152011 - I Hate My Teenage Daughter 7%

Starring Jaime Pressly (My Name Is Earl), Kevin Rahm (Mad Men), and Chad Coleman (The Walking Dead), this sitcom was fated from the start in the USA, but by a strange quirk of fate seemed more popular in other parts of the world. The series aired 7 of its

13 episodes before Fox closed it down. According to US audiences, the show was properly devoid of humor, leaving the network with only one option: to put it out of its misery.

I Hate My Teenage Daughter follows two mothers who fear that their teenage daughters are growing into the sort of girls who bullied them when they were at school. It’s an interesting premise, but it didn’t seem to tick the right boxes with everyone -- maybe because it “rests something very raw, potentially unflattering, and yet sharply observant about today’s women and their relationships with their adolescent daughters” (Washignton Post, 2011). Just a thought.

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