Ranked: 15 Of The Steamiest Carl's Jr. Babes And Ads

A couple of years ago, a "banned Carl's Jr." video of hot Latina Fernando Romero in the desert with only the Big Sausage Breakfast for the company went viral. It was a big, big sausage and she was slobbering all over it. Only thing was, according to Perez Hilton, it was a fake.

The fact that many believed it was the real deal speaks volumes for the reputation of Carl's Jr. and its "slutburger" ad campaign. After all, they were the people who came up with a fried biscuit hole who took to the streets to ask people to "Name Our Hole". Alas, no more. Early in 2017, the company issued a very funny video which hung the blame for the naughty ads on an overly excited Carl Hardee Jr. A bearded and stern actor playing Carl Hardee Sr. makes a dramatic entrance into Junior's office. Out with the risque babes in bikinis who ride mechanical bulls and in with a more wholesome approach. Previously, Carl's Jr.'s CEO defended the ads. "We believe in putting hot models in our commercials, because ugly ones don't sell burgers," said CEO Andy Puzder. Fast forward to 2017 and it's out with the raunchy and in with the clean. So, let's take a last look at those famous hot, naughty ads. We're ranking the 15 hottest babes and ads whose hot bods and beautiful faces kept American guys coming back for more and more. And we don't mean burgers. We'll start with the hottest of the hot and work our way down.


15 Kate Upton - Southwest Patty Melt

The ad was pretty in your face. Kate Upton was sweating, writhing, freeing up cleavage and crawling all over her convertible in a very short skirt, all in aid of selling the Southwest Patty Melt. "Hot just got a whole lot hotter," was the phrase of the day, as Kate, all on her own, drives her car into a drive-in movie. At first, she's all demure in her pink sweater. Then, she starts eating those peppers. She's getting up close and personal with the burger, sucking on jalapeños, and seductively sipping on a straw and writhing all over the hood of her car. We mean, she gets real hot and bothered. So, she kind of begins to peel off, revealing more and more of those double Ds. Guys everywhere were pausing the scene in which, backside to the camera, she and her short skirt climbed up the hood of the car. By the end, she's writhing all over the back seat like she's...

14 Katherine Webb - Buffalo Blue Cheese Burger

The former Miss Alabama is now married to pro-football player A.J. McCarron. So, it's no surprise that her commercial shows her in the stands at a football game getting up close and personal with a Buffalo Blue Cheese Burger. Buffalo as in hot. Of course, it drips all over her football jersey and so she strips down to a little black two-piece to finish it off. We cut to Katherine sitting alone in a theater getting it on with her burger. Somewhere along the line, a short skirt appears and so we get the Carl's Jr. bending over routine. Relax. It was totally decent. At the end, she's on the big screen at the football game chomping and licking and fanning her hot self. The announcers are going nuts. Sounds very glamorous, doesn't it? Well, Webb has said when the commercial was shot she had to bite into some 40 cold burgers between midnight and five or six in the morning to get the burger chomp right.

13 Paris Hilton - Spicy BBQ Burger

It's 2005 and Paris Hilton was at the height of her infamy. So, Carl's Jr. gets her to push their Spicy BBQ Burger. It was the very first Carl's Jr. ad that used hot chicks, their mouths and their bodies to sell burgers. Cue the rock version of "I Love Paris in the Springtime." There she is in a car wash, soaking wet, cavorting with a hose, dressed only in a skimpy black swimsuit. She's slapping suds onto a Bentley, as she rolls around on the car and caresses the burger with her mouth. Paris gets all lathered up and hot and bothered. "That's hot," is the tagline for the jalapeño spiced burger, as well as for Paris' writhing, slithering and rolling. It was the first of many, many hot Carl's Jr. ads. The protests began the moment it aired for the first time.

12 Sarah Jean Underwood And Emily Ratajkowski - Memphis BBQ Burger


Put Playmate Sarah Jean Underwood and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model Emily Ratajkowski together in a Carl's Junior ad and what do you get? You get the two of them at a barbecue in really tight short shorts. They are fighting over the grill, getting hot and steamy and giving the boys an eye-full as they almost get it on. Sarah Jean's sitting on Emily's lap feeding her the burger, while Em seems to simmer with a come hither vibe. The guys are taking pictures big time. Why is it that guys like to watch girls getting up close and personal together? The shot of the two of them from the rear reveals short shorts that don't quite cover their cheeks is a good one. But the best bit has to be the "Meat Embrace" where they lock arms and feed one another.

