Real Or Fake? 15 Celebrity Rumours That Made Us Question Everything

Celebrities are everywhere. We see them on the big screen, in magazines and newspapers and of course, on the internet. As such, we have come to believe that we know everything about them. We tend to trust the media when it comes to celebrities and we rarely question the weird rumors that concern them.

A lot of celebrities lead wild lives. And why wouldn’t they – they have everything an average person could desire – money, fame, numerous partners. As a result, some of them end up doing drugs, drinking excessively and satisfying weird sexual desires.

None of this surprises us. We are so used to the weird quirks that by now we just assume that their bizarre quirks are perfectly normal. Of course, sometimes celebrity rumors we read online or in magazines are not exactly true. Sure, there might be grain of truth in them. There might not be. No one can know for sure.

However, sometimes celebrity rumors are so ridiculous and bizarre that it is very difficult to take them seriously. These kind of rumors rarely fool anybody. But the world is a strange place and sometimes even the wildest rumors may seem like the truth.


15 Richard Gere Was Rushed To The Emergency Room To Have A Gerbil Removed From His Rectum

There’s a ridiculous rumor that has been around for years that says that Richard Gere had to get a gerbil removed from his rectum. Gere was even supposedly brought to the emergency room to get professional help as he couldn’t do it himself ( some call this help “gerbilectomy”).

Why would Gere have a gerbil stuck up his rectum in the first place you might ask? Well, Gere supposedly is into “gerbil-stuffing” which is basically putting a gerbil or any other rodent up your rectum for sexual pleasure.

The gerbil rumor has been widespread for years and Gere is not its only victim. The rumor was spread after the release of Pretty Woman by an anonymous source. The anonymous source issued a press release that supposedly came from the Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. However, when a reporter from National Enquirer tried to research the story, he found that there were no facts.

14 Beyonce Had An Affair With President Obama


A few years ago the French photographer Pascal Rostain from the French newspaper Le Figaro made the headlines when he claimed that Beyonce and President Barrack Obama were having an affair. After all, didn’t Beyonce sing “He Monica Lewinskied all on my blouse”?

So did Rostain have any evidence to his claim? Not really. His sole evidence was recent footage of the Obamas which according to Rostain, showed Barrack Obama acting distant with his wife, Michelle Obama.

But later that same day, when Rostain was asked about the Beyonce-Obama affair, he denied having ever said anything about it.

13 Miley Cyrus Was Murdered And Was Replaced By A Doppelgänger

According to one disturbing rumor, Miley Cyrus is actually dead. So who is the woman whose concerts we go to? And the woman we see on TV and in the newspapers? She’s actually Cyrus’ doppelgänger!

The crazy rumor was started on 4chan – an image-based, anonymous bulletin board. It was started by someone who called themselves a “Hollywood insider”. According to the rumor, Cyrus refused the sexual advances of Disney executives and wanted to terminate her contract.

The executives supposedly beat Cyrus to death and hid her body in a desert east of Los Angeles. According to the rumor, the LA radio station KCAL reported that Cyrus' body was found but then retracted its statement the next day, no doubt because Disney’s executives forced them to do so.

After Cyrus was killed, she was replaced by another woman who looked very much like her (and there's another theory that says the body double is actually an alien). A few plastic surgeries later, Cyrus’ doppelgänger was ready to fool the world.

12 Angelina Jolie Slept With Her Brother


You have to admit that it’s weird to kiss your siblings on the lips when you’re an adult. But that’s exactly what Angelina Jolie once did! In 2000, while attending the Oscars Award Show she kissed her brother James Haven on the lips which immediately started rumors of incest.

The photo of the pair kissing is a bit weird indeed but Jolie’s mother’s (Marcheline's) friend, Cis Rundle, who took care of Jolie when she was a child, offered an explanation – “The day she kissed Jamie at the Oscars, it was the first day Marcheline was treated for cancer. They left the hospital together and got ready together. [...] It was meant to be ‘Here we are.’ They only ever had each other. They had a very tight relationship with each other and their mother.”

