Ranking The 25 Most Violent Comic Book Characters Of All Time

Whether they come from Marvel, DC Comics, or somewhere know them when you see them. They come in violently and make a huge impression. They don't screw around and they make sure to leave a

Whether they come from Marvel, DC Comics, or somewhere know them when you see them. They come in violently and make a huge impression. They don't screw around and they make sure to leave a trail of blood, dismembered limbs, and whatever they feel like behind just to make sure you know they were there. Everyone loves a bad boy, especially if it's in the comics.

The people on this list know what it takes to get the job done. If that means killing people or ripping through someone, they'll do it. Some on the list do what they do because they're absolutely crazy, others may have done it due to an alien mind taking over. Then you have others doing it to save their own life or to make an impression. But then again, you also have those types of people that are pure evil.

Many believe that you cannot be violent and kill if you're a hero, but if a hero can kill one person to save millions of lives....aren't they being the hero we deserve? Meanwhile, others kill because they are bad people willing to do bad things to get what they want. Regardless of the intention, violence will be coming and these 25 people do it better than any other in the comic book world.

Sit back, relax, and take a peek at 25 violent people who may very well be the deadliest comic book characters of all time. Whatever you do, don't make them angry, you won't like them when they're angry.

25 Venom

This symbiote has been known as a villain and anti-hero in the Marvel Universe. Normally when he shows up, he is a thorn in the side of Spider-Man. The alien symbiote has had many hosts, but possibly the most memorable host was when it attached to Peter Parker's bully, Eddie Brock. However, it has been on several people, even Deadpool. Deadpool actually drove it insane funny enough. Venom is known for being aggressive regardless of affiliation and killing its enemies whenever it feels like it. We must call Venom an "it" because it is simply non-gender and has picked women and men to bond to.

The main ability Venom has is essentially a supernatural ability to heal and stay unharmed in battle. On top of this, Venom can shape-shift which allows it to hide where it feels and form spikes to kill. This is where the violence comes into play. Venom often times will kill his enemies with these spikes through the chest. At times he has taken off limbs as well. Venom is cruel and unstoppable without the proper tools. The only way to hold it back is to use fire and sonic waves. The Sonic waves are the most common tool used throughout the comic book world and all symbiotes are susceptible.

24 Spawn

Considered one of the greatest comic book characters of all time, Spawn truly brought the Anti-Hero tag to life in the 90's. Todd McFarlane has been killing it with Marvel as one of the top writers for Spider-Man but decided to branch out on his own and that was when he came up with Spawn, a character so dark that teens and older comic fans had to read about his exploits. Knowing how good Todd was, people had to take notice of this character. Spawn became a huge hit and then found his way into the Marvel world off and on.

As far as violence goes. There is literally a story called Spawn Kills Everyone. I mean, seriously. Okay, that comic kind of sucks. But to be fair to Spawn, he has punched holes in people's chests. He has shot people in the head and he has torn enemies in half as well. It is well known that every Spawn comic tends to be heavily bloody with some violence of major proportions in each issue regardless of who he is facing off with. He faces off with hell and Satan himself as well as other enemies. Really, Spawn may be the most badass character not created by Marvel or DC.

23 X-23

It seemed wrong to place X-23 anywhere but at this number, right? The female clone of Wolverine, X-23 is known for her unhinged and violent ways. There was a version used in the old X-Men movie but due to the universe change-up, that version was wiped out and the new one will be seen in 2017 film Logan, which is supposed to be Hugh Jackman's last run as the character. He has to mentor the girl who is very much like him.

She is an animal that cannot be controlled at times, which is why Logan has to be an aide to get through to her. Before meeting up with the X-Men in the comics, she was an assassin. This was pretty significant because her role was literally to get in and out with damage and due to being just like Wolverine, she could do that easily. She is known for having two claws in each hand, unlike three that Logan possesses. She has also been spotted with some claws in her feet, unlike Logan. Due to her animal-like qualities, she is typically known for being tough to deal with.

The issue with X-23 is the same issue you might have with a lion. There is no reasoning and nothing that you can say or do to stop her if she wants you dead. This has led to brutal deaths in the comics where she has taken off heads, limbs, and ripped people in half. This is not to mention the time she almost killed Wolverine himself.

