Real Or Photoshopped? 15 Famous Instagram Pictures

Let's face it: we all spend way too much time on Instagram. Whether we use the app primarily for purposes of self-promotion and aim to post at least once a day about the cool stuff you're doing so that your followers can keep up to date on your life or you use the app to stalk all of your favorite people, be they fitness gurus or actors or singers or football players, we are on there way too much. Instagram and Snapchat have actually become two of the new powerhouses of social media, each containing quick snip-its of pop culture that are enough to satiate our need for celebrity idolatry.

Honestly, when we're on Instagram, we don't really spend a whole lot of time looking at each picture, do we? We get on and scroll through our feed seeing that our college friend is at the beach and that our dad is trying some new food again and OH MY GOD, SELENA GOMEZ IS SO HOT ON HER NEW TOUR, WE SHOULD GET TICKETS, and then a picture of your high school friend throwing up a peace sign in front of a waterfall...

We scroll through our feeds so fast that we don't even really stop to wonder if what we're seeing is authentic. We assume that a picture tells a thousand words and that all of those words must be true. These celebrities must be that attractive, they must be that thin, they must be that God-like. Hold up, sports: nobody is that perfect. We've gone through and found some of the most popular Instagram pictures of the last few years, and we're going to shake the veil off of them and show which are real and which have been photoshopped beyond belief.

15 Photoshopped

Alright, we love you, Nicki Minaj, we really, REALLY do -- but there are hardly any pictures of the pop diva out there that haven't been photoshopped to hell. Then again, Nicki has edited herself so much in real life that you'd think she wouldn't need any further doctoring in photographs! The singer has had extensive plastic surgeries to achieve looks that (literally) no other woman naturally can. Plus, her makeup is always incredibly on point, and she must spend hours in a chair every day to get her face looking like she wants it to. Yet, her pictures are still at least ever-so-slightly edited to show off her seemingly flawless features. Here, you can see that a small roll of fat has been edited out of her torso, and she seems to glow an unnatural amount. The photographers aimed at making you think this was just a backstage picture of Nicki before a talk show or a music video, but it was all entirely staged and edited to give the appearance of being unedited.

14 Real

This Insta dropped last year when supermodels Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Gigi Hadid all headed to Paris before the runway fashion show that everyone waits all year for -- and it shows just how hard it must be to be a Victoria's Secret Angel. They deboarded the private charter plane on the tarmac and strutted down a Vicky's personalized pink staircase. While the women got a quick snapshot taken for their Instagrams, you can see the rest of the angels all waltzing around in their sea of luggage, preparing for some fun time in the City of Lights before they stripped down and suited up for their lingerie fashion show. The picture was totally unedited, which is a shocker not only because it's a bunch of appearance-conscious models but also because they'd been on a plane for hours! They look amazing for a group of ladies that are exhausted and jet-lagged beyond belief.

13 Photoshopped

Though Rihanna has got to be one of the most famous and popular pop stars out there these days, she's not usually a favorite to follow on Instagram. She mainly uses the website for forms of self-promotion for all of her music and product lines and is rumored to actually have a team of managers running her Instagram instead of doing it herself. Even for all of that nonsense, she still has managed to have a couple of popular photos drop on her Instagram account -- this one included. This was taken when Rihanna went back to her home in Barbados for the Carnival celebration, which is essentially a giant party with no holds barred. Anything can happen during this celebration, including some random guy grinding up on Rihanna! However, this picture was definitely edited to show off Rihanna's scant clothing and the jewels around her eyes -- but the editors missed her bikini top tan line!

12 Real

If we're remembering right, we're pretty sure that Beyonce literally did almost break the internet when she dropped this picture of her pregnant belly. She announced along with it that she and husband Jay-Z were not only expecting, but were expecting a couple more bundles of joy. Beyonce boldly posted her beautiful pregnant-with-twins baby bump on Instagram for the world to revel in, and everyone got so excited that all of our computers slowed down in a collective buffer to share the information. What we love most about this picture is that it's entirely unedited and looks like it didn't even take that much effort to shoot; it looks like she did her own makeup, wore one of her everyday bras, and got that belly in front of a camera. And goodness gracious, she is stunning! Beyonce's new babes were actually born while we were writing this article, and we can't wait to meet them!