11 Taylor Swift Is The Reincarnated High Priestess Of The Church Of Satan

Some people believe that Taylor Swift is the reincarnated version of Zeena LaVey, who was the High Priestess of the Church of Satan. I mean, look at the image above. On the left you have Taylor Swift and on the right you have Zeena LaVey. You have to admit that they look identical!

There are a few versions of this rumor. One version says that Taylor Swift was murdered and replaced by a clone. According to another version, LaVey made a deal with the devil that restored her youth and her beauty.

Not convinced? Well, this might change your mind - LaVey rejected the Church of Satan in 1990. So her last year as a High Priestess was in 1989. And Swift was born in 1989!

10 Marilyn Manson Played In “The Wonder Years”


Remember Kevin Arnold’s sidekick, Paul Pfeiffer, from The Wonder Years? A lot of people seem to believe that it was Marilyn Manson who played Pfeiffer! There are plenty of articles on the internet titled “10 Cute Child Celebs That Are Not So Cute Anymore” or similar and most of them include Marilyn Manson alongside the picture of Paul Pfeiffer.

However, this rumor is completely untrue – Paul Pfeiffer was played by the actor Josh Saviano. Saviano said that the rumor seems to have started in 1996, as that was when he was first asked whether he was Manson. Apparently, he continues to get similar questions to this day. He said, “It doesn’t mean much to me. I find it humorous. To see the creativity and imagination of some people is pretty interesting. It doesn’t upset me, nor does it offend me. I just take it as a joke.”

9 Beyonce Faked Her Pregnancy

Remember the crazy rumor from a few years ago that said that Beyonce had faked her pregnancy? Proponents of this rumor said that there was no way that Beyonce would have shared only a few arty photos of her stomach. After all, she would have wanted to document her pregnancy, right?

Plus, people were saying: how is it possible that no one found out about her giving birth in a Manhattan hospital? Surely this kind of information would have leaked! And finally, we can’t forget about the strange incident where Beyonce’s stomach collapsed when she appeared on TV!

But why would Beyonce fake her pregnancy? According to some, she didn’t want to gain baby weight. According to others, she’s infertile. Even celebrities were doubting Beyonce. Tamar Braxton said – “I don’t think she was pregnant. The deflated stomach thing. I watched the video and I don’t know. She sat down and she looked up like ‘Oh shit’.” But then Beyonce had twins and put the whole fake-pregnancy rumor to rest.


8 Justin Bieber And Katy Perry Said Pervs Run The Music Industry


A few months ago questionable articles began appearing on the internet which claimed that Justin Bieber and Katy Perry had said that the music industry is run by pedophiles. Apparently, that was the reason why Bieber decided to cancel the last leg of his world tour.

The article, published on YourNewsWire, said – “Justin Bieber told hundreds of people at a Bible study class in Los Angeles that he was “woken up” to the “evils of the music industry” and he needs to take a break from the music industry because it is “controlled by the absolute worst kind of people – pedophiles.”

The next day, a web site named Neon Nettle published a similar article about Katy Perry – “In a shocking expose from one of the biggest pop stars in the world, Katy Perry has dealt a devastating blow to the entertainment world elite by revealing that the entire industry is “controlled” by “sick pedophiles.”"

Obviously, these “news stories” were fake and no serious media outlet mentioned such statements from either Justin Bieber or Katy Perry.

7 The Small Stars On The Cover Showed How Many Times Hugh Hefner Slept With The Feature Playmate

You know the small stars that used to appear on Playboy magazine covers? They were apparently a distribution code designating the advertising regions for different editions. They meant nothing to the public who were buying and reading the magazine.

However, in the 1960’s someone started a rumor that the stars were actually a secret code that revealed to the public how many times Hugh Hefner had slept with the featured playmate. Alternatively, the stars could have also meant how good the featured playmate was in bed.

Interestingly, sometimes the stars appeared inside the letter “P” and sometimes outside it. That’s because the stars were dark so they were placed on whichever background was lighter. However, it was said that when the stars appeared outside the letter “P” that meant that Hefner failed to sleep with the feature model.

