Remember Michael Jackson's Daughter, Paris? She's All Grown Up!

In the world of the rich and famous, there are definitely advantages and disadvantages to being in the limelight. While there are those who hone their craft and pursue their dreams in order to become a household name, there are others who are simply thrust into the spotlight because of their famous family members. In the case of Paris Jackson, the world may never know whether or not she would've ever been thrust into the spotlight because of how fiercely her anonymity was protected by her father, Michael Jackson. The King of Pop went to great lengths to keep his children hidden from the media and even went so far as to put masks and coverings over their faces when they were out in public. It wasn't until after his passing that the public even got to see his children's faces without all of their disguises, and they were pleasantly surprised.

Paris was already strikingly beautiful as a child, and the public was eager to watch her grow up in front of their eyes. Like any other celebrity child (or adolescent girl, for that matter), Paris went through a myriad of different looks on her way to adulthood. Just when the public felt that they could finally put her in a neat little peg, she would change things up again and kept people talking. Her journey may not be over yet, but let's take a look at the 15 photos showing the evolution of Paris Jackson over the years.

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15 Tatted Up

While Paris Jackson was shedding her persona as Michael Jackson's grief-stricken daughter, she went through a number of different phases. She expressed herself through changing up her hair and style, but she didn't stop there. Like so many others, Paris fell into the tattoo trend in a big way. She showed off some of her new tattoos online, and they were actually quite tastefully done. It wasn't like she was getting full-sleeve tattoos, so people really didn't get up in arms over a beautiful flower or two. It seemed like she was finally starting to come into her own and was able to let go of some of the depressed behavior she had exhibited in the past. While not everyone might agree on her new obsession with tattoos, at least she finally looked happy.

14 Covered By A Mask

When Michael Jackson was still alive, he went to great lengths to try and protect the identity of his children. He knew all too well how detrimental the paparazzi could be for someone of such a young age, and he didn't want those same issues with his own children. He covered their faces with masks and blankets, and the paparazzi were never really able to get footage of the Jackson kids while they were out and about. While it may have seemed strange to outsiders, Paris explained how it affected her later on in life. She said that covering her face while she was out with her family was a great way to give her anonymity when she wasn't with her famous father. She said that she only had to wear the mask when she was with Michael, but it allowed her to have a normal childhood because the paparazzi didn't photograph her when he wasn't around.

13 Bohemian Style

Just because Paris Jackson looked amazing during her Rolling Stone magazine cover didn't mean that she was constantly going to walk around in skin-tight ensembles and full makeup. Part of evolving into her own person was realizing what her own personal style would be like. This particular look was shot while she was out and about and really showed off a carefree look that was unlike some of her other photos. The cropped jeans seemed far more casual than sexy, and the layered top made it seem like something that was Bohemian chic rather than designer couture. She completed the ensemble with some accessories that looked straight out of the 1970s, but she managed to make it look great. No one really had anything bad to say about this look since her youth allowed her to get away with this casual look.

12 Sexy And In Love

There has been some chatter regarding Paris Jackson's love life over the years, with not all of the comments being good. People felt that she was in a bit of a detrimental romantic relationship in the past, but there were never any huge details that revealed anything to get too worked up over. In the meantime, some of the photos that came out with Paris and her beau were actually quite flattering. It appeared that Paris definitely had a "type" in what she found attractive, and it actually seemed to suit her. On top of that, she was able to show off her sexy side in a way that no one had ever really seen before. While there was no doubt that she was a beautiful girl, this new side of her allowed people to really see that she was growing up.

11 Home Photos With Dad

After the passing of Michael Jackson, the world started to learn more about what his relationship was like with his children. There was a huge stigma around Michael Jackson's interaction with children because of the highly publicized child abuse allegations. People began looking at his Neverland Ranch residence as his way to lure little kids rather than something that was truly joyous and innocent. Although Michael Jackson never actually spent prison time for any of the child abuse allegations he endured, he was pretty much found guilty in the court of public opinion. Yet, his children painted a completely different picture of him. Paris, in particular, had always maintained that he was a wonderful father and that there was never anything illicit about his behavior. This photo that was shared came from a private home collection and showed how close they were as father and daughter.

10 Budding Modeling Career

In recent years, it seems like the modeling industry has seen the emergence of some all new heavy hitters who have truly taken the world by storm. Names like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have proved that the next generation of supermodels was starting to make their run in the fashion industry and through endorsement deals. When Paris Jackson started to show off her beauty, people couldn't help but think of her in the same caliber as some of the other young models making their mark on the catwalk. Photos like these show just how photogenic Paris could be and how wonderful she would do with an endorsement deal. With the amazing physique and the stunning facial features, the world was starting to see an all new Paris Jackson.

