Remember What These 20 Stars Looked Like In The 90s?

We are all afraid of aging. Who doesn’t think of growing older with a feeling of unease? No one wants to lose their looks and to start getting wrinkles. If average people are scared of growing old, can you imagine what celebrities must feel like about aging?

Celebrities are always in the spotlight – they constantly appear on the big screen, on magazine covers and in media coverage. Every aspect of their lives, including their appearance, is documented and analyzed carefully. When they start showing signs of aging, the media is bound to notice and blow the whole thing out of proportion.

However, some celebrities are lucky – they have aged but still remain as hot as ever. In fact, some celebrities look better now than ever before. Remember the 90s? The decade was marked with weird fashion fads that celebrities felt they had to try out. Nowadays, some of them wish they hadn’t. However, others were just as flawless and gorgeous back in the 90s as they are today.


20 Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is a stunning woman today and she was no less gorgeous back in the 90s (even if she did wear too much blush!) It was in the early 90s that Alba’s career as an actress began and she starred in various films and TV shows, such as Camp Nowhere, Flipper, Beverly Hills and 90210. However, Alba’s big break did not come until the 2000s.

You might wonder, does Alba miss her 90s self? Not really! And she certainly does not miss her eyebrows! She has said – “I’m always envious of girls who have [eyebrows] that aren’t over-plucked because the 90s just ruined my brows. I’ve been on the mend ever since. And I for sure in the 2000s was still guilty of just making them as skinny as humanly possible.”

19 Scarlett Johansson


There’s no denying that Scarlett Johansson is a stunning woman. She is currently 32 years old so back in the 90s she was barely a teenager. Still, her young age did not stop her from pursuing a career in acting.

Johansson started auditioning for commercials when she was still just a child but the rejection she sometimes got was too much for her to handle and her mother had to start limiting the number of auditions that her daughter went to.

Johansson was just nine years old when she made her first film debut in 1994. From then on she began appearing in more and more films and in 2003 she transitioned from teen roles to adult roles.

18 Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel is currently 35 years old which means that back in the 90s she was barely a teenager. Biel started her acting career in the 90s and has appeared in countless movies, including The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Rules of Attraction and Stealth.

The picture you see of Biel above is from the TV series 7th Heaven in which Biel played Mary Camden, the second oldest child of the Camdens. Biel was 14 years old when she was cast in 7th Heaven.

Biel has said that she absolutely loves being in the acting business – “I love being someone I’m not for a period of time. I love every minute of being in someone else’s skin.”

17 Charlize Theron


Did you know that Charlize Theron became an actress accidentally? She was born in South Africa but after winning a local modelling competition went on a one-year modelling contract to Italy with her mother. After the contract ended the two of them moved to America. After adjusting to her new life in the new country, Theron decided to move to Los Angeles to work in the film industry.

Theron’s mother had given her a cheque to help her with her rent but when Theron went to the bank they refused to cash it for her. She engaged in a screaming match with the bank teller and was approached by the talent Agent John Crosby who gave her his business card. Theron was in her 20s in the 90s and she looked stunning. Of course, she still looks fabulous today.

16 Johnny Depp

The famous actor Johnny Depp is currently 54 years old so he was in his early 30s in the 1990s! It’s hard to believe that considering how young he looked! Depp started his acting career in the 80s. His first film appearance was in the 1984 horror film A Nightmare on Elm Street. It was in the 80s that Depp became a teen idol after starring in the Fox TV series 21 Jump Street.

Depp has said that he was very lucky in the 90s in that he got to choose which characters he wanted to play – “Being able to get jobs throughout the 90s when, in the language of Hollywood, I was box-office poison should have been hard, yet I was able to do every single film I wanted to do and with every film-maker I wanted to work with.” Depp has also said that during the 90s he was, in how own words “who I was before I became me.”

15 Angelina Jolie


It’s hard to believe that the stunning actress Angelina Jolie is 42 years old! She looks as good as ever, if not better! Jolie’s acting career began in the 90s when she was just 16 years old. However, believe it or not but at the beginning she found it hard to pass auditions because her appearance was, according to casting directors, “too dark”.

However, Jolie’s dark appearance makes sense when you realize that she was never into princesses or other girly things. In fact, Jolie has said – “When I was little... I didn’t relate to princesses. I saw Maleficent, and I just thought she was so – she was so elegant.”