22 The Comedian

Most people know The Watchman and of course know the happy face pin, which is that of The Comedian...who is one of the most brutally violent characters in all of comics. To most, he is neither truly good or truly bad. While he did once sexually assault a woman, he also beat down an entire drug ring with a baseball bat. Yet he also killed 7 Japanese prisoners of war on a bet, claiming he could kill them in eight shots at 50 paces. Truthfully, the guy is an absolute monster that you do not want to cross.

While serving in the Vietnam War, he impregnated a woman and in a random rage shot and killed her. Now part of DC Comics, The Comedian is still a brutal anti-hero who is out for number one, but DC has made him less violent in comparison to what he was previously. Eddie Blake was not a good man, but he did some good. He had an unnatural rage and was a true killer. Sometimes he used his abilities for good, but there are various times in which he did things in the wrong.

21 Judge Dredd

Is there a better name for a hero than Judge Dredd? You're dreading to see this man when he comes by and he literally is the judge, jury, and executioner. Basically, Dredd finds people who do wrong, and he decides their punishment. Many get off with jail time, some are even let go with a fine. However, there are some who must die and Dredd's only mission is to make sure that the sentence is carried out.

This can interfere with powerful people and enemies. He knows that certain people need to be judged and deserve to die. However, it is not as easy as that most of the time. That is what makes a good storyline of course. It should be evident that a man who judges and kills people can be quite violent. He may have one of the highest kill counts on the list, as most of his enemies end up dead in the end. Ladies and gentlemen, he simply IS the law.

20 Kingpin

You remember the old Spider-Man cartoon from the 90s? They used Kingpin and it just didn't seem right if you read the comics. They made him a kiddy guy and no one, except kids, liked the character really. Then Michael Clark Duncan brought him to life in Daredevil, which made him liked a bit more. However, it wasn't enough. It was not until Netflix brought the gritty Daredevil out that we saw a true representation of Kingpin.

Vincent D'Onofrio, who played him in the Daredevil series truly brought him to life. The character was truly one of the most brutal you could come across. He was a big man, with a lot of strength. This allowed him to be a true enforcer and if you failed him, you'd run the risk of him killing you before the hero of the story got the chance. He'd even get in himself when he had to and kill people with his bare hands. He once slammed a car door on a man's head numerous times to kill him. The man is brutal and he doesn't mind getting his hands dirty when he has to. He may force others to help him usually, but when he has to get out there not underestimate him.

19 Michonne

The Walking Dead is a hit television show on AMC, but did you know this all came from a comic book? It's true! Due to the popularity of the show, the comic added the main characters and what they look like on television to the comic book universe. This led to many of the characters becoming popular in the comic world just as much as the television world. One of the most popular characters on the show is Michonne.

She tends to enjoy killing zombies in any way needed. She may keep one as a pet or hold its head just to prove her dominance. She can use a sword or a gun, but regardless of the weapon, she is a zombie killing machine. There are few that can match her and her violent ways surely make her eligible for this list. What makes her stand out is that she does not care anymore about who or what she kills. She is numb to it. She would rather kill a zombie but if any human crosses her, she doesn't mind killing them too.

18 Hit-Girl

Coming from the movie made into comic Kick-Ass, Hit-Girl first came into our hearts when the lovely Chloe Grace Moretz starred in the Kick-Ass film when she was just a little girl. She began kicking tail with her father, played by Nick Cage. It was fun to see a little girl taking it to any and all who got in her way. She would use knives, swords, or guns and make sure she made an impression.

She would actually help to train Kick-Ass so that he was able to get the job done. She was often seen murdering anyone who got in her way and saving Kick-Ass on multiple occasions. She enjoys the act of killing only so much, but she wants to live the life of a teenager too. At times, it can be tough for her. However, don't dare cross her. If you do, you'll certainly be in a bad position in life. Mainly because she'll put you in a bad position as she buries you in an unmarked grave that even forensic anthropologists cannot find.

17 Sabretooth

IGN ranked him as the 44th best super villain of all time, and while that may not seem like a big deal....there are a lot of bad guys in the world of comics and making the top 50 is not easy. Sabretooth is quite similar to Wolverine in that he is older than he appears and can heal from bad injuries relatively quick. His claws tend to help him more than anything else and he is literally a savage most of the time.

