Ranking The 15 Most Promising 2017 Superhero Movies

While we can’t predict exactly how 2017 will go, we do know one thing is for sure – a ton of superhero movies are set to come out. Between Marvel’s carefully structured universe, DC’s rapidly expandin

While we can’t predict exactly how 2017 will go, we do know one thing is for sure – a ton of superhero movies are set to come out. Between Marvel’s carefully structured universe, DC’s rapidly expanding universe, and all the other franchises, 2017 will be stacked with some huge superhero blockbuster films. However, not all superhero movies are created equal. Some will be amazing, while other will be, well… DC movies.

Just kidding, guys! We can all cut DC some slack. Suicide Squad may have been a turning point in their franchise, despite what critics had to say about it. Plus, they have some exciting films slated for 2017.

While we may be fully aware of the more obvious superhero releases lined up, like Justice League and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, there are also some very promising films flying under the radar. With Ghost in the Shell launching its franchise, the follow up to Kingsman: The Secret Service, and a reboot of Power Rangers, the variety of superhero films coming out in 2017 is huge. That means that there is something for everyone. No matter what your particular superhero film, there should be something to excite you in 2017. Well, unless you don't like superhero films.

Below are fifteen upcoming superhero movies ranked from least promising to most promising. So, the list consists of the good, the bad and the ugly superhero films due out in 2017.


The Promising: Hm, to be completely honest, the best part about this film is that it is slated to be the final Transformers film directed by Michael Bay. We can hope that we won’t be subjected to another loud Transformers movie with a lazy plot to follow. There will still be more films in the franchises, just headed by other directors. Instead of bashing the film though, there is the fact that Mark Wahlberg and Stanley Tucci will be reprising their roles from Age of Extinction, which is cool, I guess. Long story short, if you’re in the mood for the mindless action film, this one may be right up your alley.

The Not So Promising: Well, for starters, while Mark Wahlberg is a certified movie star, he probably shouldn’t be cast as a struggling inventor in any movie ever. Sorry, we don’t buy it. Also, the franchise has lost much of what was appealing in the first film. Shia LaBeouf may have gone off the deep end as of recently, but his performance in the first film, as the awkward but earnest teenager, was what held the movie together. Oh, also the Megan Fox factor of the first film was there. I'm pretty sure just about every guy around the world can still picture her underneath the hood of that car.

Excitement Level: -20 Autobots


The Promising: Will it happen? Will it not happen? I don’t know, you guys! While Fantastic Four 2 was slated for June 19, 2017, 20th Century Fox has since taken it off its release schedule. The 2015 Fantastic Four was released to poor reviews and a poor box office performance. Afterwards, the studio blamed director Josh Trank. In return, Trank blamed the fact that he didn't have final cut. What went wrong is beyond us, as the cast was stacked with four talented young actors. According to Simon Kinberg, producer and co-writer of the 2015 film, there may still be a sequel at Fox with the same cast but a brighter tone.

The Not So Promising: Well, first of all, it isn’t too promising that it will even be out in 2017. It’s looking like the sequel will be out much further down the line. Secondly, the 2015 film is the most unpromising part. The film was mess, even though it featured some of Hollywood's best younger actors like Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan. If a new director takes over the franchise, they may put together a killer Fantastic Four 2. However, no matter how great the second film is, it will still have to compete with the sour taste left from the first film.

Excitement Level: -10 Invisible Women (The Jessica Alba version, obvi)

13 Bloodshot, 2017


The Promising: This is another one we can file under "probably not actually going to happen in 2017," but we’ll have some fun with it because the source material is really good.

In 2015, Valiant Entertainment and Sony Pictures made a five-picture deal beginning with a Bloodshot film slated for 2017. The comics follow Angelo Mortalli (Bloodshot), a mobster climbing the ranks. His family then sells him out and frames him for a murder. After being betrayed by the FBI (the dude was apparently betrayed by everyone in the world), he becomes a part of an experimental procedure, in which his body is injected with microscopic computers. These teeny, tiny computer erase his memories and take over his body. He then has the ability to control electronic devises and heal quickly, but cannot remember who he was. For there, he escapes and goes on a bloody mission to piece together his past.

