Remember Hogan Knows Best? Here Are 15 Things We Totally Forgot About

We all know who Hulk Hogan is. Other than possibly Andre the Giant, I would say that he was the most famous wrestler of all time. That and the fact that he has a ridiculously cartoonish personality led some producers and a television network to decide that he should have a television show called Hogan Knows Best.  The shows feature Hulk being a family man and a father to his kids. It also featured his then wife Linda, his daughter Brooke, and his son Nick.  Like just about any other reality show, a lot of it obviously wasn't real, but still, there was enough there to make the show somewhat successful and keep people interested. You had Hulk, of course; his somewhat odd wife; Nick, who was always getting into some sort of trouble; and then Brooke, of course, who was smoking hot in that totally trashy way that all wrestling stars love.

The show ran from 2005 to 2007, and while some might say that was 2 years too long, a lot of fans were really bummed that the show left the air. What was going on behind the scenes of the show that you didn't know about? And what's happened to all of the Hogan clan since the show ended? Well, if you want to find out, you'll have to read on.

Here are 15 things you didn't know about Hogan Knows Best.


15 It Was Scripted Reality

Scripted reality means that there are real characters on it who are not actors but that the producers and writers set up situations for them to go through on the show. So, basically, the producers would think of a zany situation for them all to get into, and then the Hogans would try and make it somewhat interesting. For example, Linda Hogan said that they “filled in the gaps” with their own personalities. There was no doubt that the show was mostly staged. But that doesn't really need to be said if you think about it. For one thing, Hulk's, real name is Terry Bollea, but on the show, he's known as nothing but Hulk. Another popular show that was scripted was The Hills. The point is, there are a lot of them out there.

14 Linda Says Hulk Lied About Why They Did the Show


We've already established that Hulk likes to tell some tall tales, but according to Linda, he even lied about why he did the show in the first place. At one point, Hulk said he only did Hogan Knows Best to make her happy, but she says that isn't true and that he only did it for his own reasons. It kind of is a wonder that these two made it as long as they did together. Obviously, there were some serious problems going on here for quite some time. It makes you wonder why they bothered to try and do a reality show with all of those issues, although when you think about it, people who have good relationships and are not totally insane would never go on a reality show in the first place. It's just one of those things.

13 That Nasty Divorce

Almost all divorces are ugly, at least to some level. It really makes you wonder why anyone ever gets married at all. I know, sometimes, I wonder why I got married. Okay, I wonder that a lot, but I digress. After the divorce, Hulk lost 45 percent of his companies and 70 percent of the assets of the couple. He also lost 3 million in a property settlement. That's a heck of a lot of money that Linda got. It's a wonder she didn't wind up with some young guy who was only into her because of her money. Oh wait, she did, but I'll get to that later. One thing is for sure: what happened to the Hogans after their reality show was way more interesting than the things that happened on it; of this, there is no doubt.

12 Alleged Abuse


Hulk Hogan is obviously an extremely huge guy, which makes it even scarier to think that he could've been physically abusive, but that's exactly what Linda alleged. She said that he was mentally abusive as well. Hulk denied this, but then again, pretty much everyone who's accused of being abusive denies it during a divorce settlement. She also said that at one point, he had a homosexual affair with Brutus Beefcake. So, basically, to make a long story short, she totally dragged Hulk through the mud although if he was abusive, then he deserved it. These are all the types of things that make me really happy that I'm not famous at all. Who needs this kind of thing in their lives when a divorce is going down?

11 Linda Likes Em' Young

Shortly after her divorce from Hulk Hogan, Linda started dating a 19-year-old named Charlie Hill. I know it's kind of a double standard because rich old guys do it all the time, but there's something about a rich older woman dating a 19-year-old guy that's kind of lame. It's like she's flaunting the fact that the guy she's with only wants her because she's loaded -- not that Linda is all that bad-looking. If you like a certain type, then she's totally fine. But 19 is just beyond a place where anyone can pretend that it isn't just some guy dating you because you buy him stuff. I mean, come on... what could she possibly have in common with a dumb teenager? Although she did marry Hulk Hogan, so who knows?

10 Hulk Got Remarried


Hulk didn't waste much time either. He started dating a woman 20 years younger than he was, and they eventually married. Still, though, there's a big difference between dating someone who's in her early 30s and one who's in his late teens. I mean, if Linda dated her guy a few years earlier, she would've been arrested. Hulk Hogan has said his new wife is religious and has a way more positive outlook on life than Linda did. So, it appears that Linda and Hulk's new wife don't have a whole lot in common, other than the obvious fact that they're both incredibly blessed in the chest. I can't say that I blame him on that one. Good job on your choices in ladies, Hulk. Well, most of them anyway.

9 Some Say His New Wife Looks Like His Daughter

Some have said that Hulk's new wife, Jennifer McDaniel, has more than a passing resemblance to his daughter Brooke. Now, sure, both of them are blonde, both are tall, and both have enormous racks, but the insinuation behind all of this is just plain old wrong. Sure, she might look a little like his daughter, but the fact is that Brooke has a totally booming body and is blonde, and Hulk Hogan is apparently attracted to chicks who have totally booming bodies and are blonde. Oh my God, what a freak, right? This is just something silly people like to see that has some really odd implications, but at the same time, doesn't really mean anything other than both his wife and daughter are hot.