This means most everything that makes a dangerous animal is within Sabretooth. He has very good strength and speed, which truly helps him out when he needs it. This allows him to match those that he has to face off with, however, Wolverine is the man he is most jealous of and the man of whom he feels he must kill. During their Weapon X days, he grew jealous of Logan and that pushed him to believe he had to eliminate him to be known as better.

Wolverine tends to suppress his animalistic qualities until they are needed, but Sabretooth does not turn it off. This makes him horrific to deal with because his violence knows no bounds. He kills women, men and does not mind killing children if he has to. He will slit throats, remove heads, or cut people apart. He simply does not care and that truly makes him one of the most dangerous villains in the history of comics.

16 Bullseye

Bullseye comes from the Marvel world and is often a contract killer. He has been portrayed in movies such as Daredevil where he ends up killing Elektra. Don't worry, she comes back. Bullseye sounds like a guy who doesn't miss, and you would be right...mostly. He usually hits right on target whether he's throwing knives or shooting your direction. This makes him a deadly assassin for hire that is willing to work for the highest bidder regardless of who it is.

He is often seen running into Daredevil and Spider-Man, which both tend to have issues with him due to how good he can be. He is more than willing to kill women, so what makes you think he'll take it easy on male heroes? He has been known to take the heads off of people and cut people into pieces. Again, he's a killer that is so good that he's paid to do it. You don't get to be paid for something like that if you aren't good. Bullseye knows what he is doing and he knows how to get the job done.

The question is, how will you stop him? He can use just about anything as a weapon, which makes him tough to take on. He has been known to decapitate heads, shoot through them, and take off limbs. So, he's definitely not the kindest assassin one would run into.

15 Apocalypse

Possibly one of the most popular Marvel villains may very well be Apocalypse. He recently was used in the latest X-Men movie from FOX. He has also been used in animated television shows too. The obsession with the character is understandable. He tends to always be willing to kill and it is incredibly difficult to stop him. IGN ranked him the #24th best comic book villain of all time. He did not get that for just being okay. There is a major reason for it.

The basis of Apocalypse is that he is the world's first mutant, and due to falling into a deep sleep after an incident that saw him buried alive for centuries...he comes back to make the world bow to him like it once did. He plans to destroy the world, and those remaining after the destruction will bow to him and all he is. To do this, he has to wipe away all mankind, with many mutants going down too. If he ever succeeds, he will need to kill billions of people. Clearly, that takes a violent individual. He also does not mind turning people to literal dust and of course wiping the muscles and skin from them and letting their bones lay in the streets. So that's an additional part to add in.

14 Lobo

Lobo was never intended to succeed. Seriously. The writers of DC Comics made him to spit in the face of Marvel regarding Punisher and Wolverine, as he was an over the top version of them that was meant to be taken as a bit of a comedy. However, the comic really took off in the 90's and Lobo became massively popular. Stan Lee even claims Lobo is his favorite DC Comics character, so you know there's some mad respect for the guy. It makes sense too, as Lobo is awesome.

Lobo is an anti-hero and often seen as a bad guy depending on where he's located at the time. Although he is typically working as a bounty hunter and trying to bring a guy in, he will run into heroes trying to accomplish his goal and end up involved in fights. He is typically portrayed as a ruthless bounty hunter who loves the option of "dead or alive." This means he often times does not have to worry about the safety of his catch and he'll kill if he needs to. He will ALWAYS finish a contract out...always.

He will rip through enemies to reach his target and he will take people out viciously if the contract calls for it. In many cases, he too will remove limbs and heads if needed. He is seen as violent due to DC making him a Wolverine type, who gets involved in very bloody fights where he uses his strength and a crazy amount of powers to defeat his enemies.

13 Dark Phoenix

The Phoenix Force is one of the most legit things in all of comics. The Phoenix usually takes its form in a powerful telepath and Jean Grey happened to be the body it chose. Keep in mind, it is said that Jean and The Phoenix are two different entities. This means everything this crazy thing does, has nothing to do with Jean other than her bodily vessel. This Phoenix Force is so powerful that if she wanted, the Phoenix could literally kill any mutant, alien, or super-being they chose.

