Revealing 15 TV Characters Whose Face You Never Saw

Television’s most popular shows have given us a treasure trove of characters to vicariously live through despite if we see them or not. These characters make us laugh, or leave us sad, gifting us with

Television’s most popular shows have given us a treasure trove of characters to vicariously live through despite if we see them or not. These characters make us laugh, or leave us sad, gifting us with an escape until the next episode. People recite the funniest lines from the previous night to the company they call friends. Many people follow a TV series like it's the next coming of Christ. Unfortunately, some viewers pay more attention to their favorite television show than they do anything else. Would you doubt it if a rise in marriage counselling occurred when Breaking Bad was at its most popular? Me neither. It’s hard to argue that television from its infancy has moulded us in a way that allows us to decompress and see life through the eyes of our favorite characters. If only for a short while.

Lovable actors and actresses, combined with talented editors and writers, have created several television personalities that are unique. These cloaked characters play huge roles in the television shows in which they are cast, making them all the more intriguing to watch. These characters were meant to add a twist to the stories told each week. Oddly enough, when discussing these long running programs, many of the faceless characters we grew to adore became a small piece of the most endearing parts of the show. Rarely, revealing their true identities and adding mounds of humorous dialogue for the fans to remember. There's only one thing left to do. Get ready because we're about to reveal the faces of these characters who've been so mysterious for all the years.

15 Inspector Gadget - Dr. Claw


Inspector Gadget is constantly ruining the plans of his hit cartoon’s biggest villain, the devious Dr. Claw. The Dr. can’t seem to outsmart the Inspector who clumsily finds a way to foil any evil plans he and his replaceable gang of unimpressive agents devise. What viewers never do see, in the cartoon at least, is Dr. Claw. Able to recognize the unidentifiable character by his mechanical arm and deep voice that closes each show with, “I’ll get you next time, Gadget! NEXT TIME!!.” Dr. Claw’s face eventually gets revealed post-television, through his action figure, and a Nintendo game.

14 Tom and Jerry - Mammy Two Shoes


MGM’s cartoon Tom and Jerry took their cat and mouse game to the airwaves debuting in 1940. The famous cat and mouse duo always seemed to be feuding in one way or another in the house in which they both called home. The adult that the two characters would deal with daily was the housekeeper, otherwise known as Mammy Two Shoes. Mammy Two Shoes is the housemaid in the famous animated series, usually seen without a head, cursing Tom and batting at him with her broomstick. Mammy's entire body was rarely seen and has since been edited out of many of the cartoon's original scenes. But... for your curious satisfaction, here she is from head to toe.

13 Powerpuff Girls - Ms. Sara Bellum


Nicknamed “Sweet Cheeks,” Ms. Sara Bellum is the faceless character found on the Cartoon Network’s hit animated series Powerpuff Girls. The original animated series ran from 1998 to 2005 but has since had a facelift, if you will, for its reboot in 2016. The red-haired character is often found working alongside the Mayor of Townsville. Ms. Sara Bellum is his loyal assistant and second in charge. Although she remains faceless through much of the series, she's an interesting character, valued for her intellect and ability to solve problems. Ms. Sara Bellum’s identity was a mystery to the show’s faithful viewers until the movie Powerpuff Girls Rule. Only then, is the foxy, red-haired cartoon character’s face ever seen on screen.

12 Home Improvement - Wilson

Tim "The Toolman" Taylor, and his show Tool Time were at the heart of an unforgettable American sitcom named Home Improvement. Within the television series was a character referred to only as “Wilson.” He was a philosopher of sorts who regularly stood on his side of the fence lending advice to people he spoke to about their common everyday problems. What made Wilson (Earl Hindman) special is that he never appears on camera without his fence, or another well-placed prop blocking a large portion of his face. Wilson was an endearing part of an extremely funny TV series that remained popular until its last episode was broadcast in 1999.

11 Ed, Edd n Eddy - Eddy’s Brother


Ed, Edd n Eddy is a popular animated comedy that ran on the Cartoon Network from 1999-2009. A ten-year stretch is a long time for any television show, indicating the popularity among its viewers. The fictional town of Peach Creek is where this comedic animation takes place. The comedy depicts three young boys named Ed, Edd, and Eddy who live in a Cul-De-Sac where they often plot scheme after scheme designed to steal from their peers and allow them to purchase the one thing they want, Jawbreakers. Any fan of the show can tell you that in this animated series no adults seem to exist. Thus never highlighting, but referring to adults from time to time. Eddy’s brother, however, is the only adult in the animated series appearing for the first time in Ed, Edd n Eddy’s Big Picture Show.

10 Friends - Ugly Naked Guy

Television show Friends has a heck of a funny role that’s played by actor Jon Haugen. His name according to Friends’ characters is none other than Ugly Naked Guy. This drastically nasty, seemingly always naked man, makes TV history as one of the most intriguing, unseen characters of all time. Ugly Naked Guy is repeatedly mocked by the cast from the confines of their NY apartment. An apartment that just so happens to be across from a neighbor who doesn’t like to wear clothes. The unseen character allows for endless jokes and finger pointing whenever he’s included in episodes. Making the Ugly Naked Guy the most remembered U.N.G. we’re happy we never saw nude.

