Ranking The 18 Hottest Britney Spears Music Videos Ever

One of the things that undeniably helped Britney Spears skyrocket into the kind of mega fame that she achieved early in her career was her iconic music videos. Whether it was Britney as a schoolgirl, Britney as a martian in red latex, or Britney as a flight attendant, her videos are unforgettable, and unforgettably sexy.

In the nearly 20 years since Britney became a household name, she has released a ton of music videos... like, a lot of music videos. Brit has released a music video almost every single year since 1998. Some of the videos have hit the mark and others have fallen a bit short. When they do hit the mark though, Britney’s videos are some of the sexiest music videos to ever be made. These videos are what cemented her as a sex icon.

Below we’ve ranked Britney’s 18 hottest music videos of all time. Honestly, narrowing it down to just 18 music videos was difficult because Britney brings it when she makes a music video. Some of them feature Britney role-playing, because she loves to act. If Britney can play a spy, flight attendant, waitress, Old Hollywood actress, or what have you, Britney will. If it's a Britney video, you are also be guaranteed that there will be lots of dancing and lots of skin. With a body like Britney's, the dancing and skin duo automatically makes her video hot hot hot! Whatever the reason may be, the below 18 music videos have stood out as all her all time hottest.


18 Lucky (2000)

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Hm, is “Lucky” a super sexy video? Certainly not, but Britney looks gorgeous in the video, so we had to give it a shout out. Plus, it's iconic AF.

The video features Britney in a teeny red shirt because Britney doesn't wear full sized shirts, ever. She's also rocking some lace-up white pants that only she could pull off. Britney sings a song about a girl Lucky, who is a Hollywood star. Britney also plays the role of Lucky, for which she’s done up in complete Old Hollywood glamour. Ol’ Britney loves playing dress up for videos, as you’ll see in this list, but this was one of the only times she went full glam.

Since Britney reveals about 200% less skin than her usual videos and there’s none of her iconic dance moves, this video comes in last place. But, girlfriend does look amazing as an Old Hollywood scarlet. Also, the lyrics are a bit eerie following Britney’s 2007 breakdown: “She's so lucky, she's a star/But she cry, cry, cries in her lonely heart, thinking/If there's nothing missing in my life/Then why do these tears come at night?” Um, why didn’t anyone worry about her well being back then?

Anyways, this video earns points for playing dressing up, but loses big when it comes to dance moves. Britney, give the people what they want.

17 Overprotected (2001)

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The next entry features some Britney dance moves, because y’know, that’s what Britney’s videos are all about.

For this song, there are actually two videos. The first is for the original version of the song. The video starts with Britney wearing a studded denim outfit and running away from the paparazzi. The studded denim outfit could only be described as the ugliest ensemble ever, but Britney somehow almost pulls it off. Also, there has been a reoccurring theme of the paparazzi in all of Britney's videos. Again, why didn’t anyone know she was heading for a meltdown? Moving on, Britney goes to a warehouse and starts doing her Britney moves. Then people from the neighborhood start dancing with Britney because she’s a woman of the people, y’all! Then, she starts dancing in a room covered in posters of herself. The whole video is just... bad. In all honesty, it may be one of her worst videos.

The second video for this song was for the "Darkchild Remix" version. In this video, Britney wears clothes that are 1000% less ugly. She rocks a see-through aqua top and bright pink bra, and it looks so good that it makes one think that Britney should always be in a see-through aqua shirt and bright pink bra. She also has a dance party in the back of a limo, and she dances in an alleyway... while it's raining. Britney literally grinds her wet body on the wet cement.

Because the first video for this song was so bad, it cast a big, dark shadow on the Darkchild Remix. While Britney was dancing and wet, this video only comes in at #17.

16 Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know (2001)

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This video is a snoozefest… but a sexy snoozefest. Honestly, the song is so slow that Britney didn’t have much to work with. She couldn’t have thrown in a dance number or anything. It just wouldn’t have worked. We're a bit confused as to why Britney even made a video for this song, but she did and so we're here.

The idea of Britney in a sexy, little bikini running around on the beach with a dude works in theory, but it’s not that much fun to watch. Does every guy in America want to be the dude rubbing all over Britney? Yes, but it’s not much fun if you’re not actually him. Britney on the beach is also hot in theory, but they could have done a little more. There’s a body of water right literally in the video. Why isn’t Britney splashing around? Why isn't Britney wet? Wet Britney > Dry Britney, every single time. But, hey she’s still sexy.