This is scary when you see the potential. Then you see what Jean could do on her own, and you know she's already talented. Imagine having all that with the lack of control that The Phoenix brings to the table. For example, she started a Supernova and destroyed an entire planet because, ya know, she needed a re-charge. This landed her in a war with the Kree and Skrull, which clearly wasn't good.

Knowing that the Phoenix is out of control and capable of killing billions any time, Jean sacrifices herself to kill it. This character simply was more than violent. There was no blood because she left no trace of you. She did not give you signs to get out of the way. She was literally crazy and did as she wanted, and if you did not align with her then you were dead. This made her dangerous, and if she could take out entire stars and planets then clearly she would belong on a list of violent comic characters.

12 Galactus

When Thanos claims someone is on the level of a God, that should tell you something about a guy. Galactus isn't some guy to be fair, as he really is more than just that. He's not a God, but he may be the next best thing. The Eater of Worlds would truly take out any place he felt was worthy of consumption. He was often involved in altercations with the Fantastic Four but The Avengers have gone up against him before as well.

Commonly, he kills billions and trillions when he takes out worlds. He does not prepare anyone for his arrival, but rather shows up.  He is practically a machine, having to keep going until the mission is complete. He may not be about blood and guts, but when you look at the death counts he may have the highest rate of any character considering he took out populated planets.

The way he was stopped before was feeding him enough to where he would move on to something else, you know if you count that as stopping him. There was also a moment where he was trapped in a powerful "space" prison. Defeating him usually only happens when he is tricked or hungry, which means he has lower energy.

IGN ranked him #5 on the top villain list and for good reason. He ate planets because he could. There really is very little he could not do as his power is unparalleled. When he is called a God by most, it is tough to compare him to most.

11 Rorschach

Another member of The Watchman, Rorschach is known for wearing a mask that resembles that of a Rorschach Test with inkblots changing off and on depending on the situation. While he was a problem child due to terrible upbringing, he became a very violent anti-hero. While in prison, he threw hot grease on another inmate who did not leave him alone and he has been known for breaking bones quite often. However, one instance stands out above most others.

A man dismembered a little girl and fed her to the dogs. This sent him over the edge and he decided then and there that he would leave his old self behind to truly purge the world of evil. So he finds this man and captures him then presents him with two options. He can cut off his own hands to get free or he can burn alive. Rorschach did not really give the man much of a choice, as he poured gasoline around the guy and then set the whole place on fire as he walked out, burning the man alive. It was brutal and this is only one of his many violent moments.

10 Darkseid

He seeks to control the universe and has an army behind him combined with God-like powers that few can hold up to. He is Darkseid and he may be the baddest of the bad for some Comic fans. He ranks #6 on IGN's best villains of all time list, which is pretty respectable. He tends to rival most of the DC heroes including the likes of Superman and Batman. His brutality is well known, which is why he's on our list today. His most notable power would be his omega beams that come from his eyes that he can direct in pretty much any way he feels like.

He uses these beams to take out most every enemy. In the television shows, he simply disintegrates people with them but in the comics, we have seen him making bodies explode.

He once killed detective Dan Turbin because he lost in a small battle with Superman and did this just to prove a point. He did the same to a man named Desaad for failing him. In the Final Crisis story, Darkseid kills Batman with the same beams. Don't worry though, there are tons of universes in DC...this is just one of them.

9 Deathstroke

Deathstroke has been known for years, but he truly came to fame recently due to his use in the television show Arrow. In the show, Oliver Queen was stuck with Slade Wilson on an island, which is how they met. He gets fixed up with some super soldier serum that they use to save his life. Already with the ability to fight and use swords efficiently, he now has super-strength and fast healing abilities. He would go on to brutally kill Oliver's mom right in front of him in one of the most unbelievably sad moments in the show.

However, he is not just a television guy. In the comics he often runs into Batman and is known for burning people alive, decapitating people, and simply breaking bones until he gets what he wants out of someone. He learns from every fight he has and knows so many styles of fighting that he is one heck of a guy to stop, especially if you fight him more than once. Similar to Taskmaster, Deathstroke has the ability to remember and apply his knowledge from past fights.

May we remind you again that he doesn't even need to know martial arts due to his ability with weapons. He has a great ability to use guns to put people down with headshots and uses knives to slit throats and catch people before they can get away.

