Remember Alexa Vega From Spy Kids? These 15 Pics Will Show You How Hot She Got

In 2001, Robert Rodriguez, the director of such wild action movies as Desperado and From Dusk to Dawn surprised everyone by doing something offbeat. Spy Kids focused on a pair of kids played by Alexa Vega and Daryl Sabara who discover their parents (Antonio Banderas and Carla Gugino) are secretly spies and have to help rescue them. It was a smash hit with audiences and critics alike and boosted Vega nicely. The actress went on to reprise her role in each of the movie’s three sequels and grew up with the saga. As time has gone by, Vega has grown up in more ways than one.

The actress has added numerous credits to her list such as The Tomorrow People, Dancing With the Stars, Sleepover and a recurring role on the hit Nashville. She’s also become notable for her personal blog and You Tube channel sharing her daily life with her husband and child. Most notably, Vega has showcased a stunningly sexy side to herself, amazingly hot and flaunting a very curvaceous and toned body. Indeed, it’s amazing just how hot Vega has become, a far cry from the one time cute little girl using special effects stunts on bad guys. Here are 15 pics showing Vega grown up today and one of the best cases ever of a child star transformed into a stunningly sexy minx even when she claims to be just like anyone else.

15 Runway Style

If you watch the You Tube channel she runs with her husband, it’s clear Vega prefers a down-to-earth style in her outfits at home. Indeed, with the usual hustle and bustle of a child, she enjoys throwing on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt more than anything else. But when she gets glammed up, the woman is a true knockout. A clear case is when she did Runway magazine in 2015. The interview had Vega talking about her career, her marriage and more and doing well speaking on her future. The spread itself was amazing with her clad in some truly gorgeous dresses in a variety of settings. A skintight and nearly sheer gown in a ballroom was a true stunner. Better was the cover pic of her in a nice outfit that mixed elements of a corset with an evening gown, lovely black motif and the forest background unique. It showcases the stunning beauty of Vega and how this lady can be a truly glam presence.

14 Sin City

Vega was a young teenager when the first Sin City movie came out and not even old enough to get in to see it. But in 2014, she landed a role in the sequel, A Dame To Kill For. Buzz was high for it given the movie’s raunchy content and Vega landed on one of the many posters for the film. Surprisingly, Vega’s role in the film turned out to be rather small. She was Gloria, one of the performers at the strip club of Nancy (Jessica Alba), briefly seen talking to her backstage. She then goes out for a brief performance although not showing much skin on screen. It’s a bit surprising it was little more than a cameo and it seems Vega agreed just to work with Robert Rodriguez again. But it was memorable, especially the hot poster of Vega in a skintight outfit with multiple necklaces and a very alluring look that helped make her brief role a memorable one.

13 Working Out

Given her past as an action tyke, it may not be a surprise Vega works to keep her shape. That increased with her pregnancy and getting back into shape afterward. Her tenure on Dancing With the Stars also meant she had to be in top form and popular postings on her Instagram and Twitter pages are of her at the gym. This is a great shot, Vega in tight pants and top, not revealing but showcasing her form, especially a nicely rounded rear end. The pose is unique as she leans on the wall for her stretching and seems ready to get wild if need be. The text for the post was “death lunges,” Vega clearly knowing how wild this looked. But if it is death, it’s very sexy and showcases how Vega goes to big lengths to make that very taut body look as much in shape as possible.

12 Classy Legs

Put Vega in front of a photoshoot with high-tech cameras and the results are amazing. For this 2014 spread in Bello Magazine, Vega took on a nice motif for the article which was fittingly called “All Grown Up.” The dress is amazing with glitter and feathers about, not sheer but still fitting well with her tanned skin. It flows down into a feathered lower half which allows Vega to flaunt her amazing legs off. The interview was good as Vega shared how her favorite movie wasn’t Spy Kids but Run the Wild Fields when she was ten years old. She also talked of how she would just love to toss on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt more than anything fancy. That may surprise because put this lady in a sexy gown and the heat is off the charts to show a mix of class and sex appeal far beyond her years.

