Ranking The Best (And Worst) Post-Credit Marvel Scenes

Everyone who’s anyone knows that you sit still after a Marvel movie because something special is about to happen after the credits. We grab our popcorn, take a seat, try to relax before the movie begins. Throughout the movie, there are ups and downs. Sometimes we’re on the edge of our seats, sometimes we’re leaning back, trying to hold back tears. Then…the movie is over and half the theater is clearing out…but not you. You are waiting for that post-credit scene, wondering if there will be just one at the end, or if this a special occasion and there’s a mid-credit scene too. Just in case, we don’t even hurry to get more popcorn for that ending. We might miss the mid-credit scene and that would be a catastrophe. Watching it online is not even remotely the same. Not the first time, at least.

We hope and pray each time it will be great, and not a disappointment. Through the years we have seen both amazing post-credit scenes that have made us tear up and ones so disappointing that we cried due to the build-up of excitement throughout the entire movie. So, let’s talk about both of those sides, the ones that drove us crazy with anticipation for the next installment, and the ones that made us roll our eyes with disgust. The moment it begins, our hearts race. The moment it ends, that’s when we see the truth. How do you feel? Do you feel excited, disappointed, joyful, hysterical, sad? There’s no telling. This truth is a signature in the MCU. So let’s take a look at 15 of the best and worst of these moments.


15 Best: Doctor Strange “Tea”

To redeem itself from certain other underwhelming scenes, we get to see Thor drink tea. Or not…drink it. He is fascinated with wizards and the magic that Doctor Strange possesses. It also links to the other movies and hints that Doctor Strange may assist Thor in searching for Odin. Doctor Strange wants the Asgardians gone, and Thor can do that for him.

This was likely the best part about Doctor Strange. I, myself, enjoyed the movie, but the tie-in with the MCU was perfect. I think Thor was a good choice too. His innocence works well with Doctor Strange, who would likely butt heads with Tony Stark. As well as Captain America, who would feel that Doctor Strange wasn’t quite just enough for his liking.

14 Worst: Avengers: Age of Ultron “Do It Myself”


No, you won’t. You never do. You slow…slow…slow villain. He claims that he is tired of no one doing the job right, and says he’ll do it himself. Will you, Thanos? Will you? This is practically what we thought should be the beginning of the movie, not the end. So a repeat was not appreciated. It’s like an episode of an anime when thirty minutes goes by and no one moves, we just hear thoughts and flashbacks. No progress. It seems that Thanos is good at that. You know, not making progress. He refuses to ever actually get started, as every scene that he is in is simply a scene of him “getting ready.”

He’s definitely one of those “be there in five minutes” or “just getting my shoes on” type of people.

13 Best: Guardians of The Galaxy “Dancing Baby Groot”

This one is so unnecessary that it really lightens the mood and brings tears to our eyes. Everyone loves Baby Groot in Vol. 2, but he really was too adorable for words in the post-credit scene of the first movie. Just before the movie ends, we see the first revelation of him. You thought Groot was all but gone, but nope. He had just regenerated as the most adorable thing on this planet. In seconds, everyone on earth wanted their own Baby Groot and the desk toys sold like hotcakes!

Are you even an MCU fan if you haven’t wanted a Dancing Baby Groot to set on your desk? I don’t think so. No matter how you feel about Groot, you just can’t not enjoy watching Baby Groot dance.

12 Worst: Guardians of The Galaxy “Howard the Duck”


Seriously, it’s Howard the Duck, no one’s favorite. Sure, we’d all see a Howard the Duck movie. The 1986 attempt was such a fail that it needs to redeem itself. Seriously, that movie was one of the worst of the decade. I’d say about ten percent of Marvel fans actually enjoyed it. The other 90% is kind of hoping MCU will try to make a worthy version or hoping they will not dig Howard the Duck a deeper hole.

