15Sarah Silverman — Patty Di Marco

For Sarah Silverman, her role on School of Rock was really just a cameo appearance. She only appears in a few scenes of the movie and plays the most unlikable character of all time. She's this nagging personality who has no redeeming qualities. You'll struggle to

find a more hated movie character played by a more loved comedian.

Even if you're not a fan of Silverman's, you have to respect her career in comedy. She's been nominated for numerous Primetime Emmy Awards, written more jokes than anyone can keep track of, and is seen as a strong role model for young women competing in a male-dominated industry.

Recently, Sarah Silverman has continued to be a prolific figure in the comedy scene. She is, however, using her fame to generate support for her political causes. She was a key political activist during the recent United States Presidential election, trying to convince Bernie Sanders supporters to vote for Clinton as opposed to Trump. She was a former Sanders supporter herself but spoke at the 2016 Democratic National Convention following Clinton's nomination.

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