11 Cameron Richardson - THE Mechanical Bull Chick

Carl's Jr. has sold what some say is lousy food using thinly veiled s*xual innuendo. Way back, they used the tagline: “if it doesn’t get all over the place, it doesn’t belong in your face”. That was disgusting! Then they decided to bring in chicks. Early on, they did the mechanical bull ad with Cameron Richardson. Imagine this: She's bumping and grinding atop the bull while eating a burger. So she's doing the dirty while eating the burger? In a word, yes. And she's all hot and joyful, of course. When Carl's Jr. did the funny video announcing the move away from raunchy ads, they have Carl Jr. in his office, complete with racy pictures and a babe riding a mechanical bull. Nice homage to one of the raunchiest of the Carl's Jr. ads. Christian groups were, of course, up in arms when this one came out in 2005.

10 Charlotte McKinney - All-Natural Burger

In 2015, Charlotte McKinney was just another unknown 21-year-old babe who did some modeling. Then came Super Bowl XLIX and her Carl's Jr. ad. It went viral, nearly broke the Internet and Charlotte became instantly and sensationally famous. In the ad, she's strolling in the nude through a farmer's market to push Carl's Jr.'s All-Natural Burger. She's in "all natural mode". Nude? Not on American TV, surely. Well, viewers don't actually see much. She's hiding her twins behind burgers or melons or some such. And, trust us, with those 32Fs to hide, they are very big melons and burgers. Everybody started calling her the "next Kate Upton". Or maybe she's just the first Charlotte McKinney.

9 Hannah Ferguson - Texas BBQ Thick Burger

The burgers at Carl's Jr.'s place are "thick". Get it? The 2005 Bentley car wash ad with Paris Hilton was such a hit, Carl's Jr. decided to do it one more time. In 2014 they remade it, with a twist, featuring Sports Illustrated model Hannah Ferguson. Hannah's a Texas cowgirl, so instead of the Bentley and "I Love Paris", you get "I Love Texas" and a mean pickup truck, complete with hunting lights, giant lit up antlers and a "Texas Grl" vanity plate. Of course, the truck is covered in mud and so Hannah and her bikini get all down and dirty to wash it. She's practically making out with the burger. It's hard to choose a favorite moment, but the rear shot of her bending over the truck has got to be right up there. Then, surprise, surprise: Paris Hilton turns up in a kind of bondage outfit to point out that she's missed a spot on the truck.


8 Nina Agdal - Charbroiled Atlantic Cod Fish Sandwich

Nina Agdal is in a tiny black bikini walking down a beach. She strokes her arms and legs and massages suntan oil onto her tummy. The backside caked in sand and the side boob shots are totally worth pausing to study. Then the Charboiled Atlantic Cod Fish meal appears and she is obviously in lust with the thing. She's pinching off pieces and dropping them into her mouth and taking huge and deep bites (before getting on hands and knees to reach her drink). We all know what the straw is supposed to be, right? Then she slowly strips off her bikini top. Next shot, she is on her tummy. Then she's sitting up again with her arm barely covering her twins. So, a hunky guy in sunglasses notices her big time and strolls over. He takes off his sunglasses to reveal a fried sunburned face and white eyes. So, the point? Sometimes you don't want to get fried, so go Charboiled.

7 Samantha Hoopes - Most American Thick Burger

More thick meat. Samanta Hoopes is a Sports Illustrated babe with a body to die for. So, of course, Carl's Jr. came calling when they wanted to flog their Most American Thick Burger, complete with layers of cheese and that great American invention, the potato chip. Sam's in a hot tub wearing only a red, white and blue bikini. The hot tub is on the back of a monster pickup truck being driven by an American bull rider. And the truck is on a busy aircraft carrier motoring past the Statue of Liberty. So, totally American and totally hot. Oh, and there are fireworks going off in the background. The only thing they don't mention is that the burger packs around 3,000 calories, which is more than the recommended daily intake for an average female. So, does Sam woof the burgers? No way.