It looks like the Howard the Duck movie could be coming, which is scary. But it’s been confirmed by James Gunn that no, there will not be a Howard the Duck movie in the near future.So, why even tease it then? Why, MCU? That in itself is more frustrating than anything. Hopefully we're safe from another Howard the Duck movie for a while, or else things could get weird.

11 Best: Iron Man 3 “Not That Kind Of Doctor”

Not gonna lie, the Iron Man 3 scene is pretty useless. Yet, it’s one of the best of the series. Because it again wraps up the trilogy by giving us a lighthearted take on Bruce and Tony’s relationship. Plus, the line “not that kind of doctor” is overused today. I’d say this one is definitely in the running for being one of the greatest scenes, and one of the worst. You either love it or you hate it. However, most fans do love it.

So it’s on the “best” side of this list. You may think it’s irrelevant, but the entire movie has an underlying mental health theme and this scene delves deeper into that. We all need a little mental help, even Iron Man himself, and that’s okay. Just don’t ask Hulk for that help.

10 Worst: Captain America: The First Avenger “Some Assembly Required”


If this scene wasn’t in The Avengers, it would be great. But since it is in The Avengers, it kind of disqualifies it from being a unique scene. This is unfair, since it is a great scene, but it’s a fact. They did the same thing in a couple other MCU movies. It’s cheating! That’s all there is to it. How hard is it to make a unique 30 second scene to feed fans who make it a point to wait till the credits are over? That’s commitment, cause those credits are boring and if you don’t make the wait worth it, it’s despicable. Despicable!

And Captain America: The First Avenger did not make the wait worth it. Such a great movie, not a unique post-credit scene to go along with it.

9 Best: The Incredible Hulk “Putting A Team Together”

You know what makes this The Incredible Hulk scene so good? It’s the first time someone from another movie appears in an MCU movie. It’s great! Especially since it’s Tony Stark. The best part? He’s being himself. Wearing “nice suits” and cracking jokes as naturally as you can imagine. It follows up the post-credit scene from Iron Man and it shows that Tony Stark accepted the offer to join the Avengers Initiative.

This scene is so important because it sort of gets the ball rolling on getting the Avengers together, starting with Hulk, who is a key member throughout the movies, a necessary member who takes part in one of the greatest scenes in MCU history, which is comically beating Loki’s head in. Don’t act like you didn’t smile remembering that scene. It was gold.


8 Worst: Thor: The Dark World “The Kiss”


This could be the worst Marvel scene in history. In fact, many say that Thor: The Dark World is the worst Marvel movie in history. But the post-credit scene is even worse, for two reasons. For one, there’s this big build-up of Thor coming back to earth, for what? To be with Jane, sure. But all it was for was a kiss. Anticlimactic. The other reason it’s so underwhelming is because this is the last we see of their relationship. She isn’t in any of the other Avengers movies, she just isn’t. She just disappears forever. Thor even talks about relationship problems. So obviously they weren’t meant to be. This first kiss wasn’t a beginning…it was an end. Wow. Look at this blossoming relationship…just kidding, it’s over now. Sorry to those who watch his for the romance.

7 Best: Captain America: The Winter Soldier “Bucky and The Twins”

There are two credit scenes in this one and they both rock, really. They cannot be separated as I’d say it’s definitely a tie. The first scene is the short tribute to Bucky, hinting that we haven’t seen the last of him. The second introduces…the twins. Those twins. The ones that would soon become fan favorites, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.

I know it’s not fair to group them, but to see Bucky visit the Smithsonian and reminisce about the old days is touching, no matter his mental health issues. The other is more of a lighter, though story-driven, scene that is rather boring. But since it's introducing the twins to us for the first time makes up for it. They quickly became favorites in The Avengers movies, especially Scarlet Witch, who has been in the top ten of the best MCU characters on multiple occasions.

6 Worst: Thor: The Dark World “The Collector”


There are so many things wrong with this scene. For one, why in the world did they fight so hard to protect the Infinity Stone just to hand it over to some weirdo? How dumb are Sif and Volstagg? I mean this guy has everything that any good villain has. He’s pale, he has wild, bright hair, and an odd scowl that could turn into a smirk at any moment. Does he have a staff and a robe too? He's clearly a villain!