The Not So Promising: The premise is a ton of fun, piecing together gangster and superhero storytelling elements. Unfortunately, there is no release date, casting or any other information, which means it’s unlikely that it will be released in 2017. With such great source material, we don’t know what the hold up is.

Excitement Level: 10 Nanocomputers, but 500 if it actually comes out.

12 Justice League, Nov 17th


The Promising: DC’s projects are particularly hard to talk about because people seem so dead-set on hating them. Suicide Squad may have been one of the better projects released in the DC expanded universe and yet, that was even slammed by critics. Coming out on the heels of Suicide Squad, Justice League could continue to up the ante of DC. Hopefully the star studded cast (featuring Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa) bring their A-game and prove that DC is every bit as good as Marvel.

The No So Promising: Like we said, Suicide Squad was probably the best film in the DC Universe and that honestly isn't saying much. However, Justice League is a bit more removed from Suicide Squad, as Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice were the two films specifically leading up to Justice League. That being said, we can expect Justice League to follow suit in terms of tone and themes. Both films were heavy with questions about morality, gods and men, and ethics. In other words, they took themselves pretty seriously for a comic book movie and we can expect the same from Justice League. While there is a place for heavy superhero films (a la The Dark Knight), they have to be well-done if we're to sit through three hours of drama.

Excitement Level: 27... y'know, like the 27 lines of dialogue Gal Gadot will probably have in the entire film.

11 Batman And Harley Quinn, 2017


The Promising: 2016 was the year of Harley Quinn. There is no doubt about that. Between being the hottest Halloween costume of the year and Margot Robbie’s turn in Suicide Squad, she may now be one of the most popular characters in the DC Universe. Pairing her together with Batman, probably the most known and most beloved DC character, is a great move.

At Comic-Con, it was announced that they would release an animated Harley Quinn and Batman film. Going back to the comic books roots and doing an animated film is very exciting for fans. Even more exciting is that it will be a completely original storyline.

The Not So Promising: DC’s 2016 animated film, Batman: The Killing Joke, met some harsh criticism. The R-rated film featured a sex scene between Batgirl and Batman. Considering the fact that they are usually portrayed as having a father-daughter relationship, this royally pissed off some fans of the franchise. We’ll have to hope that the Harley Quinn/Batman film don’t go off the rails. Bruce Timm, co-creator of Harley Quinn, will be writing the screenplay so we should be relatively safe.

Excitement Level: 40 Puddin' Chokers

10 Thor: Ragnarok, Nov 3rd


The Promising: There is a lot of good going for this movie. First of all, it’s Marvel and Marvel is very reliable. Sure, not every Marvel film is going to change your life, but they also have yet to put out something that made us want to ask for our money back.

Thor also has Taylor Swift’s latest ex, Tom Hiddleston, reprising his role as Loki. On top of that, Idris Elba, Anthony Hopkins, Cate Blanchett and Jeff Goldblum also around out the star-studded cast. With Taika Waititi directing, we are likely to see a great alliance of humor and action, as is the deal with most Marvel films. Also, the end of credits scene after Doctor Strange pointed to the possibly of him having a cameo in the film as well. If you were a fan of Doctor Strange, that may be a selling point to you.

The Not So Promising: To be honest, the Thor films have never been the top Marvel films. Something about them seem a bit different from the rest of the brand. While the brand is tongue-in-cheek and fun, Thor can be more serious and weighed down. That being said, Chris Hemsworth does a fine job in the lead role and we’re still excited for the next installment. And, hey, at least it's not DC. (JK, DC.)

Excitement Level: 72 Mjölnirs

9 Logan, March 3rd


The Promising: First of all, let us point out that Hugh Jackman has been playing Wolverine since 1999. 1999, you guys! He’s been rocking the Wolverine role for 17 years and he’s damn good at it. That being said, neither of the stand-alone Wolverine films have been as great as they should have been. He’s a fascinating character, being played by a gifted actor. They should have been great films, but they just weren’t.