8 The Hulk

The Hulk may be responsible for more impactful deaths than most anyone else. He has ripped Wolverine in half...literally. He has killed Ironman, Captain America, and various other people all throughout comics in different worlds. Obviously, he did not kill the guys we cared about. Hulk is known for having problems with his rage. The gamma rays did give amazing power. However, it messed with his brain.

Bruce Banner is a brilliant scientist, but the moment Hulk comes out the brain of Bruce is not of use's as if he is trapped within the monster. He does as he wants and chooses to do how he feels. This does not always go with what Bruce wants and due to this a lot of the issues that would stir a monster affect Hulk. So he will take out tanks, and kill people if he has to. Seriously, people, you don't want to make Hulk would not like him when he is angry.

7 Batman

Regardless of what origin story you hear about Bruce Wayne, the message is usually the same. He is taught multiple martial arts and uses the darkness as his friend when going after his enemies. He is afraid of bats, so he becomes the Batman to be what others may fear. He is known for using violence to get answers. Whether it holding a man off of a roof, several stories up...or simply breaking bones...he gets what he wants.

He would be further up the list, but Batman has but one killing. He also hates guns, but the killing part is not cool. Unless they're the undead, then Batman has no problem sending them back to their rest. Bruce typically goes very far to get what he wants. He has practically broken every bone The Joker has, and sent people into mental breakdowns. Truly Batman is not a person you want to cross. Unless you like having every bone broken that matters to you.

6 Doomsday

Doomsday is a monster. Plain and simple, Doomsday is practically brainless and is normally given but one task. Normally it is to kill Superman and once actually succeeded. In the comic The Death of Superman, Doomsday does, in fact, kill the beloved character. Of course, both come back to life because you can never COMPLETELY kill popular characters right?

Doomsday is quite difficult to kill, which is why he is normally trapped rather than destroyed. However, kills can happen depending on the universe DC is in at the time. When you're known as "The Ultimate Killing Machine," it kind of means you're a big a deal in the villain world. He matches Superman in almost every way, barring a true brain. So imagine if Superman decided to turn evil. Well, you don't have to, there is a comic for that...but pretend his intelligence was not as high.

Doomsday is so hard to pin down because of what all he can do. Like Sups, he can regenerate and heal well. Plus he can use laser beams that can rip through people. Of course, in addition to this, he is incredibly strong. Unlike when Superman controls his true power, Doomsday goes all out. This is why he is such a destructive force. If he chose to, he could wipe out the entire world. Thankfully we always have Superman to save us. When he's not dead that is.

5 Carnage

Cletus Kasady was just a mild-mannered psychopath and a homicidal sadist, you know, as you do. Just as himself, he pushed a girl in front of a moving bus for asking to date her and even burned down an orphanage. Before reaching prison, he had killed a recorded 11 people but bragged about killing more. He would share a cell with Eddie Brock at Ryker's Island Prison, who we all know is Venom. The thought was that they got rid of the symbiote when he was defeated, but it found it's way back to Eddie to bond. This allowed Brock to escape prison.

Sadly, the symbiote left its offspring behind. It then bonded to Kasady, allowing him to escape prison as well. Immediately upon escape, Kasady would go back to murdering people. Each time he would leave the word "Carnage" on the walls in his own blood. Eventually, Spider-Man found and defeated him with the help of Venom, weirdly enough. However, we would see more of Carnage.

The symbiote had no regard for human life. Eddie as Venom could at least have some minor control, and he was not a true killer. Venom did most of that. However, Carnage was a killer by himself, with the symbiote Kasady just took killing to a higher level. There was no mental control for Kasady. All he knew was killing and then adding in Carnage to the mix, you had a violent man who did not care who he hurt. He did not even need a why either.

4 Wolverine


Known as Weapon X by parts of the government, Wolverine is older than most assume. He may be over one hundred years old when he first appears in the original Hulk comic where he is contracted to kill the big green monster. He has a healing factor that allows him to heal from any injury he sustains, which is why the Weapon X program works for him. He is able to handle the horrific procedure and the adamantium in his body.