11 Rebel Rider

Say what you will about the CW but the network knows what fans want. Their shows focus on gorgeous young people and even if clad in costumes, presented as monsters or more, they’re meant to look as amazingly sexy as possible. In early 2015, it was clear that The Tomorrow People wasn’t quite the major ratings hit the CW hoped for. But the network was committed and so began an ad campaign of the stars on subway cars in rather revealing outfits. Vega’s character of Hillary was new but the network decided she was a good person to use. They went all out with her in a nice leather jacket and shorts to show off stunning legs. She was great hanging on a pole and a nice smirk with her hair quite sharp. Topping it off was the tagline “Rebel?” hinting that her character was leaning toward turning sides. While the show was axed after just one year, it at least gave a very memorable turn for Vega looking sexy.

10 Prideful After Divorce

Vega is pretty happy today with husband Carlos Pena (the two even combining their names) and raising a child. Before that, Vega dated film producer Sean Covel. The two were married in 2010 with Robert Rodriguez walking Vega down the aisle. In 2012, Vega tweeted out that she and Covel had divorced. No specifics were given besides “irreconcilable differences” and Vega shared the quote of “We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.” But the actress quickly went out to show she was okay by sharing this amazing pic of herself. In a nice bra with hair swept back, the black and white photo made Vega look truly sexy as hell and a clear sign of what an idiot Covel was to give her up. Vega has bounced back nicely with her work in her current marriage and shows that a lady may have to go through a rough relationship before finding true love.

9 Ab-Tastic

It’s a common thing nowadays for starlets to show off their gym bodies on Instagram or Twitter. Vega is no exception. The woman has had to be away from the gym a bit after motherhood but has been doing her best to keep in shape since. Before that, Vega at the gym was a common sight, the woman always doing her best to keep her form going for her job and just for good health. This amazing pic shows off her style well, flaunting a fantastic flat belly and abs. The pants and shirt are good and even if most of her face is blocked by the camera, what we see is great, including her lush mane of hair. Vega is getting back into shape following her first child and looking great as this showcases she goes all out in the gym, even calling herself a “gym junkie”. She’s a long way from playing a spy but still a very sexy lady when she tries.

8 Dancing With The Stars

In 2015, Vega joined the 21st instalment of ABC’s iconic dancing show. It was notable as her husband, Carlos Pena, was also a contestant although they had different partners. The cast also included Gary Busey, Paula Deen, Nick Carter and eventual winner Bindi Irwin. With her smooth legs and past training, Vega was a natural on the dance floor, teamed with Mark Ballas. She did a great job and this promotional pic showed her in a gorgeous silver and black number with plenty of glitter to show her figure off. She was quite popular and even nailing some perfect scores from the judges. But she was shockingly cut in week 5, a major upset given who else was left. Her husband openly wept about it and clearly was happy he was cut not long afterward. It’s amazing given how talented Vega was on the show and showcasing her moves in every way possible.

7 The Shore Club

You can’t throw a rock on the Miami coastline without hitting a major beach resort, especially one filled with some sexy ladies. The Shore Club is among the more upscale with a massive spa, three restaurants, three bars and four pools alongside major views of the ocean. While a “family resort,” the fact that the cheapest role is nearly four hundred and fifty dollars means it caters to a rich clientele. Vega could fit with that as she’s visited the place a few times and done a great job fitting in. Sometimes, it’s by herself, other times with friends but the sight of Vega in a bikini is something worth watching. She’s a knockout, showing off her great legs as well as nice chest and clearly enjoying herself as well. Any hot lady on Miami Beach gets attention with the right outfit but Vega proves she’s no undercover lady by any means.

6 Boat Fun

Vega has some experience with boats as a major part of the Spy Kids movies were her and her on-screen brother in some exciting water chases. As she’s grown, she enjoys vacations by the beach and on boats. In 2016, she and husband Carlos took a nice long cruise, hitting Haiti, Honduras and Mexico. They showed slews of pics from it, clearly having a true blast hanging with friends and taking in the beaches and sights. That included slews of pics of Vega in a bikini and showcasing her very nice body off. This pic is great, a black bikini showing her great form, framed by the ocean and the boat’s wake, a smile showing how well she’s enjoying herself. It’s one of the more sedate from the trip (which included wakeboarding and jumping off cliffs) to show off her swimming form nicely. It was a fun trip and more than a few fans would wish they could join her on it.