If you've seen the trailer for this installment, it looks like it may be the Wolverine movie we’ve all been waiting for. Set in the post-apocalyptic future, the tone seems rather bleak and dark. That is fitting, as it’s supposed to be Wolverine’s last adventure and Jackman’s last portrayal of the character.

The Not So Promising: Like we said, the first two stand-alone Wolverine films weren’t what we hoped for, to say the least. If this film delivers, we’ll be more than happy, but we just don't want to get ahead of ourselves.

Excitement Level: 100 Adamantium Claws

8 Mystery Fox-Marvel Film, Oct 6th


What’s promising: There’s a mystery Fox-Marvel film slated for October 6th. As to what will be coming out, your guess is as good as mine. Maybe mystery releases can be fun for some people, but I, for one, would really be more excited if I knew what was coming out.

A Gambit film starring Channing Tatum in the title role was announced and set to be released in October 2016, but had been pushed back. Perhaps, they are looking towards October 6, 2017 as the new release date for the Gambit project. Though, it seems odd that they didn’t just announce Oct 6, 2017 as the new release date. Deadpool 2 was announced for January 12, 2018 so it’s likely not the Deadpool sequel, unless Fox pulls as fast one on us.

What’s Not Promising: Oh, I don’t know, maybe the fact that this could be any movie under the sun. We’ll just have to wait to find out, I suppose.

Excitement Level: 115 Question Marks

7 Wonder Woman, June 2rd


The Promising: I feel like everyone wants this movie to be good, right? We’re all hoping for a kickass Wonder Woman movie, starring Gal Gadot in the title role. While she may have had, like, five lines total in Batman v Superman, she worked with what she had in that movie. She certainly looks the part and if she can deliver on top of that, she’ll be praised by critics and fanboys a like. Oh, she'll also be the female fantasy of every man around the globe.

Chris Pine joining only amps up our excitement, as he has experience carrying a franchise. Also, the trailer looks really good. The fact that Patty Jenkins – a woman!!! – is directing the film is just the icing on top.

The Not So Promising: While we think Gal Gadot has the talent and the look for the role, the fact that she had very few lines for her screen time in Batman v Superman worries us. Sure, it could have just been that she was getting the backseat, as it wasn’t her movie per se. She also could have been given few lines due to her inability to deliver. We're hoping it's the former.

Excitement Level: 126 Lassos of Truth

6 Power Rangers, March 24th


The Promising: All your childhood nostalgia is just wrapped up in a bow, baby! Power Rangers is a reboot of the franchise. It's clearly trying to grab the attention of the generation that grew up on it, as well as introduce a new, younger generation to mighty morphin' time. There are some positive aspects, like the fact that they didn’t cast any known actors in the roles, though Dacre Montgomery sure looks a lot like Zac Efron. They also cast Walter White (Bryan Cranston) as Zordon so if nothing else, that will be awesome.

The Not So Promising: For the record, the unofficial Power Ranger short film by James Van Der Beek was awesome. If we’re hoping for something as adult as that, we’re likely going to be let down. What we can hope for, though, is that the producers took note of the attention that Van Der Beek's film got and will be able to cater to both the adult and younger audiences.

Excitement Level: 140 Baggies of Blue Meth from Zordon

5 The Lego Batman Movie, February 10th


The Promising: When The Lego Movie was announced, I’m pretty sure just about nobody was all that excited for it. It seemed like a way to exploit intellectual property in order to pump out about mindless box office hit. However, it ended up being one of the best films that year. In fact, the film was so beloved, people were outraged when it was snubbed at the Oscars that year. Yes, people wanted The Lego Movie to be nominated for an Oscar. It was that good. Though everything in the film was thoroughly entertaining, Lego Batman was a stand out. With that said, a Lego Batman movie was a no brainer.

The Not So Promising: Ugh, we are very excited about this film. It could be really, really good. It could also ruin how great Batman’s minor role was in The Lego Movie. Taking a standout minor character and framing a film around them doesn’t always pan out. Lego Batman might not be enough to structure a film around. If this works though, it could mean huge things for the Lego Universe. And, yes, I totally just said the Lego Universe.