6 Padma Lakshmi - Western Bacon Six Dollar Burger

As we have seen, you get a lot of beaches in Carl's Jr. ads. Cookbook author, model, actress and TV host Padma Lakshmi's ad is set in a big city. She is in a floaty little number of a dress and showing a bit of cleavage as she walks through a market. She stops to fondle and caress... food stuff. Her sexy voice-over says she's been everywhere and seen everything, but that the Carl's Jr. Western Bacon Six Dollar Burger is like nothing else she's ever tasted. Is that good or bad? It's hard to say really. Anyway, she perches on a stoop to "devour" her burger. She's dropping bits of food into her eager mouth, licking her burger-smeared-hand and pulling up her skirt to reveal a shapely thigh. What is she doing with her tongue? You probably don't want to know. Whatever it is, it's hot.

5 Genevieve Morton - 3-Way Burger Fantasty

The 3-Way Burger Fantasty ad was scorching hot. It featured Sports Illustrated babe Genevieve Morton, alongside sexy blonde social media stars Emily Sears and Elena Belle. Imagine three hot blondes, sizzling bacon, dripping jam and a hint of girl on girl near smooching. Whoa! What you get is three gorgeous models dressed in white bikinis in a kitchen, of course. They're doing the 3-Way Burger thing. Get it? So why is their hair blowing in the wind? Never mind. It is a "fantasty" after all. In the end they almost get it on, before swooning over the burger. At the climax (sorry), Emily turns to camera and says to the viewers: "Come on, it's called the Bacon 3-Way Burger. What did you expect?" Who knows what we expected. We liked what we got. We never knew eating bacon could be so hot. Of course, there was the usual outrage.

4 Marilia Moreno - Western Bacon Cheeseburger

You have probably noticed that practically all of these Carl's Jr. burgers are much of the same thing, over and over again. You get thick meat, sometimes cheese, sometimes bacon and a tag. Maybe it's "All Natural". Cue the nude model. Or maybe it's the Most American Burger. Bring on the babe in the red, white and blue bikini. The burgers are pretty much the same. It's only the ads that are different. So a while back they came up with the Western Bacon Cheeseburger and brought in Brazilian model Marilia Moreno, and dressed her in a plaid shirt. This burger has "free" onion rings layered in with the burger. So, the sexy bit comes when a bit of onion ring is seductively protruding from her mouth.

3 Bar Paly - Mile High Bacon Thick Burger

Russian/Israeli model and actress Bar Paly has been called the most attractive face on TV. And we can certainly see why. So, when Carl's Jr. dreamed up the Mile High Bacon Thick Burger, she was called in to sit in a mockup of an airplane and ask, first her boyfriend, and then a total stranger, "Do you wanna join the mile high club?" It means "doing it" on an airplane, right? The boyfriend doesn't even look up from what he's doing and says no thanks, babe. But the stranger gulps and says 'yes'. So, the next scene? It's Bar pulling out Mile High Thick Burgers. "Now everybody can join the Mile High Club," the announcer says. We think the boyfriend was smart to pass that one up. Incredibly, the stranger doesn't seem disappointed.

2 Sara Sampaio - Thick Burger El Diablo

Here's a question: Why does Carl's Jr. often use jalapeno peppers and hot sauce in their burgers? Flavor, you say? Forget it. It's so that the models in the ads have an excuse for heating up and shedding clothes. Take Sara Sampaio, the Victoria's Secret hottie who did the commercial for the Thick (there's that word again) Burger El Diablo. She's like at the North Pole. She's wearing a fur coat and doing a model's stomp towards the camera. Then she bites into the burger. It's hot! She starts shedding clothes. We get down to a bikini pretty fast. Then things start heating up and the ice melts. Job done.

1 The Tex-Mex Bacon Burger - Burgers Meet Immigration

OK. It's September of 2015 and Carl's Jr. does this TV ad for its Tex-Mex Bacon Burger. Picture this: There are two bikini-clad girl volleyball teams with "Tex" or "Mex" emblazoned across their backsides. And they're playing volleyball. And, instead of a net, they are hitting and punching the volleyball across a border wall. As in Donald Trump. Now, it was a pretty hot ad with a lot of butt patting, but there's more. Seems Carl's Jr. CEO Anthony Puzder is pals with Donald Trump. So, long before anyone took Trump seriously as a candidate, we get this ad.

And Puzder? President Trump nominated him for Secretary of Labor. He got hammered and withdrew his name in February of 2017. A month later, he steps down as Carl's Jr. CEO. Sigh. The end of an era.


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