He has animalistic qualities that when displayed in battle, make him tough to stop. He is a master tracker, able to smell well and notice patterns that allow him to find whoever he is after. This works for his hunt on animals or his hunt on people. There is no hiding from him, and that makes him dangerous alone.

However, he is event tougher to handle due to his healing ability. He does not mind going head first into battle. He cannot die from random injury, so he knows anything he has to do to get the job done can be done. He will stab, severe arms, decapitate heads, or put his claws right through your brain. He does not care. He is able to control himself well enough, but if he ever loses control...God help anyone in his path.

3 Deadpool

Like Wolverine, Wade Wilson was experimented on and given great power. He was given a healing power to supposedly help him heal from his cancer. Sadly issues arose during the procedure that pretty much fried his body, which is why he wears a mask. Coming from the experiment, he develops a mental disorder...which pretty much makes him a killer for hire. This puts him on the bad side or the good side, depending on where he feels like being.

He cannot be stopped due to his healing factor. He cannot die, and that can be tough to deal with. He has been toe to toe with some of the greatest heroes Marvel has to offer. He even drove Thanos crazy, which may not have been a hard task seeing as Deadpool is already nuts with a side of rice. He often uses swords and guns to get the job done and kills just about everyone in his way. This often gets other heroes upset, which we saw in the latest Deadpool film. However, his hilarious nature often helps people get through the horrific serial killer type of things Deadpool does.

Created as a joke against DC Comics' Deathstroke, he is arguably far more popular than the character is based on and quite different if we go off of how he is used. Deadpool clearly an anti-hero that the world cannot get enough of. He has very few rules that he follows, but he has lines that people cannot cross. This is why he shows up as a hero a lot more often than a bad guy. However, regardless of being a Merc with a Mouth...or a violent hero, we love him regardless.

2 The Joker

The Joker is the most violent villain in all of comics, this is just factual by now. He knows no line and he crosses every single one he can. He raped Barbara Gordan and then paralyzed her. He would then go on to kill Jason Todd, the Robin for Batman at the time by beating him mercilessly and then blowing him up. This is not even half of what he has done and only what he has done to get Batman's attention.

He has killed many men and women and does not mind going too far. He would drive one woman insane who would eventually become Harley Quinn, of whom he beats all the time and treats like crap. He also skinned a nightclub owner, because ya know, reasons. The man is the representation of evil. Like Carnage before him, he does not care who he kills and why.

He sometimes just does things to do it, even if there is no prize in the end. Typically his goals are to gain control, however, and despite not being even close to a physical match for Batman...he matches him mentally as crazy such as this cannot be rated.

What he has done has been horrific and yet regardless of what he does, Batman somehow has the ability to hold back from killing him. Joker may not have powers or some sort of amazing ability. However, he is crazy and sometimes that can lead to smart plans and other times he can be just so crazy that there is no way to truly attack him head on. Regardless, he is dangerous and the most violent villain in comics.

1 Punisher

What happens when you cross a military man with a situation where he simply does not care anymore? You get Frank Castle, aka, The Punisher. He is not called this because he puts people in timeout. Oh no, he gets the name because he is the last man you EVER want to see. If you cross him, you're dead...there is no other way around it. This often times gets him into several issues with various Marvel heroes, similar to Deadpool.

Frank does not care about justice in a courtroom or justice in a prison. He believes the true justice comes when a terrible person pays for their sins in death. He has put people through some amazingly violent deaths. He fed one man to a polar bear, another to piranhas, and another to a python. But this is not all he has done that will make you flinch. Frank believes that people who make others suffer should also suffer themselves, which is why he has put people through similar problems.

He once tortured, disemboweled, and burned leaders of a sex slave ring. Oh, and of course some died. Frank truthfully believes that punishments fit the crime. One thing that really makes him angry is when kids or women are involved. This is why he was fine torturing slave ring workers. Due to going over the edge after his wife and child were murdered, he is out for vengeance.

What Castle has is not some sort of superpower. But he does have the ability to keep going despite significant damage. This takes incredible heart and a high pain tolerance. He is also an incredible shot, meaning a gun in his hands may be the equivalent of Thor's hammer in his hands. He is the clear most violent man in all of comics and we're all thankful Netflix has finally done justice to the character. If you have not seen him in action, we highly suggest you check out the second season of Daredevil to truly appreciate him.

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