This video may be boring, but Britney in a bikini is hot. Also, it's better than some of her other slower videos like "Born to Make You Happy" or "From the Bottom of My Broken Heart."

15 My Prerogative (2004)

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Released in 2004, this was about the time that Britney started spiraling. Sure, it may not have been 2007 yet, but 2004 was the year of the 55-hour marriage so Britney was well on her way. This song is fitting in that sense, and she’s still totally hot.

In the video, Britney drives a car into a pool, then dances on top of it. Wet Britney dancing on top of a car in a pool sold us. From there, Brit dances around in lingerie for a majority of the video. A majority of the video is old black and white footage of Britney. She wears a white underwear set while rolling around on the bed. I mean, you can’t get much hotter than that. Britney then goes out to dance in a teeny black dress and gets married. We’re not completely sure about what going on in half of the video but Britney rolling around on a bed won us over.

Britney writhing around on a bed isn't much different from her video for "If U Seek Amy," but the fact that the video marriage is most likely a middle finger to the media sets it above.

14 (You Drive Me) Crazy (1999)

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Here’s how hot Britney was: she walked out in a diner waitress uniform and still looked hot. Also, she may be the singer who has worn the most pigtails in videos ever.

Britney, of course, changes into a cropped metallic green tank top, because duh. She then leads a pack of dancers around as Melissa Joan Hart plays a cocktail waitress... or she's just hanging out. As if Britney leading a pack of dancers around in her outfit wasn’t enough, she then grabs a chair and begins chair dancing in it. This would just be the beginning of Britney’s obsession with chair dancing.

That all seems very PG, but upon watching the video, one of her straps keeps falling down in a very come hither way. It just slides down her shoulder and she keeps on dancing. It's seductive, in the innocent way that Britney was at that time. Mega points for her strap that just couldn't stay up.

13 Womanizer (2008)

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Britney 100% works best when she’s role-playing in her videos. It just seems like she’s having fun and the video is fun to watch for that reason. "Womanizer" is a role-playing video and Britney slays.

In this video, Britney plays a boss lady with a black bob. She wears a leather skirt and button down shirt. It's not her most revealing costume, but watching her play with the copy machine makes up for that. Her next character is a redheaded waitress, rocking tattoos and a deep cut leather vest. Very edgy, Brit. Her last character is a chauffeur, who drives the car with one heel while seducing the guy in her back seat. She drive the car with one high heel, guys!

Oh, and all the while she also lies around naked in a sauna and sings. We get costume Britney and naked Britney. It was a total call back to the "Toxic" video, but it worked well.

12 Circus (2008)

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From Circus, the album that also brought us “Womanizer,” came this title song. Britney didn't miss a beat and set this video at the circus. I mean, duh. If you get a chance to indulge in a sexy version of American Horror Story: Freak Show, you take it.

This is a video in which Britney is, once again, role-playing. She plays a ringleader at a circus, only she’s the sexiest ring leader that has ever existed. No ringleader has ever, ever looked this good. Britney sports a top hat and whip, because she loves her props. She also dances around her in her bra for, like, 90% of the video. Bonus points for the backlit shots of her body as light falls from the sky. That was both beautiful and hot.

Considering this came out in 2008, a mere year after Britney’s 2007, we have to say that she bounced back quickly. You can’t keep Britney down for too long.


11 Slumber Party (2016)

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If anyone needed proof that Britney is back, they don’t have to look any further than her “Slumber Party” music video. Britney looks so good that the whole video looks like it was shot in Snapchat’s pretty filter.

The video also screams vintage Britney, in that she wears insane costumes and dances around. It’s amazing. Most notably, she lounges with Tinashe, in a completely sexual way. We were seriously waiting for a Madonna-style hook up between the two. As if her dancing and rubbing on another woman wasn’t already hot enough, Britney crawls - on hands and knees - across a table to lick spilled milk off the table. Like, what?! It’s oddly hot. In fact, it’s probably better PR for milk than any of Britney's "Got Milk?" ads back in the day.

Despite the blatant sexuality of the video, it only clocks in at #11. The video felt like it was trying too hard to be like her videos from yesteryear. However, we're still thinking about that spilled milk. I mean...