11 Real

It's like worlds are clashing in this picture. Miley Cyrus, a popular idol to both kids and teens alike despite being a provocative, rebellious, and rule-breaking youth is hanging out with Avril Lavigne, the same kind of pop hero for kids everywhere but who disappeared from the music scene in the 2000s. This picture has to be fake, right? No way could these cool kids be hanging out! They did, as a matter of fact, but their "fight" here is of course totally staged and just for fun. They hung out and released an April Fool's Day joke of Miley slapping Avril for being too Canadian -- in fact, the most famous Canadian out there. It released on Instagram and everyone thought it was hilarious -- except for those that didn't know it was a joke and thought it was some horrible scandal! Though, really, we think the funniest part to us is Miley's jacket... where did she even get that?!

10 Photoshopped

Well, of course, this picture is photoshopped. Are you really all that surprised? Do you really think that Demi Lovato would just hang out on her stage between songs during a concert, relaxing under the hot stage lights with perfect posture while wearing what looks like an ape's skin as a jacket and would just happen to be gazing up into the lights when some fan kindly takes a perfect picture of her and sends it to her? Yeah, no. This was professionally taken and edited, of course, to show off her gorgeous looks that seemed completely unflinching in the face of hot stadium lighting and screaming adoring fans. Our only question is: why did they get her to pose like a superhero? She looks like she's about to take off and save the world using her super-powered pop music: all she needs is a trusty sidekick and a lasso!

9 Real

Yes, this is a picture of Katy Perry chilling with Hillary Clinton. We'll give you a second to get all the excitement under control.

While this famous Instagram exploded all over the internet, it wasn't on Katy Perry's account -- no, Katy took over Hillary Clinton's account for this pic. This was taken back when Hillary was still on the campaign trail for the 2017 presidential election and the two took the picture together backstage before Katy went out to the event showing her support for the presidential candidate and sang her popular song "Roar" to amp up followers and potential voters. The event went swimmingly, and everyone present had to be in the firm belief that Hillary had the presidential election in the bag. Sadly, the event didn't pan out the way either woman wanted it to -- but we're so jealous of Katy Perry for her chance to take over Hillary's own Instagram account!

8 Real

Does it surprise you to know that Kevin Hart has one of the most popular and followed Instagram accounts in all of the Insta-verse? It surprised us a little! But the actor/comedian has done a wonderful job of advertising his brand by frequently going off brand! Half of his Instagram pictures are those of him relaxing at home with his family or goofing around with his costars backstage. Only a small portion seem to be those of him posing for photographers or filling magazines with features and personal interviews. He's boosted his brand by posting what he wants and letting his thoughts flow naturally -- how cool is that?! This one was taken a little while back when Kevin Hart had just recently discovered that he would be working alongside Will Ferrell to make a comedy that had been a career goal of his -- a comedy that would go on to be called Get Hard. 

7 Photoshopped

Oh, Selena. Selena Freakin' Gomez. We're going to give you fair warning: you're about to see a lot of Selena Gomez Instagram posts in this article. Why? Because Selena Gomez is not just real famous; she's actually INSANELY Instagram famous. People might like her more on Instagram than they do in real life! Just be prepared for a lot of Selena pix in this article as we move forward. This picture was taken of her at one of her concerts, and of course, it's photoshopped. There's another accompanying photo taken of her where she slunk down to the ground in a hyper-sexualized position as smoke rose up around her and the stage. The main problem with both of these pictures? They're supposedly of her performing at her revival concert, but you can never see anyone in the audience because they've been edited out! We wouldn't want anyone taking away from the spotlight celebrity genius that is Selena Gomez now, would we?