14 Christina Aguilera

Remember Christina Aguilera's crazy hair and makeup from the 90s? She was definitely into the 90s fashion and was not scared to experiment with colors and hairstyles and clothing choices. Aguilera is 36 years old now so back in the 90s she was just a teen.

Looking back, Aguilera is happy with her courage to experiment – “I look back at the looks I’ve had over the years. I’m proud of myself that I had the courage to experiment with crazy hairstyles and some fashion things. Would I do it again? No. But that’s part of the learning process and getting from point A to Point B.”


13 Penelope Cruz


Penelope Cruz is one of those actresses that seem to be getting more and more beautiful with age. Just like many other hot celebrities, Cruz was in her teens/early 20s during the 1990s. Cruz started her acting career in the early 90s but it wasn’t until the late 90s that she reached recognition.

Cruz knows that being famous comes at a price and she realized that at a very young age – “I have been hearing gossip and lies since I began working. When I was 17, I used to get very angry because I opened a magazine and saw myself in a picture on a motorcycle, and the headline was, ‘I’m getting married next month.’”

12 Natalie Portman

Currently the actress Natalie Portman is 36 years old which means that back in the 90s she was barely a teenager, as you can probably tell from the picture above. Still, even back then you could tell that Portman would grow up to be a stunner.

Clearly everyone around her could see that too for when Portman was just ten years old she was approached by a Revlon agent and asked whether she would like to be a model. However, Portman turned down the offer as she wanted to focus on acting instead. Portman has said that she was a very serious kid – “[I was] different from the other kids. I was more ambitious. I knew what I liked and what I wanted, and I worked very hard. I was a very serious kid.”

11 Megan Fox


Megan Fox was not yet famous in the 90s - her acting career did not start until early 2000s. The photo of Megan Fox you see above was shared by Fox herself. In the photo, she is 12 years old. Fox has said - "I encourage you to admire my citrus/copper colored highlights (thanks Sun-in!) my braces, and my ever present sunburn.” Who else thinks that even at 12 years old Fox was a stunner?

Nowadays Fox is known for her beauty and her sex appeal but in contrast to what you may think, that did not make her popular in school. In fact, Fox said that she did not like school and that she used to eat lunch in the bathroom – “Everyone hated me, and I was a total outcast, my friends were always guys, I have a very aggressive personality, and girls didn’t like me for that.”

10 Jennifer Aniston

The actress Jennifer Aniston was in her early 20s in the 1990s and today she is probably best remembered as Rachel Green from Friends. Her acting career started way before Friends. In fact, she used to work in Off-Broadway productions that were not very successful and as a result she had various other part-time jobs such as a waitress and a bike messenger.

After Aniston moved to Los Angeles she acted in a few TV shows such as Molloy, Ferris Bueller, The Edge and Muddling Through. None were successful but then thankfully, Friends came along and completely changed Anniston’s life – “When somebody follows you twenty blocks to the pharmacy, where they watch you buy toilet paper, you know your life has changed.”

9 Justin Timberlake


Remember the crazy hair that Justin Timberlake used to sport in the 1990s? It may have been fashionable back then but today it makes us laugh (mostly because of those memes that compare it to noodles). However, thankfully with time Timberlake got rid of his 90s hair. Nowadays, he’s one handsome man.

Just like many other famous celebrities, Timberlake started his singing career in the 90s. It was in 1995 that the boy band NSYNC was formed. They started their career in 1996 in Europe and in 1998 they became famous in America. Their first album did incredibly well and Timberlake has said – “I’m not trying to sound pretentious, but we did sell 12 million records on the first album, so we did get paid a little bit.”

8 Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez first began her acting career in 1986. It was much later that she decided to launch her singing career. Jennifer Lopez is currently 48 years old but looks as stunning as ever. If you didn’t know her age you’d definitely assume that she was younger.

Lopez was in her 20s back in the 1990s. And she was already badass. When she was asked in a 1998 interview why she was so successful, she said – “Because I’m the best. I feel I can do anything – any kind of role. I’m fearless.” However, she also admitted that she works very hard – “I work really hard. I’ll just get better as I go along because I’m open to getting better. If you have the goods, there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

7 Alicia Silverstone


The actress Alicia Silverstone has appeared in films and TV series such as The Wonder Years, The Crush, Hideaway and Babysitter. However, she is probably best known for her role in the iconic 90s movie Clueless.