5 Tomorrow People

In 2014, the CW produced The Tomorrow People, a reboot of a popular British series. It focused on young people who found themselves with amazing power of telekinesis, telepaths and teleportation. Some fought for survival while others were soon pulled into an organization hunting the rest down. The main plotline had Robbie Amell as a man working undercover for that organization. Vega joined mid-way through the series as Hillary, a fellow agent working with Amell’s Adam. At first, they had clashes in the field but it soon grew into a romantic relationship. This included the scene of Vega coming by to see him and dropping her coat to show a stunning set of red lingerie off. It really amped up Vega’s appeal and showed her growing nicely and a shame her character was killed off just before the show was canceled. At least fans got to see a sexier side to the former Spy Kid shown off.

4 Red Carpet

The American Latino Media Arts Awards aren’t as well-known as other major award events and its history is rather complex. They have had issues over the years as they began as the BRAVO Awards on Fox before taking on their new name with ABC. However, ABC faced a backlash and a boycott of talent. Thus for several years, the awards weren’t held at all and outright canceled in 2010. They returned in 2011, but then cancelled for good in 2015. Thus, it really doesn’t mean too much and sadly, the ALMA awards are little more than fancy paperweights. But it did lead to some great red carpet looks, including this stunning one of Vega from the 2013 instalment. The red dress is cut nicely to show off her chest with a dip in the middle. There’s also a slit to show off her stunning legs and the hair and makeup are well done. It shows how nicely Vega looks red hot today.

3 Machete Kills

Vega always had a connection to Robert Rodriguez after the man made her a star with Spy Kids. She was looking for a way to work with him again and got the chance with Machete Kills. The original Machete started off as a funny “trailer” from Grindhouse showcasing Danny Trejo as a bad-ass Mexican warrior. It got so big that Rodriguez turned it into a full-on movie which was a wild action romp. For the sequel, he upped the ante with wilder action and crazier antics abounding. Among them was Sofia Vergara as a wild lady with a bra containing machine gun rifles. Vega plays KillJoy, one of her aides. The sight of Vega in the leather outfit with mid-riff bare and chaps was astounding, a fantastic sign of how well she’d grown up and incredibly sexy to boot. It was remarkable to see her looking so stunning and proof of how well a child star can get a hotter look when growing up.

2 Wild Cat

Dancing With the Stars enjoys dressing up their stars with various outfits for “Theme week” stuff. Such a case was one for the contestants dressing up in various nice outfits. For Alexa, the actress went out in a very nice cat motif. The makeup job is terrific, showcasing her nose looking like a cat, a pointed pair of ears, speckled coloring around her to sell the look nicely and good how the paint works onto her chest. The rest of the costume looks terrific as well, a great cat motif, the hair also great. The costume is unique with the sequins and sparkles and the coloring perfect for the cat. The nails look sharp and fittingly wild. Best of all is Vega’s expression, bright and wild, flashing a wicked howl and perfect. This is one very hot look for the lady and shows Vega takes the line of “wildcat” literally.

1 New Mom

52282843 Hallmark Winter Television Critics Association Press Tour event held at The Tournament House in Pasadena, California on 1/14/17. Hallmark Winter Television Critics Association Press Tour event Theld at The Tournament House in Pasadena, California on 1/14/17. Alexa Vega FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (310) 505-9876

Vega has been busy with a blog with her husband, Carlos Pena where they discuss their faith and a You Tube channel showing off their daily lives. That includes how in 2016, the couple revealed they were expecting their first child. Vega gave birth to their son, Ocean King in December of 2016. Since then, Vega has been showing the kid off and giving advice to new mothers. Recently, she showed just how much she was in shape with a red carpet event for Hallmark Channel. She was promoting a movie she had made with the network and looked utterly stunning in the dress. It showed a curvy figure with nice chest, no signs of extra weight from the kid and a bright smile. She still had the newborn glow about her and a bright smile to look amazing. She may be more a mom today but Vega can glam it up wonderfully to show her sexy side off.

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