10 I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman (2002)

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This was one of Britney’s slow ballads (snooze) so girlfriend couldn’t do any of her signature dancing, but she made do with what she could. In the video, Britney is out on a mountain, possibly the Grand Canyon because it looks expansive AF. She then stands, kneels, and lounges as she belts out her tune. The sexy factor comes from her tiny crop top and her jeans that are so low cut they make one worry. Also, her abs were killer at this time. She could have just stood on a rock, in that outfit, not done anything, and the video still would have been sexy.

The video cuts between Britney on the top of the world (seriously!) to Britney inside a cave wearing a white peasant top and skirt. This outfit is hot too, but mostly because Britney was wearing it. In 2002, Britney could have worn a trash bag and it would have been sexy.

Yes, the video might make you yawn because she’s literally not doing anything, but she looks killer in it. Bonus points to the fact that this was actually filmed on location. Supposedly Britney filmed the video without a safety cable because she's a fierce bitch.

9 Work Bitch (2013)

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If you thought Britney’s hottest videos happened back in the early 2000s, this video should prove you so very wrong. "Work Bitch" was so hot that it started the "Is Britney back?" talk way back in 2013. If you were wondering, it's now 2017 and Britney is definitely back.

In this video, Britney wears hardly anything as she leads a pack of dancers in the desert. Between the dance moves and the costumes, it's what one would expect of a Britney video. Since Britney loves her props, she uses a whip throughout the video. There’s literally a scene of Britney whipping one of her dancers and the dancer's skirt splits.

Britney's body has never looked better and her dance moves are just as hot as ever. The fact that Britney was 32-years-old in this video and has birthed two children just makes her even hotter. Plus, who doesn’t love Britney playing around with a whip? While Britney had put out other great dance videos in this time, like "Till the World Ends," this one takes the cake as the hottest. I mean, it's set in a desert so...

8 Stronger (2000)

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The video starts with a way zoomed in image of Britney’s perfectly made-up face. Girlfriend looks beautiful, like so beautiful she could be a statue. She’s staring at a guy she likes... who is with another girl. Who in the world would choose anyone over Britney Spears in 2000 is beyond us, but okay. We'll buy it for the sake of storytelling. Britney says, “Whatever,” then walks off.

After that, most of the video features Britney dancing on a chair. Her solo scenes dancing on the chair, which becomes a cane, are some of her best choreography. It's fun and sexy. You can't take your eyes off her. Topped off with her midriff-baring outfit and half-crimped hair, her look is so amazingly early 2000s.

Oh, Britney also drives a car, which crashes. She gets out and walks around in the pouring rain. Like we said, Wet Britney > Dry Britney. The rain magically blows the water off her body. It’s all a pretty sexy revenge fantasy video. Overall, a solid sexy Britney video.

7 Me Against The Music (2003)


Ah, the Madonna video. Following the Madonna kiss at the VMAs, this video alluded to the kiss very heavily. You could not watch this video without thinking about that kiss the entire time, which was a major reason as to why this video was hot.

In the video, Britney and Madonna both rocked pantsuits, but of course they’re hot pantsuits. Britney and Madonna dance against a wall that separates them. They both run through a hallway that seems to be deteriorating, with Britney looking for Madonna. The video builds until Madonna and Britney finally find themselves in the same room… with a bed frame. No bed, just a bed frame. We don’t know either, but it’s hot watching the pop stars grind on the bed frame.

We could have done without Madonna swinging in a room of leaves and with more Britney, but no music video is 100% perfect. The video ends with Britney slamming Madonna into a wall, about to kiss her, but Madonna disappears. The music video is essentially all foreplay and there is nothing hotter than that.

6 Make Me (2016)

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This video starts with Britney and her gal pals goofing around at a restaurant. It looks wonderful, fun, and natural. It honestly makes you want to hang out with Britney. The group invites some guy to come around on Saturday, but neither him or us know what is going down on Saturday.

Come Saturday, it turns out that it’s a casting for the "Make Me" video. Very meta, Britney. Britney proceeds to audition the guys and has, dare we say it, fun. Then the dude from the opening scene comes to audition and Britney is smitten. She takes him straight to a bedroom for the audition, which may not be too professional but whatevs. It's Britney's video and she'll do what she wants.

Between the audition scenes, Britney dances down the brightest lit hallway of all time. Britney wears a tiny white lace outfit and a tiny black lace outfit while dancing down the hall. The backlighting shows off the curves of Britney’s body to the max. We could have done without G-Eazy, because Britney brought it all on her own in this video.