Silverstone was only 19 years old when she appeared in Clueless and she said that the fame that came along with it was intense – “I was young and I thought it was really overwhelming and it was really intense. I did a bunch of movies, and then nine movies later, I did ‘Clueless.’ When it’s like, ‘That’s Alicia Silverstone!,’ everywhere I went, it was a lot for a little person. But then life goes on and you figure it out.”

6 Monica Bellucci

Can you believe that Monica Belluci is 52 years old? It doesn’t seem like the Italian actress and fashion model has aged at all. In fact, she remains as stunning as she once was. While Bellucci started her modelling career in the late 1970s, she did not begin her acting career until the 1990s when she was in her early 30s.

Bellucci is clearly not afraid of aging and has said that true beauty has nothing at all to do with wrinkles and growing old – “For me, true beauty has nothing to do with wrinkles and everything to do with the fact that my maternal grandmother raised five children just after the war and remained a fighter throughout her life. True beauty is the slick of red lipstick my paternal grandmother would put on before going to Church on Sunday.”

5 Kate Beckinsale


The actress Kate Beckinsale knew from an early age that she wanted to be an actress. So she wasted no time in getting into the acting business. In fact, she started her career in 1991 when she was not yet 20 years old. She has not stopped acting ever since and has received a number of awards and nominations for her acting.

Beckinsale was a beautiful young woman but now that she is older she says that she does not like Hollywood beauty ideals – “What’s considered ideal in Hollywood is completely different than anywhere else in the world. I don’t think you can aspire to it, nor can I. Everybody is retouched, stretched, lengthened, slimmed and trimmed. I could look at a picture of myself from the past and think, ‘Why don’t I look like that now?’ It’s because I never have!”

4 Brad Pitt

The actor Brad Pitt was in his early 30s in the 1990s but his acting career started a bit earlier – in the late 1980s. However, at the beginning he played uncredited roles and it was only in 1988 that he got a leading film role in the movie The Dark Side of the Sun.

Pitt has said – “When I first moved to L.A., I discovered Roy London [acting coach]. I didn’t know anything about the arts, the profession; I had no technique, I knew nothing, I’m fresh from Missouri. I sat in on a few classes, and they just felt a little guru-ish and just didn’t feel right to me. Until i met Roy.”

The 90s were incredibly successful for Pitt. In fact, he has said – “I spent the ‘90s trying to hide out, trying to duck the full celebrity cacophony.”

3 Gwyneth Paltrow


Gwyneth Paltrow is one of those celebrities who don’t seem to have aged a day. She is now 44 years old which means that in the 1990s she was in her early 20s. Paltrow began her acting career in the late 80s but it wasn’t until the early 90s that she made her film debut in the musical romance film Shout.

Nowadays, Paltrow does not think it’s a good idea to keep appearing in romantic comedies – “Even actresses that you really admire, like Reese Witherspoon, you think ‘Another romantic comedy?’ You see her in something like ‘Walk the Line’ and think, ‘God, you’re so great!’ And then you think, ‘Why is she doing these stupid romantic comedies?’ But of course, it’s for money and status.”

2 Drew Barrymore

The actress Drew Barrymore began her acting career when she was still a baby. At just 11 months old she auditioned for a dog food commercial and was hired. She then went on to appear in films such as Altered States, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and Poison Ivy.

Barrymore was not only a successful actress (and she still is, of course) but also a bit of a fashion icon. Google her name today and you’ll be bombarded with articles such as “21 Times Drew Barrymore Killed The Whole Fashion Thing In The 90s” and “Why Drew Barrymore was my ‘90s style icon and still is.”

1 Winona Ryder


The beautiful actress Winona Ryder is now 45 years old but she looks as beautiful and youthful as ever. Just like Johnny Depp, Ryder started her acting career in the 80s. She has appeared in such classics as Beetlejuice, Heathers, Edward Scissorhands and Reality Bites.

Ryder is considered to be a 90s icon. When asked what it is like to experience the revival of the 90s, she said – “It’s a trip! I’m actually not on social media, but I guess when you put pound sign [hashtag] and my name, like, there are so many pictures from that era. It’s weird for me. Part of me feels like when you had a lot of success in your teens and 20s, it gets harder for you when you’re in your 30s because people are so attached to you as this ingénue.”


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