The Mirror during an interview about his (and other wealthy teens) social media habits. It just so happens that Nathaniel likes to go by Cash Fleezy online, which sounds like it would suit his IG feed.

6 Their Credit Cards Have No Limit

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Think your $4,000 limit on your credit card is high? Think again! Some of these rich kids literally have plastic that has no limit, all thanks to Daddy Warbucks (aka. their generous parents).

Back in 2014, Insta star Alec Steinburg shared his American Express credit card statement. “Maybe this can work,” he captioned the pic. It showed that his father had changed the card from having ‘no limit’ to a limit of $500,000. First of all, how much did this kid have to spend to get his parents to take away his unlimited card? And, second of all, who can imagine charging $500,000 to a single card?

The money could definitely go to your head if you had a credit card with a limit of zero on it, and clearly, that happened to Steinburg Jr. But we’d be just as happy with a limit of half a million, thank you very much.

5 They Treat Their Parents Like ATMs

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For the most part, these rich kids aren’t really making their own money. They were lucky enough to be born into the lap of luxury, and it's their parents who most likely have had to work hard to afford their luxurious lifestyle. But that doesn’t mean all these social media wonders are thankful for their parents. When you hear them speak about their family in the media, they often come across as entitled and like they believe their parent’s money is just as much theirs.

Rich kid Jack Watkins had this to say about his privileged lifestyle: “I know my life is different to other teenagers because I'm very blessed.[…] But my life is not easy,” he said. “My dad has worked very hard to make sure I can have all these nice things. Our private jet doesn't just fly itself; our pool doesn't just clean itself; all my cars don't automatically fill themselves with petrol. My dad has to make the money to do those things. It takes a lot of maintenance.” Life sounds tough.

4 They Admit They’re Addicted To Social Media

Tons of research shows that social media can be addictive and depressing. The kids behind these wealthy Instagram account put tons of hours into their outward appearance and on how others perceive them, which can soon turn into an obsession. For some, the need to appear a certain way on social media can easily take over their life.

"Instagram became addictive when I started," socialite Lana Scolaro admitted on UK reality show Rich Kids Of Instagram. "I'm 20 now and I admit a lot of mistakes," said Lana. "I don't want my business to get dragged down by my past." Lana’s mother deleted her Instagram account after she took a pic with Robin Thicke where he was groping her backside- yep, it’s that infamous pic that eventually led to his divorce.

3 Their Outfits Are Worth More Than Your House

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These kids sure like to wear their wealth on their sleeves. They’re constantly uploading pics of their designer duds and luxury goods, which includes all brand-name clothing and accessories. But wait until you hear what the price tag is on most of these items. If we owned things this expensive, we’d never leave the house wearing them!

Rich kid Jack Watkins admits he often wears outfits that would cost around $20,000 USD- but wait until you factor in how much his watches cost. “Most of my outfits are worth around £10,000 to £15,000. But when it comes to jewelry or watches, there's no limit. My most expensive piece is a £500,000 watch,” he admitted. That means his priciest watch is worth a cool $700,000 USD.

Jack added, “But I think I'm much more mature than most teenagers because I've been able to buy expensive watches and cars all by myself. I can cope with that responsibility, unlike other teenagers.” If only we were all as mature as Jack.

2 Their Parents Hate Their Behaviour

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You might think the rich kids’ parents may encourage their spoiled behavior, and for some, that may be true. But it sounds like most of their parents are embarrassed by just how much these teens flaunt their wealth online and in-person. Lana Scolaro admits her mom deleted her Instagram account once it went to her head.

"I don't like Instagram, I'm not a fan at all," Lana’s mom explained, adding that it only brought her daughter negative attention. "The only reason I have it is to keep an eye on my daughters."

Lana added, “So my mum saw the [hate] comments so she went on my Instagram and deleted my account," she said. "She was angry, because she had [over 20K] followers, but when I asked her who they were and she didn't know, she understood.” Our moms would probably be angry, too.

1 They Probably Don’t Own A Private Jet

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Tons of these rich kids claim to own or have access to ridiculous things like private jets, which they can supposedly use whenever they want. But beware what you see on social media. Several of these Instagram sensations have been outed for their lies, and it turns out they don’t, in fact, own their own airplanes.

Recall Jack Watkin, the kid who said he owns seven luxury cars but who isn’t allowed to drive any of them. During his infamous interview, he also claimed his family owned a private jet and they were “The British Kardashians.”

It wasn’t long after his interview was published that sources discovered his dad actually worked in real estate and lived in an $800,000 home. His mom lives in a modest home worth half of that. That’s not exactly well off enough to be able to afford a private jet. We wonder what else the rich kids are lying about!

Sources: The Mirror, GQ Magazine, Daily Mail, The Independent, Instagram

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