8 The Rumors Are Lame


And that's just it anyway. There have been all sorts of clowns making lame comments about Hulk Hogan and Brooke over the past few years like they're odd or something. What is up with people talking about Hulk and Brooke? At one point, there was a photo of him rubbing sunscreen on her legs, and all sorts of people acted like it was odd. Here's a news flash: it's totally okay to put sunscreen on your daughter's legs even if she's an adult. What is wrong with people? Brooke tweeted, "I’m SO sick of people saying me and my dad [sic] are in some perverted relationship!” You tell them, Brooke. Whatever you think of Hulk Hogan, it's totally lame to act like a man doting on his daughter is wrong.

7 Nick's Major Issues

Nick Hogan got into an accident in 2007 that left a friend of his with brain damage and led to him being incarcerated for 8 months. Nick says that experience changed him and that he's more cautious now about what he does. Well, that's cool, Nick. I'm sure that makes your friend with brain damage feel so much better about the whole thing. He also had some nude photos leaked at one point, which wasn't his fault, but it also makes one wonder about who the heck would want to see photos of Nick Hogan nude? I know it isn't tops on my list. No matter how you cut it, Nick was the lamest person on the show. I mean, Hulk is famous, and his wife and daughter are both totally stacked. Sorry, Nick... you lose. Again.

6 The Hogans' Marriage Wasn't Good


One of the best examples of how the show wasn't all that real was the relationship between Hulk and Linda. The way it appeared on the show was nothing like it was in real life. In fact, shortly after the show ended, the two ended up getting divorced. Linda says that things were pretty awful and that at one point, they were fighting, and Hulk grabbed her throat and didn't stop until she told him that she couldn't breathe. Now, that is probably not something that the writers of the show would have scripted. For his part, Hulk said that Linda had an alcohol problem when they were married and that she also was abusive to the children. Now, all of this would've been a way better reality show than what they actually came up with.

5 Hulk Didn't Always Want to be a Wrestler

Hulk didn't always want to be a wrestler. He used to play bass in a band called "Ruckus" until a couple of wrestling promoters noticed how built he was and got him into wrestling. He also was a really good baseball player and was scouted by a couple of teams in high school -- at least according to him he was. Hulk is not always the most reliable narrator with such things. Hulk always was born to be a wrestler, though. At 13 years old, he was 6 feet tall and weighed 200 pounds. One can bet that he wasn't picked on a whole lot as a kid. Hulk admitted to using steroids during the WWE steroid trial in 1994. You take a guy that's already huge and put him on steroids, and what do you get? Hulk Hogan -- that's what.

4 Hogan Tells Tall Tales


One of the things about Hulk that can't be denied is the guy likes to tell stories, and a lot of them aren't even close to being true. You have to wonder why someone so famous would say so many things that could so easily be disproven, but Hulk definitely does. While he's told many whoppers over his time, the biggest one has to be that he said he was, at one point, asked to play bass for Metallica, but the band's drummer quickly shot that down, saying that he didn't even know Hogan and that it never happened. You have to wonder about guys like Hogan who already have it all and are super famous but still want to let everyone know cool they are. It just isn't a good look to be like that.

3 Brooke's Career Has Been Booming

Brooke Hogan seemed like just another reality show chick that would be around for a brief period of time and then go away, but she's shown some surprising staying power over the past few years. She's had a top 40 music hit and has also appeared in a few movies, although even with her success, I would have to imagine that as she ages a bit, she probably won't be around for too much longer. I know that sounds harsh to say, but don't shoot the messenger. The most someone like her can hope for is to hang around for a period of time and try to make some money. She's done that. Now, here's hoping that she saved some of it, although because of her family, I'm sure she's all set anyway.

2 Boy Toy's Revenge


Remember when I said earlier that older women dating younger guys look kind of like idiots? Well, they do even more so when the guy tries to sue them for 1.5 million dollars. Linda used to say that Charlie Hill was her soulmate, but she ended up calling him a leech when he tried to sue her for a ton of money. That's the thing when you're rich and dating a teenager: things tend to not go all that well. Hill said in his lawsuit that he was forced to do all sorts of humiliating chores and only talked about the situation because he didn't want other young men to meet his fate. The lawsuit was eventually dismissed, and Charlie was banned from talking any more about his ex. So sad... who would've thought it wouldn't last?

1 There Isn't Going to Be a Reunion

I mean, I know that goes without saying, but still, don't expect to see these four together in public ever again. It makes one wonder, really, what the effect of the show had on all of their relationships. Everything was going kind of okay; then, the show happens, and everything falls apart? It happens more often than one would think. If the Hogans had just kept things mellow and had never had their show, there's no doubt that none of them ever would've had the sort of problems that they've had since. Well, Hulk might have; it's hard to tell what kind of trouble he would've gotten into. Or who knows? Maybe he just would've gone off to Europe to tour with Metallica.

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