Excitement Level: 199 Kragles

4 Spider-Man: Homecoming, July 7th


The Promising: How long have fans been waiting for a great Spider-Man film? Possibly since 2007 when Spider-Man 3 failed the franchise. While the first two Tobey Maguire films were certainly entertaining and well done films, Spider-Man 3 fell flat, even with the three villains in the film. The Andrew Garfield reboot didn’t do much for the franchise and the sequel to that was even more disappointing. However, Spider-Man fans can rejoice, as Spider-Man: Homecoming may be what they’ve been waiting for. With Tom Holland playing the hero, we may get a new, younger spin on the character – one we got a glimpse of in Captain America: Civil War. Oh, and Marisa Tomei playing Aunt May. Could you ask for more?

The Not So Promising: While Tom Holland’s performance seems promising and the addition of Iron Man will certainly keep things from turning stale, we’re still hesitant. After being let down by the past few Spider-Man films, we don’t want to get our hopes too high.

Excitement Level: 204 radioactive spiders

3 Ghost In The Shell, March 31st


The Promising: Being one of the only films that is not a spin-off or sequel from something very recently released, Ghost in the Shell is unique. Obviously, this is meant to be the first of a franchise though, with sequels following after.

Based on anime, television shows and films of the same name, the story takes place in a world where ghosts (human consciousness) can be put into shells (robots). There’s also the hacking of people’s minds and other futuristic elements that sound like they will be interesting to explore. Oh, and if you weren’t excited by the timely premise, check out the trailer. Scarlett Johansson plays a robot who runs around looking mostly naked.

Another promising factor is Scar Jo being in the film and no, not just because she looks naked. Having been an integral part of Marvel for quite some time and starring in the breakout hit Lucy, she’s proven that she can carry a film.

The Not So Promising: While the whole Scar Jo running around nakedish may be a draw, the fact that this was used in the trailer makes us fearful for the film. Do they think that Scar Jo’s sexuality is the only thing that will bring people to the theaters to see this movie? I mean, she’s sexy but a movie needs more than naked Scar Jo to thrive, though thousands of men would probably disagree with me.

The whole Hollywood whitewashing issue also worries us. People were already pointing out the fact that casting her in a role originally written as an Asian woman was just another time Hollywood failed minorities. This will surely come up again closer to the premiere.

Excitement Factor: 239 Naked Scar Jo Robots

2 Kingsman: The Golden Circle, June 16th


The Promising: The follow up to a well-done superhero movie is always promising. Kingman: The Secret Service received good reviews from critics and pulled in $414 million on an $81 million budget. It also managed to do that with an R-rating. With Matthew Vaughn returning as the writer-director, we can expect the same high-quality film as a follow up. That’s not to mention the loaded cast: Julianne Moore, Colin Firth, Channing Tatum, Jeff Bridges, Halle Berry and Elton John.

The Not So Promising: Without the official trailer dropping yet, we don’t want to get too ahead of ourselves. Could the all-star cast and director botch the follow up? Sure, it’s been done before. However, we’re expecting this is be every bit as good as the first.

Excitement Level: 250 Martinis. Gin, not vodka, obviously. Stirred for 10 seconds while glancing at an unopened bottle of vermouth.

1 Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2, May 5th


What’s Promising: Everything. After the hit first film, this may be one of the most anticipated superhero films of 2017.

The first film is what catapulted Chris Pratt into the role of being a solidified movie star. He’ll be back for the second film, with Zoe Saldana, Vin Diesel voicing Groot and Bradley Cooper voicing Rocket. Also returning is the writer/director of the first film, James Gunn. This means that the particular tone of the first one, which is what won over so many audience members, will be felt in this follow up. Also, the trailer features a little baby Groot and it’s the thing that dreams are made of. If he’s baby Groot throughout the entire film, that may set this one up over the original.

What’s Not So Promising: The same thing working for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 is the thing working against it: the first film. The first film was amazing by the standards of critics loving it and being a box office hit. It managed to feel particularly fresh but also tonally like many of the other Marvel films. The fact that the first film was so great may lead many people to compare the two. This could influence the experience of watching the second one.

Yes, literally the one thing working against this film is that its predecessor was so good.

Excitement Level: 1,000 Baby Groots, preferably dancing.


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