9 Seinfeld - George Steinbrenner


Seinfeld, some people believe, is the best comedy ever to fill the television screen. Naturally, there’s a ton of other shows that belong in that conversation, making the competition for a viewer’s giggles rough. Seinfeld was brilliantly written and cleverly cast. That enabled the show to remain on the airwaves for nearly ten years. Seinfeld lingered amongst TV’s most popular broadcasts until shooting was canceled. The comedy was host to what could be the most filmed, concealed face, on the list today. That character is George Steinbrenner, and his voice was that of comedian Larry David. Mitch Mitchell and Lee Bear play the eccentric character, but it’s Larry David that provided that special touch to a faceless character Americans loved.

8 Naruto - Kakashi Hatake


For fifteen years, the face of Kakashi Hatake remained behind a Ninja mask with just one eye exposed. The leader and maestro of Team 7, in the animated series Naruto, illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto, had been obstructed from the view of crazed fans throughout the entirety of the animated series. That was until Masashi Kishimoto opened a Naruto exhibit in Japan and allowed fans of the show their first look into how the character known as Kakashi Katake looked. Fans of the animation had openly felt slighted when the famous Japanese series disappeared off the air. Viewers were left guessing at how the leader’s face looked behind his Ninja mask. As of 2015, they need not wonder anymore.

7 The Big Bang Theory - Mrs. Wolowitz


It’s easy to admire the actors and actresses combined to make the biggest group of super geeks ever played on TV, right? Quick question, though. Do you happen to know the difference between a nerd and a geek? The answer is about six-figures! Just look at San Francisco. The cast of The Big Bang Theory is a group of impressively chosen geeks that are best friends. Tempting people to laugh at what they hear even when their eyes aren't fixated on the screen. The humor is quirky and effortlessly timed allowing each performer to add their character’s personality. Of all the humor the show exhibits, it’s the humor that happens between two of the main characters, Howard Wolowitz and his annoying mother, Mrs. Wolowitz (Carol Ann Susi). Mrs. Wolowitz yells at Howard even when composed, always keeping her identity from public view.

6 Cow and Chicken - Parents

Next on the list isn’t the longest running, most popular animated television series America has created, but it’s pretty darn good. It’s best not to forget that Cow and Chicken was nominated for two Emmys. That finds this animated series among some pretty great company. Airing a total of four seasons and combining for over 50 episodes, the wildly different brothers handed out laughs galore. Devoted fans may remember that Cow and Chicken’s parents are only shown briefly. Both parents have roles in the cartoon but are usually shown from their waists down. Possibly the most normal part of this show is the two characters you rarely see.

5 South Park - Kenny


South Park has stayed gut-wrenchingly hilarious ever since the group of four young boys were illustrated and given voice-overs for their big screen debut. While all of the characters on South Park are funny, it’s the character who remains covered that people remember the most. Kenny has something happen to him in every episode, inherently taking his life. Redundantly, on every show, the remaining boys shout “Oh My God! They Killed Kenny! YOU BASTARDS!!” How Kenny dies is almost always graphic, and intertwined into the show’s storyline laced in dark adult humor. Kenny’s face does appear for a brief second, though, in the movie South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.

4 The Sopranos - Ercole DiMeo


The Sopranos. Oh man, what an epic television series! One in which the vast majority of Americans wouldn’t dare miss an episode. Delving into a mobster’s mind, the series portrayed life as a gangster in modern day U.S.A. The Sopranos today is legendary for good reason. Through all of its twists and turns, the producers cast a mob Boss named Ercole DiMeo who runs the DiMeo crime family. Only DiMeo's never seen in the show. What most people don’t know is that the character is based on the real life mob boss Giovanni Riggi, otherwise know as “John the Eagle.” Riggi was the boss of the DeCavalcante crime family and spent much of his life behind bars.

3 Charlie's Angels - Charlie Townsend


After many disagreements and even longer debates wasting nothing but time and fresh air, it's determined that there’s one (yes, only one) thing you need to be one of Charlie’s Angels. That’s being born uber attractive. Despite the show’s somewhat cheesy way of fighting crime, it's remained the most popular show to cast three females for its three leading crime-fighting roles. One of the more interesting parts of Charlie’s Angels is not the three bombshell actresses that have always played the role. It’s the character we always hear from, but never meet. The voice belongs to Charlie Townsend (John Forsythe), and the Angels are his elite crime-fighting team.

2 The Proud Family - Wizard Kelly


A main character in the Disney animated series called The Proud Family is named Wizard Kelly. The outspoken former basketball player is Oscar Proud’s most despised enemy. Wizard Kelly became known for making a basketball shot that Oscar himself missed back in high school. The Wizard appears in the animated series beginning in 2005 but his face is only seen twice. Once in the “Sista Spice” episode and again in the The Proud Family Movie when he was caught up in a flood of peanut butter. The animated series ran until 2009 and garnered its share of success. The only thing that was this rarely seen in the cartoon was the Wizard Kelly’s face itself.

1 Gotham - Matches Malone


Joe Chill is the shifty criminal in the famous DC Comics universe of Batman— Chill kills the Bruce's parents in issue #33. That was a long time ago, 1939 in fact. Today the smash television series Gotham on Netflix tells the story of Bruce Wayne and the murder of his parents in a different way. Remaining faceless and unfound, the killer of Bruce’s parents is hunted in the acclaimed series much like in the comic. Some long-awaited clues finally lead young Bruce to a criminal named Matches Malone. Malone is a lifelong thug who’s earned his reputation by robbing people and staying hidden. Gotham leads us to believe that Matches Malone killed Bruce Wayne’s parents. Is that because the show hasn’t introduced Joe Chill, yet? We’ll have to wait and see.


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Revealing 15 TV Characters Whose Face You Never Saw