What put this video to high on the list is that it was probably one of her hotter slower videos. Britney has a hard time figuring out how to do videos without a dance beat, but this one did it. Also, Britney figured out how to make a fun and sexy video. For the "Pretty Girls" video she tried to do both fun and sexy, but ended up with a weird video that doesn't quite hit the mark.

5 Oops!...I Did It Again (2000)

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If we were rating the videos on pure theatrics, this one may win. Britney plays an alien queen, who wears a red latex jumpsuit and a lot of lip gloss. It's amazing. Her hair extensions are also iconic. Britney may be fully covered in her red latex jumpsuit, but considering how tight it is, she’s still 100% sexy. In her one costume change, she rocks a cropped white turtleneck, reminiscent of the “Sometimes” video.

In this video, Britney is still walking the tightrope between her sweet, youthful innocence and her womanly sexiness. This mixture of innocence and sexuality plays perfectly into the lyrics of the song. With the Titanic reference and Britney’s “Aw, you shouldn’t have,” you can’t help but want her in this video. Also, did we say red latex jumpsuit yet?

4 Boys (2002)

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This may be the most underrated Britney Spears videos of all time. It’s also one of Britney’s most underrated songs. How did it stay so far below the radar? We don't know, but we're here to make sure you know about how hot Britney is in this video.

Britney rocks a high ponytail and a lot of eye makeup as she surveys the club scene. She ends up grinding against Pharrell at the bar before breaking it down on the dancefloor with Austin Powers. Yes, Austin Powers. This is intercut with Britney sitting at a long dinning room table and singing to the dude she’s into, all while there are zebras in the background. Yes, zebras. It’s some kind of weird, exclusive dance club with wild animals strolling around.

There is so much going on in the video. Britney even appears to hook up with Austin Powers at the end of the video. (No, we're serious.) Between Britney's sense of humor, sultry looks, and the addition of Pharrell, this is a hot one.

3 …Baby One More Time (1998)

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And now the video that introduced Britney Spears to the world in a whirlwind of schoolgirl sexiness. Britney wears knee high socks, a pleated skirt, a tied up white button-down and a grey cardigan. This will forever be what people associate with the idea of a hot schoolgirl look, because that is simply how iconic it is now.

Yes, Britney was young in this video, but she was also every guy’s fantasy, whether they were 14 or 43. The best part about this video was that it was all Britney’s idea, from the concept to the costumes. She even thought the uniforms looked dorky and asked if the girls could tie up their white shirts. If anyone doesn’t think Britney is a genius, she masterminded the most iconic debut music video in history, which forever cemented her as a sex icon.

More theatrical and better quality videos may have come since this video's release, but it remains one of Britney’s hottest music videos ever.

2 Toxic (2004)

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This is Britney’s greatest role-playing video of all time. It may also be the highest quality video Britney ever put out.

She starts out as the hottest flight attendant of all time. Seriously, if more flight attendants looked like her, people would fly just to be on the plane and not to get to a destination. She lures a guy into the bathroom with her, where she rips off his fat guy costume to reveal that he’s actually super sexy. She turns around and drops her butt on him in one of the most oddly sexual moves of all time. And that's just her first costume.

Next is Brit Brit in a red wig, riding a motorcycle with Tyson Beckford, as if it couldn't get any hotter than that. After securing the toxic substance and doing back flips over lasers, Britney appears in a black wig. She throws her cheating boyfriend on the bed only to poison him with the substance she stole. Oh, Britney.

All of this is cut between shots of Britney's nude body covered in crystals, rolling around like she's never rolled before. I would have watched a full length film version of this video. It's that good.

1 I’m A Slave 4 U (2001)

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Here we are. The #1 hottest, #1 sweatiest Britney Spears video of all time. In fact, this may be the sexiest video of any artist, ever. We should put this in a time capsule so that 10,000 years from now, the aliens or robots or whoever inhabit this planet understand what "sexy" is.

Britney’s abs were at their all-time most ripped. She also looked hot AF as sweat dripped down her toned body. We don’t know if they filmed this video in a big sauna but that’s what it looked like, because everyone was really sweaty. While sweating and dancing, Britney wore teeny hot pink top with a matching hot pink thong that she wore outside of her pants. Like, she put her pants on and then her pink thong on top. We don’t know why she did that, but it was oddly sexual.

Some guy even licks Britney’s face during the video. No human with a pulse could watch this video and not be turned on by Britney Spears.

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