6 Mick Jagger Was Caught Eating A Mars Bar Out Of Marianne Faithfull’s Lady Parts


There’s an interesting rumor out there that says that when the British Police was conducting a drug raid in 1967 at a party at Keith Richards’ Redlands Estate, they accidentally walked in on Mick Jagger snacking on a Mars Bar... out of Marianne Faithfull’s vagina!

This rumor was probably borne out of the fact that during the police raid Faithfull was completely naked, wrapped only in a fur rug. Faithful admitted that she flashed one of the policemen, but said that the Mars Bar rumor was ridiculous – “The Mars Bar was a very effective piece of demonizing. Way out there. It was so overdone, with such malicious twisting of the facts. Mick retrieving a Mars Bar from my vagina, indeed! It was far too jaded for any of us to even have conceived of.”

5 Elton John Had A Pint Of "Male Fluid" Pumped From His Stomach

There’s one rumor out there that all rock stars are susceptible to. The rumor is of a rock star collapsing in the middle of a concert or a party and being rushed to the emergency room. In the emergency room the rock star’s stomach is then pumped and a pint of semen is extracted.

Believe it or not, but the internet is full of such stories. For example, “Last week Elton John collapsed at a party, and had to have his stomach pumped. They extracted more than a gallon of semen, I swear to god it’s true.”

The rumor has been applied to Elton John, David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Jon Bon Jovi, Andy Warhol, Rod Stewart, and many others. Rod Stewart believed that the rumor of him having had his stomach pumped of semen was spread by his bitter assistant – “Toon’s revenge was absolutely inspired. He fed the press a story in which, as a consequence of an evening spent orally servicing a gang of sailors in a gay bar in San Diego, I had been required to check into a hospital emergency room to have my stomach pumped.”

4 John Lennon Slept With The Beatles Manager Brian Epstein


A rumor has long been circulating that John Lennon and The Beatles manager Brian Epstein slept together. Three authors – Albert Goldman, Peter Shotton, and Hunter Davies- have said that this rumor is in fact true.

Yoko Ono has said that Lennon was not opposed to sleeping with other men. When asked whether Lennon did sleep with a man, Yoko Ono said – “The beginning of the year he was killed, he said to me, ‘I could have done it, but I can’t because I just never found somebody that was that attractive.’”

And Lennon has apparently said in a 1980 Playboy interview about his and Epstein’s relationship – “It was never consummated, but we had a pretty intense relationship.”

3 Elijah Wood Has A Twin Brother

A couple of years ago a photo of Elijah Wood standing beside his “identical twin” was published on the internet, which started a rumor that Wood had a twin brother.

However, it was soon revealed that Wood doesn’t actually have a twin brother. The above image was actually created by combining two photographs of the actor posing with his fans. The photos were taken in 2012 and so it was then that the rumor was started.

Sometimes the caption underneath the photograph says that the photo is of Elijah Wood posing with Daniel Radcliffe, the star of Harry Potter, which supposedly proves that the two actors are actually identical.

2 Cass Elliot Of The Mamas & Papas Choked To Death On A Ham Sandwich


Remember Cass Elliot from The Mamas & Papas? She was the lead singer of the song “Dream a Little Dream of Me”. When the group disbanded, Elliott went ahead and launched her solo career.

Elliot died in her sleep in 1974 when she was in London, about to perform at the Palladium. She was only 32 years old. However, the famous singer was quite obese and did not look after her health. She died of a heart attack.

On the night of her death, there was a half-eaten ham sandwich and a can of coke sitting on her bedside table. As such, it was rumored that the singer actually died from choking on her ham sandwich.

1 Prince Harry Is James Hewitt’s Son

A rumor has been circulating for years that Prince Harry is the son Princess Diana’s lover, James Hewitt, as opposed to the son of Prince Charles. The only piece of evidence that supports this rumor is the resemblance between Prince Harry and James Hewitt.

Everyone can see that Prince Harry looks nothing like Prince Charles. Hewitt has denied for years that he is Prince Harry’s father. However, he understood why the rumor was started – “It sells papers. It’s worse for him [Harry] probably, poor chap.”

However, people often forget that Prince Harry looks very much like Diana’s brother, Charles Spencer. Just like Prince Harry, Charles Spencer is also pale, blue-eyed and red-haired.


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