6 Real

Beyonce is every kind of famous, and there are millions of people that would follow her into the bowels of hell if she smiled and said it was cool. Beyonce seems flawless at almost everything she's ever done, including this picture with her recently born baby, Blue Ivy. First of all, their dresses look like they've fallen out of Marie Antoinette's era of clothing, and we're floored by how stunning they are. But then, Beyonce looks so gorgeous, we don't know how she's a new mom! Aren't new moms usually exhausted-looking and overwhelmed? What really made the picture (and we're so glad wasn't edited out) is Blue Ivy's face. While Beyonce is looking into the camera lens with the composure and elegance of a seasoned pop idol, her baby is maniacally giggling off to the side and growling at those behind the camera! HOW FREAKIN ADORABLE IS THAT?!

5 Photoshopped

What did we tell you? There are going to be a lot more Selena Gomez pictures; we weren't kidding around. This Selena pic nearly broke the internet when it dropped; everyone thought it was just some gorgeous candid taken when she was having a pool day. Well, first of all, if you look closely, you'll realize that she's not wearing a swimsuit; it's a denim high-waisted bikini. Secondly, if she's having a pool day, then she must not be getting anywhere close to the water because her hair must have taken hours to fluff and volumize like this. Finally, look at her face; REALLY look at her face. She barely looks like Selena; she's been edited so much! Her chin has been made to jut out more, and her eyes almost look sullen because they've been made to look "mysterious." It's a totally gorgeous picture of her, yes, but the editors took their jobs a bit too far.

4 Real

Now this is the Selena that we really like to see the most! You know, the Selena that's down with relaxing in rolled up jeans and sneakers; the Selena that chills in a tee shirt backstage before a concert gets underway; the Selena that meets with her friends and asks them to show her how they tie their shoes -- THIS is the Selena that we'd like to see more of! Yeah, a sexy picture is great every once and awhile, but if we don't think that our celebrities are human and relatable and good and kind, we're not going to think that they're hot; we'll just think that they're sucky people. But this is the Selena we'd pay to go to a concert for. If you recall, she did, after all, get her start as a child actor on the Disney Channel and as an idol to other kids everywhere.

3 Photoshopped

And we're back to the edited and photoshopped pictures of Selena. We know that Selena Gomez isn't a model or anything, so she might be a bit more insecure about her body and all of the pictures that she releases to the world via Instagram, but she's had multiple pictures getting top fame and views for two years running now! We think it's about time that she got comfortable in her own sexy skin and cut out some of the editing. While we're glad that Coca-Cola kept her tiny tattoo obvious in the final ad, they had an editor change a bunch of things in this photo from adding more carbonated bubbles to the Coke itself as well as smoothing out Selena's skin and removing some of the darkness from under her eyes. When the photo released on Instagram, Coca-Cola told everyone they had "sponsored it," which was a way to claim ownership of the seemingly candid photo while not revealing to everyone that it was a marketing ploy.

2 Real

Kimye, as the famous couple has gone by in all of the terrible Hollywood tabloids, is one of the most frustrating, annoying, adorable, weird couples that has ever graced Hollywood. Everyone seems to kind of hate both Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, yet both of them have immense followings and fans everywhere following them and watching their every move. This picture came from their wedding back in 2014, and it was honestly stunning. Kim's dress fit her gorgeous body in all of the best ways possible, and Kanye rocked his tailored suit in all the ways that every woman wants a man to. Not to mention, they did it all in front of a stunning white rose garden that made them look like they married in paradise. It was a wedding to go down in history, and every fan and hater of the two alike couldn't help but "aw" at the precious nature of this Instagram.

1 Photoshopped

Well, duh. It's a photoshoot starring Selena Gomez for the Australian branch of Vogue magazine; of course, it was crazy doctored. Selena took to the cover of the Australian magazine last August when the magazine interviewed her about her latest album. However, the main topic of the article was not so much about her music career or professional famous life but rather her "public private life" and the fact that her Instagrams were some of the most famous in the world. They did this photoshoot with Selena, which featured a hot series of pictures; no, literally, they heated the room and had her sweating to get some extra steamy pics. While it probably made for a stinky wardrobe situation, the photographers got some great stuff to work with and edited out all the sweat stains after the fact before they were put into the magazine spread. But at least she got to have some fun down under.

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