9 Memorial Service For Michael

While there were definitely some controversial moments in the life of Michael Jackson, nothing could take away from the impact he had on the music industry and the love he had from his fans. At the time of his death, he was embarking on a brand new tour and was seeming to be making a comeback as the King of Pop. His death was a huge shock to his friends and family as well as fans from all over the world. His memorial service drew a huge crowd and was televised for all the world to see. Paris Jackson was also in attendance with the rest of her siblings, and she made an emotional speech that had people truly seeing her as a beautiful young lady for the first time.

8 Jimmy Fallon Interview

It's hard to imagine The Tonight Show starring anyone else besides Jimmy Fallon after he's had so much success as the new favorite late-night talk-show host. He's had a myriad of different celebrities on the show, from music artists to A-list actors. When Paris Jackson stopped by for an interview with the late-night funnyman in March 2017, people were shocked to see her as a guest. It wasn't that she hadn't yet become worthy of standing alone as a talk-show guest. Instead, it was shocking to see her looking so stunningly beautiful. Her facial features were expertly sculpted to make it seem like she was just impossibly beautiful, and the nose-piercing and tattoos only worked to give her even more appeal.

7 Grammy Awards

After the death of Michael Jackson in 2009, there was still a huge amount of controversy involving his estate and the doctor who was treating him. It definitely didn't seem like Paris was going to be completely forgotten or pushed out of the limelight, especially since the public was just starting to get to know her (without her mask). The following year after his death, Paris took the stage at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards on January 31, 2010. She seemed to look a little more like a growing young lady rather than just a small girl who had lost her father. She spoke well on stage and broke the public's heart when she stated, "I am still grieving my father's death." People were amazed at how articulate she was and how poised she was during this difficult time.

6 Smoking And Funky

At just 18 years old, Paris Jackson started dating a man who was 26 years old, and people started to wonder whether or not he was the best choice for her. Michael Snoddy didn't exactly have the best public persona after he became heavily criticized for his support of the Confederate Flag. This was at a time when Paris had around 20 tattoos on her body, and Michael seemed to be covered with them. The paparazzi caught the two of them out and about, and her look was a little dirtier than people would like. Her hair was completely unkempt, her edgy style looked strangely offset by Michael's rough and ragged look, and then, the paparazzi caught them smoking together. Although she was at an age where it was legal to smoke, it wasn't exactly the best look.

5 Not A Baby Anymore

In 2012, Paris Jackson started to gain fame for being more than just the little girl that cried during Michael Jackson's memorial service. She had long flowing locks and light eyes that made for a stunning combination, and her brother was embarking on a pretty successful career as a television personality. People wanted to know more about her as she grew into adulthood, and they were happy to see that she seemed like she was doing much better while coping with her grief. While Michael Jackson was known for his eccentricities in the way he dressed and looked, Paris and her siblings all looked relatively normal in their appearance, and the public loved to see that things were looking like it was all going to be alright.

4 Seeking Out Biological Mother

In 2013, things completely changed for Paris Jackson, and people started to wonder about her mental health. There were talks about her trying to commit suicide, she drastically changed her look, and then rumors began to fly about her wanting to go and live with her biological mother. Debbie Rowe has always been a controversial figure because people were skeptical as to whether or not she truly gave birth to Michael Jackson's children. When Paris started spending a great deal of time with her after her father's death, it raised questions. During this time, she drastically died her hair dark and cut it into a pixie hairstyle. The public was not a fan of this new and edgy look, but it didn't last very long.

3 Dark And Edgy

Oftentimes, the public didn't know what to think about Debbie Rowe, the biological mother of Paris Jackson. It seemed like she was never really in the picture when Michael Jackson was alive, so to see her spending so much time with Paris after his death came off as a little suspicious. Yet, it wasn't long before there were reports that Paris wanted to cut off all ties with her biological mother. During this time, her look continued to evolve. While dying it such a bright shade of purple should've been a drastic negative change, Paris managed to pull it off in a great way. People started to think of her as trendsetter due to how great the hair change looked on her.

2 Blue Prom Date

The edgy purple-haired look wasn't going to be the end to Paris Jackson expressing herself through her appearance. Like any other young woman starting to figure out the person she was going to become, she didn't just confine herself to one particular look. This is a photo she shared on her Instagram page when she took a female friend of hers to Prom. The two looked like a pretty sweet couple, with matching colors in the dress and tie. Paris even took it to the next level by dying the front of her hair the same shade of blue to match her date's ensemble. While people may have preferred to see her in a dress for this Prom event, it's hard to deny that she actually looked quite beautiful with her glowing, bright eyes.

1 Rolling Stone cover

Seven years after the death of Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson suddenly emerged as a celebrity in her own right. She was asked to shoot the cover of Rolling Stone magazine and gave an in-depth interview about what it was like growing up as Michael Jackson's daughter. The most interesting part of the interview was what she said about how she identified as African American. There had always been some speculation regarding whether or not Michael Jackson was truly her biological father. There was no denying that Paris didn't exactly exude the look of someone who was half African American. While the interview portion of the feature was definitely captivating enough, it was the cover photo that really had people talking. She looked reminiscent of a young Madonna, and people couldn't help but comment on how stunningly beautiful she had become.

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