Needless to say, this Collector guy will soon start collecting the other stones. That’s no bueno. Seriously? They spent the entire movie trying to obtain and protect this stone, so why would they just hand it off to this creep? It’s as annoying as it is disappointing. Not just the plot, but the absence of a scene that we were waiting through half the credits for.

5 Best: Iron Man 2 “Thor’s Hammer”

Iron Man movies have amazing scenes, but a fan favorite is the revelation of Thor. For years, fans had anticipated more hints that the Avengers movie was going to happen. The whole scene is a build up to the revelation of Thor’s hammer. It was much needed, but what fans didn’t know was how much they were going to like Thor (on screen), both in his own movies, and The Avengers.

The scene is a lot longer than it needs to be, but perhaps the build up is worth the wait, because the revelation of what made that giant crater in New Mexico was mind-blowing. Now, watching it, it isn’t all that. We already know Thor. But the first time you see that Thor will make an appearance in the MCU, you may or may not have cried.

4 Worst: Spider-Man: Homecoming “Cap’s Fitness Challenge”


This scene was underwhelming. Steve Rogers is amazing! No offense, but he’s too good for having training videos for kids. On top of that, he breaks the fourth wall, which is definitely not his job. It takes away from Deadpool’s unique gift. Deadpool may or may not mention this soon because he totally should. “Steve here thinks he’s special. Oooh, he can talk to you guys on an unrelated post-credit scene. You watch your mouth, Steve.”

Aside from that mishap, the simple fact that he’s really uncool here is annoying. He may be a goody-two shoes, but he’s still cool. So showing this side of him doesn’t seem real. I sure hope it’s a dream and not a reality. The thing is…who would dream this?

3 Best: The Avengers “Shawarma”

The first Avengers movie has two post credit scenes. The first shows Iron Man laying on the ground after the fight. He tells everyone that he saw a Shawarma joint a few blocks away and he wants to try it. That’s just perfectly Iron Man in itself. Thor tells him the fight isn’t over. But in the next part of this scene, it shows the gang eating Shawarma silently for about 20 seconds…dead silence. They obviously all approve. They just saved the world and treat themselves to some Shawarma.

The other scene is much more crucial, but pales in comparison to the Shawarma scene. Yeah yeah, Thanos is going to sic Death on the Avengers. Now let’s have some Levantine lamb-stuffed sandwich things. But still, I’d say both of The Avengers scenes are top notch.

2 Worst: Doctor Strange “Too Many Sorcerers”


I believe Doctor Strange was the least popular MCU movie. Probably because it was so disconnected from the others. Since most of the other post-credit scenes involve linking to each other, it’s likely the absence of this that makes this scene so low on the list.

Karl Mordo is the new bad guy…he kills a sorcerer. Whoop de doo! The other Doctor Strange scene was much more entertaining than this one. Even though this one hints at what Doctor Strange 2 could be about, it sadly doesn’t make us want to go see the sequel. Which is a really, really bad sign. A post-credit scene is supposed to be for die-hard fans to get hyped about the following movie. If they don’t do that, they fail. And this one failed.

1 Best: Iron Man “Avengers: Initiative”

This has to be the best Marvel post-credit scene in history. Oddly enough, it was also the first, which makes sense. It shows Tony Stark being confronted by Nick Fury, director of SHIELD. The last line in the scene is “I’m here to talk to you about the Avengers Initiative.”

Come on! This sets up the entire MCU! It is the first stepping stone into bringing every Marvel movie together. Because every Marvel movie is linked to The Avengers! You know what makes it better? We realize that Nick Fury will be played by Samuel L. Jackson! Why didn’t we think of that? Cinematic perfection right there. This is the Avengers scene, the first time they are mentioned, and it is nostalgically beautiful. There’s no denying that.


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